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Wedding Night


"Da da da-da", James hummed the wedding march as he carried Anna across the threshold of their hotel room. He smiled at Anna and his face lit up, he'd never been this happy in his entire life. Anna was crying in his arms and giggling uncontrollably at the same time, thinking to herself how lucky she was, and praying it wasn't a dream.

They had just been married in a beautiful ceremony held in a marquis outside the hotel, the sun had shone, blossom had fallen on them like warm snow from the cherry trees above them. James had worn a dark grey suit with a cream waistcoat and cravat. Anna's outfit had taken James's breath away - he hadn't been allowed to see it before the ceremony. She wore a dress composed of an Ivory corset with a cowl neck and lace up back and a slinky ivory satin skirt, finished off by strappy sandals, white satin versions of the black strappy sandals James loved her to wear. Her hair had been done up, with tendrils escaping here and their to caress the soft pale skin of her cheek.

Anna’s father had escorted her to the end of the aisle where she stood next to James and left to sit by her mother. Anna and James stood staring at each other and grinning at like idiots for what seemed like an eternity - yet it was over so soon. Soon they were repeating vows to each other, both crying as they did so (James wasn't sure whether he wept for joy or for his bank account)

And now here they were, reclining on their hotel bed in their wedding outfits, gazing at each other once more. James lifted himself up to lie on his side, resting on one arm. 'So' he said to his new wife, 'what are you wearing under there?' 'Why don’t you take a look?' Anna replied with a wry smile, 'You own half of it now'.

James dipped a finger into his wife’s cleavage and traced the neckline of her dress, his smile seemed to make his face glow as he reached down and slid his hand up from her ankle to her thigh, letting the silky fabric of her skirt slide along the soft nylon covering his wife’s legs. 'Please' he thought to himself 'let them be stockings', when he felt lace, rather than nylon, on her thigh and then bare flesh above his arousal overtook him. His cock, which had been semi-erect before suddenly became rock hard, and he knew he was going to enjoy their first time together as man and wife. 'I love stockings' he thought aloud.

At her husbands unexpected outburst of approval, Anna laughed. From the moment they had gotten serious about each other and realised where the relationship was heading James had talked about their wedding night, or more specifically Anna’s wedding night lingerie. As she chose he outfit Anna had thought to herself, 'this is something you only do once - what sort of a wife would I be if I disappointed my husband on our first night together?’ She had chosen her outfit accordingly, thinking of all the conversations they had had about what would be under that dress, which always ended up with them making love until they both cried out in passion. She wasn't going to disappoint him.

James was disappointed as he lifted the satin skirt as high as it would go to reveal her entire lower body to him.....panties....he had thought she go commando for her wedding, but then again, his wife was a dedicated Christian, and he should have known that she'd never go without underwear in front of a man of God. Anna moaned and shifted her hips on the bed as James kissed her thighs, first outer, then teasingly, tantalisingly slowly moving to her inner thighs. She gasped as James’s warm breath crept through her lace panties and warmed her hardened clit. He was so near, yet so far. Instinctively she parted her thighs to attract him to where she wanted him to be, and that’s when she heard him moan, a deep beautiful sound from the depths of his throat which conveyed his arousal and heightened hers. Of course, she thought, he's only just realised they're crotch-less.

James could not help but let out a moan when the two sides of Anna's lacy panties parted to reveal her moist slit. The sight was exquisite. He gently moved two fingers over Anna's intimate lips, feeling the warmth, the wetness, and her hard little clit pointing up, pushing its hood back, begging to be touched. Anna shuddered at the intimate touch of his cold fingers, and sighed, as James moved his face back down to between her thighs and touched her sensitive little button with his tongue. 'Oh honey' she moaned as she stroked the back of his head. James certainly knew what to do with that tongue of his and she knew from experience he'd have her screaming in minutes. He parted her pussy lips with his fingers and pushed on her clit with his tongue, then he sucked the sensitive little pebble into his mouth, sucking and gently nibbling, then withdrawing and pushing it with his tongue again, pushing then sucking, pushing then sucking, faster and faster to match the speed at which his darling was bucking and squirming on the bed grunting, moaning, crying his name, telling him not to stop, pushing her hips into his face hold the back off his head but then her arms would fly back to grip the headboard then move again to grab the bed sheets in fistfuls as she bit her lower lip but soon she could no longer restrain the scream and it left her as she threw her head back in ecstasy.

