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Wednesday with the Boys


My Child Bride (CB), who is the CEO of an international group travel company, and a fellow employee got a call from a group travel owner from Pennsylvania who had a free night and was looking for some company. He is here, San Antonio Riverwalk, with a group on tour and managed to get a free night. This type situation just drives me nuts, because I want so badly to get my semi-slut wife to open up and become a full slut. She still gets angry but we are now able to at least talk about it some, not a lot just some. So with out sounding to bad in front of my CB's employee I insinuated they should show him a good time. They both laughed and implied this guy was not someone that would excite either of them. I kept my mouth shut and did not say, "Think how much he would appreciate some willing erotic sex with no strings attached with beautiful mature five foot two inch with thirty-four C-cup rack slender waist above a flat belly over a shaved cunt that is tight as a drum head?" They left and thought the best way to deal with my sadness was to write a story for literotica as to how I wished it would go.

So here goes:

CB and her female employee drove down to the Riverwalk hoping to get in and out without having to get caught up in traffic of all the lawyers and business people trying to get to the suburbs. They managed to get there without a problem all the traffic was going the other way. The girls dressed in casual work skirts and conservative blouses not thinking any other clothing would be needed. Actually my CB was wearing a rather low cut V-neck clinging top that if she bent over just right anyone could enjoy a wonderful view of her wonderful tits. They pulled up to valet parking and as my CB was getting out of the car she noticed the valet holding the door in such a way that if there was going to be anything to see he would not miss is. My wife smiled and thought of me and how happy I would be if she did give him a good view of her cleavage. They made there way into the lobby and ask the concierge where to lounge was. They were told and made their way to the elevator to get to the Penthouse Lounge.

Stepping off the elevator my CB could not get the thought out of her mind about how I would want her to handle tonight's adventure. She again reconfirmed her unwillingness to let go and proceed into the dimly lit bar that was open on all sides with windows overlooking the sprawling city of San Antonio. All the lights were beautiful and reminded her of many other nights in bars around the world. She shook it all out of her mind and began to look for Bob, the older gentleman from Pennsylvania. Her cohort spotted him sitting by the window with two other gentlemen so you ventured over and said, "Hello, Bob how are you?"

Old Bob smiles real big, stands up and proceeds to give you both a huge bear hug. Playing along you both allow him to hug you. He then turns and introduces his tablemates Jere and Al. Motions for you to sit and asks, "What would you like to drink?"

You both reply, "Cokes will be fine."

The look of disappointment is very apparent on all three of the guy's faces. Giving away the fact they had thought to get you drinking in hopes they could take advantage of you and something exciting might happen. The guys ask almost at the same time, wouldn't you care for a cocktail or some wine?

Again you both politely decline and share Cokes would be fine.

The waitress comes over and Cokes are ordered. Bob realizing this was not going in the direction he had hoped began to talk shoptalk, which you and your employee were more than willing to discuss. This went on for a while until your employee leaned over and suggested she needed to go to the loo and then head home. You said sure and off she went.

The guys were about to give up when you started thinking. I could really turn this into a wonderful slut experience for my loving husband with no trouble at all. Smiling to yourself you decided why not. It's time to go for it. When your employee came back you stand and whisper to her that you needed to talk to Bob some more and he had agreed to make sure you got home. So she could go ahead and leave her there, she would be fine. Your employee never doubting what you said gave you a hug and waved goodbye to the guys.

The guys all had looks of confusion written all over their faces as you sat back down smiling like the cat that caught the mouse. Bob was really unsure exactly what was going on and asked politely, "Did your friend leave?"

"Yes, she is a young home body and needed to go home."

"HMMMM, and you are not a home body and don't need to go home?" Jere asked with a sly smile.

"Oh, I'm a home body but I go home when I decide I want to. And I have been listening to the combo playing some really good dance music ever since I got here and not a one of you has ask me to dance."

All three of the guys jumped up at the same time, reaching out there hands offering to dance. You sit back smiling and say, "OK you all will get your chance so figure out whose first."

They sounded like kids at recess trying to find out who is on first. Finally they agreed on a pecking order and Bob decided since he was responsible for your being there he should be first. So Jere and Al flipped a coin to see who was next as you and Bob move out on the dance floor. Despite his age Bob turned out to be quite a good dancer so you started enjoying yourself almost immediately. The third song was a slow song and Bob gently pulled you to him and started to sway to the music. You are thinking, well it's now or never. With that in mind you allow you body to move closer and closer to Bob's body. To the point your hips were pushed up against his groin. At first Bob was not sure what was going on but as you continued to rub and push against him, his growing erection lets you know he is getting the message. He leans his head back almost in embarrassment, looking in your eyes to make sure this was ok. You look directly into his eyes, smile a sexy smile and slowly grind your cunt mound harder into his growing erection. He smiles and pulls you back to his shoulder and whispers in your ear, "I haven't dance like this in years."

Without changing what your hips were doing you begin to flick his ear lobe with the tip of your tongue. He shudders all over using his right hand to pull you tighter into his hardened cock. You allow him to slide his right leg in between you legs until you feel your cunt on his thigh. This keeps up until the end of the song. At which time Bob decides he does not want to let you go. He holds you against him after the music stops, but you say, "Let's go to the table so the other guys can have a chance to dance with me."

