tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWedding Night Rape

Wedding Night Rape


"You may kiss the bride."

The preacher's words rang in Allen's ears. He looked down at Courtney, his young bride. She was no more than five feet tall. At 5'8, Allen towered over her. Her beautiful round face was framed in reddish-blonde hair, falling in gentle curls. Her big, gray eyes gazed up at his. Her smooth pale skin glowed in the gentle candle light. Allen's eyes gazed over her smooth, bare shoulders, and her neck, where her soft skin plunged into the gentle cleavage of her small, perfectly-shaped breasts. She looked just the same as when they met in high school. She was a sophomore. He was a Senior. They had dated all through high school and college.

Their lips met. Courtney felt a tingle. They had kissed before. They had necked and petted, but always stopped. Tonight it would be different, Tonight it would be okay. Allen felt the promise in his new wife's mouth. Standing at the altar, their tongues met briefly before their lips parted. The rest of the service and the reception were a blur. So many people, friends, parent's friends. Finally it was over. Casually dressed in jeans, the young couple slipped out the back way and headed for the family cabin where they were to spend the first night of their honeymoon.

Allen slipped the key into the lock. It was a little stiff. The family didn't use the cabin much. It was very pretty up here, but rather far away for regular use. It was a perfect place for a honeymoon.

"Carry me?" Allen heard Courtney's voice. She still sounded like a little girl, even though she was 22.


"Over the threshold, silly!" she giggled.

"Oh yeah," said Allen, sheepishly. He bent down and picked her up easily. He nudged the door open with his foot. Courtney lay her head against his neck as he stepped inside into the darkness. They kissed before Allen put her down. He turned to find the light switch. He heard Courtney scream as someone grabbed him. Courtney screamed again. He heard her whimpering and breathing hard.

"Doan' move!" a thick, black voice threatened. "Or I'll cut yo' lil' girlfrien'"

"Al... Allen?" Courtney whimpered.

"Shut up!" the voice threatened.

Allen struggled to free his arms. The man holding him was much bigger and very strong. He felt the metal against his wrist. Handcuffs! He struggled until he heard Courtney shriek.

"Doan' move or I'll cut her!"

Allen hesitated. He felt his arms pulled behind him. The cuffs closed around his other wrist. He was helpless!

The lights came on. A big, black man had his arm around Courtney. He towered over her. Her tiny white hands clutched at his thick arm. It was wrapped around her neck. His other hand held an enormous knife to her delicate white throat!

Courtney gasped when she saw Allen handcuffed. The man holding her released her. She backed away as he turned and locked the door. Then he turned back towards her. She was trembling, her eyes wide.

"Go sit on the bed!" he ordered. The other man pushed Allen down in a chair. He looped a length of cord around Allen's waist, tying it off.

Courtney sat on the bed. She shivered and sobbed. She was hugging herself, crossing her arms over her chest.

Allen squirmed in the chair. He didn't like the hungry way these two big black men were looking at his pretty young wife.

"Yo! She's badd!" said the one that had handcuffed Allen. He had a scar on his cheek where he had be cut in a fight.

"No shit!" said the other one. He was tall and a little fat. They both looked as if they were older, maybe in their forties. The tall fat one was standing over Courtney. He was looking down her top. He could see her firm young breasts pressing up her thin white bra.

"You his girlfrien?" he asked.

"We're MARRIED!" Courtney replied. To her horror, the man sat on the bed next to her. The bed sagged under his weight. Courtney slid away from him. He was grabbing at her!

"Noooo!" she shrieked. She wriggled away, slapping at his big hands. He grabbed her arm. She tried to punch at him with her free hand. He grabbed it, and they wrestled. Then she heard Allen cry out. The man with a scar had hit him, in the stomach! He was bent over the chair, moaning and trying to catch his breath!

"NOOOO!" Courtney shrieked. "Allen! Don't hurt him! Please!"

"You gonna be nice?" the man holding her arms asked. Courtney continued to wrestle him. She had to get away. She had to help Allen.

"Hit him again, real hard. make it hurt!" the fat man urged.

"NOOO! Oh GOD!" Courtney burst into tears. She looked up at the man holding her arms.

"PLEASE don't hurt him!" she sobbed. "I'll do what you want!"

"No, don't, Courtney," Allen moaned. Then he cried out as the man with a scar slapped his head, hard.

"Shut up, muthafucka!" he said. There was a ripping noise as the man with a scar peeled off a length of duct tape. Allen twisted his head, but he was unable to keep the man from taping his mouth.

On the bed across from Allen, the fat man released Courtney's arms. She threw them over her chest again, sobbing.

