tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWedding Reception Party

Wedding Reception Party


"Hey," Sean calls me as he poked his head out of the groomsmen's hotel room as I pass.

"Shouldn't you be downstairs?"

He nods. "Me and Jeremy are having a problem."

"Where is Jeremy?"

"In here. Come on, you gotta help us out, you're the maid of honor."

"So. Where's the best man?"

"Come on please."

I sigh. "You know my responsibilities are only to the bride and bridesmaids, what you all do, I have no concern about," I say as I follow him into the suite.

I walk into the living room area and find Jeremy standing in the living room without his pants. Annoyance fills me. I hope he's not drunk as I am not carrying his 6'0, 240 pound, white tail anywhere.

"Are you drunk?" I demand as I head over to him.


I sigh. "Well what the hell?" I turn around to Sean for an explanation.

Jeremy grabs me by the waist and pulls me towards him.

At 5'8 with my heels on I am almost eye level with 5'10 Sean. His green eyes roam my body and he runs a hand through his black hair.

"She smells good," Jeremy tells him.

"Get off me," I command.

"Look at 'em," Sean reaches out his hands and places them on my breasts. He squeezes them.

I can feel Jeremy beginning to poke my ass. He starts to grind his cock against my ass as Sean feels me up. I try to push Sean away with my hands.

"Pull those black tits out," Jeremy says.

Sean reaches around my neck and unclips my dress. The front falls down to my stomach. My strapless bra is quickly removed. My round 38C tits are exposed and he immediately takes on in him mouth. Jeremy removes one hand from around me, holding me tight to him with the other, and palms my other tit with his hand.

"Come on you guys," I say desperately. "Stop, please."

"You ever fuck a black bitch before?" Sean asks.

Jeremy shakes his head.

"I did once. Great fucks. Watch this." Sean grabs me by my hair and forces me to my knees. "Take out his cock," he says, forcing me to face Jeremy.

"Sean!" I scream. "You're hurting me."

"Take out his cock."

"Sean," I whine.

"Jeremy, help this slut."

Jeremy pulls his boxer briefs down and his cock stands straight in my face.

"Suck it," Sean tells me. "They have the best cock sucking lips."

I just bow my head.

"Suck it!" Sean screams.

"Suck my cock," Jeremy says.

I look up at Jeremy. I always thought he was the nice one in the group, definitely the fat one, but of all 7 groomsmen he seemed the nicest.

Sean forces my head around and slaps me. "Suck it bitch!"

"What would your wife say?" I whimper to him.

"She'd be sucking the cock by now." He turns my head around again. "Suck!"

I slowly open my mouth, knowing there's no reasoning.

Jeremy forces his cock in my mouth when it's open just enough for him to fit.

I suck lazily, which is quickly noticed. Jeremy grabs the sides of my face and begins to face fuck me. His cock rams into the back of my throat. I gag and choke a bit as he forces his 7 inch dick deeper and deeper.

"I love these sluts," says Sean.

"She has a nice big ass."

"Yeah, I can't wait to pound it."

Sean forces me to my feet; Jeremy's cock is ripped from my mouth. He forces my dress down and off.

"Turn that ass around I wanna smack it! Yes! You like how that feels. Look at that big booty jiggle."

"Fuck yeah, let me smack that shit. Let me slap that fucking ass."

"Moan bitch, you know you like it."

"Fucking black whores were built for fucking."

"Fat fucking tits, big asses, full lips. Yes."

Sean sits in the arm chair. "Come suck me off. Crawl to me bitch."

Jeremy has his hand in my hair and leads me like it's a leash to Sean's cock. "Come on. Let's go. Come suck off the white man, bitch."

"Suck some white cock like you're made to. Suck me off!" Sean commands.

Jeremy shoves my face down onto Sean's lap by my hair and then pushes my thong half over my ass with the other hand.

"You about to bust that black pussy?"

"Yeah, I'm a split this shit open." Jeremy rubs his cock over my pussy. "She's already wet."

"She can get wetter."

Jeremy licks my pussy.

"Yeah, turn this slut on. Make the ghetto slut come out of this black bitch."

Jeremy's tongue dances around my clit. I start to bounce myass over his face as he licks and eats my pussy.

"The whore is dripping."

"You want that white cock don't you?" Sean asks. "Look at me bitch. You want that white man meat up your pussy. You want to feel that white meat stretching your fucking holes."

Jeremy eases his cock into my pussy form behind. He slaps my ass. "Now, fuck."

"That cock feel good ramming into your black cunt? You like white cock don't you slut? Gag bitch! I've waited weeks to have your lips around my dick. I fuck my wife's mouth thinking of your fat black cock sucking lips."

"Fuck me. Move your bloody ass! Move that donkey ass. Fuck me! Fuck my white prick bitch. That's it. Yes, get my nut out of my balls."

"Speaking of balls, here, lick these. There you go. Stick that tongue out and lick em. Not teabag me bitch. Suck my nuts. Suck on those balls. Yeah, that feels good. Alright put my cock back where it belongs."

"Fuck... me ...better!" Jeremy slaps my ass with each word. "You know how to fuck. Fine bitch let me show you. Like... this. Yes." He pounds into my pussy from behind, his balls slapping against my clit.

"Stick your tongue out and tongue my balls with that cock in your mouth. Look at me while you do what you were meant to." He looks up past me. "What's up Kyle?"

"Who is that?"


"The maid of honor?"

"Gotta teach these black bitches. They love this shit, pleasing the white man. I know you've fucked a black bitch."

"Best sluts are from 'the hood' or professionals like this one."

"She's being a pro right now," Jeremy says.