He says, "Why don't you and I just do all the dancing then maybe go somewhere more private."

"Bob! That would not be very nice to your friends, now would it."

Sadly he lets you go and smiling you walk up to the table and ask whose next?

Jere stands and holds out his hand to escort you back out on the dance floor. After a couple of fast dances a slow song comes on and without Jere pulling you into his body you press yourself into him. Molding yourself into his body leaving no doubt that you wanted to feel him against you. He glances around toward Bob who is busy talking rapidly to Al and doesn't see Jere's look. As the dance progresses Jere erection becomes apparent to you. You lean into Jere's ear and whisper, "My, my that feels nice."

Jere in disbelief asks, "What?"

You giggle and purr, "That wonderful hard cock that you are pushing into pussy."

Jere nearly losses it, but gathers his composure as best he can. Continuing to dance and basically hump on the dimly lit dance floor. You are getting hornier and hornier, really enjoying yourself. When the song ends, you step back and tell Jere you will be right back. Jere stumbles and stutters as he watches you walk away turn back to blow him a kiss. He then turns and rapidly goes back to the table to tell his tale. The guys were already talking about your behavior, wondering where it might lead.

After a few minutes you returned to the table with something in your hand. You sit down and reach for your purse and with no subtly at all you put your bra in your purse. All six eyes immediately look at your chest, which leave no doubt about your nipples sticking straight out for all to see. "Wow!" was all that was said.

Then you open your other hand and ask, "Can you guys believe that dancing with you two guys got my panties this wet?" Then you hand Bob your panties that are soaking wet from the front of the gusset to the back. All three of the guys do not have a clue what to do or say or think at this point, so you reach over and grab Bob's hand to pull him to the dance floor.

His eyes are like saucers not knowing where this is going or what he should do next. You like being in charge and playing with these guys. So you put your arms around his neck and pull his face hard into your mouth where you begin to swirl your tongue around his mouth, lips and tongue. Turning a dance into nothing more than a standing make-out session. Bob's hand gradually slides down to cup your ass cheeks, which makes it easier for him to pull your cunt into his thigh and rock hard cock. You grow hornier and hornier until finally you place your left hand on Al's ass and pull him into you as hard as you can. Which cause you reach your first orgasm of the night. Bob feels you shudder and gently pulls your whole body into a warm hug. He then steps back and takes you by the hand and leads you back to the table.

On shaky legs you find a seat facing all the guys. You reach over and pick up your soaking wet panties from the table allowing plenty of time for the guys to get a great look down your top. Glancing up you see all three guys staring at your tits. You decide you love it being in charge of the moment and ask, "Do you gentlemen like what you see?"

They, embarrassed, stutter and mumble, "Yes..." "Wow. You have great breasts." And Bob says, "I never dreamed you were this type of woman."

You respond, "And what kind of woman do you think I am, Bob?"

His eyes show total shock as he mumbles something about you being so open or so much fun or whatever it is.

"You guys don't like my behavior?"

Almost in unisons they all say, "No, we love it."

With this you lean back in your chair, which faces away from the bar and dance floor. As you lean back you allow your legs to pull apart enough for the guys eyes to be pulled back to your lower body. With that you turn sideways in your chair keeping you right leg pointed straight at the guys and lift your left leg up on the cushioned seat, which pushed your skirt up some more. This is about too much for the guys who can now see your moist cunt lips. They are unable to say anything, dumbfounded. Slowly you allow your left hand to drop down into your lap and begin to caress your left leg up past your thigh high stocking top. The guys just continue to stare slowly sipping their drinks

The waitress comes up and asks if anyone needed anything? As she looks at what you are doing she smiles while looking at your pussy and your hand rubbing your leg. She giggles and says, "Oh my, it looks like you have this table under control, and do you think you might need some help?"

Over your smile you say, "No I think I have everything I need for now." The guys don't have a clue what all that meant but they could care less. The show was more than they had ever hoped for. Bob asks, "Would you mind if I came over and sat next to you?"

You respond with a sexy smile and a wiggle of your forefinger in a come on over gesture. Bob immediately slides out of his chair and on the couch on your right side. Not wanting him to feel slighted you turn still facing the other two guys put your left foot on the floor with your knee still pointed towards Al and Jere and lift you right leg, bent at the knee, onto Al's lap. Which afforded him and the guys a full view of your shaved moist cunt lips. Al immediately began to stroke your right leg as he settled into the couch with your leg in his lap right on top of his hard cock.

He leans over and asks, "What about your husband, where is he tonight?"

You take his hand in both of yours and gently place it on your bare cunt, which causes you to shudder almost ready for another orgasm. Then you lean over to Bob and say, "He's at home waiting for me. Hoping I'll bring an erotic story home for him to enjoy."

Bob is stunned. "What do you mean, erotic story to share?"

"He encourages me to enjoy myself sexually and then share it with him when I get home." You say helping Bob to gently rub your soaking wet cunt. The other two guys are leaning over trying to hear what is being said but making sure they do not miss any of what is going on between your legs.

