tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWebcam Slip Leads to Lusty Liaison

Webcam Slip Leads to Lusty Liaison


Kara sat at the desk in her hotel room, staring at her computer screen in shock and disbelief. It was one of those moments where she was so confused and surprised and titillated at the same time that she almost couldn't comprehend what was going on. "I've gotta show this to Shari!"

It was another tournament weekend for her son's youth hockey team. They won their early morning game but weren't scheduled to play again until the evening, so the families had a lot of time to kill in the afternoon. A couple of the parents on the team had offered to take the kids to lunch and the movies, but Kara had a massive headache, admittedly from drinking too much the night before, and stayed at the hotel to rest. After a nap, some Tylenol, and plenty of water, she was feeling fine and the kids wouldn't be back for at least another hour.

Shari and Dalton, whose son played on the same line with Kara's son, were staying in the adjacent room, and Kara was close friends with both parents. She wasn't sure if Shari was in the room or if she had gone out with the group, but Kara excitedly ran to their adjoining door and knocked.

Dalton opened the door and couldn't help but laugh at the mischievous, gleeful expression on Kara's face.

"Is Shari in there?" she blurted out. Kara's eyes were wild and she was practically bouncing with energy, trying to contain her discovery.

"Well hello to you, too," he chuckled at her abruptness and child-like glee. "No, she went out shopping, what's going on?"

She hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether to tell him what was going on or wait for Shari to get back. But she couldn't contain it - she just had to share this with someone. "C'mere, I've gotta show you something - you are never gonna believe this!" she exclaimed as she giddily ran to her computer.

Beer in hand, Dalton followed Kara curiously, wondering what she was all worked up about.

"Look!" she exclaimed as she pointed to her laptop screen.

Squinting at the small, fuzzy image, Dalton could tell the streaming video was of two naked people having sex, but neither face was in view - the guy was on his back on the bed with his face towards the ceiling, and a woman with short dark hair was sitting on his legs, leaning over as she was giving him a blow job.

Laughing, Dalton said, "You brought me in here to show me that you've discovered internet porn? Congratulations, I discovered that years ago."

"No, silly! Look at who it is!" she giggled.

He watched for a moment, still not recognizing either person on screen. Suddenly the guy's pleasure-filled face turned in the direction of the camera.

"Holy shit!" Dalton gasped, "That's Matt!"

"And THAT," Kara said matter-of-factly as she pointed to the bobbing brunette head, "is Tina."

"Hoo hoo hoo," Dalton chuckled, "I don't think Matt's wife would be very happy about that!"

"Nor Tina's husband!" Kara laughed.

"Geez, I had no idea they had a thing going on the side," Dalton commented. "Wow, she's really going to town on him - lucky guy!"

"Tsk, stop!" she playfully hit him on the arm in mock disdain.

"Oh yeah, like you're real innocent, watching them like a pervert," he teased as she giggled.

"How did you find this? Are they intentionally performing this for you?" he asked curiously.

"No, I'm sure it's an accident. Tina's daughter sometimes video-chats with my daughter, so our accounts are linked. I turned on my computer and saw she was online, so when I looked at her stream - I saw this. She must not realize her camera is turned on."

"Whoops!" he laughed. "Ummm... is your camera turned off? Or are they able to see us watching them?" Dalton asked cautiously.

"No, they have no idea we can see them." Kara pointed to the top of the screen where the camera was located. "I slide this little cover over to be sure the camera is blocked when I'm not using it, and plus whenever the camera is on, this little blue light stays lit as an indicator. They definitely can't see us. And her stream is public, so anyone can watch, she can't tell who might be able to see her. Tina's such a freakin' airhead, she can never seem to figure out how to work her computer."

Mesmerized, neither Dalton nor Kara could take their eyes off the screen. They watched as Tina got up and laid down on her back, with her tiny perky tits pointing to the ceiling, as Matt went down on her and dropped his cock into her mouth.

"I would have thought Matt would have been packing a little more in the meat department. At least Tina's in no danger of being choked," Dalton commented.

"You are so bad, Dalton!" she giggled as she smacked him lightly on the arm.

"Oh you mean to tell me you aren't looking at his dick? Come on now, Kara, I've known you for years and I know your mind is as dirty as they come!"

