tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWebslut Madison Ch. 06

Webslut Madison Ch. 06


A week passed since Madison had met with Hannah and had their day of fun. Madison still hadn't posted the nude pictures of Hannah on the website. Actually, she had agreed not to do it until Hannah picked out one extremely slutty thing for Madison to do, and if Madison actually went through with it, Hannah's pictures were free to be posted. That was their arrangement.

Madison continued to orgasm thinking about her slutty behavior - her public sex, her photo-taking and dirty talk and bisexuality and, ultimately, parading around a mall half naked and flashing her tits and wearing even less in a park, and posting pictures of it all to a porn site for everyone to see.

She was really getting quite a following. It seemed like every time she logged in she had a dozen messages telling her she was a hot sexy babe or a hot nasty piece of ass or something in between. They all wanted her, though, and they all had her - at least through the screen of their computers. And she loved it, knowing they were jacking off to her and calling her names they would never repeat to her face or type in a message.

About two weeks later, when Madison's latest tryst began to get boring in her fantasies as usual, Hannah finally sent her a text message.

"Hi Madison! Finally picked out your slutty thing you need to do to post my pics - can I have your email? It's long"

Madison quickly replied with her email and waited for what seemed like hours before she received an email detailing what she had to do. She opened it, and began to read, and this is what it said:

Hi Madison! Sorry it's been a while but as you know I'm not crazy about the idea of having nude pictures of me posted online. So I had to come up with something crazy enough that if you actually do it it is so slutty and I will admit defeat and let you post my pics wherever as long as you don't give out my name or any other information about me. Part of me hopes you chicken out and I remain clothed in all the pictures of me online. But part of me really wants to see you do this because it's so damn risky and hot!

Basically I found this dare online and changed it a little bit to suit what we're doing here. Basically it has to do with rolling dice to see what pictures you have to post online and maybe post some other things about yourself with them. So here it is!

First let's find out how many photos you'll be taking:

1 - 8 photos

2 - 3 photos

3 - 4 photos

4 - 6 photos

5 - 10 photos

6 - 12 photos

Obviously you'll be naked, but do you have to do something special to your body for the photos?

1 - before you take any photos, write "Slut" on your stomach

2 - nothing

3 - nothing

4 - take one additional photo and write your first and last name on your stomach or chest

5 - do 1 and 4

6 - take one additional photo and write "whore" on your face and ass, using your mouth and asshole for the "o"

Will you have to show your face? This applies to all photos.

1-2 - No

3-4 - Yes

5-6 - No

What poses will you be in for the photos? [Two Dice] (Roll for each photo

you are required to take):

2 - On all fours, ass facing camera

3 - On all fours, ass facing camera, cheeks spread apart and showing your


4 - Full frontal nude (face shown if required, not necessary otherwise)

5 - Full rear nude

6 - Close-up spreading pussy

7 - Close-up asshole

8 - Front upper body shot, face showing if required

9 - Fingering pussy (toying it every time past the first they you roll this number)

10 - Ass shot (cheeks not spread)

11 - On all fours, side of body shot (face looking at camera if required,

otherwise not necessary [you can look away])

12 - fingering ass (toying it every time past the first that you roll this number)

What other information will be posted with your photos?

1 - First and Last name

2 - Email address

3 - First name, Last name, and email address

4 - City/state, First name, Last name, email address and age

5 - Nothing

6 - Age

How many websites will the photos be posted at?:

1 - 1

2 - 3

3 - 4

4 - 6

5 - 6

6 - 5

How long will the photos stay on the website?:

1 - Forever

2 - Forever

3 - 1 month

4 - 3 months

5 - 5 days

6 - 6 months

That's it! If you do it, and I bet you will, you can either do it the way it is and I will trust you not to lie about what you roll and then you can post my pictures, after you post yours and with no information about me of course. Just the pictures. Let me know what you think!

"Wow," thought Madison. "I made it through the first paragraph and the first roll of the dice thinking the task wouldn't be that bad. And the second roll I actually thought was really hot - I wouldn't mind writing "slut" on my body for a picture, I like the thought of being forced to do that anyway. Ohhhh, that makes me horny, being called a slut while I smoke and pose for the camera, and showing everyone what a slut for exposure I am."

