tagAnalWedding Bells

Wedding Bells


The wedding was set to begin in about 45 minutes and I could not wait for it to be over. My older brother was marrying his longtime girlfriend, Katya, and he had assigned me as the 'bridal party assistant' in what was a thinly veiled jab.

John, my brother, was a very devout evangelical Christian and he made no secret of the fact that he did not agree with my lifestyle. This was a bit ironic since I was still a virgin, had only been drunk twice, had never done drugs, and was never in trouble at school. For an 18 year-old I had felt a good job of keeping my nose clean. Nevertheless I did not go to church, so my brother did not accept me.

My tux was sweltering in this 90 degree heat as I walked to Katya's dressing room. Her maid of honor, her sister Aundrea, had told me that Katya needed some water. Katya had asked for everyone to leave her alone before the wedding so she could 'prepare herself spiritually' but apparently the heat had gotten to her as well. I was walking to the back of the church with a sweating pitcher of water wishing I could just take a shower to cool off.

Katya and I had never been alone together as my brother kept her at a distance from the family. They had begun dating as 16 year-olds and they were now being married four years later. Katya described herself as a 'God-fearing' woman but she seemed to be more of a follower where my brother was more of a leader. She was often silent in his presence.

I could not help but being attracted to her however as her body seemed to have been made in heaven. She was always sporting a natural bronze tan and had thick, shoulder length brown hair that curled ever so slightly. She was little thick but in an athletic way. She had played sports in high school but I think she had to quit in college because of the back pain. She had enormous breasts that had to be 36-DD's and they often bounced around when we would go watch her play basketball. She had a very round backside that was built up from her long, athletic legs.

"Oh Ben, I am sorry." Katya said as I walked into her bridal room after knocking. She was sitting in her chair with her back to me as she stared into a large mirror. If I had not known any better I would have thought she wiped a tear from her face as she turned.

"It's alright, I was getting a little bored waiting for this show to get under way" I said. She smiled a bit and I realized she was actually crying. I could tell by the way she moved that these were not tears of joy either. I poured her a cup of water and brought it over to her not really understanding what I was about to get in to.

"Can you keep a secret Ben?" Katya asked of me, "I know we do not really know each other but I feel like we could have been friends if things had been a little different in my life." She did not wait for me to respond as she opened her soul.

"I've been seeing your brother for four years now but I don't know why I am even marrying him. I am questioning a lot of things in my life but he leaves me no room for error. I don't want to be perfect, I want to be human." She had calmed her tears as she was finally getting this confession of her chest. She almost seemed happy now.

"We haven't had sex...he hasn't even seen me with my shirt off. Last night he berated me, saying that if he did not break my hymen tonight he would never let me live it down. He had always been mad at me for kissing Joel Kneebaugh when I was 15. It was just a kiss and your brother and I were not even dating. Yet, he has called me a slut over that for the last four years of my life." I was not surprised to be hearing this; I had always known John was not always what he appeared to be.

"I'm sorry Katya, I know John can be extremely mean but you don't deserve any of it." I said trying to help her out, "I will always be there for you though even if we need to hide it from everyone." I did feel for her, she sounded trapped.

"Thanks Ben. I appreciate it." she stood up and hugged me tightly for several seconds. Her enormous breasts squashed up against me and I felt my dick starting to harden. "You know Ben, my hymen is going to break for him tonight, because I haven't even put as much as a tampon in my pussy. I don't want him to be the first to have me though. I can't take a lifetime of boring, church approved sex the rest of my life."

She leaned over as her tits spilled out of her wedding dress and rubbed my cock through my pants. "I've seen you eye fuck me Ben. You look at me with a desire your brother could never match. I know your brother will have sex with me via the missionary position for the rest of my life. He will never let me give him head. He will never allow himself to fuck my ass. He will never cum on my tits. He would never 'spill his seed' like that. You however can do that to me whenever you need it. I want us to do everything we can think of over the next few years. Only condition is that you can't fuck my pussy right now. I never want your brother to know what his wife is doing when he is not around. It is sexier that way."

I looked at the clock and said, "We have to hurry, we only have 30 minutes before you walk down the aisle." With that she jumped on top of me as we fell backward with me lying prone on my back and her straddling my hips. She kissed me deeply, I thought her tongue might lick the back of my throat. I began to molest her breasts over her dress. She pulled her mouth away and started to try to unleash her bountiful tits. Her dress was on so tight that it took both of us to turn her cleavage into a pair of exposed breasts.