"OK, maybe I did peek," she admitted with a snicker, "but let me just point out that judging by her body language, his tongue appears to be doing a VERY good job of compensating for what he's lacking down South!"

Kara was becoming increasingly aroused at this voyeuristic experience and suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that she was alone in her room with Dalton, while becoming extremely turned on - not to mention a little jealous of how Tina was spending her afternoon. Not that she had ever been attracted to Matt, but just that having a hot hotel sex affair was a much more interesting way to spend the afternoon than napping or shopping!

Dalton was standing behind her - their bodies weren't touching but they were so close that she could feel his body heat radiating into her back. She could hear every breath he took - every inhale and each exhale - in a very intimate manner. Every so often, Kara would feel Dalton's breath on her neck when he exhaled. Shivers went down her spine when he took a sip of his beer and let out a soft groan as his knees partially buckled underneath him with his own arousal.

There had always been a weird sexual tension between them - an attraction that seemed to be ever-present but never acknowledged - it was never discussed or acted upon. They were friends, their spouses were friends, and their kids were friends - no matter how much sexual attraction there may be, each knew there was too much at stake to ever act on those feelings. Yet there was no denying that the attraction, magnetism, and feelings between them existed.

"You like watching that?" he breathed into her ear, in a deep, sexy voice, barely above a whisper in volume. "Is it turning you on?"

"Mmmmm yeah," she said slowly and softly, "it's pretty hot."

Dalton set his hand gently on Kara's ass, so softly she could barely feel it, as he tested the waters for her reaction. She was so surprised that she held her breath and stood frozen, unsure of how to respond.

Dalton rubbed her ass cheek gently through her satiny lounge pants as he nuzzled his face to the side of her neck, placing a tiny kiss on her skin. Kara closed her eyes, nervous but intrigued, and tipped her head to expose more of her neck to him as she softly sighed in pleasure.

Encouraged, Dalton slid his hand inside her panties and ran it down to her bare cheek, touching and stroking her skin tenderly. Moaning in approval of his touch, she leaned back into the warmth of his chest.

With their eyes still glued to the laptop screen, Dalton rested his chin on Kara's shoulder as he moved his hand around to her front, hugging her close to him and threading his fingers through hers.

"I think Tina is enjoying herself, does watching her pleasure turn you on?" Dalton asked.

"Mmmm hmmmm," she purred.

Dalton slipped his hand under her shirt, running his fingers along the skin of her belly, then flipped his hand over to gently scratch the back of his nails along her ribcage, sending tingles throughout her body.

She giggled lightly at the ticklish sensation, then reached back with her left hand to cup his hard crotch in her palm. He let out a deep, sexy growl at her touch, happy that she was having the same thoughts that he was.

As she continued to massage and squeeze his manhood through the outside of his pants, Dalton slid his hand up higher under her shirt to fondle her breasts through her smooth, satiny bra. He could feel Kara's nipple hardening beneath his fingertips.

She moaned at his caresses and pushed her ass back against his crotch, pressing herself against the hardness in his pants. He moaned and wrapped his arm around her waist, then gently twisted her around to face him.

Kara's face and neck were a little red and splotchy, an obvious indication of her arousal. She smiled sweetly at him; her smile would have looked innocent outside of this situation, but he knew naughty thoughts were hidden behind the twinkle in her eye.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to get you alone?" he whispered as he pulled her body tight to his, gazing into her eyes as he rubbed the tip of her nose with his own.

"Hopefully as long as I've fantasized about the same!"

She wrapped her arms around him as they held each other tightly, eye-to-eye, feeling and hearing each other's breaths as the sounds of Matt and Tina's escapade could still be heard coming out of the laptop.

Dalton smiled at her, taking her in while softly petting her back, running his fingers through her hair. Kara grinned in return, stroking the back of his neck where his short, soft blond hair met skin, absentmindedly raking her red nails along his skin.

He gasped suddenly and sucked his breath in sharply between his teeth, before groaning, "You're driving me crazy, you know that?"

"Yes," she cooed teasingly with a devilish smirk before leaning closer to kiss him.

It was a tentative kiss - their first kiss. Both were nervous and suddenly a bit shy, feeling like teenagers again. Their lips touched ever so softly and gently, forming a sweet yet innocent type of kiss, as Kara's stomach somersaulted with excitement.

