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Wedding Night Bedding


I've been a wedding videographer for many years. I have videoed every kind of wedding from the traditional to jumping out of an airplane wearing a helmet camera to record the nuptials of a pair of skydivers. Recently, I received the most unusual request to date.

It was during the prenuptial planning meeting with the happy couple that the request was made. His name was Mack and he was an extremely handsome young man, close to thirty years old. He had buttermilk blonde hair with a deep tan. He wore a blue shirt that matched his blue eyes. His jeans were so tight you could tell he was well hung. He was very photogenic, I thought.

She was even better looking than him, her name was Skylar. She was twenty-three years old with a gorgeous body that she didn't mind showing off. She was dressed in skin tight black yoga pants which worked a sultry magic on her body, hugging her every curve. She wore a crop top that didn't cover her midriff. Standing at just five-feet tall and with her narrow waist, her breasts looked humongous. She was one of those little bitty gals, that was all boobs and butt that you could tell just loved to fuck.

I popped up my laptop and played them some samples of my work. I explained that I could video their wedding in one of three styles: traditional, documentary and storytelling. I downplayed the traditional style by explaining that the finished product just wasn't worth the cost. I joked, "If you want a traditional wedding video then give a camera to your Uncle Lou because mine won't look any better."

They both laughed, appreciating my honesty. Skylar subtly touched my bare forearm, sending goose-bumps racing to my elbow. She asked, "What's the difference between the documentary and storytelling styles?"

Looking into her eyes, took my breath away and I had to clear my throat before I answered, "They are pretty similar, but the story-telling style takes more pre-production work, because it uses a lot of voiceovers from your friends and family. The voiceovers are then edited into the recorded wedding day festivities. It's the most expensive style."

"And, the documentary style?" asked Mack.

"With documentary style, the raw footage is edited after it is shot to create continuity. The finished product is a polished documentation of the happy day as it unfolds, most of the work is done post-production. It's the style I recommend, but it's up to you. It's your wedding after all," I said flashing Skylar my best sales smile.

She touched my arm again, sending another wave of goose-bumps up it. Her brilliant white teeth sparkled in a smile as she asked, "What footage do you shoot?"

"Usually, I shoot some pre-ceremony footage, maybe an interview with the bride and groom's parents and perhaps the best man and bride's maid. I can include the rehearsal dinner, if you want, but remember, the more footage I shoot the more I have to edit, adding to the cost of the production. Then of course the wedding ceremony itself followed by the reception up until the groom whisks the bride away for the honeymoon."

"Have you shot any footage of the honeymoon?"

Chuckling, I said, "No, but I did shoot footage of the bachelor party once. The bride ended up using it in divorce court against the groom two years after the wedding. I guess if you want some footage of the honeymoon, you could shoot that yourselves and I could edit it in to your video when you got back from your trip."

"I'm not talking about the honeymoon trip. I'm talking about the wedding night, the consummation of the marriage."

My mouth fell open. I narrowed my eyes to look into Skylar's face. I wanted to ensure she was serious, she was. None-to-subtly, I said, "I don't shoot porn."

Skylar's eyes flared as she glared at me. A flush of red filled her cheeks as she seethed, "When we have sex, it is not pornography. It's a beautiful physical act of our love."

"Come on babe, I told you these wedding guys wouldn't do stuff like that, we'll get a video camera and shoot it ourselves," Mack cut-in, taking Skylar's hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked directly at me and added, "I'm not comfortable with some stranger watching us do it, anyway."

Skylar shook her head vigorously, sending her ponytail whipping through the air. "No, I don't want to do it ourselves, because then it would look like amateur porn. I want a professionally shot and edited video of the consummation of our marriage."

"Why?" I asked, my eyes avoiding hers.

She folded her arms across her ample bosom and asked, "Do you know of the tradition behind the bridal garter?"

I shook my head.

Her eyes fixed on me and with a steady voice she explained, "In olden times, at least two people, usually more, would adjourn from the wedding reception with the newlyweds to the bed chamber and witness the consummation of the marriage. After the fact, each of the bride's garters were given to the newlyweds families, as proof that marriage was consummated and that their families were indeed united."

