tagInterracial LoveWedding Trip #03

Wedding Trip #03


Chapter 03, The Vacation

When I got back home from my trip to the wedding my husband John was waiting for me with a smile. Giving each other a big hug and kiss we drove back home. John asked me how the trip went and without going into too much detail I told him it went well and that I had a good time. In reality a far better then than he knew or was ever going to know. Life went pretty much back to normal as it was before I went away for a week. The downside being that my part time job had to lay me off due to the slowing down economy. As unhappy as I was about that it wasn't that big of a deal since John made more then enough for us so I took to doing work around the house instead. As much as I hid what happened while I was away keeping it from John. The thought of Dwane often did come to mind. And not in a G Rated manner.

Just the thought of Dwane would turn me on as I not only often masturbated to him and his oversized black penis. I even had sex dreams a couple of times a week about him as well. I also began to gain an interest in interracial porn. Something I never had before. It just became a real turn on to see the color contrast. I had to admit it but \ several times I even closed my eyes while making love to my husband and pictured Dwane instead. Of course it didn't feel the same but did it ever make me orgasm quickly. Though I also knew I could never let something like that happen again. As much pleasure it gave me and as much as it turned me on I knew I had to relegate it to a fantasy only from now on. It helped that Dwane was too far away to even slip or make a mistake like that again. I had spoken to Dwane several times in the last few months since the trip as well as emails but he never once himself mentioned what we had done. I'm not going to lie the thought of being with him did make for some nice day dreams though. And as far as I was concerned that's how it was going to stay. That was until one day John came home from work.

After eating dinner John told me he had spoken to Dwane earlier in the day. He told me Dwane had a two bedroom timeshare apartment off of a nice coastal beach. I have never been one for timeshares myself but I know John had liked the idea of having one by a beach for a while. I am not one for the beach though. Not that I don't enjoy swimming or the sand. I'm just so pale I can't stay out for long because even with sun screen I burn and not tan. So, my time on a beach is always limited. John explained that Dwane offered for us to join him for a week this coming month there for a vacation. He explained that Dwane was staying for a week and a half but there wasn't a chance that John could get off work for that long. I wasn't sure what to say so I tried to make it seem like it was hard for us to do. First pointing out that John may not get off work or so long with such short notice. He said he always spoke to his boss and they were willing to let him use some vacation time. Then telling him I couldn't be out much but would spend most of my time inside during the daytime. He kept insisting explaining that he hasn't had time away from home in over a year and this was a great chance to enjoy himself. I felt a little guilty and relented agreeing to go. John smiled and said he had already gotten the time off and made plans for the travel so either way he was going to convince me to do it. We would leave on a Sunday morning and return the following Saturday morning so we can have a day on both ends to take care of stuff at home after work and the before work.

The day came for the trip as we made the last minute checks making sure we loaded everything into the car. The ride was going to be a seventeen hour trip so we switched driving duties now and then to make it easier on each other. When we finally made it there I think we both were more than ready to get out of the car. Getting out we quickly found the apartment. Knocking on the door Dwane opened it up as he had made it down that morning via plane and was waiting on us. There before me was that sexy black man whom I had my first and only affair with. He looked right at me with a smile then reached around giving me a big hug. I can't deny that I right away didn't get a physical reaction as he did. Yet, I also felt a little awkward as he pulled away to shake John's hand. The image of all the sexual things I did with Dwane while away flashed through my head knowing full well John had no idea what we had done.

That first night was uneventful. We spent it talking for a couple hours before going to bed. Dwane kept taking long glances at me the entire time. The next morning after breakfast John and I unpacked out bags and John got changed to go for a swim and just relax on the beach. Which is pretty much all or the entire trip. Seeing how it was already late morning I decided not to go to the beach myself but figured I'd go are to the local stores. Stepping out of the bedroom I walked into the living room to see Dwane standing there in nothing but shoes and swim trunks. My body almost jumped not really in the shock of seeing him out of no where. It was over seeing his sexy black body again. His strong arms, dark skin ... snap out of it! Dwane smiled at me and asked how I slept? Fine I told him as I hid the fact that seeing him last night caused me to have a sexual type of dream about him during the night.

