tagLoving WivesWednesday with the Boys Ch. 02

Wednesday with the Boys Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Wednesday Night In Hotel Bar

The guys again are not sure exactly what was happening, not wanting to screw this up but not wanting to come on too strong to scare all this off. So Bob finally stands offers his arm to escort you out of the lounge. You step forward and slide your left arm into his right arm and off you go. Al and Jere like little puppies follow along with unreal smiles on their faces. Bob asks if you would like to join him in his room. You respond by turning around and asking the other guys if going to Bob's room sounded like a good idea to them. Both vigorously nod their heads in the affirmative rapidly catching up with you and Bob. You notice people in the lobby eyeballing your breasts swaying unfettered. Proudly you pull your shoulders back to emphasize your nipples pointing straight out. The group sails across the lobby to a bank of elevators where Bob pushes the button for his floor. When the doors open you and the guys get on and you pull you phone out of your purse and accidentally spilling your bra and still wet panties our on the floor. Both Jere and Al leaped to help you pick them up. Al grabs your panties and pulls them to his face. Inhaling the wonderful sexual aroma as he mumbles wow through your skimpy panties. You smile and dial my cell phone number pushing in the loudspeaker as the ring starts.

I answer the phone saying, "Hi my Darling, is there a problem?"

"No." you say. " I just wanted to give you an update on my adventure, is that all right."

"All right, Hell no it's so much better than all right there is no measure." I exclaim.

"OK then, we, me and the boys Bob, Jere and Al are in an elevator going to Bob's room for some privacy. Al has my panties to his face and is sniffing them as we go down the elevator."

"How nice. Al how does it smell?"

"Very erotic and moist." He says with a smile.

"We really appreciate you letting your wife come out to play with us tonight."

"Oh I hope it is all our pleasure. Me getting all the juicy details from my slut wife, her for getting all the hard cock she can imagine to play with and you guys enjoying a most wonderful evening of kinky, erotic, raw sex. Am I wrong on any count?"

"I certainly hope not." He responds.

"Well Honey is sounds like you have chosen to really get after being a good slut?"

Bob asks, "Just what does her acting like a slut mean, if I may rude and crude enough to ask?"

"Honey, why don't you share with the guys, your definition of what being a good slut means?" I respond putting you back in control.

"Hmmmm...let me see if I can get this right?" she says sexily.

I could not see the guys but I could tell there was total silence in that elevator. One could feel the sexual tension over the phone. Finally this silence was broken with your sexy voice saying, "If I understand correctly your wanting me to be a good slut would involve me allowing these gentlemen to use and abuse me in anyway they want, however they want, for as long as they want. Did I get that right my darling husband?"

With great happiness I respond, "Sounds like a wonderfully good slut to me. The only thing I would add is making sure the guys take lots of pics of it all."

Al says," What just a minute please. Let me make sure you are telling us that you are giving your wife to us to do anything we want to do to her?"

"Absolutely correct. Right Darling."

"Yes." You coo in a sexy voice.

Jere still not believing this is really happening asks, "What if we want her to suck our cocks while one of the other ones fuck her?"

"Honey you want to answer that?" I say.

"I would certainly hope something like that happens."

"Ok gentlemen I think you now have a better idea just how lucky you are on this lovely South Texas evening. Go and enjoy. Honey if you want to call and give me up dates periodically it would be appreciated tremendously."

"If I'm not to busy or maybe one of the guys could call and give a play by play of the action, would you like that?"

"Sounds wonderful to me. No pain, guys you got it?"

"Oh for sure." they all said all most at the same time.

"Very good."

"Good bye now my darling husband, thank you for letting me enjoy myself." My child bride says as she hangs up the phone.

The elevator door finally open and CB step off into the corridor, allowing Bob to lead the way to his room. At the end of the corridor Bob opens the door to a very nice suite over looking downtown San Antonio and the hill country to the north.

He asks if you are sure you would not like a drink and you again order a Dr. Pepper. Which throws him for a loop. He grabs the phone and tells room service to bring cokes, Dr. Peppers and ice to his room.

