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Ok, so those of you who know me won't be surprised by this story at all. It is really nothing special, just another random situation that I found myself in.

For those of you who don't know me, just read my profile. Basically, I am just your average party girl. I am young and always looking for a great time. I know that someday I will be too old to appreciate certain things, so I am taking full advantage while I can.

You could call me an "un-famous Paris Hilton." No, I don't look identical to that skinny little bitch, but I am the same type of girl. I like to go out, party, spend money, and look my best at all times. Yes, I define "my best" as stylish, and having the ability to stop guys in their tracks (or other girls if they are jealous of what I have and they don't).

I do currently work, but it is a fun job. I make a second living off of dating very rich men. Don't get me wrong, I won't just date anyone because they have money. Money is only the first requirement, while being hot is the second. The third requirement is that they are willing to spend their money on me. Hey, if I can find a permanent Sugar Daddy, then I would be set. At least until a better one comes along (ha-ha)!

Alright, so I am writing about what happened to me this past weekend. A couple of months ago I met a guy who was about 15 years older than me. He came to the gym where I worked and joined one of my step classes. He didn't really catch my eye at first, but one day after class he asked me if I wanted to go and have drinks with him. I laughed, as I "always" play hard-to-get!

"Sorry," I said, "But I can't date people in my classes."

Over the next couple weeks, I did all I could to tease him during class (and after). He knew the game I was playing and he didn't seem to mind at all, so I kept it up.

Finally, one night I was walking out to my car in the parking lot (after work) when he pulled up next to me in his car. He asked me out again, and I said "yes."

"How about tomorrow night?" he asked.

"That will work" I said.

I gave him my cell number and he said he would call me tomorrow, and to be ready by 8pm.

"Where are we going?" "What should I wear?" I asked.

He asked if Sullivan's was ok, and I said "of course!" "And now I know what to wear!"

The next day he called and I gave him directions to my apartment. I was ready to go when he got there. When I opened the door he stood there looking great. There is really nothing sexier than a man wearing suit pants and one of those tight sweaters.

"You look great!" I said. "You too" he returned.

This guy really did look great for his age. I am 26 and he is almost 40, but you wouldn't know by looking.

It was a warm spring night, and I had on my favorite heels (silver with rhinestones), a black dress (not too short, but short enough to show-off), and a rhinestone choker. I always seem to over accessorize, but I have never heard a guy complain. The color of silver and rhinestones matched his silver car perfectly. He was nice enough to comment on my eye shadow (silver) and hoop earrings which he apparently also liked the color of. It was at this moment that I knew I had his full attention.

When we got to Sullivan's (which is on the other side of town from where I live) we sat at the bar for about 40 minutes just talking and sipping on drinks. I learned that he was a surgeon and that he had lived in the area for about 10 years. He apparently had a massive house over on the golf course near my apartment.

We talked about our age difference, and he told me that he would rather date a girl my age any day of the week. After all, girls in their twenties were much better looking than girls in their forties (his words, not mine). I took it as a compliment and said that I didn't mind guys as old as him, as long as they were not freaks. He laughed, and said he couldn't promise that.

We had dinner and enjoyed each others company for a couple hours until we finally left around 11:30 pm or so.

He drove me back to my apartment and walked me to the door. I asked him if he wanted to come in for some coffee, or whatever, and he acted like he was going to turn me down. I figured that if he did, it was only fair game.

"You sure you don't want to come in for a drink or something before driving home?" I asked.

"Umm, yeah, I probably should go."

"Ok, if that is what you need to do," I said while looking at him with my "I want you" eyes. "I have just about anything you could want in here!"

He laughed, "I bet you do." He said as he began to walk into my apartment.

I shut the door and went to the kitchen.

"Can I ask you something?" I said to him.

"Sure, what's up?"

"If you have such a great house, why are we back at my apartment having drinks when we could be at your place?" I asked as I started to get the Vodka out of the freezer.

"Well, that is a good question. Do you really want to know the answer?"

"I think I already know the answer, but am just curious if you will tell me the truth!" I said.

