tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWebslut Madison Ch. 03

Webslut Madison Ch. 03


Madison did not touch her pussy again for three days. Nor did she look at he pictures she had posted online. She didn't touch herself because she was so sore, so raw, and so satisfied that she didn't have the urge, and she didn't look at the pictures because she was afraid of what she would see. She was afraid of seeing the pictures when she was not in a state of arousal and see the slut on the screen and immediately take them down.

Madison didn't want to take them down, she wanted to be left there like a picture posted in the lobby of a hotel or a dormitory for passersby to continually look at and use for their own pleasures. She wanted to be left there because she knew how much pleasure she would get out of seeing them, and she knew how much pleasure she would get out of looking at the comments and the number of views.

And three days later, when Madison finally did touch herself again, she didn't look at her own pictures. She looked at the other pictures of other girls and wondered if any of them had posted their own pictures too. And when she was finished, she had a revelation - more than the bra and panty pictures, she was aroused by pictures of girls in normal clothes, but slutty ones, as she fantasized about the girls going out and letting everyone in sight see their horny little bodies, half naked and exposed for half the world, and then posting them online for the rest of the world.

The ones that really got her going were the ones of girls out on the street, or at the mall or a grocery store, or maybe even at a club, the girls that literally did go out and let everyone stare at the slutty, mostly exposed bodies as they went about their lives. They were girls who wanted to be seen and girls who wanted to share their bodies with anyone that wanted to look. And Madison wanted to be one of those girls.

As she had this revelation, Madison began to put together a plan for how she would become one of those girls. She would go to the mall, buy some slutty clothes, take some pictures, and post them online. She wanted her viewers to see how much she loved showing off her stomach, her cleavage, her legs, her back and basically everything else that she could get away with showing in public. And she knew that she would have to actually show her body in public and she liked that idea too. Madison had some other plans too, she wanted a mirror to hang above her bed so she could fuck her ass and watch herself do it using two mirrors opposite each other.

She also wanted to buy a couple toys that she wanted - a set of nipple clamps, handcuffs and a butt plug - to add to her dildo and vibrator and replace her hanger. She made plans to go on Saturday afternoon, and to go to a mall nearly an hour away from her college town so that she wouldn't see anyone she knew. She might have wanted to be an online slut, but she didn't want her friends or her classmates to know about her desires, and she didn't want to be a real-life slut showing most of her body off to everyone she knew - just to strangers who would never know who she was.

So Saturday came and Madison got into her car and drove away to fulfill her fantasies. She bought the mirror first, and then stopped at the sex shop and purchased a medium black butt plug, a little smaller in length than her dildo, smaller at the tip, and a little wider at the base to hold it in her ass. She bought a set of nipple clamps that were able to be tightened, knowing that she could tighten them as she went along for added pain and pleasure, and that she would want more as she became more aroused. They had a chain between them so she could pull them off at once for added effect.

Instead of handcuffs, however, Madison bought a complete hogtie kit. It essentially consisted of handcuffs, which she could use as handcuffs even when she wasn't hogtying herself, ankle cuffs, and a chain to link the ankle cuffs and handcuffs to complete the hogtie. She thought about buying a ball gag, too, but decided against it, saving her money for clothes and allowing herself to verbally degrade herself during masturbation.

She left the sex shop and finished the drive to the mall. For the occasion, Madison had worn a standard pair of denim shorts, short but not so short they were slutty, and a light blue halter top that left about two inches of her stomach exposed, and more in the back - not nearly enough as far as she was concerned, nor were the shorts short enough - but cute enough to take a few pictures of herself once she had gone inside the mall. She walked in, her gladiator sandals scraping the pavement as she went.

Once inside, she snapped pictures of herself in the main walkway area, showing a little stomach and a lot of leg. She raised her arms so her shirt rode up a couple of inches and snapped another, and finally went into the mall bathroom, lifted up her shirt to just under her bra, and snapped another picture, flashing a big smile. Her navel piercing, reflecting light like a diamond, made her lick her lips in anticipation of what she was about to do. Satisfied, she walked to her first store and started shopping.

