tagInterracial LoveWedding Reception Party Ch. 10

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 10


**Warning: this is a very harsh story with race play-- being honest with the times (post-racial society my ass) and how I view the characters. If racially motivated stories offend you, DO NOT READ/CONTINUE. note: I do NOT condone rape or racism. Happy cumming! :-)**


With my sister finally away at college I hope things just die down. I go back to my normal day to day life. Trent and I have become a once a month time thing, which is all we can get by on. Kyle and I were once a week but it's become more sporadic since his new job. I thought life would continue in that fashion. I was very wrong.

My mother calls me breathing heavy, like she's been running, she sounds like she's even been crying, "Shay, I need you to come here."

"Where are you?"

"My car broke down and I need a ride."

"Fine, where are you?" I roll my eyes.

"The motel off 69."

"Why are you all the way out there?"

"Shay are you gonna come or not."

"Fine, let me get Tron together."

"NO!" she panics.


"It's late. Let that boy sleep."

"Fine, I'll see if Katie can watch him." I hate fighting with my mother, so I don't do it.

Right when I get to the motel I go to the office assuming to find her there. The greasy, balding white man with a horrible ponytail at the front office tells me he "ain't seen none like me 'round." I take that for what it is and leave. I get in my car and drive until I see my mother's car. I park next to hers and get out. She's not there.

I lap the parking lot again and notice a squad car and a sheriff's car. I park somewhat close and then walk down the sidewalk, listening for a familiar voice in the rooms. There's a cracked door. I knock and then open it.

My mother is sitting in a chair with her hands cuffed behind her back and her legs cuffed open. There are two white officers sucking on her DD tits and a trucker with his cock shoved down her throat.

I stand stunned, I try to back up and there's a sheriff behind me.

"This your mother?" he asks in a cruel tone.

I'm too stunned to speak. I just look up at him in fear.

"A mute jungle bunny, well that's new."

There are chuckles in the room.

The sheriff forces me in the room and closes the door behind us, never taking his eyes off mine. He grabs me from behind and forcefully cups my tits in his hand. "Look at these tits."

"Not as fat as her mother's udders," the trucker grunts.

There's a teenage boy, a little younger than Tisha, sitting on the bed rubbing his cock through his pants. He appears to be the trucker's son—they have the same greasy look.

One of the officers suckling my mother's breasts gets up and releases his cock from his uniform. He lies on the bed and looks at me. "Bring me your cunt, coon."

Before I can do anything the sheriff grabs me by my hair and drags me to the bed. The officer's thick white prick jumps as I'm forced to him. The trucker's son rips my pants and panties off, eager to see me impaled.

I'm thrown on top of the white prick. I scream as it's forced up my tight cunt.

"Rape her," the trucker's son says as he looks on shocked.

"Get your cock up that ass, boy," the trucker says sternly to his son as his father assaults my mother with his cock—smearing it and slapping it against her face.

The young teen's cock is soon against my puckered asshole.

"Shove it up there. Fuck that nigger!" the trucker yells.

My ass is suddenly split open. "AH! FUCK!" I scream.

"Fuck her Jimmy Boy! HARDER!"

I grit my teeth and try to breathe as I'm pounding. The boy's hard prick is pounding my ass as the officer's dick torpedoes in and out of my pussy. The sheriff forces me to watch my mother suck the trucker's evil white cock as the other officer fucks her tits.

"Look at your slut whore mother. Look at her take those white cocks."

"Dammit Jimmy!" his frustrated father removes his cock from my mother's mouth and storms to me. The chair my mother's strapped to falls backwards. The officer falls on top of her, still tit fucking her. I can see his cock wedged between her tits.

"No, no," I beg.

The sheriff lets go of my hair and rushes to my mother. He undoes his pants, leaving on his uniform, and then shoves his cock up my mother's wet cunt. He pile drives into her. My mother moans and whines as she has no choice but to take his white cock. The sheriff looks at me as his cock is buried up my mother's pussy.

The trucker pulls his son out of my ass and throws him to the floor; he falls to the floor at the end of the bed.

"No! NO!" I beg, tears down my face in anticipation of what this son-of-a-bitch has planned.

"Oh, yeah!" the officer and sheriff encourage.

The trucker grabs a handful of my hair, forcing me to look straight ahead at my cock filled mother, and shoves his cock deep up my ass.


"This is how you fuck a coon's ass Jimmy! You shove your cock up its ass and pound it. You ream the bitch, got it?! Mount that ass and blast it full of cum. You hear me?!"

I grip the sheets as my rectum is destroyed.

"Stop! STOP!" I plead. "Oh God, my ass!"

"See! This is how they fucking learn!"

The sheriff plunges in and out of my mother. "Fuck me you old black cow. KEEP THOSE FUCKING LEGS OPEN. You're gonna learn your place, bitch!"

"Oh yeah, there we go. Look at me bitch! Look at me while I fuck your udders," Officer Johan commands as he tit fucks my mother. "Suck the head of that cock. Do it bitch!"