"Wow," I said then asked, "So you want a video to be your witness for your families?"

"No silly, that's more than a bit perverse by the way. I simply want a record of the physical love we have for each other. I mean look at Mack, he's a fine figure of a man, but in thirty years he's going to be bald and have a potbelly."

"Hey..." objected Mack.

"Look at my breasts," Skylar cupped both her breasts with her hands and my breath caught in my throat. She continued, "Their perfect 36Cs and in thirty years after I have nursed a couple of kids, they're going to be drooping down to my knees. I want to be able to look at that video thirty years from now and remember that when our bodies were young our love held a fiery passion. And, I hope it will still be glowing then."

Nodding my head, I said, "That is romantic. Maybe, I could edit in the footage you and Mack shoot of your wedding night yourselves. How would that be?"

"Unacceptable. Neither of us knows anything about shooting a video. Sure we could get set a couple of cameras, but it would still look like...what did you say? Oh yeah, it would look like Uncle Lou shot it and would be a waste of money."

Chuckling, I conceded her point, "I guess I could video your wedding night, if you really want me too. But, please understand, I'm not comfortable with being a voyeur, so I'll factor that into the price."

"I'm not at all comfortable, having sex in front of a stranger," protested Mack, clenching his jaw.

Skylar's eyes narrowed as she turned to her fiancé. "You already agreed to this..."

"I didn't think you could find a videographer that would actually agree to do it."

Their conversation quickly escalated into a full-blown verbal brawl. I excused myself to go to the restroom. In the hallway, I noticed a security camera keeping sentinel. Returning, I interrupted the dueling duo saying, "I have an idea. I can set up remote cameras..."

Skylar shook her head and sniveled, "It will look like cheap porn..."

"No, it won't. They will be remote cameras, just like security cameras that I can control from another room. I can set up multiple cameras from multiple angles that will give me plenty of footage to edit together. I'm sure I could produce a finished product you will like, if not the whole job will be free."

Mack perked up, "Free?"

"The whole package free, the ceremony, the editing, all of it free. If Skylar isn't happy with the way the consummation is presented on the video then it will be free."

Skylar pulled my face down to hers and kissed my cheek, her warm breath on my skin made my cock grow hard. Her smile was contagious. She sighed, "Deal."

As I gathered up my laptop and the freshly signed service contract, I watched the pair leave, paying particular attention to Skylar. With a mischievous smile, she glanced over her shoulder and caught me ogling the undulating globes of her ass in the tight yoga pants.

Stopping and turning around, she gave me a full-frontal view of the scrumptious camel-toe the stretchy pants had created. Realizing, I had been busted I swallowed audibly. She giggled out loud, as my lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of her outlined cunt. Teasing, she said, "In a month's time you'll get to see it, bare."

With my heart racing like it might burst from my chest, I watched her snag her fiancé's arm and lead him out the door, putting a little extra swing into her step as she left. My cock hardened in a natural response to the wanton wiggle of her buttocks. I chuckled and said aloud, "And, I look forward to seeing it bare, too."

Later, that night as I slept spooning with my wife, Skylar visited me in my dreams. From the recesses of my mind I found myself sitting in a fitting room at a bridal shop. Suddenly, the curtain of changing stall ripped open and Skylar sauntered out saying, "I'm so glad you're here. I want your opinion concerning what lingerie I should wear for the consummation. What do you think of this nightie?"

Sucking in a quick breath, I stammered, "Very nice."

"I was hoping for naughty," she said with a laugh. Slowly she spun around modeling the sheer white baby doll negligée. The transparent garment revealed that her humongous pale breasts contrasted nicely with her dark sun kissed body. In the center of her areolas, her nipples stood rigid and tented the nightie's translucent material. Her white thong and bare butt cheeks were also clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. Sighing she said, "I guess this one won't do."

The sheerness of the nightie allowed me to watch the rise and fall of each of her buttocks and the sideways sway of her hips, as she returned to the changing stall. She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirtatious grin, my cock got rock hard. The curtain made a zipping sound as she closed it.

