tagIncest/TabooWedding Day Surprise

Wedding Day Surprise


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I received this idea from feedback of one of the people that took the time to write, you know who you are, thanks for the idea. I hope you enjoy.-----jerry

* * * * *

It was late June, the wedding month, I was bored out of my skull, I was at my cousins wedding, he was getting married to a woman I couldn't imagine waking up next too for the rest of my life. But, as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, he didn't have to worry about me sniffing around his house when he was gone, that was for sure. All during the ceremony I kept searching the crowd for someone that might take the edge off my boredom during the reception, but all were with dates, spouses, or were ugly beyond words. During one point of the ceremony, we had to stand, when I did, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful ass I'd seen in a long time. I could tell she was wearing a thong, from the faint outlines visible through her light blue dress, I couldn't see who it was. My cock started to rise, and I slipped into a fantasy world of me and that ass later.

My name is Herbert Wyatt, I'm 42, recently divorced, I stand about 5' 7", 195 pounds, black hair with a touch of grey, receding hair line, goatee, brown eyes. While I'm certainly not Sean Connery, Brad Pitt or any other movie star type, I know that I'm not an ugly man. I wasted too many good years on a marriage that went no where quick, the only good thing to come of it were my children. Even though they opted to stay with their mom. Since my divorce, I'd gone out with a variety of women, as young as 18 and as old as 52, though I didn't prefer large women, I even went out with a few of the BBW's here in town. I like my women, small, short and petite, breast size isn't a priority with me, the shape of her ass is, that, and I like my women to shave at least their pussy lips. This makes for hours of sucking and licking fun.

I was suddenly jolted back to reality by the organ blasting away with the wedding song, as the young couple ran up the aisle to the front door of the chapel. I kept trying to see who the thonged ass belonged too, but was pushed outside with the crowd. I drove over to the site of the reception, and waited for others to arrive, a few of the guests arrived, and started to filter into the country club. The newlyweds were taking pictures back at the church so it would be a while before they got there. I went into the club, into the reserved hall, and was told to make myself at home, and to go ahead and start partying and having a good time.

A band was playing, an open bar, I opted for some gin and juice. I snacked on the buffet that was provided, but always went for a refill at the bar. I saw the couple arrive, and the usual events took place, the tossing of the bouquet and garter, the dances, I didn't pay much attention, I was still searching for that perfect ass. The couple finally headed off for there honeymoon, their flight was leaving shortly, after they drove off, everyone started to file back into the country club, I looked up in front of me, and there, right before my face, was the thong covered ass, still in the light blue dress. As we topped the stairs, I tapped the wonderfully short woman on the shoulder, when she turned and looked up into my face, I nearly fell over backwards. It was my Aunt Viola, I never in a hundred years would've thought it to be her, I guess the look on my face hurt her feelings, she quickly got a painful look on her face and said, "Expecting someone else Herb? Sorry to disappoint you, seems I do that a lot lately."

This snapped me back, "Aunt Vi, oh no, I was just shocked it was you is all." I lowered my voice, "I love your thong, and my god you've got the ass of an angel." I almost whispered with a wink.

Now she beamed and smiled with a blush, "How'd you know I was wearing a thong?" she asked. By now we were standing on the front porch of the country club alone, I pulled her against me, my hand sliding down her back, I traced her thong with my finger tips. She shuddered in my arms, "Its been a long time since a man's held me and touched me like that." Her voice husky with excitement. I looked around making sure no one was around, when I was satisfied we were alone, I leaned down, and kissed her softly, sucking her bottom lip into my mouth.

She gently pushed me away, saying, " We shouldn't be doing this, Herb, you're my nephew." I smiled, and ran my finger from her lips, down her neck, over her chest, to her breast, I traced the outline of her hard nipple, then pinched it softly. A moan escaped her throat and she pulled me to her mouth, devouring me, the lust in her eyes, told me she didn't care if we were committing incest. Her hands ran down my chest, to my crotch, she squeezed my cock, moaned into my mouth.