Dalton's mind was racing at the rush of adrenaline as he felt the fireworks behind that kiss. He knew that a first kiss held so much meaning and was a strong indication of whether or not there was chemistry between two people - and this magical kiss confirmed what he had always suspected about his feelings towards her.

When the kiss ended, they each giggled with slight nervousness and put their faces cheek-to-cheek, enjoying the intimacy, continuing to embrace each other warmly. Dalton turned and kissed her cheek, to which she responded by turning her face to meet his kiss with her soft lips, feeling the scruff of his facial hair scrape lightly against her skin.

This time there was no hesitation in their kiss. Their lips pressed tightly together as their tongues began a playful dance between their mouths, tangling wildly with passion as their hands explored each other's bodies through their clothes. The kissing continued, growing more hungry and needy with each passing second.

Dalton squeezed her ass, pulling her against his loins, gently grinding himself against her as he explored her mouth with his tongue. Kara pulled Dalton's shirt out of his waistband and her hands reached under his shirt to caress his back, running her hand down his spine, letting her fingers follow the curve until her hand reached into the back of his pants.

Without breaking the kiss or embrace, Dalton turned Kara and gently guided her back onto the bed, spreading her legs so he could lay on top of her with his stiff crotch nestled against her mound, still both fully clothed.

Dalton propped himself up on one elbow as he used the other hand to slide her sweater up, exposing first her stomach, then the black bra that hugged her breasts. Smiling in approval as he took in the sight, he hooked a thumb under Kara's bra cup, sliding it along the underside of the material before pulling the smooth fabric up and over, revealing first her left breast, then her right, before diving down to suckle a sweet nipple into his mouth.

Kara moaned happily as she looked down at the top of his head, watching him savor the taste and texture of her hard pebble while she ran her fingers through his hair. Ever so gently, Dalton put his hands behind her, encouraging her to arch her back so he could unlatch her bra. Once unsnapped, Dalton got on his knees and pulled her into a sitting position so he could pull her sweater up and over her head, tossing it to the ground before delicately removing her bra, leaving her topless before him. He couldn't take his eyes off her luscious, bare tits, tempting him like juicy, ripe apples that were being served up just for him. As his eyes slowly lifted to meet her gaze, she looked into his eyes seductively as she tugged his sweatshirt off and cast it aside.

Kara laid back down on the bed, holding Dalton's hand and bringing him down beside her. Laying side-by-side, skin-to-skin, eye-to-eye in each other's arms, Dalton propped himself up on his left elbow and slid his right hand behind her neck, cupping the back of her head as he softly kissed her mouth and ran his tongue over her lips.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head to meet the caresses of his tongue and lips, relishing the sweet taste of his mouth on hers. Kara arched her back and put her left arm behind her head so she could lightly hold his hand. Even though they had never crossed any lines to go beyond friendship in this past, this experience was both new and fresh, yet somehow comfortable and familiar - it amazed her how at ease she felt in his arms. What they were doing was so wrong, yet at the same time, so right. She laid on her back and relaxed with her mouth slightly open, just inviting his tongue to venture further into her mouth, an invitation which he readily accepted.

Dalton's cock had grown so hard it was becoming uncomfortable, constricted by his jeans. There was a part of him that wanted to rip his clothes off and ravish her, but another part that wanted to savor this experience as long as possible. A hopeless romantic, Dalton preferred to take his time and cherish every moment slowly, delaying their satisfaction.

Pulling back from her mouth, Dalton gazed into Kara's lustful eyes and put his hand under her chin, softly caressing her cheek. She leaned her face into his touch, slowly rubbing her face against his hand. Dalton moved his thumb over her lower lip, running it along the contours of her mouth. He ever so gently pushed down on her lip, to which Kara responded by bringing her tongue out to lightly lick the tip of his finger. He sighed quietly as his cock continued to throb and soak his boxers with pre-cum.

Reading her lick as an invitation, he slid his index finger into her mouth - teasingly, tantalizingly - as she closed her lips around it and slowly rocked her head as she sucked his finger, caressing it with her tongue, filling him with thoughts of how wonderful it would be to have those sweet lips and soft, warm tongue wrapped around his cock.