After a few minutes, Madison found a pair of shorts that were a little high-waisted and very high cut in the rear, and held them in her hands as she went looking for a top to wear with them. Her pussy, she felt, was already beginning to drip with anticipation. A couple minutes later, she found a top. It was a loose t-shirt cropped to somewhere between her tits and her bellybutton, and the loose material would ride up and wave as she walked and maybe show off a little more. It was not low cut, and it was not see-through, but it was a good start. The back had a slit about two thirds of the way up the shirt, meaning if she sat down at all, and leaned forward, it would open up and show her back. She smiled thinking about this as she took her selections to the fitting room to try them on.

Inside the fitting room, Madison removed her tank top and denim shorts. She had worn a pink bra, one that gave her tits a little boost while leaving her cleavage in plain view, with removable straps in case she found a strapless top, and a thin back. Her panties were also pink, as she liked her bra and panties to match, and were not much more than a small triangular strip to cover her pussy, another one for her ass, and thin strings that hugged her hips. She pulled on the shorts first, and turned around, watching in the mirror as she pulled on the bottoms of the shorts, trying in vain to get the denim to completely cover the bottom of her ass.

"Perfect," she whispered to the mirror," no matter what I do, I can't cover up! That's what a true slut wears," she continued. She bent over and looked in the mirror, watching as even more of her cheeks popped out of the shorts. They were just made to show a little cheek, and Madison knew it and loved it. She pulled on the shirt next, and tugging on the bottom of it, she couldn't seem to get it to cover the three inches or so of her stomach that she had exposed. Her shorts came up almost to her belly button, and her top was cropped quite short. She might wear this shirt with lower waisted shorts if she really wanted to let it hang out, she thought, but her ass had to be out in some of the pictures. And then she put into action a slightly humiliating but still arousing plan she had made before. Stepping out of the fitting room, she found a store employee.

"Um, hi there," said Madison," I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"Oh what do you need? You look great, by the way," said the a girl probably the same age as Madison, and almost as attractive.

"I have a date tonight and I want to send my boyfriend some pictures of me in this outfit, and see what he thinks, would you mind?" Madison held her phone out to indicate she wanted the girl to take a picture.

"Oh, sure," said the girl, taking the phone. Madison posed with one hand resting gently on the top of her head and one hip thrown out to the side, smiling wide as the girl snapped a picture with about five inches of skin begging for attention between Madison's shorts and top. "Can you take a couple more?" She said, turning around and showing her cheeks to the camera as she pretended to browse for the picture.

"Ok, now," she said. And then she took a normal picture, one hand on her hip, the other to the side of her face as she tried to make herself a little smaller and show less skin, and a picture where Madison had turned to the side to show a little cheek and a little stomach at the same time, and finally she grabbed a hat from a rack, put it on her head, and held it there as her top rode up high and the employee snapped her last picture. "Thank you so much!" Said Madison. She went back into the fitting room to change, and told the employee she would be back to buy the clothes if her boyfriend liked the outfit.

Madison was happy with how the pictures turned out - she looked free, happy, and eager to let her skin show. She really looked like she was enjoying herself, and enjoying being dressed more slutty than almost every other girl in the mall, but she really wanted to try a more daring outfit. So she walked into another store that was similar but different, and looked for a more revealing outfit.

She found one within a few minutes. The top was black, strappy, and cut so that her cleavage was just beginning to show, a little lower in the center than just above her breasts, but not so low that her tits were screaming at her eyes. There were two sets of straps. The first set was a normal spaghetti strap that started at either side of the front of the top, went over her shoulders, and connected to the main fabric again just above he bra strap in the back, on the same side.

The second set started in between her breasts, and moved up and to either side of her neck, joining the first set of straps at the top of her shoulders before resting at their side until meeting with the main fabric again at the back of the shirt. It was cropped short, and when she took it into the fitting room and put it on, she could see that it left a full three inches of skin between the hem and her belly button. It was tighter than the last one she put on, and left her shoulders, chest, and the top of her back exposed as well.

