tagInterracial LoveWedding Reception Party Ch. 03

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 03


"When'd you get here?" I ask my sister, Tisha, who came with me to the wedding and is sitting on my bed in our room with my 3 year-old son.

"About five minutes ago."

There's a knock on the door and I rush to it.

"Kevin wanted to apologize," Rob tells me.

"I'm sorry," Kevin says in a whine.

I laugh. He's 6'5 whining like my son. I shake my head. I place my hand on his chest. "It's not your fault."

"Okay Kevin let's go. I'm sure she's tired."

"Thanks," I say to Rob, grabbing his arm.

He takes my hand to his lips and kisses it before walking away. I notice Trent, the groom, coming from the other direction. It's obvious he saw the kiss on the hand and immediately I get defensive. I close the door to the room. "It's not what it looked like," I tell him quickly when he stops in front of me.

"Maybe not in this room."

"What?" I exclaim.

"Jeremy and Kyle told me what happened and Sean... I'll leave it at that."

I am embarrassed. "Look, Trent—"

"I didn't come to talk to you about that though," he cuts me off. "I'm not like Sean. He's a rich, arrogant prick. But he's my frat brother so," he shrugs, "Hey. I came to ask you... It's about Katie."

"Katie? What's wrong is she okay?"

"She's fine. I just want to make this night special for her and I know she's had more than a crush on you for years."

"Katie?" I can't believe we were talking about the same sweet, innocent, quiet, pretty, shy girl. "I've known Katie since we were thrown together freshman year at State and she knew full well after sophomore year I was bi. She never said anything."

"C'mon Shay; it's Katie."

I smile and nod. "That's true. But how do you know?"

"She got really intoxicated senior year at the Gamma party and told me she had a crush on you, among other things. I just want this to be memorable for her. We get on a plane tomorrow for our honeymoon. Please. I'd never force you."

"Sure, Trent. Give me ten minutes." I quickly go inside, change out of my bridesmaid dress in the bathroom and then prepare to head out. "I'm going to go talk to Katie," I tell Tisha before I leave the room dressed in one of the hotel supplied robes and a pair of 4-inch, open-toed silver heels.

"You owe me for all this babysitting," she tells me.

I make my way to the room of the newlyweds and knock. Katie quickly lets me in. She's still in her strapless, corset, floor length wedding dress. Her dark brown hair still jeweled and styled up. She gives me a hug and rushes me in. I hear water running from the bathroom.

"Who's paying for this?" I ask, looking around the magical suite.

"My dad," she says as we stand in the middle of the floor. She gives me another hug.

I trace my fingertips along her back. I feel her tense, then relax. I kiss her shoulder and then move my way in. My lips trace her skin moving from her shoulder to her collarbone then her neck. She lets out a low hiss. Her hands are still wrapped around me. Now they're squeezing my waist, gentle pressure but noticed. I move and kiss her lips. After a few pecks she presses her lips against mine.

We hear the bathroom door open and she stops quickly. "Trent."

"Hey Shay," his voice comes into the room as he stands looking at us pressed together, still embraced in the hug.

I smile at him and then kiss Katie's neck again. "I want you Katie," I whisper in here ear then flick her ear with my tongue. "And Trent told me you want me too." My hands fall down her bodice to her butt.

"We want tonight to be special for you," Trent tells her.

She faces me. "Shay, we—"

I squeeze her butt. Even though there's a lot of fabric I can still get a grip, which surprises me. I always knew Katie had a little booty for a white girl but I didn't recall it being this grab-able. I kiss her again. She resists a bit and then falls into it quickly. She moves her hands to my booty and softly caresses it. I move my hands over hers and help her get a good grip on it before I slide down her body and move under her dress.

Trent walks up behind her. I can hear his hands running over the fabric of her dress. I lick her pussy just enough to get her wet. I move her panties to the side and slide my tongue along her clit.

She shudders. "Oh my God!"

I put my hands on her ass and spread her as cheeks. I lick from her ass to her pussy. Sliding my tongue in both holes. Playing with her pussy and ass. Getting her nice and warmed up. She's moaning and groaning. I hear something hit the floor. It's the top of her dress. I feel my head pushed against her pussy.

"Yes, yes," she moans. "Mmmmm." Suddenly she steps away from me, her skirt glides over my body.

I stand up. She's covering her breasts. Trent is standing there confused.

"Isn't this what you want?" he asks.

"I don't know," she says nervously.