I caught a glimpse of Skylar smiling at me in the mirror. With a slow disbelieving shake of my head, I realized, she had left the curtain ajar on purpose. Winking at me, she shimmied out her thong. Momentarily, she stood in front of the mirror to give me a full frontal view of her nakedness before she tried on the next bit of lingerie. I squirmed in my chair and crossed my legs over my hard-on.

Skylar slipped her legs into a white teddy and pulled it up her body, I loved the way the lace snuggly hugged her torso. There was a heart shaped hole from her naval to just under her bust which allowed me a peek at her taut tummy. She placed each of her ample breasts into the white lace cups of the teddy. Her nipples seemed to harden that much more with the material's lacey embrace. She adjusted the G-string rear of the teddy, so the flimsy material rested snuggly in the crevice of her ass. Satisfied, she pulled up a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings then slipped into a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

Pulling back the curtain of the changing stall, Skylar emerged and gracefully spun in front of me. She enhanced her seductive look, by sliding a strap of her teddy down to her biceps. That side of the garment fell down, to give me a tasteful glimpse of her areola and exposed her hard nipple. She posed her hand on her tummy below her naval in such a way as to call attention to her simmering snatch barely concealed by the lacey material. She asked, "What do you think of this one?"

"It looks real nice on you," I voiced my approval. I smiled at her like a kid at the circus.

Stepping back into the changing stall, she winked at me and completely closed the curtain this time. Being sexy comes from a confident attitude as much as it does from looks and Skylar definitely had plenty of both.

The curtain ripped back and Skylar's attire literally took my breath away. She was wearing a white under-bust corset that left her breasts bare. They looked heavy and full. Her hard nipples begged to be sucked. She wore white sheer thigh-high stockings atop white high-heeled pumps. She wore no panties and her vulva glistened with anticipation. Her pussy was perfectly framed between the corset and stockings. Her strip of pubs seemed to point the way to her pleasure pit like a neon sign at a roadside diner. With a silky slutty voice she asked, "Do you like my outfit?"

I couldn't find my voice and just nodded with wide eyes.

Skylar moved steadily towards me, her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Her breasts bounced with each swing of her hips. She stopped in front of me and handed me a string of white pearls. With a quivering voice, she said, "I want to wear these on my wedding night, but I need you to put them on me."

I took the string of pearls from her. I found out they were actually a pair of nipple clamps connected to each other by the string of white pearls. Nodding I asked, "Are you sure?"

She looked at the clamps, across her beautiful face a bright flush raced like a fever. Her expression was clouded with unease, but she nodded in the affirmative.

I gently squeezed each of her firm breasts before lowering my mouth to her nipples. I lightly bit and sucked each of her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass. I knew her pussy was drenched with desire. The scent of her sex permeated the fitting room. I opened the clamps and clipped them to both of Skylar's nipples at the same time.

She emitted a low groan of pleasure that rose steadily into a scream of agony. "Ouchhhh!"

A stab of pain erupted in my belly. Another shot of pain quickly followed the first, as I woke from sleep. My wife's elbow made sharp contact with my gut for a third time. I sat up rubbing my mid-section and glared at my wife. I snapped, "What the fuck?"

"What's wrong with you?" she snapped back. She had sat up too and was vigorously rubbing her breasts. Her brazen expression of pain and outrage trumped mine and I wilted beneath her harsh gaze. She continued to massage the pain from her breasts and huffed, "You were pinching my nipples like a vice. What's wrong with you?"

"I'm so sorry, dear. You have such beautiful breasts, I guess I just can't resist them, even in my sleep."

"More like you were dreaming of some big breasted, bimbo bride," she scoffed. Then she punched her pillow a couple of times before laying back down. "Keep your hands to yourself, asshole."

I lie down and quickly fell asleep again. I was able to pick up my dream right where I had left off. Like a desert mirage, Skylar shimmered into view from the depths of my imagination. My eyes lingered on her huge breasts, taking note that her rigid nipples had been ravished by the alligator clamps. The string of pearls connecting the clamps danced through the valley of her cleavage with each hot breath she panted.

With a pouty voice, she said, "I know you want relief, but I can't be unfaithful to Mack. But, since an ex-president declared that oral sex wasn't really sex, I guess I can give you a blow-job and still remain faithful to Mack."

Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unzipped my shorts and my cock sprang out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from its tip. I could actually see the big blue vein on top, dancing as blood surged through it.

"Your cock is so hard," Skylar said and watched it sway for a moment. Her eyes shifted to mine as her hand steadied my cock. She kissed my bulbous head without taking her eyes off mine. Her eyes laughingly glimmered with naughtiness, as she licked the underside of my shaft. Her hand shifted to my balls and she gently squeezed them. She engulfed both of my bloated balls into her mouth. The suction she produced on them would have put a vacuum cleaner to shame.

I curled my toes to keep from cumming. I babbled, "Oh my."

She spat my balls out and licked back up the length of my cock to its head. Grapping my cock again, she tantalizingly darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now, she had me standing on my tip-toes.

My cock disappeared into her mouth and she began to suckle. My mind was overloaded with gratification as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, while rolling my balls in her hand. Signaling I was close to climax, my cock twitched.

Suddenly, Skylar jammed her finger up my ass and spunk gushed out of my cock like a fire hose. She didn't even try to catch my cum in her mouth, she just let it wash over her face and drip down to her tits.

I bellowed like bull and struggled to stay conscious as white light tore through my brain. When I finished spewing, I looked down at Skylar gasping for air.

She rested on her bottom and looked up at me. One of her eyes was completely closed, her eye-lashes glued together by cum. Her face and tits were quite literally covered with my cum. She smiled up at me and said, "Feel better now."

It was the most erotic thing I had ever envisioned, but my gratification was short-lived. My wife shook me awake.

"What the fuck?" she seethed. Waving her palm in front of me, I saw that it was smeared with a white gooey substance.

I shrugged and asked, "What's that?"

My wife pointed at my boxers. Somehow during the night my cock had worked its way out of my underwear. My cock was still hard and cum dripped from its mushroomed head. My look of astonishment contrasted with wife's look of outrage.

"You had a wet dream, what are you thirteen?" she ranted pulling her nightie off. The back of it was smeared with my spent seed. She glared at me and harangued, "You cummed all over me."

As my wife stomped off to the shower, I lay back on my pillow and recalled my dream. I sighed with a deep satisfaction, "Skylar, I imagine you are a beautiful cocksucker."

Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking more and more of Skylar and Mack while, I videoed and edited other people's weddings. As I planned the consummation shoot, I realized I needed to inspect the bridal suite to figure out the correct lighting scheme and camera placement.

I made arrangements with the hotel to check out the room. I stood before the huge king-size bed reeling in my tape measure and scribbled the measurement down on my pad. I examined the bed. It had a luxurious pillow-top mattress with plush bedding and lines. Closing my eyes, I imagined Mack's chiseled body lying nude upon it.

His cock was hard and so large it nearly touched his navel, I surmised it would give his new bride a lot of pleasure. Seeing his wife emerge from the bathroom in her bridal lingerie, he hoarsely choked, "You look so beautiful, babe."

Skylar was wearing an extremely erotic and elegant body-stocking. It was made from a soft white transparent fabric that exquisitely exposed her feminine form. The shear white garment revealed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and tented the translucent material. The bodysuit was crotchless, divulging that her pussy lips were enflamed with excitement and glistened with anticipation. To accentuate her outfit, she wore a sheer white wedding veil that hung below her very sexy butt.

My cock was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. I could hear my pulse in my ears and actually feel it pounding in my cock. My mouth was dry and I was panting.

Skylar climbed onto the bed and took her groom's colossal cock firmly in her hand. Studying it for a moment, she kissed its huge head before twirling her tongue around it, lapping up its seepage. She licked the underside of Mack's massive manhood like a lollipop while gently squeezing his bloated balls. Her new husband moaned his joy.

My face flushed with envy. I had imagined what a great cocksucker Skylar would be and I blushed with very real jealousy. I clinched my teeth and said, "Lucky fucker."

The vocalized pleasure of her husband seemed to motivate Skylar. She looked ready to fuck. She spat out his cock and it slapped his belly with an audible smack. Swinging her leg over Mack, she straddled him backwards in the reverse cowboy position. She announced watching my reaction, "I want you to have an unobstructed view."

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