tagRomanceWedding Games Ch. 02

Wedding Games Ch. 02


This truly is a story of romance, but it could easily have been posted under Erotic Couplings.

This chapter concludes Wedding Games, beginning with the final three paragraphs of Wedding Games Ch. 1:

Mary's eyes were wide open and wild-looking. Her areolas had puffed up so much that her nipples had all but disappeared. I tried to stand up, but this tiny woman forcefully shoved me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. Even though I'd envisioned us doing it with me on top, I didn't hesitate or resist. If I'd learned nothing else from the Stage Three beer bust, I'd learned that a man shouldn't argue with a woman who was so profoundly aroused.

Facing me, Mary took hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit several times. Her copious juices glistened on his head and shaft. I reached up and cupped her breasts with my palms, gently stroking her rigid nipples in the process. She stopped moving and made several shrill cries. Then she lined everything up and carefully sat down, forcing the head of my cock to enter her with agonizing slowness. Her cries became louder and longer.

The intense pleasure radiating from my cock caused me to moan involuntarily as Mary's cries got louder. "YES-S-S!" Mary hissed with a shriek as her pussy lips tightened around my cock's shaft, in that way firmly gripping and holding the head of my cock inside her body. For a second or two we silently paused as we both stared at my flute protruding from her case. Then we moaned loudly together as she used her weight to begin forcing my cock deeper inside her body.

A memory from a couple of months earlier popped into my head. After the beer bust when Rachel and I had fucked the first time, she'd been positioned above me in virtually the same position as Mary now was. But Rachel's vagina, as tight as Mary's was now, had been so slippery that it had immediately swallowed my erection. After nine men had ejaculated into her, it's no surprise that she'd been ready!

Mary was certainly wet enough, but it took several seconds for her vagina to relax enough to accommodate my cock. Even in the reduced light I had a clear view of my cock slowly but steadily going deeper and deeper into her body. She paused once and changed the angle of her hips before continuing. I could see her clitoris sticking out, throbbing with her heartbeat as it searched for contact with my body. Her vagina repeatedly gripped and then released my cock, allowing it to slowly penetrate ever deeper each time it relaxed.

"Aaaah!" Mary moaned loudly when my cock finally reached its complete insertion and our pubic bones squeezed together. Her vagina gripped my cock like a tight glove. Even though I was relatively inexperienced, I knew that our genitals fit together better than most people ever experience. Mary immediately confirmed that impression.

"Omigod!" Mary muttered between gasps. "I've never . . . had a cock . . . inside me . . . feel like this! . . . and it's not . . . even moving!" I'd never felt another pussy that conformed to my cock as well as Mary's did. Hers remained the best cock-fitting pussy I experienced until my brief coupling with Marci at a Stage Three beer bust several months later.

Mary's pussy squeezed my cock several times, but we were otherwise not moving. She moaned with each squeeze, and she continued to gasp. "Feels . . . It feels . . . so perfect!" she whispered as she kissed me really hard. A few seconds later she taught me the difference between screwing and fucking.

I reached up and rubbed Mary's breasts as she twisted her hips from side to side, crushing our public hair between our bodies. She bent her head back, and she held her breath. She twisted left, then paused, then right and paused again. She repeated these motions several more times, rubbing her clit directly against my body. Her movements caused my cock to screw back and forth inside her, and that was all it took. She moaned loudly once, then held her breath again.

I felt Mary's orgasm begin as her vagina started trembling around my cock. Her hips twisted from side to side in spastic jerks, and she suddenly began to breathe again. She moaned as she sucked air in, and she screamed as she blew air out. Her cries got louder and louder as her hips screwed my cock faster. Perhaps a minute after we'd become completely joined, she screamed, "YEEEEEH!" and her entire body violently jerked and shook as her vagina repeatedly and forcefully squeezed my cock.

I thrust my hips off the bed, lifting Mary upward and pushing myself even deeper into her, it that was possible. There was no way to prevent my ejaculation, and I didn't even try. I felt my cock swell, and she screamed again. My balls pulled up tight. Several squirts of semen shot violently out of my cock, and she shrieked loudly with each one. Then I was done, and I collapsed back onto the bed, but her body continued to tremble and shake for another minute or so as she gasped for breath. We were both sweating profusely.