"Well, what do you think the real answer is my dear?" He asked me with a smile, as if I couldn't possibly have figured it out by now.

"You're married!" I said.

His eyes got wide and his mouth opened slightly. I put the Vodka down and walked over to him and said, "It was obvious, but don't worry, your secret is safe with me." He asked if it was a problem, and I told him it was not. I don't care if he was married, as he and I were not in a serious relationship, and just having fun.

Hell, I even date several guys at once who I consider "serious." Why should I care if this guy wants to fool around on his wife? He obviously thinks I am worth the risk. Whether that is because I am better looking than she is, or he is just in need of something that she can't provide. Who the hell knows, but I do know that I think he is hot, and I don't mind dating him, even if he is married.

After a short discussion about the whole thing he was assured that I didn't mind, and he began to loosen up about it. He finally understood that I really just didn't care.

We sat in my living room and drank our vodka martinis. He was trying his best to make small talk, asking me questions about the items I had in the room. As I watched him sitting on my couch and looking nervous, I asked him; "So when was the last time you had sex with someone other than your wife?"

He practically choked on his drink. "What??"

"Well, is this something you do all the time or am I special?" "Or maybe you just have a thing for younger girls."

He told me that he had almost cheated once. He loved his wife but he just had an addiction to attractive women. The affair was one that never really developed sexually, and they just spent time flirting until she ended up moving away for a different job. He also said he probably wouldn't even think about other women if his wife was more sexually active. He said that sometimes he wished he were in the same position job wise, but a bachelor.

I decided it was time to shock the pants off him so I just said (as casually as possible) "When was the last time you fucked a 26 year old gym instructor?"

He starred blankly at me and didn't even attempt to answer the question.

I laughed out loud at his Non-Response.

I got up out of my chair, walked over in front of where he was sitting, and stood in front of him. He still said nothing, but just starred at me. I leaned forward and down, kissing him on the mouth. When our lips met, he seemed to melt in front of me.

I could feel his tongue try to push its way into my mouth and I let it. A second later I pulled away and slid down the front of him. Kneeling in front of him on the floor, he fumbled at trying to undo his pants. I just knelt their patiently waiting for him, as I could tell he was anxious and nervous.

I didn't want him to get nervous and leave, so I calmly assisted him in un-fastening his pants. I reached inside and pulled out a rather decent sized cock. While working on it, I asked him, "When was the last time you had a decent blow job?"

He just looked at me and said "well, it's been a while." "My wife stopped giving head after about a year of marriage."

I could tell he was desperate, and I just laughed when he told me about her.

The minute his dick sprang from his pants it was hard as a rock, and I wasted no time getting it into my mouth (seeing as he was truly deprived). I could tell by his movements that he had gone a long time without a blowjob. No wonder this guy is out prowling.

I probably sucked him off for 15 minutes before I finally stopped. He didn't cum, as he was a pro at holding it in. I was very impressed.

I stood up and he rose too. His dick was pointing straight out at me and he just stood there looking into my eyes. "Now what" I asked.

He grabbed my hands led me over to my dining room table. It has a glass top and I wasn't 100% sure what he had in mind (at first). I was pretty much up for anything with him, after all, who knows when the last time this poor bastard had sex.

I didn't wait for his instruction; I just bent over and rested my hands on the table top. He was behind me and grabbed me by the hips. He slid his hands down and pulled my tight dress up around my waist, and then slid my g-string down around my thighs. Seconds later I could feel the head of his dick getting shoved deep into my cunt.

Most of my lovers take their time while sliding in, but this guy just almost rammed me with it. He grabbed my hips and started working on me like he needed some serious release. At one point he was going so fast, and pounding so hard against me, that I thought I was going to get split in two.

Trying to sound calm, I said, "most guys try to warm up to it."

I turned back over my shoulder and looked at him. I rose up a little, and at that moment he started hitting my g-spot. Damn, that felt great. Every pump from his waist was like heaven and I thought I was going to explode. There is something about letting a man just take control of you and have his way. Especially when he has not had sex in some time.