"Yes, you BLACK SOW. Give me that cunt!"


The sheriff blasts in her pussy and then undoes her restraints.

Officer Johan, who has been mauling and tit fucking her grabs her by her hair and plunges his thick white meat down her throat. She gags as the cock is forced down her throat. "Suck it! SUCK! There you go, you black whore. C'mon right down your mouth. Eat my dick, bitch."

"Go fuck that old black ass, Jimmy," the trucker commands as he pulls out of my ass and shoves his cock down my throat. "Suck me off bitch. Clean my white cock!"

Jimmy shoves his cock in my mother's ass and fucks her cunt and ass back and forth. My mother gags as she is reamed in both ends.

"Gag cunt!"

"Oh fuck, Dad, this black cow has a tight cunt and ass."

"Split it open! And you, jungle bunny, suck my cock! Clean your ass off my dick!"


"Give me that ass and cunt!"

"Take my thick white prick bitch!"

There's a knock at the door and the balding, round bellied, white front desk man is allowed in the room. It's not him who shocks me but the three people with him—Luke, Ian, and most frighteningly...

"Sean," I say.

He smirks at me.

The front desk man nods to the officers. "Is there anything I can get for you fine gentlemen?"

Officer Johan laughs, with my mother's lips around his dick, "We got all we need for the night."

"Hey bro," Officer Taylor says to the newcomers, from beneath my weight, "You want a piece of this?"

"Yeah," he says in a bored time. "Let me get some of this prime black ass." I can hear him unbuckle his pants as he heads towards my spread ass. I look behind me to see him stroke his cock a few times and then prepare it against my tight asshole. He grabs my head and forces my face straight, "Mount this coon bitch and show her what fuckin' is." He forces his redneck cock up my ass and nails me. Pounding. "Com'on whore. This is what you're good for, right? Earn your fuckin' welfare! EARN IT! Give me that donkey ass."

Sean rushes to me and grabs my face, forcing it down on the trucker's cock. "You want him to stop don't you, slut? Or do you want it? You like taking that white cock up your ass in front of your mama? Tell mama you're a slut."

I gag as the cock is lodged down my throat.

"Leave her alone!" my other shouts at him as Office Johan finally cums in her mouth and lets her head go.

Sean walks over and slaps my mother across the face. He grabs her head and forces his cock down her throat. He smacks her tits as he fucks her face. "SUCK BITCH! "That's right, do something useful with your mouth, you whore."

Ian and Luke quickly remove their pants and whip out their cocks to join the fuck fest.

"Untie this bitch," Luke says of my mother.

"Nah, we gotta break that whore first," says Officer Johan from a chair as he strokes his cock watching Jimmy and the sheriff DP my wet cunt, stretching it to capacity.

"She's a fighter," Officer Taylor adds with his cock between my tits. "Nothing like fat black udders."

"Oh, she doesn't know her fucking place?" Sean says with anger. He grabs her hips and pounds her ass as the trucker wails in her cunt. "EARN YOUR GOVERNMENT CHECK!"

There's cock everywhere. Ass in the air, legs open, mouths and cunts stuffed. I'm moved from the bed to the floor and back to the bed as I take cock in all my holes. My mother is treated to the same fate.

"Food stamp bitches. EAT MY COCK!


"Make me cum, nigger. Fuck me you jungle bunny!"

"Keep that fucking ass open coon! Take that fat white dick in your ass!"

"I'm going to paint your fucking face with my nut, bitch."

Within moments cum is everywhere. My mother is left withering on the bed and I'm thrown next to her after their spent ramming my ass.

My mother and I are soon sitting on the bed with our legs spread and over lapping, naked and exposed with our hands behind our backs, offering our pussies, tits, and mouths to these honkies and their cocks.

"That's it whores, make out. Kiss your fucking daughter!"

"Suck your mother's prime udders!"

"Look at those dripping coon cunts, Dad."

"Yes son, that's some prime and ripe nigger ass, right there."

"Governor," the men all pause as the governor enters the room from seemingly nowhere. He is the exact mold of Sean, just an older salt-and-pepper version with a rounder mid-section and black hair.

"I want these bitches broken for what they did to my son, Sean." He glares at me. "Bring the K-9s."

"As you wish," says the sheriff.

Within moments two large German Shepherds are brought in. I'm flipped onto my stomach with my ass in the air. I turn my head to see my mom's open cunt become stuffed with dog cock as Officer Johan pounds her ass. He jiggles her tits as she watches the second German Shepherd mount my ghetto ass and shoves it's cock deep in my cunt.

The governor walks over to me and grabs me by my hair. "This will teach you your place cunt," he says in my ear. "Take that dog cock in your gorilla ass, bitch. Take it!"

The trucker slides under me and shoves his cock in my cunt, pushing the dog's cock to my ass, and drills it as Sean mounts my mother's mouth. Jimmy fucks my tits and the sheriff wraps my mother's udders around his cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck my dick, bitch. That's it. Yes, get my nut out of my balls."

