tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWedding Reception Party Ch. 08

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 08


When Tisha invited me to her graduation party I was a bit surprised. We hadn't really been speaking much and with her making plans with her friends and doing last minute shopping before she moved 5 states away for college, we hadn't had time to talk about anything. When I got to my mother's I noticed a bunch of the local boys standing around. It wasn't anything new but what was new was that they all said hello to me. I usually kept to myself when I was Tisha's age. She was in the streets with the gangs and the cool people; we were two completely different girls.

Soon after I arrived the door bell rang. Shocked would be a complete understatement of my reaction when I saw Sean, his brothers, Steve and Patrick, and two girls with them. I assume one to be his wife. He practically waltzes in past me as if I'm not there. He kisses me on the cheek.

I'm super confused. "What's going on?"

"I got your letter?" Sean says.

"My letter?"

"Yeah," he said. "This is my wife, Julie, and my sister, Terra."


Julie takes my hand. She's a prissy bitch, which is clear. "I've never had my pussy eaten by a black slut before. And maybe after you'll let me put on a strap on and ride that big black ass?"

It wasn't really a request and that was clear by her snobby, superior—entitlement faux smile.

Before I can respond Tisha calls me into the kitchen.

"We'll make ourselves comfortable," Julie says, and they head towards the living room. "Maybe you can fetch some water."

I head into the kitchen fuming. I could fetch her an ass whooping. "What the fuck—"

Tisha cuts me off, "I found the letter Sean sent you at the wedding. I saw it a long time ago but I didn't understand until after. So I wrote my own sort of letter about the... ordeal. And invited them here."


She smirks. "You'll find out soon enough."

"And Kevin helped you with this?"

"He's quite talkative liquored up. It's funny how everyone has their dirty little secrets. I'm all about psych warfare."

I shake my head. "So, once you do this, piss them off, and then leave, then what? What about me?"

"You can take care of yourself. Besides, you clearly like sex."

We head towards the living room. The door rings again. I veer to answer it. I see the boys that were outside standing smiling at the door. They each give me a hug and/or a kiss on the cheek before they come in and head into the living room.

I take my time to close the door. I hear a bunch of commotion in the living room. A bunch of racial slurs being shouted from both ends. The girls screaming. I stay where I am. I don't want to see it. Hearing it is bad enough.

"What the fuck is this?" Sean asks when I enter the room.

He and his brothers are handcuffed—feet and hands— to the three wooden dining room chairs Tisha put into the living room against the wall across from the couch, in front of the TV. Terra and Julie are standing among 6 black boys with raging hormones.

"Since you were so courteous to us on our last encounter," Tisha answers, "I thought we'd show the same courtesy to your wife and sister."

"No! No!" Sean shouts.

Within seconds their stripped naked and forced to pull big black cocks out of baggy jeans. Dicks are plunged into Julie and Terra's mouths.

"Come on," Jamal commands as he shoves his cock in Terra's mouth. "Come on. Let's go, bitch."

"Jerk on my dick," Rashad grabs Julie's hand and makes her stroke him until he's hard while she sucks Tyrone's big dick. "That's it you chunky white bitch."

They make Julie switch off sucking their cocks. Pulling her by her hair they share her mouth.

Jay wraps her fat tits around his dick and pumps her tits. "Look at them big ol' tits around my black dick."

Terra's 32D tits are being sucked—one by Terrell, the other by Dwayne—while Lavonte has his cock shoved down her mouth. "Suck me off, ho. Gimme that fuckin' mouth."

"Yo, Ti, what you say they did to you?" Tyrone asks.

"What ya doing now," Tisha replies. "Oh, and they fucked my ass and pussy."

"No!" Sean shouts, knowing what's coming.

"Don't worry man," Tyrone laughs as he shoves Julie's face down onto Rashad's dick and forces her on her knees with her ass in the air. "I'm a get it lubed first with this pussy before I work her ass out."