"Not going swimming today?" he asked as he looked at my clothing. I told him I wasn't because I only planned on going in the early morning when I did since I burn way too easy. "No surprise there as pale as you are. I always said you had to be the whitest person I ever met." I smiled and agreed joking that if I were any paler I would be translucent. Before heading out I gave John a kiss and told him I'd met up with him later. He asked me if I was sure I didn't want John to come along with me? I assured him I'd be fine and to enjoy himself. That we'd still get plenty of time together during the rest of the trip. We all agreed to meet for lunch before I headed out.

For the next couple of hours I wondered around just visiting some local places with a slow relaxed pace. When the time came I met the two of them for lunch. John asked if I was enjoying myself? I assured him I was. After lunch they went back out as I headed back to the apartment alone. Watching a little TV I thought I'd take the chance to lay down for a little bit. I wasn't really tired so I just laid there as my mind wondered. Soon enough I began to think of Dwane. Though at home I did my best to put what we had done out of mind. Granted it didn't always work that well when he wasn't around much less when I had seen him recently. The picture of him in almost nothing this morning flashed through my mine over and over again. In little time I was in such a turned on mood I couldn't relax and knew what I had to do and wanted to do. Standing up I closed the bedroom door just to make sure I had my privacy and laid back down on the bed. Closing my eyes I once again pictured Dwane, imagining that he was in the room with me. Undoing my shorts I slowly slid my hand under them and my panties.

Rubbing my clit quickly I brought myself to an orgasm within a mere two minutes as I thought of Dwane the entire time. Redoing my shorts I was finally able to relax and actually fell asleep for nearly an hour. Only woke up when the sound of the front door slammed shut followed by the voices of my husband and Dwane talking. The three of us spent the rest of the day together and had a pretty good time. Later in the evening Dwane went out he said to see if he could meet up with some friends. John joked that he was leaving only so he could meet up with some girl he knows to get "lucky" this vacation. Dwane smiled telling John that he hopes so as his eyes trailed towards me. After he was gone John wasted no time in touching and kissing me and soon enough we ended up making love in the bedroom. Dwane returned about an hour later as we were sitting in the living room watching TV. After sitting with us for a little while we all went to bed for the night.

The following morning I woke up early, too a shower, and made breakfast for everyone before they got out of bed. Figuring I'd join the boys this morning I changed into my swimming suit. No surprise that as much as it's covers these things on my chest always love to stand out no matter what I do. Walking out of the bedroom Dwane whistled at me jokingly. We all spent a few hours relaxing on the beach as I laid on a big towel taking in what little sun I can before burning. I couldn't help but watch Dwane when neither he nor my husband were looking. His sexy black body as he moved through the water ... crap I need to head back to the apartment because I was in little time quite turned on already. When the two of them came back towards me I explained that I was going back to the apartment and that I'd meet the two of them later on. Dwane asked me if I wanted him to walk me back but I assured him I was fine. Giving John a kiss I headed back. Turning on the radio to add some sound to a very silent house I quickly changed into a pair of loose fitting PJ pants and a comfortable tee-shirt figuring I would just bum around until they got back. That is after I masturbated to release this built up pressure within me.

As I passed Dwane's room I saw his large comfortable bed. I knew that they wouldn't be back for quite some time and the thought of touching myself on his bed while thinking about him got me more than a little excited. I know it's not the smartest thing I ever considered but as I laid down I knew it wouldn't take long. More so since the pillows and bed smelled like Dwane adding to the effect of my imagination. Closing my eyes I began to rub my clit again thinking about that sexy black man. I was in my own little world as I got closer to my orgasm and even moaned Dwane's name when I heard a noise that startled me. Opening my eyes and quickly sitting up I was shocked to see Dwane standing there in his bedroom's doorway watching me. I had no idea how long he had been there but he was just staring at me with a big grin on his face.