I continued to rub Mary's breasts and nipples, but it probably didn't make any difference because everything she was feeling was deep inside, between her legs. At about ten- second intervals, her pussy made three or four spasms on my cock. Each one caused a new wave of trembling, jerking, and twitching to ripple up her body. With each one she made raspy moans from deep in her throat.

Mary's orgasm gradually abated, and she took a couple of deep breaths before the tension suddenly left her body and she collapsed full length on top of me. My cock was still inside her, surprisingly still completely erect. "Hold me! Just . . . hold me!" she gasped, and I wrapped my arms around her. She was covered with sweat and breathing like she'd just run several miles.

Mary's breathing gradually slowed down, and I felt her body relax. Every minute or so I felt her squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles, then relax. After about the tenth cock squeeze, she was breathing almost normally, but her heart was still beating really fast.

Mary pussy-squeezed my cock again. "Like that?" she asked, then giggled between quick breaths. "I know I do! You didn't even get soft, and I love the way it feels inside me! A perfect fit!" She paused for a couple of breaths. "Wow, was that one I never saw coming!" She gave another vaginal squeeze. It felt as if my cock were actually getting harder.

Frankly I was really surprised. Mary had jerked me off at the reception, and I'd just ejaculated a second time. I knew I would recover for a third climax, and if I was lucky, a fourth. But I'd left a huge wad in the napkin, and judging from the continuous flow of fluids that I could feel oozing onto me from her vagina, I'd shot another big load inside her. I didn't expect to be able to ejaculate again soon, even if I was still erect. I consoled myself by remembering that I'd come up dry while making love to Rachel. Even dry climaxes could leave me gasping for breath!

Mary was so much shorter than me that I could only kiss the top of her head without changing positions and thereby risking popping my cock right out of her. So I stroked her back and the sides of her breasts and nuzzled against her hair. She kissed and sucked on my nipples and made little grunts of satisfaction. I felt her heart rate slow down, but she made no effort to get off of me.

Mary squeezed my cock with her vagina again, and she made a little purring sound when I grunted. In spite of my now obviously stiff erection, I was otherwise completely relaxed and at peace. I wondered if this is the way it felt when people who really loved each other mated. I tried to remember how it had felt with Rachel, but the reality of Mary's body on top of me prevented me from remembering. I doubted it had been better when I'd made love to Rachel, either at the Stage Three beer bust or later in B.T.'s room.

My mind began to wander. Had Mary and I actually fucked? Did what we'd just done count as a fuck, or was it something else? My cock had gone completely inside her, buried to the hilt. And I'd ejaculated forcefully inside her as she twisted and screwed her genitals against mine. But didn't fucking' require moving the cock in and out? I'd done an in' but I was still inside her. I'd never pulled back out. Would it count as a fuck when I finally pulled my cock out of her?

An embarrassing memory of my first time popped unbidden into my head. That time I'd filled a condom as soon as I'd achieved full penetration. Everyone there - several guys from the fraternity and the woman - said it was the quickest fuck they'd ever seen. But they'd called it a fuck! Was this time really so different? Of course Mary had been on top, not on the bottom. Also, this time I hadn't worn a condom. And I hadn't ejaculated until after she'd begun to climax. So what made this time anything other than another quick fuck?

Mary interrupted my contemplation. "Hey! Wacha thinking?" She had slowly lifted her head from my chest, and now she was looking at my face. "Your eyes were closed, but I could see your eyeballs moving around, under the lids. And you were smiling. Were you thinking about what we just did? I know I was!"

I looked into Mary's eyes. Every woman who's had a powerful orgasm has the look that was on her face. And we'd done it together! I felt a sudden twinge of regret that we were only having a one-night stand. One night with her wasn't going to be enough!

"I'd kiss you, but that would probably disengage us. I like the way it feels. You know, with my cock inside you."

Mary gave my cock another squeeze. "Me too. It's a perfect, snug fit! It fills me perfectly! But we can't stay like this forever. Besides, you didn't tell me what you were thinking about!"

I shared my speculation about whether or not we'd really fucked, leaving out the details of my first time with that woman in the fraternity. Mary wrinkled her brow, rolled her eyes like she was thinking deep thoughts, then proclaimed, "No. Absolutely not. I've been fucked before, and whatever we did, it wasn't that. This was way better than any fuck I've ever had!" She grinned at me. "Satisfied? Hey, we can fuck in a few minutes and compare the two. Maybe then we'll know what to call it!"