You wander over to the floor to ceiling window taking in the wonderful view. The guys are all standing around wondering what is supposed to happen next? You turn around with a big smile on your face and say, "Well gentlemen this is all new to me also I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to happen next. But since Bob invited me here tonight I suggest he come over here and let me thank him. Will that work you think?"

Bob without saying a word walked over to my CB. She kisses him with an open mouth kiss that reflected just how hot she was feeling. After twirling her tongue in and around his mouth she slowly disengages, sliding gently to her knees. Without a word she reached up and slowly pulls Bob's zipper down over an unusually large tent in his trousers. The size was mystifying to her. When the zipper was down she reached into his fly having quite some difficulty pulling his hard and enormous cock out. Once out she could not belief this old guy had such a wonderful cock. She reaches into his fly with her other hand and pulls his balls out. Leaning back she smiles, looks up at Bob, then over at the guys and asks, "My, my isn't that impressive?" Bob beams, he is so proud of himself. The guys are in disbelief of the whole scene.

Gradually a small drop of pre-cum begins to form on the huge purple head of Bob's throbbing cock. You lean back forward taking his balls in your left hand, slowly raising them to your mouth. Licking each ball before gently sucking one and then the other into you mouth and gently rolling them around with your tongue. Bob lets out a guttural moan and the other two guys are mumbling to themselves. As you are sucking on his balls more pre-cum forms and drips down onto your upturned cheek. You smile as you let go of his balls. Taking a finger you wipe the drop of pre-cum from your cheek and with graceful flare lick the end of your finger slurping the pre-cum off it. Then you take Bob's huge and throbbing cock in both your hands. Gently fondling his meat in a slow jack off manner. Bob pleads, "Please be careful or I will explode pretty quickly."

"Oh we can't let that happen." You say as you pull the head of his cock down to your mouth level and begin to start the gradual process of sucking his cock further and further into your mouth. Bob moans and grabs the back of you head with both hands not wanting it to ever stop. Back and forth you manage to increase the length of dick that is sucked into your mouth. Finally feeling the huge cock hit the back of your throat you make up your mind you are going to show these guys some real Texas sex. You slowly begin to push your head further onto Bob's swelling cock. Finally relaxing you're your gag reflex you feel the huge cock head slide into your throat. Bob can't stand this any longer you feel him building up so you reach around his ass holding him into your mouth. Bob can't believe you are going to swallow his seed but knows he can't pull away with your arms around his ass this way. Unable and unwilling to hold back anymore he lets fly with large loads of thick warm cum into your throat. He pumps for a fourth and fifth time before he slumps over your kneeling figure. His cock begins to grow flaccid and you feel it pulling out of you throat.

You allow him to come out of your mouth and say, "Thank you kind sir."

Bob barely able to talk says, "Oh no, oh no, you are the one to be thanked. That was the most wonderful blowjob I ever had. My wife never lets me cum in her mouth ever. Wow! That was the most thrilling thing I ever did. Thank you."

You stand, smiling as you lick your lips to get whatever cum that spilled. The guys are absolutely astonished and loving it. You turn looking at the other two guys. "Whose next?"

Al says," Well we were hoping you might take off your clothes before we did anything else. Is that alright?"

You say submissively," Whatever you guys want is what I'm going to try to do. Did you not hear my husband on the phone?" That being said you reach down and grasp the bottom of your blouse. Slowly pulling it up and over your head your beautiful breasts and rock hard nipples come into view. Smiling you cup your hands under your breast and begin to roll your nipples between your thumb and forefinger, making yourself swoon at how hot and horny it felt. Taking turn about is fair play you suggest the guys should get undressed also. All three needed no further encouragement and immediately shucked all clothing. You continue your disrobing process by unsnapping the waistband of your skirt and let it fall to the floor. You stand there totally naked and slowly turn around for the guys to get the full affect of a wanton and willing slut.

Jere walks over to you and wraps you in bear hug, kissing you with a fervor you had not felt in years. You return the kiss with as good as you are getting while you move your hands to his cock and balls. He moans into you mouth as you slowly start to squeeze both his cock head and balls. He finally breaks the kiss and holds you at arms length admiring your lovely nudity especially you soaking wet shaved cunt.