Madison began to speak softly to herself, out loud. "And there's only really a small chance of having to write my name on my body. Risky, sure, but if I got horny I know I'd want to take the chance. And the third set of rolls, deciding what poses I'd be doing, that's not bad. I'd already be naked and exposed, the pose really doesn't matter that much except it's nice for the people looking at the pictures I guess."

"That fourth roll, though - wow! Having my name, my email, my location, and my age possibly exposed to everyone who sees the pictures?! Wow. I mean basically anyone who saw these could find out exactly who I am, and if anyone I knew ever looked at them? It would be game over. I'd be so humiliated! Not to mention that someone could ruin me with those!"

Madison stared at the screen, not taking her eye off of that roll. She decided her email address and her age wouldn't be a big deal if they got out there - but her name, her location - especially her name - or, God forbid, all of the above! It would be possible that she would be humiliated beyond belief.

Continuing on, Madison read the next roll about posting on multiple websites. "Not a huge deal," she thought. "My pictures are probably on tons of websites anyway, or they will be if I do this. I'd just have to find a few more to post on."

The last roll, determining the duration of her exposure, made Madison stop and think a little bit. "Well, maybe if it's just for a couple days or a week, it wouldn't be long enough for someone to do something really awful to me or for someone I know to see them." It made her actually consider doing the dare rather than scaring her away. Of course there was the possibility that her most intimate information would be exposed eighths pictures forever, but she really focused on the odds that it wouldn't happen rather than the odds that it would.

Still, though, Madison wasn't sure it was something she was willing to do, or something a sane person would consider, even a girl who had begun to accept the fact that she was an exhibitionist slut and she liked to show her body off as much as she did. She quickly typed an email back to Hannah, saying that she would have to give it some thought but she would let her know what she decided.

Over the next couple days, Madison tried to put Hannah's email out of her mind. She almost had herself convinced that it was nuts to do that dare and she was going to back out. Thinking hard, she wasn't sure she even cared that much about the chance to post Hannah's pictures anymore.

The problem, though, was that it seemed to creep back into her head at the worst possible time - sitting in class, about to fall asleep at night, dinner with friends, sitting in class again. She imagined how it would feel, her heart beating faster than ever before and her pussy soaked with her juices as she rolled those dice. Madison imagined the orgasm she would get after posting the pictures, or maybe even halfway through the dare. And she imagined not being cute, innocent Madison anymore, but being Madison Holt the exposed webslut from Naperville, Ilinois, with "slut" and her name written on her stomach and her email address listed for anyone who wanted to send her a message.

Madison thought about how amazing it would be if she could escape to a fantasy land and try it for a day, a week, maybe a month - try to see how exposed she could get. Imagining even deeper, she thought about how she would try to make sure every adult male in the free world knew who webslut Madison Holt is and how to find her and tell her what a slut she had been and how her pictures served as masturbation material for everyone they knew. She would do it if only she would be able to wake up and take it back.

"Madison! Madison, are you with us!" The professor's voice would ring out as he could clearly sense that she wasn't paying attention. She couldn't sleep at night without waking up with dreams of ultimate exposure floating in her head. Slowly, she gave in to those dreams one night a few days later - she began to touch herself.

Madison hated it. She hated herself. She hated that she had these fantasies and that the thought of being exposed like that would make her so aroused. Wasn't it good enough to show off her goods in public anymore? Wasn't it good enough to post nude pictures anonymously?

And really, she knew that it was a bad idea deep inside. Her gut wrenched with thoughts of the awful things that might happen if she posted nude pictures with her name attached, or with nasty words written on her body. Sometimes, she just wished she could be an innocent girl hoping someday to meet the man of her dreams and get married and have kids and a career and live the American Dream. But as a week or so went by, it became clear that she wasn't that girl anymore, and she didn't know if that girl would ever be back. She didn't want the American Dream - she wanted webslut Madison's dream - the chance at ultimate exposure.

