Wedding Night Rape


Allen groaned in anguish. He recognized the sounds Courtney was making. He knew she was sexually aroused. She was feeling sexual pleasure, for this... ANIMAL!

The fat man was undressed by now. He sat on the bed by Courtney's head. His big cock stuck up stiffly. He bent down. Courtney realized he wanted to kiss her! She flipped her head away, but the fat man just kissed her cheek.

"Dat feel good, hon?" he teased. He slid his hand over Courtney's left breast. He could feel her heart beating wildly as he stroked her swollen flesh.

"He know how to make li'l white girls feel like fuckin'" he taunted.

Courtney was overloaded by the stimulation between her legs. She hardly responded to the fat man until his mouth closed over her right breast.

"Unnn! (gasp) (sob) Unnnn (sob) (gasp)" she moaned. She was writhing helplessly. Her two captors were eating her alive. She had lost control of her body. The two men were making her feel things she didn't want to feel, and she couldn't stop them. She was going to cum like this, cum in the scarred man's mouth in front of her new husband!

She felt the tenseness in her folds, the burning pleasure spreading through her body. She arched her back, pulling at her bonds. The hard rings of steel held her wrists up and her ankles apart. She rocked her hips back, then from side to side. She could not escape the hot wet tongue slithering over her swollen flesh. "I can't have an orgasm, not like this, not for him" she insisted to herself. Then she realized she had no choice. She was going to cum. She couldn't stop it. She couldn't control it. The man with a scar was controlling HER.

"Uhnnnn! Oh GOD!" Courtney sobbed as her body stiffened.

Allen screamed into his gag. How could his bride, the girl he had kissed at the altar not five hours before, be having oral sex with a black man, and CLIMAXING for him!

The man with a scar tasted Courtney's juices, hot and salty. He felt her clitoris throb against the tip of his tongue. Her hips shuddered in his hands. His tongue slowed, skillfully prolonging the inexperienced girl's agony. She was writhing hysterically, gasping for breath.

The fat man watched Courtney's face as she climaxed. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the ceiling. Her pretty mouth was twisted in a grimace, her lips parted as she gasped for breath. Her hips pumped rapidly up and down a dozen times as she writhed through her orgasm. Then, after a final shudder, her body went limp. She lay, eyes closed, gasping for breath.

The scarred man quietly got up. The fat man took his place. He crawled up over Courtney before she saw him.

"Oh God!" she gasped. Her eyes were wide. She struggled wildly.

The fat man grinned down at her. He lowered his hips, guiding his stiff prick.

"Nooo, oh please no!" Courtney moaned, still gasping for breath.

The man with a scar moved Allen, still tied to the chair, closer to the bed. "You can see yo' wife gettin' fucked!" he gloated. Allen COULD see. The fat man was rubbing the head of his dick over Courtney's wet, glistening folds. He was lubricating it with her secretions. He could see her hips twisting, trying to escape. He realized she was helpless to keep him from entering her whenever he wanted.

The fat man could tell she was ready. Her orgasm and his friend's saliva had made her wet and slippery enough to take even his big cock. It was time.

Allen heard Courtney's shriek. She felt her folds thrust aside as the head of the fat man's penis pressed into her. He groaned as the girl's warm, smooth flesh enclosed him. Rocking his stiff organ and moving his hips lower, he found her entrance. Courtney shrieked again. She began sobbing loudly as she felt herself stretch over the fat man's throbbing cock. She had always imagined Allen taking her virginity, after a romantic evening. He'd be gentle and loving, holding her and kissing her. She sobbed and gasped as the fat man moved very slowly into her. He was filling her body, pressing against her insides. She was terrified it would hurt, but it didn't.

The fat man took his time. He could tell Courtney was a virgin. He had to stop to keep from coming too soon. He pressed his cock into her body slowly but relentlessly, feeling her smooth, tight flesh yield to him. About half way in, he met some resistance. He pressed gently. Courtney shrieked again and it gave. Slowly he continued until he felt the head of his dick touch her cervix. She was impaled all the way on his dick!

Slowly he lowered himself over the sobbing girl. His weight pinned her to the bed, even though he supported himself on his elbows. She was so small her head only came to his chest. Slowly he rocked his hips, feeling his cock sliding over Courtney's tight, slippery flesh. His deep groans mixed with Courtney's high whimpers.