I undo my robe and let it hit the floor, exposing my naked body. Katie dashes into the bedroom. Trent sighs. "I thought—"

I shake my head. "I know Katie," I assure him. I walk to the bedroom and knock lightly on the door. She's sitting on the bed when I enter, no longer trying to cover her breasts. They're a nice 38D. She's always been busty. Thin with big boobs.

"He'll want you," Katie says right when I sit down.

"Don't be crazy," I say as I stand before her. I take her breasts in my hands. "These are lovely." I run my tongue around her large areola. I pinch her nipples and bite them. She doesn't try to stop me.

Trent comes in and leans against the wall. "I'll just stay here," he tells her.

Katie's hands find their way to my head and encourage my licking and sucking of her glorious tits. She stands up and I push her skirt down to the floor. I push her back onto the bed. She pulls me on top of her. I straddle her. She pulls me over her and takes my tit in her mouth. I moan. She smacks my ass and then squeezes it. She moans.

"Oh Katie. Yes, suck it! Suck it! Oh... yes!" I encourage. "Right there. You're making me so wet."

She takes my breasts in her hands and slaps them together. She moans and then wriggles her hips. I take her breasts in my hands and massage them. "Tell me what you want, Katie."

"I want...I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you Shay."

"Tell me how."

"I want to eat your pussy."

"I want to taste you Katie."


"I want to shove my tongue deep up your pussy until you cum. I want you to cum over and over."

"Oh FUCK! Please, let me eat you like La Nika did in college."

"You saw that?"

"I saw a lot."

I smirk. "You're a naughty girl Katie." I straddle her face and slowly lower my pussy to her mouth. "You want to taste my chocolate?"

"Yes!" She pulls me down onto her face.

"Oh Katie, you sure you want to eat that pussy in front of your husband?"

She moans emphatically into my pussy.

"I think you're turning him on," I say, staring at Trent who has an obvious hard on struggling in his pants. He looks very frustrated as he watches me ride his new brides face. I grab Katie's tits. My own big, round melons jiggle and bounce as I grind my pussy on her face. "Oh yes. Oh, Katie! Right there! Yes, lick my clit. Suck it. Suck my pussy baby. Eat it! Lick that chocolate pussy. Does that taste good?"

"Mmmmm hmmmm."

"Now shove your tongue in my pussy. Yes. Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck me, Katie! Mmmmm. That's it. That feels so good. Spread your legs so Trent can see how eating my pussy is getting you so wet. That's it open those legs wide. Show him how I'm turning you out. You want him to watch me turn that pussy out?"

"Mmmmmmm. Yes! Yes!"

I spread her pussy for him. I lean forward and lick her clit. I flick her clit with my tongue. I suck it. I lap at her pussy. She gushes over my tongue. I shove two fingers in her pussy and she gasps. I stare at Trent as I finger fuck his wife. "You like that?" I mouth to him.

He nods.

"You want me to make your wife my whore, don't you?" I mouth.

He nods again, rubbing his bulge in his pants.

I smile. I start to finger fuck the shit out of Katie. She shoves two fingers in my pussy and starts to follow my lead.

"That's it Katie, fuck me!"

"Oh Shay! Good... Yes! I love it! Don't stop!"

"I'm not gonna stop until you cum baby! You're so good. You're so fucking good!"

"I want you to cum on my face Shay!"

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes! Yes! I want to taste your cum!"

"I'm gonna have to stop fucking that wet, white pussy."

"I don't care! I want your cum!"

I sit up and using her tits as leverage I fuck the shit out of her face. I grind and ride my pussy over her fingers and face. Her fingers fuck me from a backward angle as she sucks my clit.

"Fuck it Katie! Fucking eat that pussy. Eat it! Love it! Yes! Taste it! Oh God KATIE! I'm gonna cum all over your face. All over your pretty fucking face. Right in front of your husband." I grab her legs and pull them back to me, exposing both of her fuck holes. "He's stroking that big fucking cock Katie. You're turning him on. Look how wet you are. Fuck! Katie! Don't you want him to fuck you? Don't you want some cock in that tight pussy?"


In no time Trent has his cock buried deep in her pussy. He drills deep into her pussy. She moans over my clit. The sound of her pussy against his clit is driving me crazy. He stares into my eyes as he drills his wife.

"Fuck him Katie!"

"Oh god Trent! Trent!"

"This is how I would fuck you, you freak slut," he mouths to me.

"Trent baby!" she screams.

"Fuck me," I say staring into his eyes. "Do it! Yes! Yes!" I use my arms to squeeze my tits together. He takes the hint and sucks on in his mouth. "FUCK!"

"Yes baby!" says Katie. "Fuck me. Oh my God. I'm gonna cum."

