WebCam Mom


She smiled, and typed. It seemed like she was typing forever and yet it was only a few characters that came on the screen, "sure,bb".

Chapter 8

Steve's mom got out of the chair and moved it aside as she took several steps back to the bed. She sat at the foot of the bed and there was a remote-control there. He had seen it many times before and figured it was for the TV. Instead, it was for the web cam and she suddenly zoomed the lens closer to her as she got comfortable on the bed further from the computer. Within seconds, she lifted her ass off the bed and within seconds her panties were gone.

He now could see her lovely hairy bush. And he noticed that it was glistening. She was actually excited, he thought to himself. Her hand instantly found her pussy and she started to stroke once again. And, once again it was at the same pace as he continued to stroke his cock. The two of them were now in sync. He wanted to "fuck" this woman. He wanted to be with his mother. By continuing this perhaps they could come together. He only hoped he could last that long.

It was not looking promising. He began to stroke faster and faster. She slowed down again and inserted two fingers deep inside her cunt. She again matched his pace and it looked like she was also as excited as him. She moved them in and out fast. He had to believe that she really was excited and turned on. It stimulated him to know that his mother was actually turned on by this "other life". He particularly appreciated it now as the two of them rapidly stroked between their legs at the same pace.

The two of them continued to rhythmically stroke their own genitals. He had his right foot up on the desktop as he continued to stroke his cock while he used his left hand to caress his scrotum. His pace was becoming so rapid he did not notice the impact it was having on the desk. It was then that his foot fell off the edge.

Instant panic overwhelmed his body as the desk moved and the web cam fell off the top of the monitor. The camera was now lying on its side directly in front of Steve. He was staring into the lens. He immediately knew that Luscious Laura was no longer looking at him stroke his cock. Instead she was looking at the horrified and guilty face of her own son.

Chapter 9

Laura was dripping with anticipation. A couple times a week there was always a client that tended to excite her more than others. Whenever this happened she would manage to let her mind drift away and please herself more than most. This was one of those times. Watching this inexperienced kid stroke his cock was turning her on immensely. His cock was rather large. But it was still obvious that his body was young. It made her think of her own son. In many ways this thought excited her, but then she would quickly put that out of her mind because it was so wrong.

The pre-come had already started to form on the tip of his penis. And the pace with which they were moving meant orgasm for both of them within a short period. Suddenly, she saw the camera move quickly on the screen. It had fallen off the PC.

"Damn," she muttered lightly to herself as she rolled her eyes. She did not want to embarrass him so she closed her eyelids to cover her frustrated gesture. She waited a second before opening her eyes. She wished she had waited more.

When she opened her eyes, she recognized the room on the screen. It was Steve's bedroom. She was looking at his naked body as he frantically reached for the camera to put it back in place. She froze as she looked at his horror stricken face directly on screen. She had just masturbated together with her teenage son.

By now she had already sat up on the edge of the bed. There was a wet spot on the bed from where she had been fantasizing about this young man. She could not believe that it was her own son.

The secretive aspect was going for both. She had to think back, was this the first time he was on? She was certain. She would've remembered him. What had happened recently and how did he find out?

More importantly, she had to think to herself what she was going to do. Should she just let it go until the morning? She considered that because she was too embarrassed and worried. But she knew better. This had to be addressed immediately.

Chapter 10

As she continued to sit there on the edge of the bed, she realized her pussy was still dripping wet. The idea of being with her son was still exciting to her. She questioned it slightly, but then she thought about it some more. Now was the time.

She put her panties and the camisole back on. She was about to grab the robe, but she realized she wanted to leave it off. She decided that this needed to be addressed in an urgent manner. She did not want to give him any time to feel worse than he probably already did.

She quickly walked to the door. She was going to knock, but then thought better of it. She tried to turn the knob slightly to see if it was locked. Luckily, it wasn't. She went in.

