tagNovels and NovellasWeek 1, Trip 1

Week 1, Trip 1


Week 1, Trip 1 (Nude Beach Field Trip)

Well it had already been one interesting week for the three friends, and now it was going to culminate in a trip to a nude beach. A trip which none of them had ever made before, not even wild-girl Jen. Mustering up the courage to get naked in front of a small group of classmates in a controlled setting was one thing, but to bare it all in public, albeit at a nude beach, was something else entirely. Maybe it would be easier, hoped Jill.

They all gathered Saturday morning at the designated school parking lot to make the half-hour drive out to the beach. It was funny, though they were to be without need of swimsuits, the girls found themselves with beach bags as full as if they were headed to the normal beach. Maybe it was the extra sunscreen they anticipated needing! Dr. Green was already there when they arrived, along with about half of their classmates. The other half arrived shortly thereafter, and once organized into a half-dozen groups, began their short journey to the nude beach.

The three friends rode together with a mix of excitement and trepidation. This was to be a new experience for all of them. Except for a few times going topless at a friend’s backyard pool and some flashing at Mardi Gras, neither Jen nor Kelly had ever really been naked outdoors. Amazingly, Jill actually had been, and shared her innocent story with her friends. It turns out she had been camping with her family once as a kid, and while horsing around with her brother, managed to fall into a big pit of mud. Her mom gave her a towel and some spare clothes, told her to go down to the lake around the way, and take off all her clothes and clean up. There was no one else around at the time, but she had still felt a little strange about bathing naked in the middle of the outdoors. Jen joked with her that she was a regular exhibitionist. “Oh just shut up and drive,” Jill retorted.

The drive was a short one, and before long they were all standing in the parking lot of the beach. Once assembled, Dr. Green stood before the group to address them:

“Good morning everyone, and welcome to Harkin Point. I am glad to see you all made it. Today’s field trip is less about a formal lesson on sexuality, and more of an opportunity for you all to get more connected with your naked bodies, and with those of others. I assume this is the first time to a nude beach for most, if not all of you, so I will go through a few things with you. Don’t be afraid to look, just be respectful to others. Smile politely if someone notices you looking, or if you notice someone looking at you. Also, don’t be embarrassed about becoming aroused. While many nudists claim a disconnect between sexuality and nudity, most won’t be offended if someone does become aroused. Again, just be respectful. No sexual activity here, and no running right up to someone with a raging hard-on guys, got it!?”

The class laughed, once again that same nervous laughter that was present at the start of their last class.

“OK then. Harkin Point is technically ‘Clothing Optional’, which means that you don’t HAVE to be nude to visit. You all however, WILL be required to be nude as part of this class. But to ease you into this experience, I won’t require you to get nude until we are actually on the beach. I will pick a spot to sit down, and ask that you all pick spots in the vicinity. So please, enjoy the feel of the sun and the wind on your bodies, take a swim and enjoy the water too, but most of all enjoy your nudity and the nudity of those around you.”

With that, she led them through the dunes and onto the beach. It was early, and relatively uninhabited, with only a handful of people scattered here and there. She walked a small way up the beach to an area that she felt would accommodate the group, and put down her things, laying out a blanket and towel. Everyone else grabbed spots in various directions from her and laid out their things as well. Once Dr. Green had set up her camp, she kicked off her sandals and began to undress. This caused most of the class to stop and look to her, for both direction and pleasure. She had on a t-shirt and shorts, which most of the class figured covered a bathing suit of some sort. However, as she peeled off her t-shirt, she revealed only a modest bra underneath. And when her shorts came gently sliding off her legs, there were the matching set of panties. It now made sense that you wouldn’t need a suit at a nude beach, but this being a new experience to most, didn’t really click until now. She continued her undressing by unhooking her bra and freeing her fabulous chest, which immediately jumped to attention in the cool breeze. Her panties were last, and then there she was, in all her glory before them.

“OK. I will give you all some time to get settled, but I expect you to join me in the nude within fifteen minutes,” she announced.

The three friends arranged their blanket and towels now too. They were somewhat amazed at how easily Dr. Green seemed to be able to strip in front of them all. If they only knew this was just her second trip to a nude beach.

“What a body she has,” commented Jen. “I guess that helps her feel comfortable about being in the nude.”

“I guess that’s part of it,” answered Kelly. “But she must be plenty used to it by now, being a sex educator and all. But what are you worried about Jen? You’ve got those Saline Specials on your chest to be proud of!”

“And I am! I’m just not completely used to the idea of parading them around without anything over them yet. Although I must admit it is getting easier,” she said as she pulled the string on her bikini top and exposed her 36Cs for all to see.

“Show off!” called out Kelly. “But two can play that game,” she answered as she pulled off her own top, nipples jumping to attention.

“Boy you two are something else,” said Jill. She was still getting used to the whole public nudity requirement of the class, and wasn’t quite as eager to jump out of her clothes as her friends seemed to be. But she reminded herself that this would be the easy part of the class, so she had better start accepting things if she was to make it through the rest of the semester.