Madison laid in bed eight nights after Hannah had sent her email. She couldn't sleep; she was dreaming about being exposed again. Her head filled with thought of being a completely humiliated online slut. For eight days she dreamed and wondered, and considered the date to varying degrees, but for eight days she had resisted the urge to actually do the dare quite well - but she had also resisted the urge to give in to her urges to fantasize about it. Madison had refused to masturbate to her fantasies. She was actually beginning to understand her sexual needs well enough to know that her horny pussy would force her to roll those dice if she started to touch it. "I can't do this," she thought. "I can't fuck myself thinking about this - it'll be game over."

What wound up happening, though, was that her fantasy grew and began to consume her, fueled by pent up sexual energy. It began to consume her thoughts to the point that she quite literally couldn't focus on anything else. So on that eighth night, when Madison closed her eyes, her frustrated, wanton, greedy pussy forced its way into her mind, showing her a picture of herself. In the picture she was completely nude, with "slut" written on her stomach in big red letters and her name - yes, Madison Holt was written across her chest. She was smiling as she posed, knowing the world would soon know what a slut Madison Holt really was.

And the caption! "Webslut Madison Holt from Naperville IL wanted to be exposed online for all. Spread her nude pictures all over the web!" Madison coukdnt take it anymore. She loved every moment - she wanted every inch of her body to be exposed along with her name and anything else that might be required. She wanted the reputation, the disgrace, the shame, the risk and the consequences. It didn't matter anymore what happened to her as a result. If it made her feel as horny and slutty as she imagined it would feel, she would expose herself with no limits or reservations.

Madison awoke from several minutes of fantasizing to find her pajama shorts soaked and her fingers drenched in her pussy juice. She stuffed those fingers in her mouth as she moved deliberately in the direction of her dildo. Nothing else mattered - her fantasy of being completely exposed, name and all, had won, and its first action in its new dominion over her was a simple one - she was going to get herself off thinking about it.

Dildo in hand, Madison paused for one more moment before beginning to satisfy herself. She paused only long enough to take a lipstick from her makeup bag, face the mirror in her bedroom, and write "slut" in large red letters on her stomach. "There,"said Madison. "Now they will all know what I really am - and how much I want this."

Madison couldn't resist anymore. She ripped off her shorts and panties and plunged the dildo deep into her pussy as she began to lift her shirt off with her free hand. Soon, her dildo was soaked in her juices and she had managed to remove her shirt and bra.

"I'm a slut," she said as she watched herself in the mirror opposite her bed. "I want to be exposed, ohhhh god yes, exposed and my pictures spread all over! I want everyone to know I'm a slut - ohhhhh a filthy, dirty ducking we slur that gets off on - on - ohhhhh! I'm Madison Holt and I get off on everyone knowing what a slut I am!"

Madison pinched her nipples as she fucked herself before removing her dildo and thrusting it down her throat. She fucked her throat good and rough - used it really - until the taste of her pussy was no longer coating the toy. Pinching her nipples, she thrust the dildo back into her pussy, moaning and begging for more exposure.

"Post me on every website you can think of," she said, fucking and pinching. "Post my name, my town, post me do that everyone who googles me will see Madison Holt with 'slut' on her body, ohhhhh God I want this! She was already about to cum.

"Yes, yes, yesssss! Post me and spread me so much I can't ever take it back! Ohhhh yes humiliate me, I'm such a slut, show me off, I'm - I'm a slut - slut- I'm a SLUT, EXPOSE ME, OHHHHH!"

Madison erupted with a violence she had never felt before. Her hips bucked into the dildo and she rode it as she came, shaking so badly she couldn't control her arms or legs. She had fucked herself into another dimension, spurred on by fantasies of being the world's most exposed amateur slut.

She didn't stop - Madison had three more orgasms, all in a row, all in similar fashion. The only thing that really changed was that for the third one she fingered her ass with her free hand instead of pinching her nipples, and before the last one she actually took a picture of herself with "slut" on her stomach and posted it to the porn site, albeit omitting her name, saving the fun for her dare.