"You about to bust that white pussy open?" Rashad asks.

"Yeah, I'm a split this shit open." Tyrone rubs his cock over her pussy.

"You want that black dick don't you?" Rashad taunts. "Look at me bitch. You want that black meat up your pussy. You want to feel that shit stretching yo fucking holes."

Tyrone eases his cock into her pussy and grabs her waist as he starts to drill her white cunt. He wraps an arm around her torso so Jay can keep fucking her tits. Rashad keeps his dick buried in her throat.

"That dick feel good in yo' white pussy? You like it don't you slut? Gag bitch! I love havin' a white bitch suck my cock."

"Fuck me! Fuck my dick, bitch. That's it. Yes, get my nut out of my balls."

"Speaking of balls, here, lick these. There you go. Stick that tongue out and lick em. Now suck my nuts. Yeah, that feels good. Alright put my cock back in yo mouth."

"Fuck... me!" Tyrone slaps her ass with each word. "You don't know how to fuck? Fine bitch let me show you. Like... this. Yes." He pounds into her pussy from behind, his balls slapping against her clit as she moans and groans.

FUCK!" Jay screams as precum leaks from his cock onto Julie's tits.

Terra is having a similar fate. They force her on her back and spread her legs. Terrell is now face fucking her mouth with no compassion. "Stick ya tongue out and lick my nuts with that dick in yo' mouth. Look at me while you do it." He slaps her face.

"Fuck her up the ass!" Tisha encourages. "You wanna watch that, right?" she says in Sean's ear. She grabs Sean's dick through his pants. "I think you like this. I know you do."

He, Patrick, and Steve sit, forced to watch as these young thugs abuse their sister and Julie.

Tyrone flips Julie onto her stomach and pushes his cock on her asshole.

"Hold up, son," Rashad stops him. "Let me get up in that pussy before you do that."

Julie tries to squirm away.

"Come on bitch, we tryna give you a fat ass. No surgery needed."

They laugh. They hold her down and push her onto Rashad's cock.

"You need to learn how to take it in the ass," Tyrone says as he mounts Julie and shoves his cock up her ass.

She screams.

Tisha grabs Sean by the hair and forces him to watch when he attempts to look away. "Look at your slut wife," she says cruelly into his ear.

"Don't turn away," I taunt the twins. "Watch your sister get drilled by Terrell, oh, it looks like Dwayne wants a turn." The scene is turning me on. I'd never fuck any of them, I've known them too damn long but I am seriously craving some cock.

"Damn, this is some good ass," Tyrone says to Sean, taunting him.

Julie all but screaming as he busts her ass open.

Lavonte has his cock buried in Terra's ass. "Come take this pussy!"

Dwayne holds her legs open and plows into her cunt. "We gonna get you ready fo' college. This what y'all do in that bitch, right?"

She chokes and gags as Terrell's cock is forced down her throat. He grabs her hair and fucks her face. Sliding her mouth up and down his cock fast and rough. "Suck my cock, white slut. Suck my big black cock. That's it. Now I'm gonna put it on your fuckin' face. There you go. Suck my balls. Suck 'em."

Terra is obviously enjoying it. She's riding their dicks, keeping her mouth open when Terrell and Dwayne switch holes. She moans and groans with pleasure.

"You're sister's a black cock slut," Lavonte says to the prisoners we have sitting in the chairs.

"Yeah, she's done this shit before," Terrell says as he and Dwayne switch again.

"Ya wife needs to loosen up," Rashad says to Sean.

"Bring that white bitch over here," Jay says.

In moments Tyrone's cock is out of Julie's ass, replaced by Terra's sloppy wet tongue. Rashad continues to pump in her pussy as Jay forces her to sit on Rashad's cock so he can tit fuck her big white breasts.

"Yeah, make that bitch a real fucking slut," Jay commends.

"Let her taste that pussy," Rashad says.