Allen watched in disbelief. He saw the huge black shaft of the fat man's penis sliding in and out of his wife's body. It was glistening with her juices. He could hardly stand to hear her voice, high and faint, whimpering between her sobs. The scarred man was standing beside him. His dick was still hard, even after coming in Courtney's mouth, and he was stroking it as he watched.

"Ah'm gonna fuck her aftuh him!" he gloated. "Fuck yo' pretty lil white bride!"

Allen wanted to kill them both.

The fat man was fucking Courtney faster now. They were moaning together, both breathing heavily. The fat man felt his penis tingle. He knew he was going to come, come in this little girl's sweet virgin body, impregnate her with his seed. He had taken her virginity. It was his, forever. Now! He felt the girl's smooth, silky flesh slide back and forth over him, felt the precum well up inside, felt the throbbing.

Courtney shrieked. She felt the heat, deep in her body, and knew what was happening to her. She burst into tears as the fat man's hips rocked over her, pumping his cum into her. It went on forever.

Finally it was over. The fat man, groaning, slid his now-limp penis from Courtney's writhing body. No sooner had he rolled his heavy body off the bed, the man with a scar replaced him. He bent over Courtney, kissing and nuzzling her face, tasting her tears. She was beyond resistance. She hardly struggled when the scarred man slid his penis into her. He was smaller than the fat man, and she was now stretched out and very well lubricated. Soon his hips were pumping as he fucked her.

"Tol' you I was gonna fuck her next!" he gloated at Allen. He watched Allen, enjoying the anguish on the boy's face almost as much as sliding his swollen cock in and out of his smooth little bride. He came much faster than the fat man. Soon both men were sitting with limp dicks, one on each side of Courtney, still handcuffed to the bed.

Allen tried to hide his erection. He couldn't believe he had gotten sexually aroused watching the two men rape his virgin bride, but the proof was there in the bulge in his pants. He had been saving himself for this night, but this was NOT how it was supposed to turn out.

"Lookit that!" The man with a scar pointed at Allen. The fat man had been admiring the way Courtney's firm young breasts stood up on her chest. He looked up. The bulge in the boy's pants was unmistakable. The men looked at each other and grinned.

The two men got up from the bed where Courtney still lay naked, her wrists and ankles chained. Allen squirmed against the ropes holding him to the chair. There was no escape. The fat man took his arms while the man with the scar untied the ropes. He was still handcuffed, and the cuffs pinched his wrists as the fat man hauled him to his feet. Allen moaned as his body straightened. His abdomen ached from the scarred man's punches. The scarred man sat in the chair. He reached for Allen's jeans!

Allen squirmed, twisting away. The fat man trapped his head in an arm lock. He then jerked the handcuffs up, straining Allen's arms as he choked him.

"Hol' still!" he ordered. Allen could do nothing else. He felt his jeans slipped down his legs, followed by his shorts. He felt the cool air on his stiff penis.

"Whuzzup?" said the man with a scar. "Looks like our little bridegroom's ready to lay some pipe, huh?" Then to Allen's horror, he felt the man's hand on his penis! He moaned into the tape covering his mouth and twisted his hips. His cock popped out of the scarred man's hand. Then Allen moaned again as the fat man pulled his handcuffed wrists higher and tightened the arm lock on his head. Allen could barely breathe!

"Hol' still!" the fat man said in his ear. Allen shivered as he felt the hand again, stroking his erect penis! He had NEVER been fondled by a man. Courtney fondled him to orgasm once when they were petting. Allen struggled in the fat man's arms, breathing heavily. The scarred man's fingers surrounded his stiff cock, sliding slowly up and down its length. Allen felt his body responding in spite of himself. He moaned in humiliation as he felt the stirring of sexual feeling, a feeling he could not control.

"Think we should let him fuck his little bride?" the man with a scar asked.

"Mmm," the fat man answered. He dragged Allen toward the bed. Courtney saw them. She writhed helplessly as the two men maneuvered her new husband into position between her legs. The scarred man tied Allen's ankles together. The fat man lowered him over his helpless, squirming young bride. The scarred man grasped Allen's dick. As the fat man slowly lowered the handcuffed boy, the scarred man guided his erect cock into the squirming girl.