You kneel down in front of him taking his average sized cock in your mouth without any further ado. Almost immediately you suck him deep into your throat where he begins to fuck your face with short deliberate strokes. He only last a few seconds until he unloads another load of thick hot cum down your throat. Again you swallow as much as you can keep in your mouth. Continuing to suck until he goes limp. You lick his cock of all juice as you pull away. Again smiling as you lick your lips of the cum that had run out of your mouth. Jere nearly falls over onto the couch, smiling and thanking you for a wonderful blowjob.

You turn to Al whose cock is throbbing so hard from having watched the whole scene you are afraid he might cum before you get to him. Without standing up you knee walk over to him grabbing his cock, which is just too much for him. Long strands of hot, thick white cum spurt out of the head of his cock. It just keeps spurting hitting your face, hair, breasts and neck. You smile and try to get the head of his cock into your mouth to no avail. Al is embarrassed to no end. You smile as to not embarrass him anymore and say," Don't worry I'll do whatever I have to do to get it back up and you can be the first to use me as a fuck toy."

"Well Ok then, thanks." He replies.

During this time Jere has begun to set up a tripod for making a CD of what was going on. You stand and walk back to the windows turning and flaunting your nakedness for the camera. Touching yourself, pinching your nipples, sliding your hand over your smooth wet cunt lips while slipping your middle finger onto your clit. Spreading you legs for a better view you quickly bring yourself to your second orgasm. The guys all applaud to show their appreciation.

About this time there is a knock on the door. Bob says,"Opps, that must be the sodas I ordered. What do you want to do? Why don't you go hide in the bedroom while I get robes for the guys" Without a word you walk over to the door and standing behind it you tell the room service guy to bring it in and put it on the bar. He walks in goes to the bar and sets the refreshments down in a nice manner. Then turns around and nearly drops his eyeteeth, unsure what he should do as he stares at your nude body. His start goes from your face, to your hard nipples, down to your shaved moist cunt. Bob is searching for his wallet to give him a tip when you say, "Bob would you like for me to see if I can provide the tip?"

Bob looks around unsure what you mean. Without a word you walk over to the room service guys ask if he would like to have some fun in lieu of a monetary tip. He nods his head. "What would you like?" you ask. He is dumbfounded. You figure out he is going to need some help deciding so you make up your mind to get the most out of this situation. You take his hand and pull him over to the long table provide in the suite. You ask him to sit down and pull his chair up to the table. He does looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

You slip off your shoes scoot your ass up on the table and slide over in front of the young guy. Slowly you open you legs in front of him placing you feet on the arms of his chair while spreading you knees out as far as they will go. This opens you cunt lips so any and all can see how moist you are. You lay back and suggest," I really love having my pussy and ass eaten."

The guy may be young but he is very aware of a wonderful opportunity and he was not going to miss it. He immediately leans over and begins to lick your slit. You smile in appreciation. You then reach both hands down and with your thumb and forefingers grab your cunt lips and spread them out as far as they would go. This allows the young guy's tongue to aim in on your clit, which he begins to suck into his mouth gently nibbling with his teeth while he is sucking. You are having a hard time holding still but you don't want to move in fear of he might miss. Slowly you are building up to another orgasm. The young guy moves his hands up to your pussy and begins to insert a finger, then another finger, then another until he has all of his fingers fucking you pussy all the time sucking and nibbling your clit. You are loving every minute of this action. Then the young guy picking up on your obvious enjoyment pushes the thumb of his other hand knuckle deep into your puckered ass. You gasp and begin to try to hump into his face, thumb and hand. The other guys are moving around to be able to see better. You begin to moan deep in your throat. The young guy decides to take you over the top and with the four fingers in your soaking wet cunt he squeezes his thumb into your cunt with the four fingers. Feeling totally stretches you throw your legs further out to give him more room to work. Sensing your willingness the young guy slowly starts to force his thumb and four fingers deeper into your fuck hole. As he pushes harder and harder you begin to groan with each push. This encourages the young guy to go for it; using all his force he pushes his fist into your juicy and willing cunt. The then begins to slowly fuck you with his fist and arm all the while sucking you clit deeper into his mouth and wiggling his other thumb in your asshole. This is too much, you let go of you cunt lips and grab his ears and pull him as hard as you can into your pussy. This orgasm is so shattering and draining you almost pass out in bliss. You are having a hard time believing he had his whole hand in your cunt but not want him to pull it out quite yet. You grab his wrist and help him to continue to fuck his fist and arm in and out of you stretched cunt. The other guys are staring in amazement.