Steve was in bed and the blankets were over his head. She almost laughed. This was what he did whenever he got in trouble as a child. He would run to his room and hide under the covers. Eventually after he had time to settle down, she would come into his room and find him in this manner. The two of them would then talk through whatever had bothered him or whatever he had gotten in trouble for. Now here he was, doing it again. Obviously, this was a much more unique situation though.

She walked to the side of the bed, sat next to him, and placed her hand on what she thought was his back or shoulder.

"It's okay, you know." She told him. She figured he was extremely embarrassed; but then she also realized she needed to explain her own actions. Maybe that was what she would do. By focusing on her role in this perhaps he would feel better.

"I am so sorry that you have found this out about me. I am ashamed." The last statement was genuine enough that her voice cracked. She was going to continue through the tears that had begun. She wanted to explain how and why she started. "I..."

He pulled the sheet over his head and turned to her. He quickly interrupted, "It's Okay."

He reassured her. And then she was shocked, relieved, and excited all at once as he ignored his own feelings and moved closer to her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed. You're a beautiful woman and you're doing what you need to do to try to make life better for us."

She thought to herself how wonderful this man was. She no longer thought of him as a boy. But that statement right there made her realize how grown-up he was. He obviously remembered how tight money had been several years ago and the struggles. He was actually making her feel better. And her crying stopped.

" But this is not the proper way," she said. His hand continued to rub her back and shoulder. She grabbed his hand with hers and pulled it around her as she turned to face him. "As for you....that's okay as well."

Steve dropped his head and could not look her in the face. She kept her hand on his and used her other hand to lift his chin up. She looked him in the eyes.

"It's okay," she told him. "It's normal. You know Freud?? He's not a fraud." She immediately realized how stupid that was, and rolled her eyes as she chuckled.

Steve smiled in return, "but..." He didn't know what else to say at this point. He smiled at her stupid joke. But then his smile went away as he looked closely at her face.

The silence lasted for what seemed forever. The two of them were now staring in each other's eyes. Her hand was still slightly touching his chin. Literally, for over a minute the two of them examined each other's face in hopes that they could determine exactly what the other was feeling.

Pam could not help herself. She applied more pressure under his chin and began to pull his face towards hers as she leaned in for a kiss. He did not hesitate. Instead, his right hand squeezed tightly around her and he pulled her to him quickly.

Their lips met and complete excitement overwhelmed her. All this sexual activity for the camera, but it had been years since she had actually touched a man. The feeling throughout her was amazing. She moved both of her arms around him and pulled him closer. The next kiss was deeper and more passionate. His tongue found her mouth as she was exploring his. They intertwined and this was one of the most arousing kisses she had ever had.

She was amazed at his next action. He turned his body and with slight force pushed her down to the middle of his bed. All the while he continued to kiss her. When she was laying flat on his bed, she opened her eyes as he pulled his lips away from hers.

The two of them now stared at each other once more. Again, there were no words for quite a few seconds.

Pam broke the silence, "are you sure, honey?"

He didn't answer. Instead, he kissed her even more passionately than before. She pulled him close and was frustrated that she could not bring him even closer. She wanted him so badly. Not just sexually. She wanted him to hold. She wanted him to hold her. She wanted him to hold her close to his naked body. She wanted him to make love to her.

Chapter 11

Steve continued kissing his mother deeply. The passion he felt inside was unbelievable. It had combined with the physical arousal to excite him more than he had ever been in his life. He couldn't believe that what he had casually thought of throughout his adolescence was actually taking place.

He was still wearing his underwear that he had put back on immediately after the camera fell. But the underwear could not hide the fact that his cock was fully erect at this point. It was pushing hard against her leg. He started to move his hips rhythmically against the inside of her thigh.

His right hand moved down her body and cupped her left breast through the Navy blue material. He squeezed tight enough for her to take a deep breath; but it was obvious there was no pain, only pleasure. He grabbed it between his thumb and index finger and pinched with enough force to make it even harder. He knew right then he had to explore further. Only now he would do so with his mouth.