Her tits were even better than I had imagined, they were almost perfectly circular and they sat very high up on her chest. She had small, stiff nipples that she shoved into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could as she moaned under her breath. She adjusted her dress so to be able to rub her moistening pussy on my cock. I sucked on her tits for a few moments as she experienced a good nipple sucking for the first time.

"We don't have time to take the dress of but I want you to fuck me ok? We don't have any lube either so we are going to have to use saliva if you are going to fuck my ass."

"Turn around then, I get your ass ready while you slobber my knob up." She smiled as if she had been waiting for a man to say that to her for years. She turned around so each one of her knees was next to one of my corresponding ears. She pulled her dress up as I saw that her white stockings ended right at the base of her ass. She was wearing full-covering white, lace panties but her generous butt was still spilling out of it. Katya yanked her panties down to her upper thighs exposing a well-tanned ass that was dripping with sweat due to the extreme heat.

Katya plopped her sweaty ass right on my face as I tried to lick every last inch of it. As she took in my eating of her ass she began to fiddle with my belt buckle. While she pushed my pants down, my cock popped up like a flag pole. She moaned seductively as I licked her moist crack from bottom to top while she began to stroke my dick. Her butthole was now right in my face as she leaned over to could give me head. I spread her cheeks a little more so I could finally lick her asshole while she gnawed on my cock.

We both moaned in extreme pleasure as we both continued to mouth at each other's sexual organs. I was licking her ass as hard as I could while she started spitting on my dick to get it wet. Katya started slapping my dick, giggling the whole time as I ate her sweaty ass under her overly lacey dress.

"Ok, fuck my ass now!" she ordered. She stood up in a manner that smothered me under the weight of her ass for a brief moment. She walked over to the chair she had been crying at only moments ago and bent over with her tits on one side and her ass on the other. She flipped the back her white wedding up so it rested on her lower back and consequently exposed her delightful ass.

I wandered over with my cock as hard as I could ever remember it being. Her saliva was glistening on my dick as I wondered how I was ever going to fit my raging hard on in that tight little ass. I used my right-hand to steady my dick as I tried to lightly push it in her puckered butthole.

"You have to push harder than that!" Katya said as it was clear that she could not wait for what was about to happen. I pushed a little harder as he butthole reluctantly began to open up for me. Soon the tip of my dick was holding the opening of her ass open as her butt seemingly tried to swallow the rest of my dick. The walls of her ass enveloped my cock every time I pushed another inch of it in there. She was sighing in elation as she had her ass violated while beingbent over a chair. After I had the entirety of my cock buried in her virgin ass I began to thrust rhythmically. She got in on the action as she flexed her butt concurrently with my thrusts.

She continued to balance herself with her left hand as she slipped her right down to her pussy to toy with her clit. I fucked her butt like a machine while she fingered herself. Her ass was dripping with sweat which provided extra lube for this ill-conceived ass pounding.

After several minutes of this she cried out, "I'M CUMMMIMG!" followed by a string of, "OH MY GOD!"'s as I tried my best not to cum too early. After an earth shattering, 30 second orgasm, Katya looked back at me trying not to cum. She pulled her hips forward forcing my cock to slid out of her ass.

"We don't have much more time, I need to get you off pronto." she said as she climbed to her knees. Before I could protest, she buried my dick down her throat. I could feel her tongue swirling around my cock when she would pull my dick out of her throat. It did not take long for me to be overcome as I knew I was going to blow my load.

Katya sensed it as well. She took my cock out of her mouth and put it between her tits. She pushed her huge tits together while bouncing up and down giving me my first boob job. My cock began pulsating as I sprayed my cum everywhere. Copious amounts of semen coated her chest and a few shots landed on her smiling face.

After I was done, Katya rushed to wiped herself off and readjusted her dress as I tried to gather myself as well. We said our goodbyes as I snuck out of the door. Just a few minutes later I was walking her walk down the aisle, knowing that even though I was not marrying her, I was going to be fucking her for as long as I wanted. Just then I noticed something glistening on her chest. I couldn't tell if it was my cum or just sweat that was shimmering in her cleavage.

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I would rather fucked her pussy than her arse the latter never appealed to me, I'm pleased that I will have her when ever we can get together to please her better than her prissy husband.

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