tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWebslut Madison Ch. 09

Webslut Madison Ch. 09


Madison just stared at her computer screen. It was all she had been able to do ever since she got the message. She just sat and stared, and every now and then she would start to breathe heavily and shake only to look away and calm herself down before returning to read the message again. "This can't be happening," she thought. "I can't believe this is happening!"

It had been less than a month since she had posted the video of herself watching her dice roll video and waking around campus with her jeans unbuttoned and flashing discreetly. In that time, she had seen her videos posted all over the amateur porn community online. She was starting to gain a following, and although a simple web search for "Madison Holt" didn't seem to turn up much, tens of thousands of people had watched her videos. Some were leaving comments on them, saying she was a dumb slut and that she was going to be ruined and even giving her suggestions about what to do next.

Madison had become slightly more daring in her everyday attire, and crop tops had become the rule rather than the exception, although usually it was just a couple inches of her stomach peeking out from between her top and her jeans. But she was getting more looks, and she was enjoying it.

Madison was also looking and listening in case she happened to come across someone who had seen her online. However, to her relief and dismay at the same time, that had not happened yet. Of course she would not have minded if it was some random guy at a gas station or a mall or so forth, but she really didn't know if she was comfortable with her classmates knowing about her darkest desires for ruination. She continued to masturbate, almost daily, to her own self-humiliation, but she found as she always did that she got less and less of a rush out of what she had done as time went on.

Then she logged onto Facebook messenger and got the message. And on this morning, Madison's heart leapt into her throat as she read it over and over. It was so perfect, so surreal, and so horrible. She shook as she looked at the screen to read it yet again.

"Hello, Madison. I want to start by saying that I have been watching your videos and looking at the pictures you have posted for the last couple of weeks. I have to tell you, you are very arousing - exposing yourself and begging to be ruined and all of that.

Before I go any farther, please do not delete this message without reading it in its entirety. You probably get dozens of messages a day - guys wanting to go take you out, to talk dirty with you, to fuck you. This is not one of those messages. Keep reading and I will explain.

I have always fantasized about a girl wanting to be exposed, made famous, and ruined, all for her own sexual humiliation and ultimately, her own enjoyment and they enjoyment of all who watch her self-destructive behavior. I always thought the girls who seemingly wanted this either ultimately wanted the harsh reality of these situations to remain a fantasy, or they weren't real - they were middle aged men with fantasies similar to mine who were posing as a girl like you. I always wanted to do this to somebody, and now I have finally found a willing participant.

Let me explain. By willing, I don't mean you messaged me asking for this, and I don't mean that you will be 100% enthusiastic about going along with it now. When I say that you are a willing participant, I mean that you will now do exactly as I say, because the consequences of not doing so will be far worse than the consequences of following my instructions.

You have posted a good amount of humiliating nude content. You have begged to be ruined, and you have given m the information necessary to do this. Your Facebook profile was easy to find once I knew your name, city, and appearance. And now I have more information about you than I thought possible.

I do have to say, I'm surprised you are real. But there you are, with your family at Christmas last year, on vacation at Sanibel, basically the last four years or so if your life there for me to peruse - and anyone else who has seen you nude and cares to look you up. I expected something else - I expected you to be a fake or a flake - but no, you are real.

Anyway, I now know who your parents are. I know who your closest friends are. I know who your professors are and who the dean of the college of education at the U. Of Naperville is. I know where you have checked in, I know about what times you have class. If this sounds a little freaky, don't panic - it's designed to show you just what I can find and just what I can do if you do not follow instructions.

So this is what I will do: I will give you tasks one at a time, requiring you to take pictures or videos of yourself. They will be humiliating, embarrassing, sexy, slutty, degrading, and perhaps even public. Some will be easy, and some will be difficult and risky. I will start you with an easy one to show that I really mean no harm, however, I not only want to watch your self-destruction, but also play a role in creating it. I will give you a deadline for each task. Finish the task by the deadline and I will give you another task and another deadline.