"Don't stop for me" Dwane said with a smile. I didn't know what to say. I mean what could I? Here I am masturbating on his bed while he wasn't here and got caught. I appologised and sat up adjusting myself. "Don't be sorry baby, I enjoyed the show. You can finish if you want ... or I can help you finish." Dwane winked. I asked him where John was as I was more worried about being caught by my husband than I was that Dwane did. That was simply just embarrising. Dwane explained that John was still out and about. He had told John that he was going to meet up with some girl he knows down here. Then came by to see what I was up to. "You were doing a lot more then I thought you would be." I told him I had better go before John got back. Dwane rushed into the room, closing the door behind him. "Don't worry Marisa he's not coming back any time soon. Besides, I know I was the one you were thinking about so why not at least let me help you with your needs? We don't need to have sex, I'll just give you that orgasm you almost had and you don't have to even use your imagination that I'm the one doing it to you."

"Dwane," I said. "We really can't do this again. More so when John can walk in at any time and catch us in a bad situation." As I moved to get off the bed he quickly moved over to the edge, standing against the side preventing me from getting my legs over the edge so I could stand up. Dwane just smiled with an almost evil grin as he reached around with his right hand to the back of my head. Grabbing my pony tail he pulled my head back until I was looking up towards him. He didn't say a word as he bented down and began to kiss and suck on my neck. I let out a light gasp as he knew this was a sure way of turning me on and getting me into the mood. "Dwane please," I meakly pleaded. "We can't do this."

"Just relax," Dwane whispered to me. "I just want to help get you to that orgasm and we don't need to go beyond that if you don't want to. Besides, you know deep down inside you want me to do this too." He explained before going back to kissing my neck. I couldn't lie, I did want it but I also knew I couldn't do it. 'I really shouldn't do this ... I really can't do this.' I thought to myself as he continued to kiss my neck. It wasn't a split second later that the "I can't do this at all" changed to "I can't let him go all the way." I quickly reasoned that if I only let him just touch me then it won't be so bad and this would be the last time anything at all happened like this with Dwane. I was not relaxed, only asking Dwane not to suck too much on my neck since I'd have a hard time explaining a hicky to John. Dwane stood back up smiling telling me to just relax there for a moment as he walked away. I just stared at his sexy black body as he headed towards the bedroom door, locking it. "Just want to make sure we don't have someone walking in by mistake as I'm doing this to you." Dwane explained as he walked back over. Before he came back to me he turned on his radio on the night table beside the bed. Now, I am no fan of rap or the like but Dwane told me that he explained to John that if there was loud music playing in his room that he had a girl in the place with him. And John knew I hated Rap so he would just assume I left. Turning the volume up loud enough to hear it through the entire apartment Dwane turned to face me, asking if I could move over a little. Sliding to the middle of the bed Dwane climbed on, leaned down, and started kissing my neck and upper chest. Soon he was pushing down against me, making me lay on the bed.

"Part your legs a little for me Marisa." I did as he asked. Looking down my body I watched as his large black hand glided down my stomach and slipped under the waistband of my pants. He began to rub my clit as I watched the movement of his hand under the front of my pants. "Smooth and shaved bare as always," Dwane said grinning. He then slipped a finger into my hole making me moan in response. I was in pleasure as I laid there looking up at this sexy black man who was fingering my pussy. I was to the point of nearly humping back against his finger in me. About two minutes into it I was beyond turned on when Dwane out of no where pulled his hand out of my pants. Opening my eyes again I looked up at him asking what was wrong?