"I want you so badly Herb, I need you." she gasped. Smiling, I took her hand and led her off the front steps, we walked around towards the back of the club house, soon I found what I was looking for, a golf cart. We got into it, "What are you doing?" Aunt Viola asked. I just smiled and winked, and the cart jumped to life, we sped off into the darkness before anyone could see us. I knew the course a little, not much of a golfer, but having played the course with Viola's ex-husband. He was an ass, arrogant, rude, and from what I learned later, an abusive man, he'd beat Vi's self esteem down to nothing, she thought she was ugly, she thought she'd never find her another man. She told me later, that she groomed herself for her pleasure, she dressed for her, she didn't realize the effect she had on men.

We drove for several minutes, and finally came up to the ninth hole green, I stopped at the greens edge, got out, and led Vi to the flag in the hole. I pulled her to me, kissed her deeply, passionately, "Now we don't have to worry about anyone seeing us, later we can go back to my place if you still want." I said as I lowered us to the grass. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress, she stood, letting the dress fall around her ankles. My breath caught in my throat, she was beautiful, standing there in the light of the full moon, she wore a half cup push up bra, her nipples were hard and long, her slim waist made her thong stand out even more as the side straps curved over her hipbones. She turned, her ass was perfect, she leaned over a bit, and slowly pulled the thong downward, revealing a small tan line, she sunbathed in a thong. I was in heaven, as the thong fell, she turned back to me, I stared open mouthed, at the prettiest pussy lips, I'd ever seen, she shaved the lips and trimmed the hair above into a thin line. "I like the way the hair sets off my tan." she offered in an explanation for the tiny strip.

"It's beautiful." I said, as I leaned forward, and ran my tongue over her pussy lips. Her hips thrust forward involuntarily, almost knocking me down, she giggled. "Your turn." she said, as she stepped back and sat down. I stood, and stripped, and for the first time since I was a baby, my Aunt Viola was looking at me naked.

Now Viola is only 56, and she looks to be in her forties, so her body didn't sag, she worked out often, but she told me as she took me into her mouth, that it'd been too long. She easily deep throated my 6", she had to open wide to accommodate for my thickness, when fully hard, its an impressive 5" around, but she moaned her approval as she buried her nose into my pubic hair. She kissed the tip, and licked the underside down to my balls, "mmmmmm I like this." she purred. I shave my balls and the base of my cock, if I enjoy a woman like that, then why wouldn't a woman enjoy a man being shaved. She gently sucked first one then the other ball into her mouth. I was going to loose it soon, so I backed away, to her whimpering protests, we moved into a 69 so I could suck her pussy also.

This was something she later told me that she had only experienced three times in her life. The first time was a boy in college, he didn't really know what he was doing, so it didn't do much for her, the second time was with a roommate, after they'd smoked some pot, she came harder then than she had in her whole life. The last time was with her ex, and he didn't like doing it, told her she tasted like fish, but that was after he'd sweet talked her into marrying him. Their sex life consisted of either her blowing him, and then him going to sleep, or him getting on top of her and pumping into her about six times shooting his load, kissing her forehead, then rolling over and going to sleep.

Her moans and groans told me she was close, I sucked as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could, tongue flicking every where, I plunged my tongue deep into her asshole, she cried out loudly, scaring off some nearby birds. She came with my tongue buried in her ass. I lay down and held my cock in my hand and told her to sit on it, she did, and she loved it, she bounced up and down, grinding on me, I could feel the tip probing into her womb, she was loving it. I lifted her off, and put her on her hands and knees, I entered her from behind, thrusting in deeply, she growled her lust and passion. I pulled out, leaving just the head in her, and slammed it back in hard, quickening my pace, I slammed into her hard and fast.

She soon was thrusting back meeting my thrusts, my balls swinging up and slapping her pubic area. I soon felt her pussy squeeze me tight, her body shuddered in her orgasm, I thrust in deeply, my cock swelling, shooting deep into her. I rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me, my cock still buried deep inside her. She rolled over and kissed me deeply, "You realize, that now that you've started this, you're going to have to continue keeping your old Aunt happy." She said with a sly grin. I kissed her deeply, " My pleasure." I said.

As we got up and started to gather our clothes, we froze, hearing a strange noise, looking around we saw no one, then, SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT!!!! The automatic sprinkler system kicked on, giggling like school kids, we hopped into the golf cart and sped off naked. We stopped before we got too close to the club house, put our clothes back on, and went on back. We went into a bathroom, straightened our hair, Vi fixed her makeup and we went back into the reception.

No one had missed us, I asked her to dance, as the band announced the last song, I whispered into her ear, "Your place, or mine?"

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