He keeps sucking my tit, biting the nipple as he pounds and fucks his wife silly.

"I'M.... I'M...." Katie stutters.

"CUMMMMMINNGGG!" we scream together as I explode all over Katie's mouth and she cums all over her husbands cock.

I roll off of Katie and sit, leaning against the headboard.

She sits up, her hair is a mess. She takes the pins out of her hair and lets them fall to the floor. She looks like a lust filled slut. She moves towards me and spreads my legs.

"I want more of that sweet, black pussy," she says as she grabs me by my thigh and pulls me into her until our legs are intertwined and her pussy is pressed against mine. I grab her leg as she starts to fuck my pussy. Our hips grind against each other. Her wet pussy against my sloppy cunt. "Take my husband's cock in your mouth. I want to watch him fuck those big, beautiful lips."

I open my mouth for Trent who more than willingly shoves his cock in my mouth. This is the 3rd or 4th white cock I've swallowed tonight.

"Now I'm going to turn you out," Katie says in a sexy voice. "Suck his cock! Mmmmm fuck that's so hot. Suck it! Take it deep down your throat. YES! OH GOD! GAG ON IT! Shove it down her throat baby! Make her take it all. Face fuck her while I fuck her pussy! Oh yes! Yes! That's so fucking sexy Shay, watching his white cock slide in and out of your mouth. Teabag him. I want to watch you suck his salty balls."

He pulls out of my mouth. I open my mouth and he drops a nut sack in my mouth. I eagerly lick and suck it. Playing with it with my mouth. Katie begins to fuck me harder. She fucks me so hard that the sound of our pussies slapping together echoes in the room.

Trent groans.

"Put it back in her mouth!" Katie tells him.

He puts it in my mouth, places his hands around my head and skull fucks me. "Oh god! Katie her mouth... her mouth is... amazing."

"Oh baby, you like it? You like it?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Are you gonna cum?"

"Yes! You want me to cum down her throat?"

"I want you to cum in her mouth and on her tits baby. All over those big, black melons."

"Katie!" he screams as he blasts into my mouth, the force of it makes me gag and I push him back. I swallow what's in my mouth, feeling it slide down my throat as the rest streams across my tits. "Oh fuck," he groans as he breathes heavily.

Katie pushes me on my back and straddles me. Our clits are pressed together. She bucks her hips as she rides me, licking his cum off my tits.

Trent watches captivated as his wife eats his cum from my breasts.

"Katie," I manage to groan as I palm her ass. "I want to watch that cock go in and out of your ass. I know that's where all this came from."

She smiles and leaps up. I look at Trent who is rock hard again.

I grab her hand and take her with me off the bed. I drop to the floor with my back against the bed. She spreads her legs. "Bend that ass over," I instruct. She bends over, placing her stomach and chest on the bed. I start to attack her pussy.

Trent is quickly behind her. He drops his cock in my mouth again and I lube it up for him before he presses it against her tight, ass hole. Katie groans and moans into the comforter as her husbands cock is forced in her ass. I start to lap at her pussy. I take her clit deep in my mouth. She's gushing wet.

Watching his cock slide in and out of Katie's tight ass is turning me on. His balls slapping against my forehead as I lick her tight, white pussy. I finger my pussy as he reams her. She's moaning and groaning as he bucks into her.

"Mmmmmm... Oh yes. Oh, Trent, baby!"

"Yes Katie!"

"I love you. Unh unh."

"Does her tongue feel good in your pussy?"

"Yes! Yes! I love it! I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum baby. This is your night."

I shove two fingers in her pussy while I suck her clit and hit her G-spot. She cums hard immediately.

"AHHH FUCK! Oh Shay!"

Hearing her scream my name while she grips the sheets of the bed turns me on so much.

"I wanna taste my cum."

Trent pulls out of her ass and moves back to the wall, leaning on it for support.

I slide up to Katie. She turns around and greedily takes my fingers in her mouth. She takes my other hand and makes me rub her clit. I stare into her beautiful face as she stares at her husband, teasing him with the nasty scene.

"I wanna watch you fuck her ass," Katie says in a seductive tone threw her tussled hair.

"What?" he seems shocked.

"Are you sure?" I didn't think she was that free of a girl. Even after all that had gone on I didn't think she'd want, or even let, her newlywed husband fuck any part of me that wasn't my mouth.

"I want to watch his cock slide in and out of your black ass, Shay. Please. I won't ask for anything else. I've always fantasized about it. When you would shake your ass when we went out... GOD! Especially with the white boys."