Chapter 12

Pam hesitated as she continued to kiss her son. His body on top of hers felt wonderful. She could feel his bare back under the palms of her hands and his body felt wonderful next to hers. But she was still hesitant. She knew this was wrong. She was about to stop. This could not happen.

Just then, she felt his hand on her left breast. The way he squeezed almost took her breath away. Her nipples were now the size of the tip of her little finger. She had always had large nipples and was embarrassed. But now she felt so good and realized the benefit. Seconds later her son was pinching her erect nipples in such a fashion that the tingle throughout her body removed any reluctance she still had.

This continued on. It felt so good, and she wanted more. When would he continue to move further along? She didn't know how long she could wait or how patient she could be. She moved her hands down his back and began to caress his ass with his underwear. All the while, her son continued to caress her left breast until finally he switched to the other. Now the same pattern continued and again the tingling continued.

She instantly pushed the waistband of his underwear with her thumb underneath and started to force them down over his ass. She now was able to grab his bare flesh he still could not get enough. She could not hold him close enough. She had to move faster. She released her grip from his buttocks and reached down by her waist grabbing the bottom of her camisole. She hated to separate from him briefly but he propped himself up on his elbow. She quickly pulled the camisole up over her head, now exposing her bare breasts and the massive bare nipples.

Immediately her son's mouth enveloped her breasts and began sucking just as he had done 18 years earlier. Only now the feeling throughout her body was so much more pleasurable. The feeling was indescribable. No one had ever made her feel like this. The excitement was amazing.

She now moved her right hand around to his hip and started to reach underneath. She grabbed the waistband the best she could and started to pull down a little bit more. She wanted to please him. He understood what she was trying to do and as unfortunate as it was for both of them for a brief second, they broke their embrace. It was only long enough for him to sit up and completely pull his underwear off.

Immediately the two of them were again intertwined in each other's arms. Now however, Pam could feel nothing but her son's bare flesh against her body. In particular, she could distinctly feel his rock hard cock and the soft flesh of his scrotum pushed against her right inner thigh. That alone was almost orgasmic. However, this was just the start of a multitude of orgasmic activity.

Chapter 13

Steve was overwhelmed. He was now was in uncharted territory. He had never been completely naked with a woman. The sensation of her warm skin over his entire body was amazing. He was so satisfied the way she used her arms and continually moved them across his back and buttocks so that he could feel her completely around him. He tried to return the favor by making sure his hands and arms and all of his body was touching hers. Her reactions to each of his touches seem to be positive.

The excitement though began to cause him to involuntarily move his hips more than he would've liked at that point. But he could not stop. He started to grind his hips and push the front side of his penis against the inner part of his mother's thigh. He knew this wasn't the best thing to do but he couldn't help himself.

Just then his mother moved her leg a bit to make room for her hand. He was unaware of her intent. He continued to move so much it was hard for her to find his shaft. Finally she grabbed a hold of his rock hard cock and he slowed down. She then took control and began to move her hand up and down slowly. Once before another girl had grabbed his penis, but it was clumsy and uncomfortable. What his mother was doing to him now was unbelievably direct and absolutely perfect.

It was then however that she started to break their embrace up top and started to push his upper body away from hers. She never let go of his penis. Instead, she used her left hand to push him back and over motioned him to lay back on the bed.

"Let's get a closer look at this thing, shall we?" She told him just before her lips enveloped the tip.

Chapter 14

Pam couldn't believe how horny she was. The juices were flowing out of her and her panties were soaked. She wanted to be with this man in her arms. She wanted to be with this son she had been so close to for these past 18 years. He was holding her tightly and she felt his cock against her thigh. Thinking about his cock on her leg made her think back less than an hour ago when she saw that cock in all its glory of her computer screen. As she watched "Brian" masturbate on the screen, she had been fully aroused. She thought about how excited she had been seeing that young boys cock with pre-come glistening on its head. Now, she cannot stand it any longer knowing it was her own son's cock she had lusted for.

