tagLesbian SexWeed Slave Ch. 03

Weed Slave Ch. 03


Missus Oh So Rich and Nasty

Salty earthy tastes assailed her tongue as Vanessa continued to lap at her heavy set Mistress's wrinkled dimple, while breathing shallowly in the fleshy cleft where her face was confined. She could not hear Crystal's moans of desire or giggles of delight; she couldn't see Lauren taking out her smartphone to get video from the foot of the bed, where she had a clear view up those slender tan legs to that, wet cunt, skinny stomach, round tits, and even the silhouette of her face and wriggling tongue, each time Crystal's hips rose with pleasure. She saw nothing and heard nothing; which amplified taste, smell, and feeling. Every breath she took was full of sweat, sex, weed, and asshole. Her tongue continued the dance of flickering and pushing, feeling the tight ring begin to relax, despite her disgust she was lost in her impulse to serve these women. Her mind hummed with arousal and marijuana and she could feel her pulse in her ears. The pressure of the woman's weight every time she decided to grind back toward Vanessa's eager tongue was crushing suffocation that made her desire to make her Mistress squeal and rear with pleasure. She felt small and helpless, used and abused; and, worst of all, she never wanted to feel anything else again.

This dynamic suited Crystal just fine, as what was tipping her closer to the multi-orgasmic fury, she had been building to since she started rubbing those swollen thighs together (when Lauren told them they had a special client) was the feeling of their slave's tongue pushing her open; pulling up meant the sexy housewife would have to work her tongue into the tight hole over and over. She loved getting fucked by and eating out her wife, getting herself off while sitting on a pretty girl's face, was a close second; all the better when she did not have to fight to get the stick figure slut to stick out her tongue and serve her Mistress fittingly. "Mmm give Mrs. Oh So Rich and Nasty a reward, she's quite the eager little ass licker." Vanessa did not feel this should be a surprise, as Crystal had pointed out, hers was not the first big ass she had ever licked.

Lauren smiled and used the case clip on her Note 4 to keep the camera aimed while she went to Crystal's backpack. A thin sheen of sweat was on the slender muscular ex basketball player as she pulled out a stainless steel ball and shaft on a black hand grip. She squeezed a dollop of silicone lube onto the ball and smeared it around, then shoved the reward into the slutty suburbanite asshole. Vanessa winced and pulled her tongue away at just the wrong moment. Crystal sat back putting a good deal of her weight on her impaled slave's face. "I give you praise and then you disappoint me like that." She grabbed the light brown flesh around Vanessa's nipples and pulled up. She didn't have the air to scream; her rectum ached around the cruel unyielding implement splitting her ass and her cunt throbbed with the unrelieved tension her cruel Mistresses had inflicted, now her nipples joined the screaming nerves.

For the sake of air Vanessa stretched and snaked her tongue to its limit, searching to find the hole again. For a terrifying moment she believed she had become turned to face into one of those awesome globes of flesh and would suffocate without finding her goal. Her tongue reached down toward her chin and found the ridges of tiny muscles she was seeking. Crystal shifted her weight and released Vanessa's tits, as soon as she felt the lady's tongue make haphazard contact with her spit slickened aperture. Vanessa gratefully gasped the air that passed between Crystal's cheeks and renewed her effort to re-enter her Mistress's good graces.

Vanessa buried half her tongue in Crystal's asshole as soon as she was given the space to find it. The trio soon after found a depraved rhythm: Crystal humped her ass on the pretty face using Vanessa's tongue to keep herself riding a euphoric edge, Lauren pumped the housewife turned slave's asshole with the cruel probe, just slowly enough to keep Vanessa from finding her own release, and the slave herself bobbing her head and rocking her hips to try and meet the needs of her Mistress and her own. Lauren could tell their new slave was getting close to climax and pulled the toy out of her ass before she could orgasm and aimed a vicious slap at Vanessa's soaked and aching pussy. "Stupid bitch won't stop trying to come." The frustrated housewife writhed in agony and moaned with need into her Mistress's ass, while Lauren continued to beat her thighs and pussy.