Madison awoke the next day a little embarrassed at herself and her desires and her playtime the night before. She was scared she would actually do it - no, at this point she knew she was going to do it. There was still part of her that didn't want to, that safe and sane and under control part of her that wanted to be a good girl and wanted to want all the things she was supposed to want - a husband and kids someday, a good career. Madison knew she could literally be throwing those things away if she took her fantasies too far.

But she was so, so horny. The fantasies she had were, she knew, greater than any of those things she was supposed to want. She was addicted to exposure, addicted to being a slut for exposure and humiliation, and addicted most of all to the orgasms it gave her.

Madison knew she would do it - it was just a matter of when. She tried to hold out and reason with herself, but her sensible side was losing again. Six days after her four-orgasm night, she sat down and, too horny to do anything else, plotted her dare.

First, she texted her friend Hannah, letting her know that she would be doing the dare and that her nude pictures would soon be posted on the porn site. Hannah replied that she couldn't wait to see what happened and told Madison that as soon as her dare was done and her pictures posted, she could post the ones of Hannah.

Next, Madison stripped off her clothes - she was going to have to take them all off for her pictures anyway - and sat on the floor in her bedroom with her phone and two dice, and re-read the dare, lightly stroking her pussy as she did. Already fantasizing about her potential to be completely exposed, she was ready to roll the dice.

"First, how many pictures?" She said out loud. Closing her eyes, she took one die into her hand and shook it, giving it a slight toss onto the floor. Madison didn't think or fantasize too much about this one - after all, it wasn't one of the rolls that could cause extreme exposure and humiliation.

"Four," she thought as she looked at the cast die. Looking at her printout of the dare rules, she saw that she would be taking six pictures. "Not bad," she thought. "What's next?" Madison continued to stroke her pussy at the thought of the potential of the dare as she read. Her heart began to race - this dare was really risky and was really going to get exciting!

Her heart started to pound as she read the rules for the next roll. There was a possibility that she would roll a four, and then she would have to write her first and last name on her stomach or chest for all the pictures. This really got Madison's heart beating fast. It was truly risky - basically, anyone looking at the pictures would know who she was. There would be no escaping that - not even by lying and saying she didn't want the pictures posted, or by saying that it was another girl that just happened to look a lot like her.

Rubbing her pussy hard, Madison stopped to think about what the next roll meant. She felt shame at wanting it, and reluctance was slowly creeping back into her mind. Did she really want this after all? It was hot, oh so hot, but was it worth it? Madison slapped her pussy hard and made herself roll.

"One," she said out loud. "Write slut on your stomach." Blood rushed back into her hands and feet and even her brain as Madison felt relieved to not have to write her name on her body. "Ohhhh, this is amazing," Madison whispered to herself. She felt tranced, almost high, as her heart raced as the risk she was taking started to grip her before she rolled, and she slowly came down from her high as the risk evaporated. Slowly, she stroked her pussy with her hand as she couldn't help but become aroused as a result.

Grabbing a red lipstick, she slowly made out the letters on her stomach. "S," she said slowly as she drew the curved letter on her body. "L," she said as she made sexy eyes at herself in the mirror, drawing the next letter. The letters were big, about six inches high, the first two just to her right of her bellybutton, or the left for someone looking at her from the front. The vertical midpoint of the letters sat just s couple inches below her glistening navel piercing.

"U," she said slowly as she drew the third letter. "And, finally, T. There. Slut!" She said. "Slut. Now everyone looking will know exactly what I am. A slut." Madison began rubbing her pussy again as she stood before her mirror, unable to control herself. "Exposed, shown off, horny little slut that loves posting her naked pictures all over the Internet." She began to finger herself as she stared at the word written on her body, secretly hoping that it would never fade or wash away and that an exposed slut was all she would ever be, until reality set in again.

It seemed to take all the concentration she had to pull her fingers out of her pussy and lick them clean and prepare for her next roll. "Will this slut have to show her face?" She said to her reflection after checking the rules again. It wasn't a huge deal for her at this point - she already had naked pictures posted, face and all, and she really didn't mind posting more. Yet she took the die into her hand and tossed it into the floor, happily exclaiming "three, I'm showing my face!" When the die landed.

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