“Come on Jill, join the party,” Jen teased, sliding her bikini bottoms off now as well. “Well now I guess I can get rid of these tan lines,” she continued, directing attention to the patch of pale skin around her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She snapped Kelly and Jill out of their stares with, “Let’s go girls, strip!”

Kelly quickly joined her by sliding off her bottoms and tossing them onto the blanket before sitting down on it. Jill was left to herself with her clothes. She now looked around at the rest of her classmates, most of who were also in the act of disrobing. Remembering what Dr. Green had encouraged, she stole a look at some of the cute guys, enjoying their toned asses, tight stomachs, and now-exposed cocks. It got her a little excited, and actually gave her the little push she needed. She was athletic and toned too, and something inside her wanted to show them all again just how toned she really was. Besides, they had all seen each other naked two days ago anyway, why should she be reluctant now?

“OK, here goes,” she said, eliciting a smile from Jen. She pulled off her t-shirt uncovering her modest blue bikini top. Her gray, cotton athletic shorts were next to go, exposing the blue high-cut bottoms that matched her top. She fought the urge to sit down before taking off the bikini, but her newfound resolve was still present, and instead she found herself reaching behind her back to undo the clasps of her top. She let it slide over her shoulders before pulling it off completely and tossing it on the blanket.

“There you go,” encouraged Jen, “now let’s see the bush!”

“Relax, you exhibitionist, she’ll take them off in second,” defended Kelly.

Frowning at Jen, and validating Kelly’s comment, with her back to the water Jill pulled down her bottoms and deftly kicked them off with her toe onto the blanket as well. ‘Naked in public twice in three days,’ she thought to herself, ‘who would’ve thunk it?’ She stood for a second feeling the sun warm her exposed flesh, and the gentle, but cool breeze caress every inch of her body. She felt so good at that moment that she immediately understood the attraction to nudism.

The girls sat down and began to look around the beach at their classmates. You could see many of them were still uncomfortable with their nudity, but almost as many seemed to be getting used to it, if not outright enjoying it. Some of the guys had erections, aroused for one reason or another, and most of the girls had erect nipples, which could have been attributed to the cool breeze as much as to any arousal they might have felt. Jill’s were no different, but in her case, were directly a result of her arousal. Reluctant at first, she now felt more sensual being nude than at almost any other time in her life. A combination of exposure to the elements, the nudity all around her, and her own naked exhibition were driving her significant arousal. She even began to feel the wetness increase between her legs, but discreetly crossed them to conceal it from her friends.

As the day wore on, more and more people arrived at the beach. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Except for a couple of families however, their group was clearly the youngest there, and attracted more than the casual look from the other beachgoers. The girls chatted a while about the nude beach and the class, and then onto other things, and eventually took a swim together. All three thought that was one of the best parts of the day. Authorized skinny-dipping! It was all very sensual and arousing, and by the time they were told the trip was ending, they all three felt very alive, not to mention very horny. In fact Jill even decided not to put her clothes back on until she reached the car, just so she could extend her feelings of pleasure as long as possible.

“Feeling pretty brave now, huh there Jill?” Kelly teased. “Looks like Jen has a rival as our group exhibitionist!”

Jill just smiled, “I don’t know. Once I got my bikini off, I just felt comfortable and sensual all afternoon. I was worried what I would feel like being so naked and exposed to everyone and everything, but never thought it would be like this.”

As they marched off the beach, a now-dressed Dr. Green overheard their conversation and joined them. “So it sounds like you girls enjoyed yourselves today, especially you Jill. I am glad. I hope you were not only able to get past any feelings of shame or embarrassment, but also to experience some real feelings of sensual pleasure as well.”

“I’m about ready to go home and masturbate right now,” wisecracked Kelly.

Dr. Green laughed. “Sounds like you’re joking, but I wouldn’t discourage it. In fact I know I probably will,” she said smiling wryly at them. “That’s been the idea of the class this week, nudity and arousal, and it seems we are all doing pretty well so far.”

When everyone had returned to the parking lot, she addressed the class one last time. “I hope everyone had an enjoyable, and hopefully, arousing day today. We’ll talk a bit more about our trip today at the start of our next class. Also, start thinking about your choice of a class-project topic, which is due at the end of Thursday’s class. Otherwise thank you all again for attending today and we’ll see you all Tuesday.”

At this point, Jill finally donned her bikini and threw her stuff in the trunk of Jen’s car for the ride home. As chattering as the ride to the beach was, the ride home was equally as quiet, each girl lost in her thoughts of the day. Jen enjoyed herself immensely, from exposing herself to others as much as anything else. Although the nude swim was certainly invigorating too. Kelly thought about how surreal this all was still, the fact that she just attended a nude beach with 14 other classmates. She was certainly enjoying it, but found herself eager to explore the more sexual topics still to come. And Jill had undergone a veritable transformation. She was learning not only to shed her shy tendencies, but to truly embrace her exceptional body. She didn’t mind being nude anymore, and in fact looked forward to it now. She was pleased to see how far she had already come, and eager to see how much further she would allow herself to go in exploring the topic of human sexuality…

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