Madison also tried on a skirt. It was a soft cotton mini skirt that sat low on her waist compared to the high waisted style everyone seemed to wear these days. It probably left three inches of skin exposed below her belly button for a total of about six inches. The skirt was skin tight, stretchy yet so tight it was hard to walk, and Madison could see every curve in her body through the skirt until it stopped about where the palm of her hand touched her leg. The best part, though, was that the skirt was cut all the way up to the top hem on the right side, and was laced together with straps that were about the size of shoelaces. Essentially, as Madison eyed her body in the fitting room mirror, some portion of her right leg was exposed clear up to her hip through the latticework of straps. It was hot; she knew she would be taking this one home.

She knew she wanted to try on more tops, but she stopped first to take a few pictures of herself in this one in the dressing room mirror. First she just stood with the phone in her hand and smiled, and the.ln she leaned in, exposing her cleavage to the camera, and made a kissing face. "Such a little slut, but I want to show off more," she whispered to herself in the mirror. She raised her left arm so her shirt rode up, and then placed it on her left hip as she turned to the side, making sure to get a good picture of her skirt as it showed about an inch gap all the way up to her hip where it laced together.

Madison reached up her skirt, lightly rubbing her pussy through her panties. She thought about taking a picture with her panties exposed, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Another thing she considered was just taking them off altogether, and she decided she could do that, but would wait until her next trip to the fitting room. She continued to touch her pussy softly until a wet spot formed on her panties, and she raised her finger to her lips and licked it clean.

She now had the motivation to try on something a little more revealing, and she put her denim shorts and blue tank top back on and, skirt in hand, went back onto the sales floor to find more ideas. She looked around the store for about fifteen minutes this time, picking up things as she went. With three tops and a pair of shorts in hand, she then went back to the fitting room.

When she got back to the fitting room, Madison put on the first top. It was dark green, and was similar to a T-shirt in its design and feel. It had very short sleeves and a round neckline that was just an inch or two lower than a plain T-shirt. The interesting part of the top was below Madison's tits. About halfway between her breasts and her belly button there was a thin crocheted strip about an inch and a half thick from top to bottom, and below that there were only tassels.

Madison smiled as she picked up her phone again and took a cute selfie in the mirror. She turned, showing half her back through the thin crochet and tassels as she snapped a second picture. The bottoms of the tassels fell at the hem of her shorts, and her navel piercing peeked through at the camera as she took a third picture, wide-eyed. She took off the top, deciding it didn't really expose enough skin for what she wanted to do, and put it aside in favor of another one.

Next, she picked up another top that was essentially a modified T-shirt. It was sleeveless, with fabric that covered her entire shoulders, and it was a little loose, so that it hung about an inch away from her skin in the back. It was very low cut, with the neckline sweeping down toward the point between her breasts, not quite covering her bra. "Most girls probably wear something under this," Madison thought aloud, although quietly. "But most girls aren't sluts like I am." Hearing herself say that word out loud instantly sent a shock wave straight to her pussy.

Turning to face the mirror, she could see that the top was tied directly between her tits - aside from that, her chest and her stomach were fully exposed. From the knot in the front, the hem fell gradually about two inches as it moved toward her sides, leaving her stomach in plain view. "Yes, I'm a slut," said Madison as she looked in the mirror. She took a selfie with an open mouth and raised eyebrows, followed by another of her leaning her shoulders back, popping out parts of her bra, and another one of her leaning toward the mirror, almost exposing her areoles as she showed every permissible inch of her cleavage.

Not finished, she turned to the mirror and held the phone out to the side as she puckered up and kissed the cold mirror. Her lips met their reflection, and she snapped another picture, and Madison longed to be another girl at that very instant do that she could lock lips with the slut in the fitting room. She tongued the mirror gently before releasing her lips from the mirror, and said to her reflection, "want to make out? I'm a slut for you, and I promise to dress as slutty as you want me to."