Mary put her head back down on my chest and hugged me. Suddenly she giggled. "I've never done it so fast! And we both had great ones! And together! Too bad I can't ever talk to Rachel about it, but I'll bet we've already had better sex than she'n B.T. tonight!" Mary was suddenly silent, probably remembering her recent romantic breakup. I gently caressed her behind with one hand and teased a breast with the other. Whatever her thoughts were, they made her tense, but my touch quickly got her to relax.

Mary leaned up on her arms and grinned at me. "You're not supposed to be this good! Even if what Rachel told me isn't true - and knowing Rachel, well, she might have been stringing me along! But even so, what we just did came as a real surprise! And she wasn't kidding about the way it feels when you squirt! Woo-eee!"

Mary's breasts were dangling because of the way she was holding herself upright. I reached down and gently pinched her sweat-moistened nipples. I tightened my groin muscles, and I felt my fully-erect cock swell inside Mary. She felt it too. "Okay, enough of that!" she announced. "We've gotta wipe up the mess we made and blot the worst of it off the sheets or we won't be able to sleep here tonight. And we are going to get some sleep, I hope!"

Before I could suggest moving to my room, Mary slid herself up my body, slowly pulling my cock out of her. I felt a wave of liquid splash against my abdomen as my cockhead came out of her with a juicy pop. "Oops!" Mary muttered as she cupped her right hand between her legs. "Try to keep that off the bed, okay? I'll be right back with a towel."

Although slightly unsteady on her feet, Mary hurried into the bathroom with her hand tightly pressed against her pussy. I heard the sound of running water, and a few seconds later she came back out with a moistened towel. She dropped it on the small pond of juices that I was barely keeping on my stomach with my hands. "We waited too long!" she announced. "Don't get up until I get another towel."

Another towel and a lot of blotting later, Mary declared the sheet clean enough to sleep on. "But first we need to shower," she said. "We're both really sticky." She giggled.

"And getting stickier," I replied, pointing at her thighs. There were two trails of my cum slowly working their way down her legs.

Mary looked down and chuckled. "I should have known! After all, I saw how much you left in that napkin." She paused, then shook her head. "Since I didn't believe Rachel, I wasn't expecting the way your squirts of cum would keep sending me over the top! If I drained it all outa you, I'm gonna be really disappointed!" Her repeated comments about my squirts did wonders for my ego! Apparently that was something special!

We both drank several glasses of water. "I've been thirsty after sex before," Mary said with a laugh. "But this time I think I'm bordering on dehydration!" She giggled, and we kissed.

Mary handed me a plastic-sealed package containing a toothbrush, paste, floss, comb, and a few other things. "This morning I called down to the desk and told them I'd forgotten mine," she said. "I also asked for more towels. Aren't you glad I did?"

We took turns spitting into the sink as we scrubbed our teeth. I couldn't help laughing. "What?" Mary asked.

"I was enjoying watching the way your boobs bounce and jiggle as you brush your teeth," I replied. "If I shared a bathroom with you every day, I'd make you clean your teeth until you wore them out!"

Mary pulled her shoulders back and deliberately wiggled her breasts again. "I said you were a tit man," she giggled. "And the way your flute is waving up and down proves it!"

"Well, I'm crazy about your tits, Mary!" She smiled, and we shared a long, deep kiss. I caressed her breasts, and she held my sticky cock and balls as our tongues played touch-and-hide games in our mouths.

Even though we still hadn't agreed that what we'd done was fucking, Mary clearly had a well-fucked look on her face as we shared the shower. She made appreciative sounds when I gently cleaned her pussy. She was amused at the way I played with her pubic hair. My cock had remained firm, and when she carefully cleaned it I felt pressure building inside, around my prostate. Adding to my excitement were the nonstop kisses and caresses as we groped each other's wet and slippery bodies.

Mary responded enthusiastically when I began sliding two fingers in and out of her, and I couldn't endure the sexual pressure any longer. I pulled my fingers out of her, positioned her right foot on the side of the shower/tub, and held her against the hard, tiled wall. With her pussy in this upraised and exposed position, I barely had to squat in order to align my shaft with her vagina. I easily pushed the head of my cock inside her, and as I straightened my legs, my entire cock entered her.