"Bring me the cuffs!" she heard the fat man say. Courtney's eyes were wide as she saw the shiny chrome handcuffs dangling from his hand. He peeled her left arm away from her chest and slipped one of the bracelets around her left wrist. He noticed her wedding set. It looked new.

"Jus' married?" he said. His voice was suddenly gentle.

Courtney sniffed back a tear and nodded. "Today," she whimpered. "P... Please don't hurt me!" she sobbed as the man pushed her hands behind her and fastened the cuff to her other wrist. She struggled instinctively, trying to free her hands.

"Looks like we got us a fresh lil' bride!" the fat man said to the man with a scar.

The man with a scar bent down so his face was next to Allen's.

"We're gonna fuck yo' pretty lil' bride!" he gloated.

"MMMMMF! MMMMF!" Allen tried to scream through the gag. He was writhing frantically, trying to get free.

Courtney screamed. These men were going to rape her! This was a nightmare! She jumped to her feet. Handcuffed, there was nowhere to run. She stumbled back into the door, her eyes wide, breathing hard. These men, BLACK men, wanted to RAPE her! The fat man got up from the bed. He walked towards Courtney. His big black hands reached for her.

"Nooo! Nooo! Oh, GOD!" Courtney burst into tears. She twisted away, dancing across the room, shrieking. Her screams covered Allen's muffled shouts. There was a muffled thud. Allen's shouts changed to gasping moans. The man with a scar had hit him again, hard, in the abdomen. Allen was bent over in the chair.

"ALLEN!" Courtney screamed. The man with a scar grabbed his hair, jerked him upright. Courtney could see Allen's face wrenched with pain. The man holding his hair made a fist. He was going to hit Allen again.

"Nooo! Nooo!" Courtney screamed. She started toward Allen. The fat man slipped behind her. He grabbed her cuffed wrists, jerking them up until Courtney was bent over.

"Oww!" Courtney gasped. "You're HURTING me!"

There was another thud. Allen groaned again.

"Nooo! Stop it! You'll kill him!" Courtney shrieked.

"You gonna be nice to us?" the fat man demanded.

"Yes, yes, just don't hurt him," Courtney sobbed. The man released her wrists. She stood up, trembling and breathing hard. Allen's head was back. His eyes stared at her. They glazed, unseeing. She could tell he was in pain.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed. "Please, I'll do anything, just don't hurt him!"

"Thas' right!" Courtney felt the fat man's hands. He was still standing behind her. She felt his hands caressing her shoulders through her top. It made her shiver.

"You be good to us and we won't hurt Allen no mo'"

"Yes," Courtney sobbed. "I will!"

The fat man pulled Courtney against him. She felt the warm, firm bulge in his pants press into her cuffed wrists. To her horror, his big hands slipped from her shoulders. His fingers were curving over her breasts!

"Ohhh!" Courtney whimpered. She pulled helplessly at the handcuffs. She flinched and began to twist away. Then she saw the other man, standing by Allen, watching her. He was waiting to hit Allen again! Courtney stopped struggling. She let the fat man pull her against him.

Allen saw the man's big black hands curve over his wife's top. He groaned helplessly.

The fat man felt Courtney surrender. His fingers cupped both her breasts, sliding slowly and very gently over the soft fabric of her top. He could feel the seams of her thin bra, probably a "B" cup. Underneath, he felt the tense firmness of her young breasts. His fingers massaged and caressed where he expected her nipples to be. Courtney shivered and moaned, then rewarded him with stiff little bumps he could feel through her clothes.

Allen squirmed helplessly in the chair. He could see the fat man's hands curved around the bulges in his young bride's thin top. He watched the fabric deflect as the fat man's fingers teased and caressed her nipples. Poor Courtney choked back a sob. She felt her body responding. She was giving the passion she had been saving for Allen to another man!

The fat man groaned in pleasure. He felt Courtney shiver. He could tell she was responding. He liked that! Her nipples were hard, even through the material of her top and her bra. He slid his hands lower, following the girl's soft body down to her waist. Still standing behind her, the fat man bent down. He reached around and began to unfasten Courtney's jeans!

She stifled a little gasp. The fat man felt her shiver as he unbuttoned them and fumbled for the zipper. Bending lower, he slipped the jeans down Courtney's smooth white legs. She was wearing ordinary white panties.

"Step out!" The fat man ordered. Shivering and sobbing, Courtney slipped off her shoes, one at a time, and pulled her feet from her jeans. The fat man was standing behind her. He turned her to face him.