Easy tasks that you can do without leaving your apartment will not need much time - after all, if something takes about 20 minutes to complete, I'm sure you can find the time for that given a couple of days. More difficult, time consuming and more risky tasks will result in a longer deadline. After all, I am considerate, and I will consider the fact that you have other obligations and other things that need to be done when setting deadlines for you. I also know that a task should be done within a finite period of time, otherwise, procrastination or risk avoidance sets in and the task never gets done.

Keep doing the tasks and meeting deadlines, and sending the resultant pictures and videos, and those pictures and videos will be posted online and added to the growing collection of your material online. If you miss a deadline, and fail to message me immediately and BEG for an extension, I will select five random Facebook friends of yours and send them links to each and every naked picture and humiliating video of you that exists online. Why five? Well, it will be enough to make it worth your while to do exactly as you are told, every time, and it will be few enough to give you a second chance if you decide not to follow through.

Just think - five people, five of your friends, knowing about you posting videos, masturbating, having sex with another girl, begging to be exposed and ruined. Imagine five of your friends listening as you tell them what a slut you are. Imagine five of your friends looking as you beg for more. And imagine them telling more and more of your friends until most of the people in your life know all about you, and you see what I mean when I say that you are a willing participant because it is in your best interest to cooperate.

Oh, one other thing - before you go deactivating your Facebook or deleting your account thinking that I won't find you and that you can simply opt out of this - know that I have saved every one of your videos and pictures. Know that I have also saved links to the Facebook profiles of your entire list of Facebook friends, including your parents. If you delete or deactivate your account I will send links to ALL of your explicit content to all those people, starting with your parents.

So, the question is, will you play along, Madison? If you decide to play, and I think you will, your first task is a simple one.

All you will have to do is write "make me famous," "expose me," "Madison Holt," and "Naperville, IL" on your stomach with red lipstick or marker. Then do a short strip set photo shoot. One photo of you in a short crop top and shorts. Then take off your clothes one item at a time - top, shorts, bra and panties - and take one final picture of you, smiling, spread eagle, pointing to the words written on your body. E-mail the photos to me within 48 hours and await your next task.

I await your prompt reply."

"Wow," Madison thought, finishing the lengthy, detailed message for the dozenth or so time. "This is actually happening." She didn't know what to call it - she didn't really want to use the B word, blackmail, even if she knew that's really what the message was.

Madison sat in her chair and thought. "Well, could I get out of this?" She wondered. "Is there even a way?" She racked her brain in search of a loophole, a way to remain in control of what she posted, a way to avoid following along with the orders of her commander. Of course, there really wasn't an easy way out. "Do I really want out?" She wondered. After all, she did enjoy exposing herself, and the thought of writing those words on her body and shipping the photos into cyberspace was arousing to her.

"Do I want to do this?" She wondered aloud. She briefly thought of going to the authorities, asking for help and protection, but she knew that, first, she was likely to be outed if she did this. She also knew that the fun she was having would likely stop. She also briefly thought of just shutting down, refusing to reply, and telling her parents that she had been the target of a revenge porn scheme.

Clearly, that would not work either, especially since she had been so adamant in her videos that she be reposed and exposed everywhere, and since she had so deliberately shown the world how aroused it made her to risk having her life and reputation completely ruined by real name exposure. "You know, actually," Madison thought, "the task I have isn't really any worse than what I've already done."

Madison, as bubbly and immature as she could be sometimes, wasn't completely stupid. She knew in the back of her mind that she could be simply giving her commander more material to work with down the road, to keep the blackmail effect going and make it stronger over time. She also knew that the tasks could potentially get more extreme. But also knew that she was extremely aroused as she sat and read the message for what seemed like the hundredth time, and she knew that she would likely just have to do what she was told if she didn't want to face the consequences.

Still shaking, Madison rose from her seat and slowly approached her closet. She signed. "Why the fuck am I doing this," she said with a slight giggle. "I'm really going to be ruined one of these days." Madison opened the door and searched for her shortest shorts and her shortest crop top. "I guess that will be one hell of an orgasm when it actually happens," she said. She pulled out the shorts and top. "I know this seems sick," she thought, "but I think I want to keep this going as long as I can. The rush is awesome."

