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Weather Channel Strip Poker


Bill Keneely, Mark Mancuso, Jim Cantore, and their special guest Bruce DePrest from Connecticut had just finished a tiring day at a convention featuring a discussion of severe weather conditions. The hotel they had planned to stay at made a mistake with the booking, so all 4 men were forced to share one room with a king sized bed. No one said a word as Bill opened the door and revealed the tiny room they would be in for the next 12 hours. After the weathermen had shed their suit jackets, ties, and shoes, Jim suggested they all play poker. Everyone agreed with gusto, and in a matter of minutes the four men were seated around a small table drinking beer and munching down potato chips. After 15 minutes or so, they got bored and talked about what they could do to liven up the game. Jim was the first to speak.

"I have an idea how we could get more comfortable and have fun at the same time!"

"What's that?" Bill looked at Jim quizzically.

"Let's play strip poker down to our undershorts!"

Bill let out a loud whistle as Mark and Bruce groaned in displeasure.

"What's the matter guys...are you chicken?" Jim glared at Bruce and Mark.

"I'm n-n-oottt c-chicken" Bruce stammered. "It's just that I've never..."

"Me neither!" Mark nodded in agreement. "I never stripped down in front of all guys before."

"We'll keep our shorts on." Jim assured his two hesitant buddies. "Don't worry, I think this will be a lot of fun!"

There were a few more groans and swearing but Jim completely ignored them, dealing the cards. At first, the guys lost pretty evenly. They all shed their socks and dress shirts. Jim and Mark wore sleeveless undershirts, in contrast to Bruce and Bill's crew necks. Then, Bill ran into a run of bad luck. He lost twice, pulling his t-shirt over his head and lowering his trousers. Three pairs of eyes popped as Bill's full cut blue striped boxers and very hairy legs came into view. He sat back down, turning bright red.

"Nice boxers Bill," Jim smiled at his best buddy, I have a pair just like that."

"T-Thanks." Bill was a bit tongue tied in his embarrassed state.

In the next hand, Jim lost and quickly shed his T-shirt. He had a gorgeous chest covered with curly black hair. Bill's boxers started to tent despite his best intentions. Jim was simply too hot!

Mark was the low scoring man in the subsequent round. He lifted up his t-shirt slowly, turning beet red in the process. Mark's chest was moderately hairy and he had very cute pecs. His buddies could see about three inches of blue boxer shorts sticking above his pants which really whetted their appetite for more.

As it worked out, Mark lost twice in a row, to the delight of his three buddies. His hands started to shake and he could barely talk.

"I-I-I d-d-d-d-o-o-o-n-n-n't-t-t know if I can do this guys!" Mark started breathing very heavily.

"Do what??" Jim was incredulous "Just drop your pants!"

Bill and Bruce laughed as Mark turned even redder. With infinite slowness, he unbuckled his belt and undid his zipper. After what seemed an eternity, Mark's full cut blue boxer shorts and sparsely hairy legs came into view. The right leg of his boxers was tended obscenely with his half hard prick.

"You getting aroused guys?" Jim motioned to the obvious bulges in Mark and Bill's boxers.

"Yeah, a little." Bill tried to minimize the situation.

"J-j-just a tiny bit." Mark finally was able to get out.

Jim chuckled, but not for long. He was the weakest hand in the next round! Three jaws dropped as Jim very slowly undid his dress slacks and dropped them to his ankles. He sported a snazzy pair of blue plaid boxers that looked really hot on him. Mark and Bill's dicks lurched in their underpants as they took in the handsome sight in front of them.

Bruce knew he would be next, and was really nervous. He sweated profusely and almost passed out. Sure enough, he lost the next two hands.

"I can't do this guys.." Bruce looked at the ground, wanting to die.

"You just need a little help!" Jim chortled. "Mark, could you take off Bruce's t-shirt and slacks please?"

"W-w-w-w-w-h-h-h-a-a-a-t-t-t-t-???" Mark stammered as Bruce broke out into a cold sweat.

"Go ahead!" Jim snapped "We haven't got all day!"

"S-shhhhhhiiiittttt!" Bruce grunted "I don't believe this!"

Mark came over to his friend and gently pulled his t-shirt over his head. Then, he quickly unbuckled Bruce's belt and lowered his zipper. Bruce let out a loud grunt and swore up a storm as his usual white full cut boxer shorts were revealed. The left leg was tented into oblivion by his eight inch endowment.

"You look fine!" Jim assured him. "Let's up the ante for the next hand. Whoever loses has to give the two guys on either side of him a hand job for three minutes!"

There was so much whooping and hollering after this suggestion Jim could barely hear. Fortunately, the beer was starting to have an effect and the four men were getting increasingly relaxed and comfortable sitting right next to each other in their boxers. Bill dealt the cards quickly and the hand was played with great gusto. It was a very close call, but the hapless Bill was the loser.

"Here goes nothing guys." Bill's shaky left hand entered the ample fly slit of Jim's boxers. He took out all 7 inches of rock hard cock and jacked him off exquisitely slowly. Jim shut his eyes tightly and moaned in extreme ecstasy. Then Bill used his right hand to pull Mark's fat 6 incher out of his blue boxers. He masturbated the rock hard dick furiously, causing Mark to howl with lust. After 3 sublime minutes of hot man to man hand jobs, Bill reluctantly relaxed his grip on Jim and Mark's cocks. The two men were just seconds away from cumming and looked glassy eyed and very sweaty.

"That looked fun Bill...I'm jealous!" Jim winked at his buddy who managed a weak smile back.

"Time to up the ante again!" Jim smiled at the group maniacally. "This time the man with the weakest hand has to give his three buddies blow jobs with their cocks poking out of their boxers!"

In the pandemonium that followed, Bill and Jim shared a secret glance. Each hoped he would be the loser, and could finally fulfill a long held fantasy to take another man's dick in his mouth...

to be continued...comments and suggestions welcome!

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