James was up on his hands and knees over his wife kissing her and holding her beautiful face as soon as she had come. She could taste herself on his lips and loved it, greedily running her tongue on his lips and in his mouth to get every drop. 'My turn?' she asked, reaching down and sliding her hand down the front of his dress trousers, gripping his hard cock. 'I want to taste you now'. 'No' he replied 'I need your pussy baby'

She wasn’t about to complain, although don't get me wrong she loved giving head, but after James’s work she needed to be fucked, she was ready. James pushed his trousers and boxers down, leaving them bunched round his ankles, unable to remove them completely because of his shoes. Anna took off the crotch-less panties (pretty and all but they do get in the way) and pushed up her satin skirt to reveal her stockings held up by a lacy white suspender belt and one thigh adorned with a blue garter. James moaned at the sight and leaned forward, resting his cock against Anna’s clit, causing her to squirm so that it would rub her more. James reached into Anna’s corset top while he teased her (and himself) with the location of his prick, and pulled her breasts over the top, making her hard little nipples visible and ready for his mouth. To horny to continue teasing he looked his wife in the eyes, and as he sank his thick warm prick into her tight cunt, he spoke to her 'I love you Mrs Wayford'. Her pussy gripped his dick as it slid in, and they both moaned in relief and release. Everything felt right when they were together like this - it’s how it’s meant to be. James started thrusting into Anna increasing his pace - they both liked it hard and fast, as he thrust he leaning forward and sucked on Anna’s nipples as she caressed her own breasts. He leaned back and placed Anna’s ankles on his shoulders, a position guaranteed to get her off, and thrust harder, faster as his wife’s cries became louder, and louder. She tore at his back desperate to feel his flesh give way under her nails but finding only fabric, it didn't matter; she was too far-gone to care. Her orgasm was building, she could feel the familiar tingle in her abdomen, radiating from her g-spot which the tip of James’s cock was pounding relentlessly, her clit was twitching from the glorious electricity that sparked from the most private parts of her body and, as though he had been reading her mind James found the delicate bud with the rough pad of his thumb and he started to rub her. Anna went over the edge, her eyes shut tight, her head back, her teeth clenched, she gripped the bed sheets and screamed his name.

They quickly changed positions and Anna climbed on top of James and began to rock back and forth, as James jack hammered into her from below. Anna rested her head on James’s shoulder as he fucked her, and whispered in his ear all the dirty things he loved to hear during sex. How she'd love it if another girl joined them, how the other girl would sit on his face while Anna sat on his cock, how the girl would licked both his cock and her pussy while they fucked. It was too much for James, the images in his head, the feeling on his prick, he could feel it, it was going to happen....any....second................


Anna needed no further warning, and somewhat uncharacteristically, she jumped off his cock. James was confused but then his cock was warm again. She'd taken his whole length into her warm wet mouth and was sucking on him as his orgasm came. He shot his cum deep into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Cleaning his cockhead when he'd finished. She climbed up the bed and lay next to her dishevelled - but still very handsome husband, who suddenly looked at his watch in a panic.

'We'd better get ready for the reception', and with a quick kiss, he jumped up, ran into the en suite and started running them a bath. Anna laid back, a smile on her face; she raised her left hand to her face where she could take a better look at the ring that adorned her ring finger. 'Yup' she said to herself, 'I could get used to this'. When James came back into the room to strip for the bath, she looked into his eyes, and knew that she was going to be happy for the rest of her life.


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