"You mean he knows you are here and knows you are doing all this sexy stuff?" Bob asks incredulous.

With that you pick up your phone, dial my number, put it on speaker and hand Bob the phone and suggest you ask me himself. Bob's mouth falls open and glances at the other guys will questions and doubt all over his face. All this time his left hand is cupped around your moist cunt. The ringing of the speakerphone can be heard by all four of you. Finally I answer.

Bob says, "Hi...Ray isn't it?"

"Yes, who is this?" I reply.

"Bob from Pennsylvania, in town with a group and your wife was kind enough to join me and a couple of friends for a drink downtown."

I laugh, "Oh don't let her get to many drinks she might get wild." Knowing she is having a Coke or Dr. Pepper.

"Oh I don't think she needs any "drinks" to get wild," Bob answers openly.

"Oh really what is going on"

After a few minutes of dead silence my CB says, "Oh you know something you have been trying to get me to do for years."

"Oh Hi Darling."


"What's going on?"

"Well my employee and I came down here to visit with Bob for a minute since he had some free time."


"Well my employee being the home body she is decided she had to go home and I had been listening to the combo play some great dance music. I decided to see if Bob and his friend's Al and Jere could get me home later.

"And did they agree?"

"I'm sure I can entice them into either bringing me home or finding a place for me to stay tonight."

"Hmmmm, sounds like some interesting options. Just how might you entice them?"

"Well they have been taking turns dancing with me. They are all very good dancers and seem to be enjoying themselves tremendously."

"Oh really how can you tell?"

"During the slow dance they have been holding me very tight and close to their bodies."


"Yes, I had to go to the bathroom and take off my bra and panties because they were getting so wet."

"My, my, sounds like you have decided to have a good time after all these years of encouragement from me." "Sure does seem that way."

"Bob, it appears that you and your friends just might be the luckiest gentlemen in South Texas tonight."

Bob stumbles over his words not sure what the hell is going on, "Ray, your ok with this?"

"What is this, you have to be more specific, Bob?"

"Well you know, this?"

"No I don't know, why don't you tell me?"

"Your wife has displayed an erotic attitude to me and my friends since her friend left."

"Oh no Bob, more specific than that."

Jere leaned over to speak into the phone and try not to announce what he was going to say to the whole world, "Ray, Jere here. Your wife came back from the lady's room a moment ago with her bra in one hand and some very wet panties in the other hand."

"How wonderful for you guys."

"Then placing the bra in her purse and handing the panties to Bob she ask if we could believe that just dancing with two of us could make her that wet. And now she is sitting on a couch facing both Al and I with her left leg spread out to her left and her right leg in Bob's lap. She just took Bob's hand and placed it on her cunt where he is still gently rubbing her shaved pussy up and down making her squirm all over the couch."

"And that Bob was what I meant by specific!" I replied with a smile you could hear in my voice.

"Honey, are you enjoying yourself"

"Very much. I'm sorry I waited this long to finally give into your wishes."

"And what are your plans?"

"Hmmm.... I guess I'll just have to see what these kind gentlemen would have me do to convince them to get me a ride home?"

All three of the guys are grinning from cheek to cheek.

"Ok, my Darling, have fun and if either of the kind gentlemen has a camera have them use it while you are convincing them to take you home. How does that sound."?

"I'm not sure.." She is interrupted by both Al and Jere sharing that they indeed have top of the line digital equipment to record the evening that they would be more than willing to use.

"Ok guys, enjoy. No pain, ok"

"Sure thing." They reply almost at the same time.

"I love you Honey, show the kind gentlemen a good time, come home to me and share it all."

"Later." She says as the phone goes dead.

With that all the guys look at each other wanting to celebrate their good luck but not wanting to flaunt the fact that they have willing sex sitting right in front of them with her legs spread out getting her pussy rubbed in lounge in downtown San Antonio. Not knowing what to do next they all look at you waiting for your next move? You love it all this testosterone flowing around you. You glance over at Bob's lap and notice a large tent in his pants. Wow you think this may be more interesting than I thought. Looking around to insure no one is able to see you, you reach over and wrap your hand around Bob's swollen cock through his trousers. You are in disbelief at the size and hardness of it.

Bob say, "Cutie pie you better quit that or I might just explode in my drawers."

"Oh we could not have that now could we"?

So you move your hand and leg off his lap and sit back up.

The guys call for the check and the waitress comes back over with it. She then turns and looks you directly in the eye and says, "I really would like to help you with these three if you would like. I get off in about ten minutes so I'm free to go with you guys."

The guys are dumbfounded.

You ask Bob what his room number is and he hands you his key, which in turn you hand to the waitress. She smiles leans over to pick up her money the guys had put on the table. In the process she leans into you and without saying anything catches you off guard by placing an open mouth kiss directly on your lips. Again the guys dumbfounded.

The waitress rises up, smiles, turns and walks away.

You caught off guard smile at the guys and say, "Say down boys. We'll get to that later."

With that you stand up and say, "Shall we find someplace more private, Gentlemen?"

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Act like that in Texas

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