"Yes, bitch," says Lavonte as Terra's tongue licks from pussy. "And lick her ass too. Spread them fucking cheeks!" he yells as he smacks her ass hard.

She pulls Julie's ass apart and licks from pussy to my ass. Tyrone slaps Terra's ass. She spreads Julie's ass and slaps it as she eats her wet pussy.

Julie screams

"You like how that slut eats your pussy?" Dwayne taunts.

"Grind on her fucking face!" Terrell says and slaps Julie's ass.

"Get that ass wet for me so I can fuck the whore," Tyrone adds.

Julie starts to grind on Terra's face.

"Look at your sister!" Tisha demands. "She's got her tongue up your wife's ass. WATCH!"

"Fuck that ass," I scream to them.

Terrell is the first to move and lines up behind Terra. He slides his dick in her ass. She willingly spreads her ass for his dick. "You ready bitch?"

She moans affirmatively into her sister-in-law's ass.

Julie looks behind herself to see Terra shoving her tongue up her ass while Terrell plows away in her ass. Terra looks Julie in the eyes with her tongue shoved up her ass as Terrell stretches her asshole open. He switches between her pussy as her ass. Terra throws her ass back on his cock.

"Get it, get it," he says slapping her ass until it turns red.

Julie squeezes her tit with one hand and moans deeply.

"I think the bitch is gonna cum," Terrell taunts.

"Don't stop!" Jay says as he pushes Terra's face down.

"Oh fuck!" Julie exclaims.

"That's it bitch, cum all over her," says Tyrone.

"Cum all over my fuckin' dick," Rashad moans as he pistons in and out of Julie's pussy.

"Fuck!" Jay shouts. "That first nut's cumming."

"Word, my nigga," Rashad agrees.

"Ahhhh," Julie screams. "Not... my... pussy."

"Shit!" Jay hollers as he spews cum all over her tits.

Rashad grunts as he cums in her pussy. "Don't you stop bitch."

He finally empties his load in her dripping wet pussy.

They watch as they make Terra lick the cum off Julie's tits.

Terrell finally cums in Terra's ass as he watches Terra suck and lap on Julie's tits. He pulls out of her ass and grabs her by the hair, bringing her to her knees. He cock slaps Terra until his cock is limp, then he throws her onto the floor.

"No, no, please. No more. I beg you. Please, don't," Julie pleads they prepare her for more fucking.

They ignore her. Lavonte and Rashad get ready to stuff both her holes. Lavonte lies on his back and Rashad helps push Julie down on Lavonte's thick, stiff black dick.

She closes her eyes in anticipation. She groans and yelps as the cock slices through her pussy.

Rashad spits on her ass and then on his cock.

"Please wait, I've never had two at once," she pleads.

Rashad ignores her. "Bitch, take this dick!"

"Guys, please!"

"Take my cock up your ass." Rashad says as he thrusts it all in. He slaps her ass. "Move that ass now! That's it. Oooh, yes. Unh, unh, fuck." Rashad pulls her back on his cock.

"Fuck!" says Lavonte. "C'mere bitch, bring those tits over here." He makes her lean forward and takes one of her tits in his mouth.

"Fucking sluts!" says Terrell as he grabs her head and pushes his dick down her throat. She slurps and sucks Terra's ass juice from his cock, taking it deep in her throat and suck. He pumps his cock in her mouth.

Rashad pinches and squeezes the other tit from behind, using her breasts as leverage as he rocks in and out of my her white ass. "Fuck!"

"You like it bitch?"

"The whore's creaming on my cock!" Lavonte declares.

They begin to DP her pussy and ass with little mercy.

"Fuck this feels so fucking good."

"Look," Tisha commands Sean, now sitting on his lap, stroking his cock. "Look at your wife. She's taking it up her ass. Take it! My niggas are fucking the shit out of her."

I start to finger my pussy as I stand behind Patrick. "That's so fucking sexy isn't it?"