Mary had a surprised look on her face, but it quickly changed to one of lust and passion. "How'd you know this is what I wanted?" she asked, smiling. I didn't tell her that I'd been reacting to the way she responded. I wasn't sure what I should do, so I did what excited her.

The abstract question concerning whether or not we had fucked each other was immediately put to rest. We rocked our hips forward and back, alternately pulling my cock several inches out of Mary, then shoving it completely in. As our pace increased, so did the force of my thrusts, and the pressure building deep inside my groin became a burning heat. I was desperate for release, and I selfishly fucked Mary faster and faster without thinking about her feelings, only thinking about my own need to climax.

Any guilt I probably should have felt disappeared. The motion of my thrusts caused Mary's foot to slip off the edge of the tub, violently slamming my cock inside her. My legs were several inches longer than hers, and I unexpectedly found myself holding up her entire weight with my cock. She found her impalement to be incredibly erotic, and her climax quickly built. But her weight bearing down on the base of my cock caused me abrupt, intense pain.

That pain yanked me back from my own climax. Even though I immediately grabbed her behind and supported Mary's weight with my arms, my excitement was no longer in time with hers. I continued to fuck her by lifting her behind with my hands and by thrusting forward and back with my hips, but she was beginning to peak and I was still climbing. I moved as fast as I could, in, out, in out, in out . . .

I was almost there when Mary's orgasm consumed her, and it was difficult to keep from falling as she writhed and twisted around my cock. I had to concentrate in order to remain upright, and that prevented me from sharing her climax. She yelled nonsense words. Her vagina squeezed my cock again and again, but her uncontrollable hip and leg movements caused her to slip from my grasp. Before I could get my hands back under her behind, her weight bearing down on my shaft was again extremely painful.

My cock remained stiff and inside Mary's body, but I stopped fucking her. I held her firmly against my body as her movements gradually slowed down. Finally she wrapped her trembling legs around my waist, and I held her against the wall as her breathing and heartbeat began to slow. After a couple of minutes, she gave my cock a deliberate and firm squeeze with her vagina.

"What happened," Mary gasped. "You didn't . . . get off with me."

I kissed Mary and explained what had stopped my climax. "I didn't injure your flute, did I?" she asked, her tone both concerned and loving. I assured her that the pain had been fleeting, and didn't appear to have done any permanent damage. I rocked my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her to demonstrate. She reached between us and caressed my balls. They were pulled up tight against my shaft, and I could feel them beginning to ache and throb.

"God! I can't leave you like this!" Mary exclaimed. "Let me down! I know how to take care of you!"

I squatted down. As Mary regained her footing, I pulled myself out of her, once again with an audible pop. "We're too wet for the bed, and I don't want to take the time to dry off," she said. "But we can do it here."

Mary stopped the shower, climbed out of the tub, then leaned forward over the vanity. Water dripped off her body forming a large pool on the floor. Between her legs I could see her fuzzy blonde pubes on each side of her pink inner labia. Her vagina was still gaping open. "C'mon! Fuck me!" she demanded. Sex with Mary was becoming increasingly educational. I'd showered with naked women, but I'd never before fucked standing up. I'd also only had sex face-to-face, but that was obviously going to change.

Still dripping wet I climbed out of the tub and approached Mary from behind. I lined up my cock, then pushed it completely inside her with one long thrust. Although the fit was still perfect, her vagina felt completely different from this angle, and I paused to enjoy the unfamiliar sensations. Her hip movements left no doubt what she wanted me to do, and I obeyed her wishes.

I slowly pulled most of the way out of Mary, then thrust back in. I was in no hurry. The ache in my balls had mostly diminished, and I wanted to savor the incredible sensations radiating from my cock. Once again I payed careful attention to her responses and I used my flute to explore as much of her case as I could. As I'd done at the Stage Three beer bust, I repeated those things that brought her pleasure and avoided doing those that did not.

Weeks earlier I'd learned a few things by paying attention to Rachel's reactions, but I discovered even more with Mary. I quickly learned to be gentle around her cervix, though I didn't completely avoid it. There was a magical spot on the front of her vagina that was directly beneath her clitoris, and rubbing the head of my cock over that spot produced sounds of intense pleasure from her. As I explored her vagina, I returned frequently to that spot, and her arousal grew each time.

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