She knew he was excited. She reached down with her right hand and quickly found his cock. Her palm enveloped the entire shaft and she moved up and down.

She felt her son pause for a second that she looked at his face. His eyes were now rolling back to his eyelids. He let out a soft sigh -- somewhat of relief, but more of satisfaction. She continued to move up and down watching the satisfied look on her son's face entire time. A mother always wants to see her child happy. But to be this directly involved in his sexual happiness made her feel exquisite. She knew she could excite him even more and consequently continue to stir more excitement within her own body.

Her next motion was to let go of her son with her left arm and start to push him away ever so slightly. At first he looked in her eyes with a look of fear and perhaps rejection. But her comforting look and slight grin that she flashed made it very clear to him what she was about to do. She wanted Steve's cock in her mouth.

As she approached his member, she debated whether to first use her tongue or immediately wrap the head with her lips. She chose the latter. The entire foreskin was gone in seconds. She stopped and just sucked the tip ever so slightly. Within her closed mouth she began to move her tongue all over the tip. She felt it flinch within her hand and in her mouth. It was time to go further.

Pam had not been with a man in several years. However, the one thing she had not forgotten was how to suck a man's cock. She loved it. She was good at it, and she knew it. Somehow early on in her sexual experimentation at the age of 16 she instinctively learned how to take a man's cock all the way back into her throat and completely envelop her partner. Her son was about to experience this.

Chapter 15

Steve watched as his cock went into his mother's mouth. She began sucking expertly. Although Steve had gotten blow jobs several times in the past, nothing compared to what he immediately felt the second her mouth touched his member.

She wrapped her lips completely around the tip and her tongue now was all over and moving rapidly. The head of his cock as well as the penis itself was twitching rapidly. Within seconds his entire body started to twitch. He calmed down slightly as her tongue slowed its pace.

He was laying back propped on his elbow. He was able to see the lovely view of his own mother as she was sucking the tip of his cock. Then, he was absolutely amazed when he watched her mouth move all the way down the shaft and end all the way down until it reached his pubic hair. He could now feel the tip of his cock so deep inside and he realized it was in her throat.

Pam used her left hand to move her hair to the side so Steve could completely see her face as she continued to suck his cock. She brought her head up and almost let the penis fallout but she would never do such a thing. Instead, she immediately slammed her mouth back down all the way to the base. She was able to continue this motion five continuous times. At that point he was in heaven. She needed a brief break and she removed his cock as her spit dripped from her lip to the tip.

Her tongue continued to travel all over the head and she licked up and down the shaft as she watched his face and looked into his eyes with a devious smile. Steve could not believe what he was watching. He was no longer watching his mother, Pam. Instead, it was "Laura" that was sucking him off. But still, the excitement and thrill was in him because of this first experience and because it was the woman that had raised him.

He had little time to think about it because again she started to bob up and down his shaft. She had her right hand wrapped around his poll at the same time. She was about to go down the second time when without warning he felt it. He was scared and disappointed. "No," he thought to himself. His head jerked back and his semen shot out of his cock and into her closed mouth.

Pam was obviously surprised. The first load remained in her mouth but she quickly released his cock from her lips grasp just in time to watch the second spurt on her left cheek just below her eye. Steve watched it as it dripped slowly down her cheek and she continued to stroke slowly. One more shot came out and this time she leaned back to let it fall on her tits. They landed on top of her left breast. He looked back up at her face and saw her swallow. He knew that it was his seed that she had just swallowed.

The look on his face must of given away his disappointment and fear. And he wished it hadn't. Unfortunately, now this sexy camera vixen with his cum on her face suddenly changed back into the face of his mother. The woman who cared for him and could always see his pain now realized that he probably felt bad that he came so quickly. However, he did not mind.

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