Allen and Courtney both squirmed helplessly as their captors forced them into a perversion of their wedding night. Allen felt his young wife's warm, slippery folds surround the head of his dick, reminding him that he was the third man to have her. He felt Courtney wriggle under him. He heard her sob, but with his mouth taped, he could not comfort her. The fat man's hands on his hips pressed down. The scarred man rocked Allen's penis in Courtney's folds. Allen struggled to escape. He couldn't enter his young bride this way! It was no use. He felt his cock slide into Courtney's vagina. He felt her hips rock against his as their bodies touched.

"Come on! Fuck her!" the fat man urged. His big hands covered Allen's buttocks as he rocked Allen's hips. Allen felt his cock siding in and out of Courtney's smooth hole. He tried not to feet the tingles of sexual arousal. It was no use.

"Lemme do it!" the man with a scar said. The fat man moved to the head of the bed, holding the squirming, handcuffed boy in position over his pretty young bride. The scarred man squeezed a tube, lubricating his fingers. He knelt beside Allen and put one hand on his buttocks. With his fingers, he spread the boy's cheeks. Allen wriggled, making Courtney moan, but there was no escape! The scarred man's slippery, lubricated finger pressed easily into Allen's rectum.

Allen's hips rocked and bucked. He felt his cock sliding faster over Courtney's velvety flesh. He felt the scarred man's finger pressing deeper and deeper into him. His head dropped to the bed, beside and slightly above Courtney's. Her sobs and his moans mingled as the scarred man finger fucked Allen's ass while Allen fucked his little bride.

"White boy's got a fine ass," gloated the scarred man. He had fucked a lot of boys in prison. This one was a prize! Smooth and tight, just the way he liked them! He pressed another finger into Allen's rectum. Allen writhed and moaned as he felt himself stretched. The scarred man leaned over him.

"You know what we do to pretty white boys in prison?"

Allen shivered as the fingers slipped out of his ass. Then he squirmed desperately as he felt the scarred man's cock in his crack. The fat man grabbed his cuffed wrists, pulling them up his back until he stopped resisting. The tape muffled Allen's screams as the scarred man drove his long, slender cock into his ass. Courtney was pinned to the bed by the weight of the two men on her. She could not tell what was happening other than that Allen was fucking her roughly, more roughly than either of the colored men.

The scarred man felt his cock move deep inside Allen. He was tight and smooth, like a young boy. He looked over the boy's shoulder at his young bride. The fat man had pushed Allen's head aside and was kissing Courtney. She was sobbing, and the fat man could feel her soft lips tremble against his. He tasted her tears. The scarred man felt his climax welling up inside him. This would even make going back to prison worth while, this one cum...

Allen had lost control of his body. He felt himself climax against his will. He felt Courtney writhe under him. Her moans were stifled by the fat man's tongue, pressed deep into Courtney's helpless mouth. Allen moaned as the scarred man drove deep into him. He felt the warmth in the pit of his stomach. It seemed to fill him. He knew what was happening. He was being raped by another man! He was the same man that had just raped his bride. He shivered in humiliation as he felt the penis throb deep in his ass, emptying itself into him, polluting him.

The fat man enjoyed watching his friend come in Allen. He especially enjoyed watching Allen forced to come against his will in his young bride. He continued to kiss the sobbing girl as the scarred man peeled Allen off of her and rolled him, gasping, onto the bed next to Courtney. Both men looked at the naked girl. Without a word, the fat man taped her mouth. The scarred man unfastened Courtney's ankles. They flipped her over, face down. She struggled weakly as the scarred man fastened her ankles again. The scarred man dragged Allen back to the chair. He tied him in again. The fat man knelt on the bed between Courtney's legs. His huge dick was recovered from raping her. It was standing out, stiff and hard. The fat man reached down with both hands. Allen watched in horror as the fat man caressed Courtney's ass!

The scarred man ripped the tape from Allen's mouth. He felt the scarred man's penis on his face! It was still wet from being in his ass!

"Suck it, muthafucka!" snarled the scarred man. Allen turned his head away.

"Suck it, or he's gonna do yo' lil' bride!"