"Anything for you," I say in a sweet tone.

"Don't you want to honey?" she turns to him. "Don't you want to pummel her booty? Turn around," she tells me and I comply. She rubs my big, round ass. Her hands pull my ass cheeks apart. "Don't you want to get in this round, brown booty? I want to watch you butt fuck Shay."

I look over my shoulder. He looks at me. I know he wants to but he's trying to play it down.

"Okay," he says and steps towards me.

"No, not like this," she says. "I want you on all fours on the ground," she says to me. She smiles, "I want you to take it like a dog."

I drop down to all fours on the ground. Trent makes his way behind me, getting on his knees. Katie straddles my back, forcing my upper back down. "Look at that big ass in the air," she says as she spreads my ass wide open for her husband. "Give it to her hard," she tells him. "Don't hold back. I want to hear her scream like she did in college. That always turned me on."

I feel his cock pierce my ass. His cock stretching it. I moan and groan into the carpet.

"Do it!" Katie encourages, more like demands, him. "Fuck her!"

He grabs my hips and in one pump shoves the rest of his 8 inch cock in my ass. I scream.

"YES!" she screams excitedly. "Again."

He pulls 7 inches out and then shoves it all in my ass again.

"FUCK!" I scream.

Katie gives a sexy growl. "That's it. Fuck her!"

Trent's cock pumps in and out of my black ass. Stretching it. He rides my ass like a dog in heat.

"Fuck him back!" Katie tells me, sliding off my back. She moves in front of me and spreads her legs, pushing my head into her pussy. "That's it. Bounce that ass. Grind on him. Fuck him! Back that ass up like you're in a club. That's it. Oh Shay! That's so sexy! You've got a rap video ass."

"So do you," I tell her. "Now turn that phat white ass around. That's right. Turn around, put your ass in my face."

"Oh yeah, toss that fucking salad. Eat my ass! Eat my white ass! Yes, just like that. Lick me up and down from my pussy to my ass."

I put three fingers in her pussy, feeling it grip them as I finger fuck her. "Spread that ass." I tell her.

Katie spreads her booty cheeks wide for my tongue. I shove it in her butt and she butt fucks my tongue. She moans and groans. I lean my face into her ass as I spread my ass for her big dick husband.

He leans over me and shoves three fingers in my pussy as I assault his wife. "Lick her ass!" he whispers in my ear. "Make her cum like I'm gonna make you cum."

"Yes!" Katie screams as I moan into her ass.

I move my hand from my ass and smack Katie's ass hard.

"Pound her!" she tells Trent. "OH! OH!"

"Shay," he whispers in my ear as Katie screams out in pleasure, "I love this ass."

I throw my ass back harder on his cock. He straightens up and pounds into me.

Katie turns around, my fingers still in her pussy, and spreads her legs to watch me take his cock in my ass. "Take it! Take it!"

"OH FUCK!" I yell.

"Fuck her Trent!" Katie commands.

"Trent!" I yell.

"Yes! Scream his fucking name!"

"Call me Daddy," he demands.

"Daddy!" I scream.

"Oh shit!" he yells.

"FUCK!" Katie screams.


"Fuck her Daddy, fuck that black ass."

"Yes baby! Oh fuck! Oh, Shay, who's your fucking daddy?"

"You Trent! Oh Trent. Daddy! Katie," I moan and whine, "His cock's in my ass."

"I know! How does it feel?"

"Good! It feels so good!"

"Fuck my husband Shay. Be a whore for my husband. Let him tear your ass apart. Let him cum up your ass. Tell him you want it."

"Oh, I want it. Oh Trent, Daddy, I want you to cum in my big, black ass. I want you to bust my ass open with your cum."

"Oh...oooohh, here it... DAMMIT!" He groans as the sounds of him slapping against my ass intensify. "Eat my wife! Eat my wife slut!" He pushes my head into Katie's pussy as she fucks my fingers, grinding her tight wet pussy on them.

"FUCK!" Trent grabs my hips one final time and cums deep in my ass.

"Daddy!" Katie screams, pushing my head down with him as she cums all in my mouth.

They both breathe heavily. Trent collapses over my back and takes a few deep breaths before finally pulling his cock out of my ass.

"Oh Shay, did you cum?" Katie asks as she pulls herself off of my fingers.

"I came on your face," I say with a laugh as I sit on the floor.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, but this was your night not mine. I was worried about you." I kiss her on the cheek then give her a peck on the lips. "Enjoy your honeymoon," I tell her and then get up and head into the living room. I pick up my robe and throw it back on before heading back to my room.

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