tagBDSMWedding Day Jitters

Wedding Day Jitters


It was the day of her wedding. All her family had come to see her get married to the man of her dreams. Her friends, all well excited to finally see their promiscuous friend finally settle down. Up in her hotel room she was fixing her dress to set straight, and tidying it a bit. She had sent everyone out of the room so she could get some alone time, before the hour of her aisle walk.

She admired herself greatly in the mirror. How beautiful she though she looked. Then a knock came upon the door. Cara sighed impatiently with the lack of privacy as she strolled over to the door. She turned the knob, and was ready to deliver a stern talking to, when low and behold stood Lucifer. He was devilishly handsome, and she only recognized him from the pictures he had seen of him online. His name wasn't really Lucifer, but that's what he liked to be called, and Cara had always obeyed that. She had never met him before this point, only thrice monthly conversations about what was happening in their lives, and then straight onto the sex they would one day have after finally meeting. They had spoken for three long years, and now, here he stood, and she couldn't help but think that his pictures did him no justice.

But wait, this couldn't happen. It was her wedding day.

"Hello, little girl," Lucifer said.

He had always called her that, in spite of her five foot and two inches of height. It was safe to say he towered her now. She trembled a smile onto her lips, not sure how to handle the events before her. But as it turned out, she didn't have to decide, he simply leaned forward and kissed her. Full and deep, and also demanding that he better not be rejected. Cara obeyed by kissing him back, but he also could sense the fear. He broke from her lips, and smiled at her.

"Don't worry, we're gonna have alotta fun," he told her gently.

She bit her lower lip, and thought nothing, for nothing would pop into her head, finally she smiled her nervous smile and whispered quietly, "ok, but please, don't mess up my hair..."

He laughed at her request and nodded in concurrence. He kissed her again, and slowly moved from her mouth down to her shoulders that were left bare by the design of her dress. His hand, brought up slowly, cupped and caressed her right breast through the silk material. His left slid down her back and rested on the small to pull her bottom half onto his own. Cara gasped, and Lucifer smiled. He sat her down in the chair, and lifted the three layers of material around her waist. He then began to dine upon the wetness flooding her pussy.

Cara found it impossible not to scream. He was so sensual yet rough about it, all the while constantly delivering the message not to disobey him. He then began to kiss his way onto her thigh, and down to her calf. He then moved to her ankle and down to the tips of her toes. He came back up to kiss her again.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked her.

Cara was catching her breath after the multiple orgasm she had received from his tongue alone, and could only nod. He smiled at her flushed face, hand on her thigh which he began to slowly move up towards her pussy.

"Do you love me?" he asked her.

Cara still panting, and legs quivering, smiled, and nodded her response to him. With the nod, Lucifer thrusted two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She almost screamed at the shock of it, and threw her head back. Biting her lip feverishly, but also trying not to draw blood. He worked her, and she began to build up another orgasm. But just as she was about to scream it out in pure rapture and ecstasy, he stopped. He pulled her hand away, smearing her juices on her inner thigh.

She gave him a wounded look, and he smiled at the begging look in her eyes. He stood her, supporting her as she looked ready to crumble.

"What time does your wedding start, my dear?" he asked.

‘Fuck, the wedding....' Cara thought to herself.

"In half an hour," she stuttered. He thought for a second.

And then turned to her, "I should of came sooner, we won't be able to have all the fun I wanted too," he said. "But no worries, I will get my point across!" he added.

‘Point across?' Cara wondered to herself.

But could not linger on the thought as he spun her round and bent her over the chair. He pulled the dress round her waist again, to reveal her beautiful shapely bottom. He rubbed it smoothly with his hand, then gave it a little spank. Cara jumped a little, but not much to move from his desired position.

He began to tease her with the tip of his cock at her opening, and she began to whimper. At one point she began to move her hips slowly down to take him into her, but only got a hard smack on her ass, that sent an electrical shock through her back, and completely stopped her. Her whimpering did continue, begging him for the pleasure he knew he could deliver.

Cara began to think she would never get what she wanted, when he dove into her, all nine and very thick inches, and began to pump into her. She cried out and grabbed for something but nothing would take hold. At the sight of her clawing, Lucifer offered his hand in her own, and she grabbed onto it and moaned for his cock to be thrusted faster.

He began to pump her faster and harder, and Cara could of sworn he would break through her cervix at any point. He grabbed her hips for better traction, and only moved faster. Cara screamed at this point from pain and pleasure. She reached between her legs to grab hold of his balls, and massaged them in her hand.

He let a groan come from his lips, and then pulled out of her, he stood up, and positioned her on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with questioning eyes.

"Go ahead little girl," he told her encouragingly.

She then opened her mouth and began to roll his cock into her mouth, tasting herself all over his shaft. She bobbed her head, and took him as deep down her throat as possible.

He groaned and moaned, and finally said he was going to cum, and upon hearing that, Cara instinctively went to let go, but he grabbed the sides of face and only fucked her face harder. With one loud grunt he came into her mouth. He looked down at Cara who had a few tears in her eyes. He smiled at her, and pulled his cock from her mouth. She stood to go spit out the cum that welled in her mouth, when he grabbed her arm, and put his hand over her shaded lipstick lips.

"Swallow it," he told her sternly.

Her eyes grew huge and begged for some other order, "Now," he told her.

With a tear falling down her cheek, Cara gulped it all back.

"Now there's a wedding kiss for your husband," he told her, and left the room.

Cara spent the next fifteen minutes cleaning herself up, fixing her make up and attaching her veil. She walked down the aisle and said her vows. And at the end, she kissed her husband w/ Lucifer's taste all over her mouth. Lucifer sat and smiled in his seat, and wondered what little surprises he could find for her next.

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