Courtney let out a little scream. The fat man was towering over her. He was holding the biggest knife she had ever seen! Courtney screamed again as the blade flashed. The front of her top parted without a sound as the fat man cut it away. Her shoulders twisted as she tried to free her hands to cover herself. She was almost naked, in front of these two men!

The fat man finished cutting away Courtney's top. He turned her around again. The man with a scar moved out from behind Allen. Courtney looked up at him. He was eyeing her, a wicked grin on his face. He was unzipping his pants!

"Hit yo' knees, bitch!" he snarled. He bent down to get his stiff cock out of his pants.

"Oh my God!" gasped Courtney. "Nooo!"

The fat man pressed down on her shoulders.

"Nooo! Oh God!" Courtney sobbed.

"Maybe you bettuh hurt her lil' husban' some mo'," suggested the fat man.

The man with a scar stopped. His stiff cock waved as he turned back towards Allen. He was moaning and squirming helplessly.

"No, PLEASE!" sobbed Courtney. She bent her knees and let the man holding her lower her to a kneeling position. The man with a scar was looking down at her. With her smooth tear stained face, her lips quivering, she looked like a little girl. He grabbed his stiff dick and pushed it into Courtney's face She turned her head and felt him rub it over her cheek.

The fat man knelt behind her. She felt his hands on her head. He forced it around toward the man standing in front of her. Bending down, he spoke softly in her ear.

"If you suck him good," he said gently, "maybe he won't rape you." Courtney felt his strong fingers on her cheeks, pushing her chin down. "Open yo' mouth!" he continued. "Real wide!"

The fat man held Courtney's head while the man with a scar guided his stiff penis into Courtney's open mouth. She moaned, a long, helpless sobbing moan as she felt his huge, stiff cock force her lips apart. The head filled her mouth. She felt it press down on her tongue.

Allen watched helplessly as the grinning black man sodomized his pretty young bride. She was naked except for her panties and bra. Her wrists, handcuffed together, dangled helplessly behind her back. The fat man was kneeling behind her. Her beautiful blonde hair spilled over his big black hands as he held her head for his friend to fuck. He could see the black man's stiff black penis. It was sliding in and out of Courtney's mouth. He watched her lips and cheeks move. He could hear her sobbing moans, but he could do nothing to help her. He pulled at the handcuffs until his wrists ached. He writhed against the ropes that held him in the chair. It was no use.

The man fucking Courtney's mouth moaned. He was looking down, watching Courtney's face. Her closed eyes were glazed with tears. Her smooth red lips were stretched around the head of his cock. The head of his dick rested on her stiff little tongue. Her smooth, silky cheeks enfolded him. He could see the faint freckles on her smooth pale cheeks. He rocked his hips slowly, savoring the feeling as the head of his stiff dick slid over the warm, silky flesh of Courtney's hot wet mouth. How many times had he masturbated in his prison cell, dreaming of a moment like this: filling a young white bitch's mouth with his cum. Seeing the anguish on her new husband's face only made it sweeter!

Courtney moaned as precum spurted into her mouth. She tried to get away. It was no use. The fat man was holding her head. He was murmuring in her ear,

"Swallow it, honey! Swallow it!"

The man with a scar moaned again as his cum flooded Courtney's mouth.

"Shit!" he moaned, rocking his hips, pumping his cum into poor Courtney's mouth. "Suck me, bitch!"

Allen writhed in the chair. He could see his young bride's throat move as she tried to swallowed her rapist's cum. It was bubbling out under Courtney's lips, dripping down on her chest. The black man's hips swayed and danced in wild pleasure as he fucked this white wimp's bride in her pretty little mouth. There were gurgling and coughing sounds. Finally it was over. The scarred man slid his cock out of Courtney's mouth. It was still stiff, shiny with Courtney's saliva. The fat man was wiping the tears and cum from Courtney's face.

"There, there," the fat man said, softly. He wiped the last of his friend's cum from Courtney's chest. He put his big arms around the handcuffed girl and held her against him. He could feel her small body shudder as she sobbed.

He helped her up to a sitting position on the bed. Her eyes were wet with tears, her pretty face wet and puffy.

"You okay?" the fat man asked. Courtney nodded slowly. She sniffed back her tears.

"I... I'm okay," she said. Her voice was high and faint. "It's over," she thought. "They'll let us go."

Sure enough, the fat man had the handcuff key. Courtney felt the bracelet drop from her right wrist. She moved it quickly around in front of her. She waited for the fat man to undo the other cuff. Instead, he set down the key. Pulling her wrists together, he fastened the bracelet around her right wrist again.

The fat man felt his cock surge as he saw the innocent, hurt little girl look on Courtney's face.