I bit my lip and held onto the table as he continued to fuck me from behind. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. There was nothing sensual about this. It was almost like two animals in heat. The whole thing felt so wonderful and I let the orgasm build inside me. It was increasing in size by the second.

As his dick slid in and out of me, it rubbed against my clit and I thought I was going to die. Suddenly, his dick came all the way out of me.

I turned a little to see what he was doing and ask why he stopped.

He said he was about to cum and instructed me to sit on the table. I turned to face him and sat back on the table. He then grabbed his dick and started jerking it off furiously. He told me to lay back and to pull my skirt up as high as I could.

I pulled my dress up to just under my tits, exposing my stomach and freshly Brazilian waxed pussy to him. I then laid back on my elbows, allowing them to prop me up and watch the show. I let my panties fall to the floor (from where they hung around my thighs).

He looked at the little strip of hair on my pussy and it was evident he liked it.

"Your wife has the full bush" I asked jokingly. He replied by shaking his head "yes," while continuing to jerk off. "Well, that bitch isn't here tonight, so enjoy me while you can!" I said.

There is something amazing about knowing you are giving a guy something that he can't go home and get from his wife. I don't know why, but it might be the biggest turn on in the world.

A moment later he came. He exploded onto me, and his load hit me right in the belly button. He must have continued to cum for 5 minutes, shooting load after load onto my stomach. When he was done, I had him all over me, and it was running down my sides and onto the glass table.

He apologized and thanked me at the same time. "I really needed that," he said.

"No problem, glad I could help! Can you get me a towel from my bath room?" I asked.

He got me a towel and I started to wipe myself off. He said "thank you for tonight, I had a great time!" I looked up at him and he was dressed with his dick back in his pants. I, on the other hand, was still lying on the table with my dress around my tits, completely naked, and soaked with him.

I stood up and returned my dress to normal (leaving my panties on the floor), as I could tell he was anxious to leave. He must be starting to feel guilty or something.

He said that he should get home before his wife started to wonder where he was. I reached down and grabbed my panties off the floor and stuck them in his pocket. "Here is something to remember me by!" I said while giggling.

"I will call you later he said," as he stepped outside. "Do you think we can go out again sometime?" he asked.

"Sure, just give me a call." I said.

"What about next weekend?"

I just looked at him and said, "Maybe, call me and find out." He turned and walked away disappointed to not have an answer. I said good-bye and then shut the door.

It turns out that he didn't show up for the gym class that week, but he did end up calling me on Thursday night. (This was just this last Thursday).

"Hey you" I said. "You calling to ask me out?"

"I wish, I have to go out of town this weekend." he replied. "But, I was hoping you could do me a favor?"

I said sure, and asked him what he needed. He told me that he was taking his wife with him on a weekend trip. They had apparently just had some work done on their house and they didn't want to leave it unattended for the whole weekend so he asked if I would come and house-sit.

I told him that was fine but asked why he was asking me to do it. He just said that he was hoping I would come over and use the house all weekend and enjoy myself.

"The house has a bar, big living room with a flat screen, a pool, hot-tub, and just about anything else you could want." "I am only doing this to say thanks for last weekend, and maybe you can use the house as a get-away!?"

I laughed, and said "sure."

I have to tell you, I was quite turned on by the thought of using my Sugar Daddy's house while he and the wife were away. Something about being in her (the wife's) house and her not knowing it, just sounded like fun.

"Great, I will come by your apartment tonight and give you directions and a key." "See you later!"

That evening he came by and dropped off the key and told me how to get to his house, and what the gate code was. He said that they were leaving town at noon, so if I came over any time after that, I would be fine. He also said the neighbors were expecting to see a young girl at the house, as he had told them (and his wife) that he had hired a house sitter, so don't worry about them seeing me or my car.

After he laid out all the instructions on his house, alarm codes, etc. he leaned in and kissed me. I accepted the kiss and gave him one back. To me it was as natural as having a boyfriend, and that is how I was treating him.