Madison shook her head, pausing for a moment. Even though she was totally exposed online, in just about every way she could imagine, she still had to stop and think for a minute before she could proceed. "Make me famous?" She asked herself. "Is that really what I want? To be famous for this?" Madison didn't answer. In a way, she was a little frightened at what the answer might be.

She kept going back to thinking about whether she had a choice in the matter or whether she was being forced as she almost mindlessly slipped off her cotton bra and slipped on a pink lace one. "Do I really want to keep showing off like this?" She wondered. "Or is this all just a good fantasy gone wrong?" She slipped on matching pink lace thong panties and began to search her lipstick drawer for an old lipstick she could use to write on her body.

Madison quickly stopped rummaging and closed the drawer. She placed her hands on the back of her desk chair and looked at her lingerie-clad body in the mirror. "For one thing, I can't fit all that on my body if I write it with a fat lipstick..." she thought. "For another thing - what happened to normal Madison?" She said aloud. "What happened to the normal girl who wanted to be a teacher and get married and have kids and a normal life and not be exposed for all to see on the internet like a cheap whore?"

Madison traced a line from her breasts to her navel with her finger. She pondered her fate for a moment. "I really am fucked," she said. "I begged for it, and then I got it." She dug in her desk drawer briefly and pulled out a red sharpie. "Well - God, I just can't help it," she said. "I really want more."

Madison pulled on her shorts after throwing her sharpie down on the bed. The shorts were a medium color of blue denim, and were frayed at the bottom hem. The top hem rested about three or four inches below her pierced bellybutton, and the shorts were cut high along the outsides of her thighs and showed a hint of her ass cheek along the side and back. She had only really ever worn them to parties and clubs on the somewhat rare occasion that she went.

"God, I love showing off in these," she said. Seeing her slutty body in those shorts only fueled the fire that was burning inside her, and she knew she was already too aroused to turn back. "God, I love being exposed like a filthy little slut!"

Madison pulled on a cream colored crop top. It was strappy in the front in the cleavage area, and it did a rather poor job hiding her pink bra straps. It was barely long enough to cover her tits and left almost her entire stomach exposed. "Do you like my outfit?" She asked the mirror. "Do you like it when I dress like a slut for you? I know I love showing off my body like this. And I love writing nasty stuff on my body and exposing myself like the filthy slut I am. I need to be a bigger - a bigger webslut."

Madison knew what she had to do. Grabbing the sharpie, she began to draw on her stomach, starting high, not too far below her tits. "M - a - k - e," Madison said aloud as she wrote the first word. "Make. Make me." She giggled a little at the thought, as if someone actually had to make her do anything. "You don't really have to make me. I want to do this," she said to her reflection.

"F-A-M-O-U-S," Madison said out loud as she wrote the word on her upper stomach. "Make me famous," she said. "Oh, my god, mmm-hmm," she said. She smiled at her reflection and the words on her body. She already felt a sensation between her legs, and it was the unmistakable sensation of a girl who was getting too aroused to stop herself.

"Expose me," Madison said out loud when she had finished writing the next line. "Yes, definitely. I want to be shown off all over like the slut I am. And I want everyone to know my name, and I want to be spread around and shown off. And speaking of my name," she said, trailing off as she picked up the marker again.

"Madison. Madison Holt," she said as she finished the next line. "Make me famous, expose me, Madison Holt." She then had a slight modification that she though let would make the pictures just a tad more slutty, and she added a dash just before her name as if the preceding words, "make me famous" and "expose me" were some sort of quote that she wanted to be attributed to herself and herself alone.