They laugh.

"Your wife is looking for you, man," Kyle tells Sean.

"Fuck, alright let me get this nut off." Sean pushes me off his cock. I turn my head to see Kyle standing there. Thin, tall, blonde with brown eyes, muscular body.

"Hold on," says Jeremy. "I'm about to bust."

"Cum in her pussy," says Sean.

"No!" I scream.

"Her pussy?" Jeremy says unsure.

"Yeah, I'm a cum in her pussy. Let's all just breed this bitch so she won't know who the daddy is like her bastard son downstairs."

Kyle laughs. "You're a heartless son-of-a-bitch, Sean."

"Okay," Jeremy says as he rams harder and harder. "Here it cums."

"Kyle c'mon, stop being a pussy," Sean tells him.

Jeremy explodes in my pussy. "Fuck!"

Sean lies in the floor and drags me onto his cock. He starts to pound into me while I ride his thick 8 inch dick. Kyle is before me quickly, his cock shoved in my mouth. I feel it grow as I suck his dick.

"Ooh, yeah, that's it. Damn, that's good."

"Suck it good whore."

"Yeah, suck that shit."

"You leaving Jay?"

"Yeah, I'm going back downstairs. I'll tell Mary you're on your way."

"Tell the boys there's a party up here."

Tears fall from my eyes as I think of the punishment to come.

"Fuck she sucks a good dick. Damn!"

"I'm about to cum in that pussy bitch. You want my baby? You know you do."

"Damn, Jeremy was right," Ian says as he comes in. "So how we fucking the hoe?"

"We're breeding this ghetto whore."

"Fuck yeah!"

"Kevin, come get your dick sucked," Kyle tells his younger, mentally challenged brother. "It's about time you got some pussy."

"Pussy!" he shouts back.

"I'm about to bust. FUCK ME!" Sean shouts. "FUCK MY DICK."

Someone slaps my ass. "Make him cum bitch so I can get some of that pussy!"

"Suck Kevin's dick!"

I look and see a monster cock staring me in the face. I can't believe Kevin's cock is so huge. I gasp.

"Suck!" Kevin says and rams his cock in my throat. "Suck! Suck! Suck!"

"FUCK ME!" Sean demands. "Fuck me like the ghetto, corner whore you are!"

"Look at the black ass bounce. Damn, man, that shit is huge. I can't wait to bust it out."

"Here it comes, bitch. Here comes my white cum. You gonna take it? You gonna take it all!" Sean explodes in my pussy, holding me down by my waist to take all his cum deep inside me. He pushes me off his cock and Kyle slides under me to replace him.

"Hold her ass open," Ian tells him. "I love busting black hoe's assholes."

"No, no please," I beg, managing to get Kevin's cock out of my mouth for a few seconds as he manhandles my tits. "AHHHHHH OOOOOH FUCK! NO! PLEASE!"

"Take that shit bitch! TAKE ALL MY COCK IN YOUR ASS!"

"Titties! Titties!" Kevin squeezes my tits around his cock, poking my chin as he titty fucks me.


"This pussy's so fucking wet!"


"Fuck him!"


"That's right, fuck those tits Kevin. Use this ghetto skank up!"

"Tits! Big black tits!"

"Yeah! Fuck! I'M GONNA FILL YOU UP. Yes!"




"OOOH YEAH BITCH RIGHT IN YOUR PUSSY. RIGHT UP THAT CUNT! You like that cum? You like that sperm in you? Take it all. There you go take it!"

"Pussy! Pussy!"

"I think Kevin wants pussy now. You gonna treat my little brother's cock nice, right?"


Ian pulls his cock out of my ass. "I gotta see this shit."

"Get that pussy Kevin."

Kevin picks me up off the ground and throws me on the couch.

"Take her to the bed, Kev," Ian tells him.

He lifts me again and walks me into the bed room. Ian and Kyle follow suit. I'm thrown onto the bed. He holds my legs apart. "Pussy!" he leans down and licks it.

I moan involuntarily.

"Close the door," Kyle tells Ian. "This is gonna get loud."

"Yo!" Rob yells from the living room.

"In here hurry up."

"Oh shit, Kevin?" he laughs. "Luke they're in here."

Lucas comes in and closes the door.

"Pussy!" Kevin says again and starts to push his cock into me.

"Slow," I plead with him.

"Fuck that, ram that fuckin bitch!" Ian says.

"She just called you slow Kevin," Kyle says.

"No! No, I didn't!" I say. "Just go slow."

A mean look comes over his face and he plugs half his cock into me.


"Fuck me! My pussy! My pussy!" He grabs my tits as they start to bounce with his thrusts.




"DEEPER! FUCK HER DEEPER," Luke groans as he strokes his dick.

"Kevin! Kevin!" I scream hoping to get his attention.

Rob pulls out his phone and video tapes Kevin pounding into me as he strokes his own cock.


"Kevin stop! Stop please. You're hurting me."



"Look at the hood whore fucking him."

"Tight! Tight pussy. Wet."

"Kevin, no!" I feel him tensing up.

"DO IT! DO IT!" they chant. "CUM! CUM! CUM!"

"Kevin, don't!"

"Cum! Cum!" he yells and then blasts inside my womb.

"KEVIN!" I scream.

He empties his load inside of me and then falls on top of me.

Kyle and Ian help lift him up.

"Come on, buddy, it's Luke and Rob's turn. Rest in the chair."

Sean and Jeremy come rushing in. "Damn, we missed it."

"Damn, gotta give her pussy time to tighten again," says Kyle.

"There's always her mouth," Luke says.

"And I'm not done with her ass," Ian says was a devilish look.

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