As she continued to suckle his finger, Dalton leaned over to kiss first her shoulder then her upper arm. He showered tiny, gentle kisses in a line from one shoulder to the other before making a line down to Kara's gorgeous melons. He licked her nipple, then blew cool air over it, making her nipple stiffen as she lightly shivered. She moaned in delight as Dalton opened his mouth wider and pulled her entire nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking it. Once the first nipple had turned into a hard, dark rock, he moved to the second breast and lavished equal attention on that side. "Oh Dalton...," she sighed.

He slid his finger out of her mouth and used it to massage and caress her breast, marveling at how it responded to his touch. Kara's tits were very large - at least a DD, Dalton figured, maybe even DDD - and very soft, smooth, and perky. They were a stark contrast to his older wife's smaller, saggy breasts. It had been so many years since he had touched another woman that he stared at Kara in amazement and wonder, appreciating the beauty in a different woman's body, and hardly able to believe that he was here in this moment. He felt like a man who had gone hungry for far too long, now being served a delicious, succulent banquet. As with any buffet, Dalton wanted to sample everything, but he knew he had to pace himself so that he could enjoy everything without getting filled up too soon.

While his right hand continued to explore her left breast, Dalton leaned down to kiss the side of her right breast. Slowly, he kissed around the breast, teasing her, then as he came closer to her nipple, he simultaneously suckled one nipple firmly into his mouth, biting it lightly while his hand pinched her other nipple firmly. Kara cried out in surprise, but it was a happy sound - he knew he hadn't bit or pinched hard enough to hurt, just enough to wake up her nerve endings. He looked up at her with a devilish grin and she chuckled, "You're a bad boy, Dalton!"

"But you like it, don't you?" he winked.

"Mmmmmm, come here, I need some more of those lips!" She leaned up on her right elbow and brought her face up to his, holding the back of his head with her left hand while she plunged her tongue into his mouth. He felt like putty in her hands, unable (and unwilling!) to move; the feeling of her fingertips gently rubbing the back of his head, playing with his hair, was almost enough to put him over the edge. Dalton loved his wife dearly, but their relationship had grown so mundane, and their sex-life had become so stagnant, that he had forgotten how wonderful and delicious it felt to be with a lover for the first time. To be with someone who treated you like an irresistible, tempting treasure - to feel like a man again. It was a heady, euphoric feeling.

Kara moved her hand down his arm, touching and squeezing him tenderly, then slid it back up to his shoulder and ran her fingers lightly down his chest and stomach until she reached the waistband of his jeans. She pressed her palm to the front of his pants, confirming what she already suspected - Dalton was hard as steel! Hard for her!

"Oh my, my, what have we here?" she cooed as she cupped his balls and gently squeezed his hard-on. Dalton closed his eyes and groaned at her touch. "Does Dalton have something in here for Kara?"

All Dalton could do was grunt in approval.

"Feels like you have more to offer me than poor Tina is getting from Matt right now," she noted, making his ego swell with pride.

Kara kissed his shoulder, then his chest, before lightly scraping her teeth over his nipple, gently guiding him onto his back. She continued to kiss down the center of his body while rubbing his stiff manhood, kissing down the line of hair that led down to his belly button, then further south, disappearing beneath his waistband.

She climbed onto her knees and unbuttoned his pants, then slid the zipper down, revealing his boxers. "Mmmmmmm," she delighted as she licked her lips while sliding his boxers down in front, "This looks yummy!" Dalton arched his back, allowing her to slide his pants and boxers down off his hips, putting his cock on display for her. He wanted to be in her so badly that it ached, and seeing her pretty pink tongue flick across those lovely lips made his cock twitch with eager anticipation.

When those beautiful lips wrapped themselves around his throbbing cock, Dalton thought he had died and gone to heaven. Warm, wet, and tight, the feeling of being enveloped by her mouth made him dizzy with delirious pleasure. He laid back and relaxed, enjoying her ministrations to his penis and balls, trying to recall the last time he had felt this good with a woman. Dalton loved oral sex more than anything, but Shari wasn't particularly fond of it, so it was a treat he rarely enjoyed. As Kara bobbed slowly up and down on his cock, stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls, he felt a desperate, urgent need to taste her. He wanted to lap up her sweet juices as she devoured his cock.

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