Wedda & Kecho


I got up from my bed only wearing my black satin panties and started to pace about the room eyeing the door. My destination was just across the hall from me. There is no reason for me to be this nervous.

Today I came to stay here in California for a while since my cousin was getting married tomorrow (Valentine's Day how droll.) I was just restless tonight. I didn't have my suitcase full of clean clothes in my room. Instead, I had the suitcase of the groom-to-be. This stressed me since I had no clue what to do, how to brush my teeth, how to get ready for the following day.

I'll simply explain the mistake to that classic tall, dark, and handsome man. I closed my eyes tightly and fixed my mind on something other than how attractive he was. I did not even get a chance to know his first name. We all call him Kecho by nickname.

Taking a deep breath, I threw on my blue jean shorts and white shirt. I didn't really recall that I had no bra until I was outside of my room. The door closed behind me. I fumbled in my pockets for the card to open the door. Ugh, my luck once more. The key was in my purse…in my room. No turning back now.

I gave a firm knock on the door. It opened and I saw Kecho's surprised, yet sexy, face. Having on only his jean pants, his toned chest and stomach was a welcoming site. He leaned himself on the doorpost crossing one foot over the other. Kecho grinned and crossed his arms looking me up and down. I let Kecho observe me for I had nothing to hide. All right, well I had a lot to hide.

Even though I cleared my throat my voice shook, "You have my suitcase."

"I was wondering when you would notice," he said with his rich-toned voice.

I gulped and asked, "May I have it back?"

"Sure," he said nonchalantly, "it's right on the sofa."

"Err, can't you get it for me?"

"You're a big girl. What is wrong?" he began with a smirk. "Are you afraid I am going to bite?"

My body got a slight jolt of tingle. I rolled my eyes and swept past him. I searched the sofa, but could not find my case anywhere. I turned and saw Kecho not even a foot from me.

"I thought it was on the sofa," he remarked innocently. "Hmm."

"Never mind," I sighed, "I'll look tomorrow."

I began to leave but Kecho caught my hand, "What is your name?"

"You ask that now?"

"Well, there are too many cousins to remember. It would have looked suspicious if I had only asked for yours."

"Only mine?"

"I was only interested in yours."

I wondered if he could hear what he was saying. I doubt if I even heard correctly.

"Call me by my nickname, Wedda."

"What does that mean?"

"Little white girl," I immaturely stuck my tongue out at him.

I was the smallest in height compared to my cousins. I was taller than my aunts, but certainly shorter than Kecho. Kecho proved this to me further by walking to me while I backed up till my back hit the wall. I did not realize how turned on I was till the thump of my ass hitting the wall suddenly vibrated my pussy. No other place to go. He placed a cinnamon finger under my chin and lifted my head up so my eyes met his.

"Yeah, you are little."

"Oh, Kecho, I hope you know what you are doing to me."

Ooops! I said that out loud!!

He raised an eyebrow.

Keeping his innocence he whispered, "What am I doing to you Wedda?"

His hushed breath against my lips sent my skin to prickle, and my pussy to be wetted further. My breathing was short, and harsh now. Kecho's was still calm. He knew he had me. He knew I was powerless against him. Kecho's eyes began to close. We where but a hair's breathe away from one another's lips. I had to have him.

Kecho's warm lips pressed against mine gently.

Speaking between soft kisses he informed me, "I want to play Wedda. That is all."

He kissed down my neck and I struggled to talk, "Oh really?"

He came back to kiss. I kissed him back, but passionately rough. I want him. I don't simply want him to touch and kiss. I want to fuck! I rammed him against the wall and forced myself hard up against his waist. He groaned. I gasped to feel his hands under my shirt and on my breasts. He was cupping them softly.

"Squeeze harder Kecho! Oh, yeah, I like that!!"

"Stop, Wedda. Fuck, please stop."

"Why do you want to stop Kecho?"

"You turn me on so much. Oh, baby, I am so hard. I have never gotten this turned-on with your cousin."


I love turning a man on. It gets me so goddamn hot. My eyes fell to see he had a big cock. It was calling me. I unbuttoned my pants and let them slip to the floor. I took off my white shirt exposing my bare breasts. I yet again, only had my black panties.

Kecho shuffled with his pants finally getting them off. His fingers began to stroke his cock outside of his blue boxers. I turned and bent over as I slid my panties down. I stepped out of them and turned back around to look at the panting Kecho against the wall.

"Kecho, I am so horny for you," I sighed as my fingernails wandered over my tingling skin.

Kecho moaned.

I slowly walked up to him. I took his hand away from his cock and turned it on my tight pussy. His fingers rubbed just the outside. I continued to stroke his cock with my hand. His head fell back against the wall and his eyes rolled in his head.

"Feel how hot it is Kecho? You like that don't you? Mmm, Kecho, I want your hard cock in me."

"I'm getting married tomorrow," he murmered. "I just wanted to play that is all."

"Fuck me Kecho. I know you want to. Oh Kecho my pussy needs your cock in me. Feel me Kecho. Feel how soft, and wet, and tight my cunt is. At least put your fingers in me."

Kecho's hands grabbed me and then pushed me back against the wall then. He kissed me hard. I felt his hands grab my ass and pull me up. He shoved his cock in me and I could not help but let out a scream. I wrapped my legs around him letting him pound my pussy.

"Harder!! Fuck!! Yes!!!"

I could not stop screaming. His cock was the biggest I have ever experienced. Each thrust got me closer and closer.

"Yes Wedda! Scream for me! Cum hard! Yeah! Oh yes!!"

I felt myself begin to cum.


He hammered my pussy nonestop! My nails dug into his back as I let out a long cry. I gasped for breath, cumming all over his cock, messaging his shaft with my pulsing pussy. Kecho shouted out and exploded in me. His hot juices mixed with mine overflowing and streaming down the sides.

Kecho carried me onto his bed and licked my pussy clean. Then he kissed me. I tasted our delicious mixture still in his mouth.

"Your bag," he exhaled, "is in the closet."

I laughed, "Thanks."

He gave me one last kiss and I got dressed. As he said, my bag was in his closet. I grabbed it and went out of the door. I paused and realized……

"I do not have my card to get into my room."

Kecho grinned and grabbed my bag. He placed it inside his room and left the door open. He turned to me and smiled.

"Long night. Simple explanation in the morning. I'll be sure to make it worth your while," Kecho winked.

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