Madison took one more picture before removing her top, setting it with the skirt she planned to buy, and removing her shorts. As aroused as she was, she considered taking a picture in just her bra and panties, but she was too excited to try on the last of her clothes.

Turning away from the mirror, she put on the pair of shorts she had picked out. They were low-rise, barely covering the strings of her thong, and extremely short. Her cheeks were just bvarely peeking out of the shorts as she turned her back to the mirror to look. They were a light denim wash and tight, so tight that it looked like she had painted them on her body. Madison picked up her final top and put it on. It was white, floral lace and didn't hide much beneath it. Many lace shirts just have a lace back, or a lace bottom, but this one was nothing but lace.

Madison's bra stood out in contrast to the white of the lace, and could easily be seen through the material. It was sleeveless, and, as with her other selections, this one was also cropped short. It might have been an inch longer than the last one, she thought. Everything from the top of her shorts to about four inches above her belly button was wide open and exposed, and everything above that was covered in a thin veil of lace, and really the only coverage provided by her clothing was provided by her bra. Madison eyed her slutty choice in the mirror, looking over her body, and picked up her phone yet again.

Much as she had done before, she took a picture of her front, and a picture of her backside, making gorgeous smiles or cute kissing faces, and even parting her index and middle finger and sticking her tongue in between them in the final picture. "Is this slutty enough for you, or do I need to put on something more revealing?" She said to her reflection. "I'll wear whatever you want, I'll walk through the mall like this and take pictures of you just let my slutty mouth lick that pussy."

It didn't matter who she was talking to. It could have been an imaginary, dominant version of herself or an imaginary girl looking at her pictures. It didn't matter because whoever she was talking to, she was becoming more turned on with every snap of the camera and with every inch of her body that she exposed.

She sat down, looking at her body in he mirror, and began to run her hands down her exposed sides and, unbuttoning her shorts, slid her hand inside her panties and a finger into her waiting pussy. "Oh, god yes," she whispered. Having a thought, she grabbed her phone and took one final picture in her outfit before licking her pussy juices off her finger, putting on the clothes she had worn into the store, and making her way to the checkout counter with the lace top, the tie top, the skirt and the pair of shorts.

Madison paid for her items and left the store. She walked through the mall in a complete fog. Thought of the pictures she had taken and the fact that she was going to post them online were filling her head; she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, but rather was wandering aimlessly through the mall. It took her a few minutes to calm down and actually formulate a plan for what to do next. About to enter a store and look for another round of clothes, she all of the sudden had a better idea. She remembered the girls she had masturbated to, and the ones that really turned her on were pictures of girls wearing slutty clothes in public with lots of people around. She had to put on some of her new clothes and take pictures in the crowded mall.

Madison went to the bathroom and put on her lace crop top and her new shorts in one of the stalls. She was breathing heavily from nervousness and excitement as she slowly stepped out of the bathroom. A tiny bit of each of her ass cheeks was visible in the back, half or maybe more of her stomach was completely exposed, and her chest and the top of her stomach were covered with lace so thin you could see everything beneath it - her bra, her cleavage, everything. "I might even be sluttier than those girls," she thought. "I really hope I am, at least." She winked at herself in the mirror as she left, excited and ready to be seen by mall goers in her barely-there top.

It was September, so Madison didn't look totally out of place wearing a revealing top. However, she still looked like a desperate slut. She wished she had become interested in these things when she started college, not at the beginning of her final year.

She stepped into the main walkway of the mall, and felt eyes on her body from the moment she rounded the corner leading into it. There was an old man, not walking that well, who stopped and raised his head to see what was on display. A few boys looked and one even pointed right at her. Madison blushed and smiled, knowing she was the object of their attention. A couple girls in their twenties gave her dirty looks as she walked by the bench in which they were seated. And Madison, every so often, caught her own reflection in the glass windows at the front of a store, or on the metallic columns that supported the roof. Her pussy twitched and she wished she could touch it right in the middle of the mall, but she kept walking, only partially satisfied at the friction her denim shorts were giving to her swollen pussy.

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