Trying to think about anything other than the pain, Vanessa let her memories of past erotic humiliations carry her away from the hellish torments. Most relevant was of course Emma Barns, a heavy set, middle aged, art dealer who was a client of the firm and a frequent guest at their private parties when Vanessa was still learning the ways of her new life as a high class sex toy for Daryl and his friends. Emma had seemed sweet and maternal when they had been watching the proceedings from the bar over glasses of white wine. Vanessa had the cum of a different senior partner running out of her each of her holes beneath her cocktail dress and it seemed talking to Emma kept the wolves at bay.

'Let's go find somewhere less crowded and relax,' Emma had said holding up the vial of white powder. Vanessa agreed happily; thinking the older woman just didn't want to share her coke with everyone at the party. As soon as she had taken the hit offered in the tiny spoon Vanessa felt her face start to numb and her strength start to leave her; Emma put the spoon away taking none for herself. Oxy and Xanax not coke; she was small and helpless as the older woman pinned her down and made her disappear beneath her dress. At first she did nothing but Emma simply ground her hairy cunt on Vanessa's face until the pretty young model decided a wounded pride was better than a broken nose and licked the cruel woman wherever and how ever she wanted.

It didn't launch into the full blown slavery of her relationship with Helen but Vanessa often felt that was more about Emma's unavailability not her own strength of will. In addition to constant travel for her work Emma kept company with several young artists, men and women, who she had far more to converse with. Her use of Vanessa had been purely sexual; she had sensed prey and decided she would have it. This was not to say it was an isolated occurrence; but Emma never approached Vanessa away from the parties. Emma didn't come to every party and often came with a date; but when she was alone she always led the trembling model to some private place for her own selfish use, sometimes she did this with her dates, letting them have a go when she was done. But the horrible trysts always ended with Emma hoisting her freshly licked ass off of Vanessa's tear streaked and trembling face, while laughing at the pathetic whimpering beauty and forcing her to return to the party completely disheveled and damp with Emma's pussy juice.

Vanessa had nearly passed out from the exertion and pain when the slapping stopped and her mind rose up from the time fog into which it had retreated. Her pussy ached, her ass felt gaped if not torn, her tongue felt dry and swollen from its efforts, and she had no hope that this pause signaled an end to this brutal first session. Indeed, unseen to her was Lauren donning a pair of leather panties with two knobs inside for her pleasure and a long dildo made up of repeating rounded ridges that reminded the owner and her wife of a pack of plastic shower rings with a cock head. As her wife readied herself the heavy set girl got herself into a crab walk position. Once Vanessa's tongue had once more found where it belonged, Crystal nodded to Lauren who climbed on the bed.

When the weight left her face the slave was grateful but when she realized she still remained in her Mistress's shadow, Vanessa quickly sought out and returned her tongue to Crystal's hole. She continued working her tongue in and out of the tight wrinkled orifice trying to figure out why Lauren was straddling her stomach or why Crystal had changed positions; she couldn't imagine this was more comfortable, even though she marveled at the stout woman's powerful limbs and the ease with which they held her body up. Then she felt renewed pressure from Crystal's hovering mass and thought the big girl was planning to drop on her, kill her in her own bed. Crystal did not drop and soon Vanessa felt the odd sensation of her Mistress's asshole tightening and the long ridged dildo, that Lauren was using to fill her wife's pussy, pressing against her tongue. The pressure from above and within increased steadily then abated just as slowly; this continued as Lauren built a rhythm intended to bring her love to the height of pleasure after holding back so much for so long.

The three became lost in time while Lauren and her wife fucked themselves to orgasm after orgasm, soaking their slave and her husband's bed in their juices. Vanessa resigned herself to working her tongue in and out Crystal's sweaty asshole, with no hope of pleasure for herself. It was hard to be afraid of anything more than the 200lbs of woman whose trembling limbs seemed to threaten collapse with each orgasm; but increasingly she was concerned that her daughter may come home to find her like this. She had worked so long to keep her and Daryl's depraved lifestyle away from their home, only to have invited it in and surrendered to it completely.

The L.S.D. they had mixed into the lube had absorbed through Vanessa's rectal capillaries and began to fill the housewife's senses with tremoring swirling giddiness. Vanessa was in no mental state to deal with it. Deep in her mind she heard Emma Barns laughing as she had the first time she had lifted herself off Vanessa's pretty tear streaked face and looked back at her as she pulled her support hose back into place; 'say or think what you like about me, dear; you will never be able to unlick my asshole.'

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