"I really do want to be exposed, exposed and made famous. I want my reputation ruined. I want to be a cheap slut, and I want my only value to be taking my clothes off and humiliating myself online and in public. I want to be treated like the cheap slut I am. And that's why I am going through with this." Madison leaned in to her mirror as she said these words, speaking to her reflection as if it were another part of her conscience that still needed convincing. In fact, seeing her scantily clad body in that mirror with those words only reinforced what Madison already knew - that she was a slut, that she did in fact love being exposed and humiliated, and that she was aroused by her own sluttishness.

Madison leaned into the mirror and kissed her reflection on the lips. "I wish I could blackmail myself," she thought. "I'd make me do a lot worse than this." She picked up the marker again and wrote "Naperville, IL below her bellybutton. "Maybe one day it will get worse, and I really will be famous." She had no idea what she would make herself do - go out in a skimpy bikini with writing on, go out and tell strangers what a slut she was and why, go to class wearing next to nothing - the ideas seemed endless but the reality was that she really hadn't been humiliated yet, only exposed and extremely aroused.

"There," said Madison. "Maybe when I send these and the guy realizes how much I love this, it will get worse. Or better. Or, like - more extreme," she thought. She picked up her phone and began to take the pictures, her arousal overriding any hint of reluctance she may have had.

Madison was aroused enough that, although she only had to take five pictures, she wound up taking more, wanting to show off more. She first posed with the words on her stomach visible to the camera between her top and shorts. Then, she reset the timer and took one from the side, one from the back, and one of her bending forward slightly, her ass cheeks peeking out of the shorts. "Yes," she said softly. "Go ahead. Make me famous, ohhhh, I need this!"

Madison faced the camera again and pulled her top up over her bra, holding on to it as the camera snapped again. She finished the job, tossing the top across the room before the camera snapped another picture.

Before the camera could flash again, she unbuttoned her shorts and let the camera capture her as she was about to pull them down. "Hmm," she thought. "This reminds me of walking across campus with my jeans unbuttoned." She smiled as she allowed her body to be photographed again before pulling off her shorts, tossing them aside.

Madison was now down to her pink bra and panties. She quickly took another picture, then another of her bra halfway off and her nipples spilling over the top of its cups. Then she smiled wide and held her bra in the air as she bent her hips and thrust her midriff, the words it contained describing her deepest desires, toward the camera embedded in her phone.

"God, yes, make me a slut!" She said softly. "And then make me a bigger slut. I need more! I need more exposure, I need to be passed around like a whore!" Madison peeled off her panties as the camera took another picture, then pointed to her stomach and smiled as yet another picture was snapped.

Madison sat on the bed, her legs dangling over the footboard. She spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her pussy and smiling wide. "God, this is going to be hot - having all those people see me, knowing I'm just a slut who wants to be famous for this!"

Madison laid back on the bed. She had no choice - she ached with desire. "Ohhh, yes," she moaned as she squeezed her left tit with her left hand and stroked her pussy with her right.

"Yes, please - please, make me famous. All of you. Make me famous for being a shown off webslut! Make me famous for wanting to be exposed. Make me the biggest webslut in the world!" She moaned as she forced two fingers inside her waiting hole.

"Ohhh, I'm such a fucking slut!" Madison moaned. "I'm a dirty, filthy, nasty slut! I'm too slutty to be a teacher! I'm too slutty to be anything! I don't want that anymore. I just want to be a shown off humiliated whore!"

Madison shoved two more fingers inside her cunt. She only paused long enough to pick up her phone and take a picture of her four fingers buried in her pussy. "Oh, fuck, yes, blackmail me! Make me reveal myself even more! Make me act like a slut in public and show everyone, ohhhhh! Make me a blackmailed stupid little slut! Ohhhhh!" Madison bucked her hips and practically rode her fingers as she achieved the organs she had been craving. She continued to moan, thrusting, sweating, reading the words on her stomach out loud as she fucked herself.

Soon after, Madison laid on her bed, the words on her stomach and the pictures on her phone virtually the only physical reminders of what had transpired. In the past, Madison had hesitated before sending or submitting the content that she had created. However, this time, there was no hesitation. She picked up her phone, attached the several pictures she had taken, and emailed them away in a flash.

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