Allen looked over at Courtney. She writhed as the fat man's fingers spread her cheeks. His big finger, glistening with lubricant, was poised. The tape muffled Courtney's scream as the fat man slowly pressed his finger into her.

"NO!" screamed Allen. His scream was more like a croak, and his voice cracked.

"Suck it!"

The scarred man pressed his cock against Allen's lips. Courtney moaned again. He could see her smooth white buttocks twist frantically. The fat man's dark finger was liding slowly sliding slowly in and out.

"Suck it, or she gets fucked in the ass!"

"No!" moaned Allen, "You'll kill her!"

"Suck it!"

Allen hesitated. He was trembling in humiliation. He heard Courtney sob, saw the grinning fat man lubricating his penis. He couldn't let this happen.

The man with a scar saw Allen surrender to him. He turned his head, opening his mouth. He felt his penis surge as he guided it into the boy's mouth.

"Open wide! That's it! No teeth! Now, lick it!"

Allen moaned as he felt the scarred man's dick sliding in and out of his mouth. He was giving pleasure to his wife's rapist. This pervert had raped BOTH of them!

The scarred man moaned in pleasure. Allen was in his twenties, but he was a soft, innocent young boy compared to the young men the scarred man had enjoyed in prison. He could tell Allen had never had a dick in his mouth. He had to tell him how to do it. Making Allen obey turned him on as much as the sensation in his cock. He cradled the boy's head in his hands. He looked down at his smooth, youthful face, watching his lips slide over his shaft. He braced himself for his climax, holding the boy's head.

Allen tried to twist away when he tasted the precum, but it was no use. The scarred man drove his cock all the way to Allen's throat. He had no leverage in his jaws to bite. His frantic attempt to escape only stimulated the scarred man. Finally his mouth filled with hot cum. It shot down his throat, gagging him. The scarred man helt his head, slowly fucking him until he stopped coming.

He slipped his cock from Allen's mouth. The boy doubled over, gagging and retching. The scarred man was watching his friend. Courtney was squealing into the tape over her mouth. The fat man had three fingers in her tiny anus, stretching her out. Her hips were writhing and pumping helplessly. Still with his fingers in her ass, the fat man rolled into position. He lowered himself, replacing the fingers with the head of his cock.

"Shit! She's a tight little thing!" gloated the fat man.

"Nooo!" Allen looked up in time to see Courtney writhe frantically as the fat man's dick split her ass.

"You said! You promised!" he protested.

The scarred man slapped his head.

"Shut up! I lied! Come on, ovuh heah, watch yo' lil' bride get ass-fucked by a real man!"

Allen twisted his head as the scarred man taped his mouth again. He dragged the chair closer to the bed. He could see the smooth white shapes of Courtney's buttocks, and the fat man's huge glistening shaft sliding slowly in and out of her rectum. He could see the fat man's hands. They were reaching around under his young wife to caress her soft young breasts. Courtney was no longer screaming. She was gasping for breath between sobs. She was writhing and pumping her hips, but that only intensified the fat man's pleasure. He would never forget the sensation of that smooth, tight asshole, the warmth as he drove deep into the girl's body, the way her frantic squirms excited him.

It took the fat man forever to come. He finally looked back at Allen. When he saw the humiliation, the horror, the shame in his young eyes, he just lost it. Courtney screamed as she felt it, deep in her slender body. Her rapist's hot cum was flooding where it should not be. Her wrists and ankles struggled against the handcuffs, but she could not escape. She felt the fat man holding her against him, stroking her hair as he filled her with his cum, pumping and grunting. Finally it was over.

The fat man lay on Courtney while his cock softened inside her. Finally he withdrew, sliding his half limp cock out of her. He massaged her bare back. He lifted her hair and kissed her neck.

"You a nice lil fuck, fo' a white bitch!" he cooed. "I can' do no' mo'. How 'bout you?"

"Naw, I need a res'."

"Come on, son!" The scarred man untied Allen. He dragged the limp boy to the bed and lay him beside his sobbing bride. He lay the handcuff key on the dresser.

"Key's ovuh heah. You can figure out how to get loose!" he said.

The fat man looked back at the two young white bodies laying on the bed.

"Happy honeymoon!" he said, as he switched out the light.

Allen heard the door latch. He heard the sound of footsteps on the porch, and then nothing more.

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