"Nothing at all," Dwane said. "I just thought I'd do this in a different way. Just to give you a little more pleasure." I was puzzled at first but didn't really care what he had in mind as long as he kept doing this. Moving down the bed he grabbed both sides of my pants telling me to lift my hips up. He yanked my pants down and all the way off my body leaving me naked from the waist down. Dwane then pushed my legs further apart as he moved up between them until his face was right above my crotch. That's when I realized exactly what he had in mine. Looking down at him as he looked up at me Dwane spread me open with a couple of his fingers then ran the tip of his tongue up my clit. It made me both jump and moan. This put another "evil" grin on his face as he began to now both finger my hole as he licked and sucked on my clit. I was soon gripping the bed and moaning as he went down on me. It felt so good and he knew exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. I was in heaven as he got me closer and closer to climax. It built so quickly it was almost as surprise when it came on as my whole body reacted. To add to it Dwane didn't stop but continued as I had my orgasm. This lead to another, then another, and finally a fourth orgasm. There was very little break between them as they hit my body like waves; each one larger than the last. By that point I begged Dwane to stop as I could barely breath. Dwane did as I asked pulling his head away as I caught my breath. No sooner did I calm down that he went right back to it and was soon half way to my fifth when I yelled out, before thinking about what I was saying.

"Please fuck me!" I screamed. "Stop now and fuck me!" Dwane stopped instantly and by the look on his face he was as surprised by what I said as I was. I just blurted it out in the heat of the moment as Dwane wasn't going to waste the opening I gave him. He got off the bed and in a flash shed his swiming trunks. Looking down I had a perfect view of his long, thick, black dick pop into view in all it's glory. He was already rock hard and ready to go. As he climbed back up on the bed I just stared at him knowing only a few minutes ago I told him I wouldn't be doing this.

"Spread those nice white legs for me Marisa," he said with a moan. I did as he asked and watched as he moved his sexy black body up between my out stretched pale white thighs until he was hovering above me. He had one hand beside of me bracing himsef and the other down between our bodies with his hand around his over sized dick aiming it at my hole. I could feel the soft tip of his bulbous head rubbing around my entrance preparing it. He didn't say a word as he started to put pressure against it and with a little effort I began to open up. His dark brown head worked it's way into my little pale pink hole. I gasped and Dwane groaned as he did it. Once he had the head in he moved his hand from between us placed it on the other side of me. He now began to slowly work that monster into me a little at a time. Deeper and deeper it went and I almost forgot how good it felt. Until finally he was fully buried inside of me as his large testicles were resting against me.

"Fuck girl," Dwane moaned. "I love how your little white pussy feels around me. So fucking tight, so hot." I couldn't agree more with how good that it felt. Dwane soon started working it slowly in and out of me. He built up the pace moving a little faster as he went on. I moments I was moaning loudly which was only barely drowned out by the loud music playing in the room. My fingers were tightly gripping into his back, arms, and shoulders and my legs wrapped around his back as he fucked me. It was so hot to see his sexy black body above me, working his big black dick into my body over and over again. The sight of my pale skin against his deep brown was adding to the pleasure he was already giving me. He was alternating his movements in such a way th. at he was rubbing against my G spot almost continuosly and knew if he kept it up I would have another orgasm soon.

"Oh God!" I moaned in pleasure. Of God yes! Fuck me ... yes! ... feels so fucking good! So deep. So big. Fuck! You feel so good in me. So much better!"

"So much better then what baby?" He asked in response to my near rambling. I was in such ectasy I wasn't even paying attention to what I really saying because I was in my own little world of pleasure. What ever came to mind I just blurted out.

"Better then John does." I responded without thinking. I hated to admit it but he did feel better. Not that my husband didn't feel good but I wasn't going to lie and say Dwane didn't feel better. It was a mix of both the color contrast and of course his massive dick and the fact he knew how to use it well. Dwane smiled when I said that. Closer and closer I felt what will be my fifth orgasm coming on. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My whole body shaking in pleasure as my toes curled and eyes rolled up into my head. Dwane only slowed down so I could calm down a little. It was a really big orgasm and took me a little bit to recoup myself from it. When I finally did I looked right up at Dwane.

"Fuck me." I told him. "Fuck me hard." And that he did. God it felt so good. He was being so forceful that he was actually making the bed rock and slam against the wall. Only a couple of times it was a little uncomfortable as his head hit my cervix a little too hard. I didn't care it felt so good. I was now screaming at times so loud I drowned out the radio and he repeatidly pistoned into me. Then out of no where he stopped moving so much. I asked if he was okay?

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