"Speaking of balls, here, lick these. There you go. Stick that tongue out and lick em. Now suck my nuts. Yeah, that feels good. Alright put my cock back in yo mouth."

"Fuck her up the ass!" The Governor encourages. "DEEPER! FUCK HER DEEPER. BANG THOSE GHETTO BITCHES!"


"FUCK ME!" Sean shouts. "FUCK THAT DOG DICK."

My mother's ass is slapped. "Fuck me like the whore you are!"


"SUCK ON THAT COCK WHILE I TIT FUCK YOU, COON BITCH!" Jimmy commands of my mother.

"That's it. There you go," his father encourages. "Tear up those black udders, Jimmy!"

He manhandles my tits. He palms them and squeezes them together around his cock. Shoving his cock up and down between them, pumping harder and harder, "You like that cock between those big black tits?"

"Hold her ass open for that dog cock," The Governor demands.

"AHHHHHH OOOOOH FUCK!" my mother moans as the cock in her mouth is replaced by the front desk man's. "NO! PLEASE!" she yells breathlessly before his white prick is forced down her throat.

"Take that shit bitch! TAKE ALL MY COCK IN YOUR MOUTH!"

"YOU FUCKING SLUT! Yes!" the sheriff groans. "TAKE MY DICK!"

Cocks are shoved in and removed in various holes. I take all dicks in all my holes. I take dog cock in my ass and my cunt, my mother takes it in her cunt and her mouth. There's nasty white fucks fuck us however they want, wherever they want from the floor to the bed.

"RIDE THAT ASS! Fuck her pussy! Make the slut cum. GIVE IT TO HER!" The Governor yells louder.

Officer Johan groans. "TAKE IT BITCH."

"Take it up your ass you whore," says Officer Taylor.

"FUCK THE BITCH! Fuck her!" Ian moans.

"Nasty whore," Luke adds. "Suck those cocks down NASTY ASS BITCH!"


"Fuck that shit, ram those fuckin' bitches!" Sean commands.


"That's right, fuck those tits!"



"Fuck her black pussy! Make the slut cream. GIVE IT TO HER!"

"Black whore," Luke groans.


"Take it up your ass you whore!"



"God you're such a fucking slut," someone whispers in my ear.

"FUCK THE BITCH! Fuck her!" Luke moans

"Nasty whore. Suck it down NASTY ASS BITCH!"


"Cock WHORE!"

"Oh yeah, these nigger bitches were built to fuck and suck white cock! DO IT!"

"OH FUCK! Yes!"



"CUM IN HER MOUTH!" commands Luke.

"You better swallow it all," Ian says.

"Oh God!" Jimmy grabs my head and rams his dick in my throat. He cums in my throat. I swallow his cock and the cum. I moan all over it. Before he finishes cumming he pulls out and aims at my face.

"CUM ALL OVER HER!" Ian encourages.

"Cover the bitch with that white jizz," Sean says.

"Oh my God, I'm GONNA BLAST IN THIS SLUTS ASS!" Officer Johan says of my mother's bouncing black ass. "Fuckin' fat black ass.... FUCK! FAT ASS BLACK WHORE!"

"Oh God I'M GONNA CUM!" Officer Taylor screams. He runs to my mother and cums all over her face.

"COCK SLAP HER!" Sean moans.


Luke comes to me and smacks me in the face with his cock.

"Coon bitch," the front desk man cries, "I'm gonna shoot it up in you."

"DAMMIT," Ian pounds my tight black ass. "Here it comes. AHHH! SHIT!!!"

"God you're a piece of fucking ass! YOU'RE JUST A FUCKING PIECE OF ASS!"




"TAKE MY FUCKING COCK! OOOH YEAH BITCH RIGHT IN YOUR PUSSY. RIGHT UP THAT CUNT! You like that cum? You like that sperm in you? Take it all. There you go take it!"



"You want it? Hunh? YOU WANT THAT CUM?!"


"You better swallow it all. SWALLOW MY NUT, NIGGER BITCH!"

"SWALLOW MY LOAD IN FRONT OF YOUR DAUGHTER." He grins as he looks down on her.

"DAMMIT! Here it comes. AHHH! SHIT!!!"

"God you're a good piece of ass!"


The police and the front desk man throw us out onto the sidewalk of the motel and then get in their cars and leave.

"You have a great evening, officers," the front desk man says. "You two get your ass off my sidewalk and my property in five minutes or I'll call the sheriff again."

"Shay," my mother turns to me. "Do I even want to know what you and Tisha got into?"

I shake my head with shame. "I'm sor—"

My mother holds up her hand, "We'll never speak about it again. I think you need to get out of here like your sister."

"My life is here."

She shakes her head. "Think about it Shay. Now, let's go."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/20/17


Only one star minus because of the racial abuse and the brutality involved.

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by Anonymous12/05/16

@Anonymous above

Chapter 8 (which came before this. You know, because 8 is before 10) is white women being used by black thugs. So I guess the answer to your question is yes the writer does write about white women likemore...

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by Anonymous08/11/16

Really don't need anymore of this

Write about white women like this?

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