"Lay back!" he said.

Courtney's eyes widened. She didn't move. Then she saw the man with a scar. He was standing in front of Allen making a fist!

"Lay back!"

The fat man pressed her shoulders. Courtney let herself fall back on the bed. The fat man stood up. He grabbed her handcuffed wrists and pulled them up over her head!

"No!" Courtney gasped. "What are you doing?"

The fat man had a length of cord. He looped it through the handcuffs and tied her cuffed wrists to the headboard.

"No! Let me go! You promised you wouldn't rape me!" Courtney sobbed.

"Shut up, bitch!" the fat man snarled. His voice was harsh. Courtney squirmed on the bed. Then she saw the man with a scar. He grabbed her ankles in his strong hand and pulled her down the bed until her arms were stretched over her head. The handcuffs were pinching her wrists!

"Oww! Oww! You're HURTING me!" she squealed.

"Shut up!" the man with a scar snarled.

"Ho'd still!" the fat man ordered. With her wrists tied to the headboard and the scarred man holding her ankles, she couldn't move much anyway.

Le's see what you got!" the fat man said, grinning. His big hands reached down for her bra! It fastened in front. She felt his rough hands slide under the clasp. She felt it release.

"Nooo! Oh NOOO!" she whimpered.

Allen writhed in the chair as he watched the fat man slide his wife's limp bra up her arms. Her swollen pointy breasts were sticking straight up. They were smooth and pale white, her small pale nipples protruding. He saw the fat man's big black hands reaching out.

"No! No!" Allen screamed into the tape covering his mouth. He writhed against the rope holding him in the chair. The fat man was touching Courtney, his fingers curving over her bare breasts. He could hear her sobbing, see her wiggling helplessly.

He thought of how silky smooth Courtney's breasts were, how firm, how stiff her little nipples were. Now this black pervert was enjoying her, his Courtney, his wife! He could see her breasts deflect as the fat man's fingers slid over them. He could see Courtney writhe and flinch. She was crying now, sobbing and blubbering.

The fat man's hands slid down Courtney's naked body to her panties. He slipped his thumbs under the waistband.

Courtney screamed, writhing frantically. "Nooo!... (sob) Oh god, no! (sob)..."

The fat man slapped her face, hard. The smack echoed in the small room. Allen writhed in his chair.

"Shut up, you little bitch!" the fat man hissed. Courtney stared up at him in shock, her cheek burning. "Or we'll hurt you and your li'l wimp husband. Understan'?"

Courtney nodded weakly, sniffing back tears. Her lower lip trembled.

"Le's see what you got!" the fat man gloated. Slowly he slid Courtney's panties down, jerking them under her ass. Courtney sobbed but did not squirm as he slid them to her ankles. The scarred man helped him slip them off her feet. She was naked! Naked and helpless.

Allen ground his teeth. He watched the two men looking over his young wife's naked body. She was a virgin. She was his. This was his night! It wasn't right that these two men should have her before he did!

The fat man got up. He returned with two more sets of handcuffs. The scarred man held Courtney's ankles while the fat man slipped a cuff around each. Then each man cuffed an ankle to the side of the bed. Courtney's body made a smooth, white "Y" on the bed. Her breasts and cunt were exposed and helpless.

Courtney trembled and pulled at her bonds as her captors admired their handiwork. Then, as Courtney watched in horror, they both began to undress!

The scarred man finished first. He crawled on the bed on his hands and knees between Courtney's legs. His stiff cock bobbed as he moved, his swollen balls rocking between his legs.

Instinctively Courtney tried to squirm away, but of course she couldn't. She braced herself for the feeling of his body over hers. He lay on the bed between her legs.

"Ain' nothin' a bro' likes bettuh aftuh gettin' head than suckin' some sweet white pussy!" he gloated.

Allen seethed with rage as he saw the scarred man's head move between his wife's thighs. His big black hands cradled her slender white thighs, holding them still. Courtney let out a little squeek when she felt his lips on her cunt. Her hips writhed helplessly as she felt her folds spread by the scarred man's probing tongue.

He thrust deep, tasting her. His tongue slid over her smooth young folds. Her little navel pumped up and down with her rapid breathing. He explored her, licking and probing, until he found her clitoris. Gently he worked it with the tip of his tongue while Courtney shivered and wriggled in his hands. She was breathing hard and making little "Oh (gasp) oh" sounds.

Gently he teased Courtney's bulb from its hiding place in her inner folds. He felt it stiffen under his tongue as Courtney's sobs and moans became louder. He could taste her juices now. They were hot and salty, mixing with his saliva.

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