He suddenly mentioned to me that he didn't have anywhere to be for a while, and I just laughed. "Well, I do" I said "I have a step class to teach in 20 minutes, so you are going to have to go!"

I could tell he wanted to play (and the truth is that I didn't have a class at all) but I wanted the next time we were together to be as good as the first. I also wanted him to really work for it. I mean, I am not going to just give it up every time he comes over, or just because he has given me his home for the weekend.

"Ok" he said. "I will see you next week." He left and I closed the door behind him.

The next day, I packed a bag full of stuff and headed to the golf course around 3 pm. I pulled up to the gate and punched in the code, as it opened slowly I looked around at all the beautiful houses that lined the street. It was truly an amazing neighborhood.

I drove a couple of streets over and found his house. I don't think it was the biggest on the street but it was so large that you couldn't really notice which one was.

I parked in the drive way, grabbed my bag and headed for the front door. I was wearing a grey small baby t-shirt and workout shorts (with the elastic top rolled over). This was to expose my belly button and piercing, not that anyone was looking. I had on my tennis shoes and sunglasses with my hair in a pony tail. You would think I was on my way to work out, but in reality I was just comfy.

I turned the key in the front door and went inside.

The foyer was amazing. Very high ceilings, huge staircase, marble floors, etc. I just set my bag down and put my sunglasses on top of my head. I felt like I was breaking in, although I had the keys in my hand. It was almost as if I was afraid to move, the house was so big, that surely someone else had to be here (or at least on their way over).

Never the less, I started to look around. I didn't know where I was going to sleep although I guessed I would know the guest room when I saw it.

I walked into the living room which was huge. It had two sitting areas, with couches and over-stuffed chairs. The back wall was a glass wall that looked out over the back yard, most of which was garden and swimming pool. I went to the glass and looked out. The pool was amazing, as was the lounge area. The entire back of the house had a wrap around covered porch with comfy looking out door seating. There was a built in grill, an outdoor dinning table, a wet bar, and enough space to throw a huge party. The whole back yard was fenced in and full of lush greenery to make it feel very private. I tried to look further out and see the golf course, but it was well hidden.

I turned back around to see the living room that I was standing in. A huge flat screen hung on the wall. I could see speakers built into the ceiling and walls. This place must be great to watch a movie, I thought.

Against the back wall of the room (which was made with brick) was a full size built in bar. It had beer taps, a refrigerator, ice machine, hanging glasses, mirror across the back, etc. You could tell that this couple really knew how to throw a party. I sat on a bar stool for a second and just listened to how quiet the house was. I finally decided to fix myself a drink, since I didn't plan on leaving.

I got up and walked behind the bar. I opened the liquor cabinet and found the vodka, and started making a vodka martini. I poured the drink and decided to continue my search of the house.

I went from room to room, taking my time to see it all. There was a nice game room up-stairs with a pool table, and entertainment center.

Finally, I went back down stairs and down the long hall way at the back of the house. I figured it led to the master bedroom so I was kind of saving that for last.

I sipped on my drink as I opened the door to the bedroom. It was HUGE!!

There was an enormous canopy bed, another flat screen and entertainment center, and a fireplace. There was even another sitting area in the bedroom with a large couch, coffee table, and a set of four glass doors that looked out over the pool area (opposite from where I was looking before).

I walked to the bathroom and it just about took my breath away. Talk about a girls dream come true. There was a full vanity mirror for him and her and two separate closets. The Jacuzzi bath tub was big enough for three people and sat in the corner next to the shower which had two shower heads. I could tell these people enjoyed their bathroom time.

Finally, I decided to check out her (whom ever she was) closet. I took a quick look in his but it was not anything to get excited about, but hers was enormous.

It made the entire bathroom look like a broom closet.

I walked in and about ten feet back it took a sharp turn to the right. After the turn it opened up really wide. There was a chase lounge in the middle of the room, several lingerie chests, shelves, hanging clothes, and about everything a girl would need. There was an entire wall of nothing but shoes on shelves. It was amazing.

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