Finally you stop and pull the young guys fist and arm out of you cunt with a loud pop. He pushes the chair back and thanks you for a wonderful tip. As he gathers his tray to leave he asks if you are a working girl and why don't you stop by and see him before you leave. Taken aback by such an offer you shake you head while still laying on the table with you legs spread out and you cunt hole hanging open from the fisting. The young guy heads out the door with a smile and a thank you.

The other three guys are standing around in amazement. Bob is kind enough to offer his hand to help you up and off the table. Smiling you suggest someone get you a Dr. Pepper on the rocks while you gather yourself and hope your pussy comes back into shape after the fisting (your first, which you are going to love telling me about.). Al and Jere hustle to the bar and fix you DP while Bob escorts you to the couch.

"Wow, I'm not sure I'm going to do you any good with my little dick after being stretched by his fist and arm." Al says hesitantly handing you your DP.

"Oh, don't worry about that, my pussy muscles can squeeze hard enough for you to fully enjoy some serious fucking in a few minutes." You say with a smile. Realizing all of a sudden just how sore you cunt and ass are after the young guys using you like you had never been used before.

"Well, OK if you say so." Al responds with a smile. Happy that he was still going to get to use you and he would not be embarrassed anymore than he already was.

Jere chimes in with, "Wow that was something to behold. I've never seen anything like that. I can't wait to see it on screen."

You had forgotten they were filming, taping or CD'ing (whatever it's called these days.) everything since the blowjobs. Smiling with your thoughts knowing how much I would love it. You stand up a bit shakily and walk over to your purse again knowing the guys were feasting their eyes on you nudity. You dial me and put on the loudspeaker listening to the ring until I answer. "Hello, my Darling. Having fun."

"You are not going to believe how much fun I am having nor are you going to believe what I just did with the kinkiest young guy ever."

"Oh really. Should I ask, wait for pics or can one of the guys give me a play by play."

"You can ask, you will love the pics and why don't you ask one of the guys to share what we have done so far."

The guys begin to tell you what I had been doing just like I was not in the room. Talk about feeling like a fuck hole slut. When the bragging started I was yesterdays news. They shared about the blowjobs, swallowing all our cum and laughed about Al's pre-mature ejaculation. Telling you what a good cocksucker I am and how much they loved fucking my mouth and cumming down my throat. Then Bob took over the narrative about the room service guy. He was so excited to be able to tell me about it he got into all the juicy details making sure I did not miss anything. I could tell from the sound of his voice he was thrilled to death with situation at hand. He finished off with, "I wish you could have been here to see her after she had a huge orgasm how she grabbed the young guys arm and kept fucking his fist deeper into her cunt. Wow!" Then he seemed to get a little embarrassed when it dawn on him he was talking about you while you were right there. I then heard him say I assume to you, "Wow gorgeous I guess I got carried away in telling your husband about it, sorry."

Then I hear you say, "Don't worry about it. A good slut knows her place. I'm here to used however you wish." What are they thinking, damn, don't these guys listen.

I say, "Well now that sounds like a good little slut that I am very proud of."

"Thank you kind sir." You reply. "Well honey these guys have some more work to do now that I've had a couple of minutes to relax and take a couple of hits of Dr. Pepper."

"Oh really what kind of work?"

"Well I know Al here has a good fucking coming since he got is such a hurry before."

"Don't let me slow you down would you rather I get off the phone on can one of the other guys continue to tell me what's going on?"

"I don't care either way, I'm soon going to be very busy I think. To busy to be able to talk on the phone anyway. So goodbye I love you and thank you for letting me have that wonderful night of raw sex."

"You are welcome my love, go enjoy."

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