He tries to turn his head and close his eyes. I laugh. "You can still hear it though, can't you. Still smell at sex. Smell your sister's wet pussy. She's loving it. And I can see you are too," I reach to the bulge in his pants. "You want some pussy don't you?"

"Bitch, you're lucky I'm stuck in this chair."

I chuckle, "Is that a threat?" I walk over to Steve. "What about you?"

He seems fixated on what's going on. He can't stop watching. His pants are wet from precum. I undo his pants. He doesn't even notice until the air hits his cock. Then he finally looks at me with lust in his eyes. I turn my attention back to the fucking in front of us.

"I liked when you stuffed me like that," I say, looking at Terra who, unlike Julie, is more than enjoying herself.

"Yes!" she screams.

"You like it bitch?" Terrell asks as he pounds her ass while Dwayne bangs her pussy and manhandles her tits.


"Is that pussy wet?"

"This slut got my dick so fuckin' wet," says Dwayne.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my tight, white pussy."

"You like this dick? This black cock in your ass?"

"Fuck yes. Mmmm. Fuck my ass."

"Oh fuck, yes. C'mon bitch," Terrell slaps her ass. He pulls out and then shoves all the way in over and over. He bangs her pussy deep and hard with each long thrust.

They began to pound and fuck until the sounds seem to echo in the room.

"My pussy is dripping!" she hollers.

"Oh fuck. This fucking cock!" Dwayne says.

"You like it, bitch?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"These white bitches are the best cock suckers," Tyrone says before he plunges his dick down Terra's throat, making her gag.

"Fucking ho bitches!" Dwayne yells.

"It's deep up that ass isn't it?" Tyrone says.

"Fuck," Lavonte moans, pulling Terra in closer to him, her tits pressed against his chest as he and Rashad ram her holes. "I love this pussy. I love this slutty, white pussy."

"Look at yourselves, you whores," says Terrell, "fucking cock, sucking dick, taking it up the ass like porn star sluts."

"Fuck me. Fuck my fucking cock!"

"Yes, moan and groan sluts."

"Nasty whores!"

"Oh fuck!"

"I'm about to bust this nut," says Dwayne

"I'm about to cum up yo' ass," Terrell says.

"Do it! Do it!" Terra begs.

"Then back that shit on my fucking cock. Bounce that ass on my dick. Fuck me back bitch. Fuck me!"

"Fuck yes!" Terrell screams before exploding in Terra's ass.

"Open your mouth!" Dwayne commands.

Tyrone moves and Dwayne shoves his dick down her throat right before he cums.

Hot cum shoots over Terra's tits as she fails to swallow all of it.

Tyrone shoves his cock deep in Terra's pussy. He rolls her on top of him and starts to jack hammer into her pussy.

Lavonte and Rashad continue to plow Julie until they explode in her ass and pussy together. They pump hard a couple of times and then hold her down as they bust inside of her. They pull out of her after unloading all of their cum in her holes.

"Fuck! I can't hold it anymore!" Rashad grunts; he cums deep in her ass.

Lavonte groans and lets his off in her pussy.

Jay pulls her off of Lavonte's cock and pushes her onto the floor

"Please, no more," she says breathlessly.

"Shut the fuck up," He demands and pins her down by her arms before ramming his cock into her cum soaked hole.

"No, no, don't," Sean begs.

"Shut up!" Tyrone yells at him.

But Sean's whining is more from Tisha's sloppy hand job. She spits and slobbers over his cock and her hands, grinding on his lap as she strokes him. Her back pressed against his chest, making sure that he can still see the view.

Terrell walks over to Julie, presenting his hard cock to her. "Don't look at me like that," he grabs the back of her head. "You know what to do. Suck that shit, bitch."

"Suck my boy's dick!"

"Suck!" Terrell says and rams his cock in her throat. "Suck! Suck! Suck!"

Jay rams harder and harder.

"DEEPER! FUCK HER DEEPER," Tisha demands as she strokes Sean's dick.

"Stop please. You're hurting me," Julie whines.


"Here it cums," Jay says calmly as he pile drives deeper and faster into Julie's pussy.

"Take it like the slut you are."

Jay explodes in her pussy. "Fuck!"

Tyrone pounds into Terra while she rides his thick dick. Rashad is before her quickly, his cock shoved in her mouth. She moans as it grows in her mouth while she sucks his dick.

"Ooh, yeah, that's it," Rashad encourages. "Damn, that's good."

"Suck it good whore," Tyrone tells her.

"Yeah, suck that shit."

"I'm about to bust. FUCK ME!" Tyrone shouts. "FUCK MY DICK."

Jay slaps her ass. "Make him cum bitch so I can get some of that white pussy!"

"FUCK ME!" Tyrone demands. "Fuck me like the whore you are!"

"Look at her ass bounce. Damn, man, you making that shit phat. I can't wait to bust it out."

"Here it comes, bitch. You gonna take it? You gonna take it all!" Tyrone explodes in her pussy, holding her down by the waist to take all his cum deep inside. He pushes her off his cock and Jayvon slides under me to replace him.

I've always heard Jayvon fucked like a machine, that's what he was known for around our way. He could go rounds and cum back to back. Seeing him cum in Julie and then turn around and now watch him plow into Terra was making me super horny. I sit on Steve's lap. I move my dress so looks like I am just teasing him like Tisha is with Sean. But I move my panties to the side and slide his young white dick into my wet pussy.

"Look at them fuck," I coo into his ear as I lean back against him.

"That's right, tease his fuckin' ass Shay," Tisha says to me.

"I got an idea," Tyrone says. He drags Julie to Sean. He slaps her ass hard and she screams. Tisha shoves Sean's cock into his wife's mouth.

Julie moans in protest.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Tyrone says gripping my hair. He rams his cock balls deep up her ass, pushing her face down on Tyrone's cock. She chokes and gags on it as it's forced down her throat, coughing over it.

"There you go, ho," I say, glad this prissy bitch is getting what she deserves. "Blow ya husband, bitch."

"FUCK!" Tyrone screams from pleasure.

"Suck on your husband's cock while I butt fuck you, white bitch!" Tyrone commands. "That's it. There you go. Suck him down."

"Oh Patrick, are you left out?" Tisha gets up and heads to his lap. Exposing his dick, she starts to slow stroke him like she was with Sean.

"Hold her ass open," Dwayne tells Jay as he stands up, holding Terra up as though she's weightless. "I love busting white ho's assholes."

"AHHHHHH OOOOOH FUCK!" Terra moans as Dwayne's cock is forced in her ass.

They start to bounce her up and down on their dick.

"NO! PLEASE!" she yells breathlessly.

"Take that shit bitch! TAKE ALL MY COCK IN YOUR ASS!"

"I thought you liked that black dick."

"I...DOOOOO," she hums.

"Then TAKE IT!"

"AYO! Bring that slut over here," Tyrone says. "Let her suck her little brother's off."

Terra shakes her head.

"Bring that pussy here. I think she should suck her brother-in-laws off."

They drag her to Steve.

I somewhat reluctantly get up, letting his cock flop from my pussy as they force Terra onto her knees.


She willingly takes her brother's cock in her mouth when instructed. She looks at me; I know she can taste my pussy on his cock.

She sucks Steve's dick and within a couple minute he explodes in her mouth. They look to Patrick.

Tyrone pulls his cock out of Julie's ass. He grabs Terra and roughly shoves her down, pussy first, on Patrick's dick before shoving his cock in her ass.

They juggle holes as Tisha and I go where needed. We stroke Sean, Patrick and Steve's white cocks until their hard again for more torment. We taunt them with nasty descriptions of the fucking going on.

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