tagIncest/TabooWeek at the Beach

Week at the Beach


I had accepted somewhat reluctantly when my parents had invited me and my sister to a cottage by the beach for a week. It meant taking time off work at short-notice as well as spending time with my parents, which could be incredibly frustrating sometimes.

I had mainly accepted because Jenny had already said she would come and I was looking forward to seeing her. Ever since my sister had gone off to university and I had dropped out of university and started working we had hardly seen each other. We hadn't stayed in touch very well either. When I did occasionally have the urge to call her I knew I would have to call mom first to get her number, and I just kept putting it off for later.

As I lay on the sand though, my eyes closed and my hands folded on my chest, I had to admit that it was a pretty nice spot. I had been spending far too much time inside recently and the sun felt good on my skin. I had removed my shoes and socks before coming down to the beach, and had removed my shirt shortly after hitting the sand. I was currently debating whether I should go for a swim before lunch, knowing it was only about half an hour away.

"Ow ow ow, goddamn son of a bitch."

The sudden outburst startled me out of my day-dreaming. I hadn't noticed anyone approaching me, but I recognized the voice as soon as I heard it. Besides, of the few people it could possibly be only one would have started swearing so freely around me. My sister had finally arrived it seemed.

"Goddamn rock," she complained as she flopped down on the sand beside me, "one rock on the entire sodding beach and I step on it."

"Maybe you shoulda wore shoes," I replied, not opening my eyes.

"It's a beach. It's made of sand. How was I supposed to know I'd still manage to injure myself." She was silent for a moment. "It still hurts, does it look ok to you?" she asked eventually.

I opened my eyes to find her foot a few inches from my face.

"Yeah, it's fine. Just a little red, that's all. Probably just feels worse cause you have girly feet."

"I'm a girl, I'm allowed to have girly feet," she said, sticking her tongue out at me.

I smiled and settled back down on the sand. I had actually missed these conversations with my sister, juvenile as they sometimes were. It was nice to see some things didn't change. On the other hand, I reflected, my sister had actually changed quite a bit physically. I realized it had been almost two years since I had last seen her, and she looked a lot more like a woman than I remember.

"How's Rachel doing? Mom said she might come, but I didn't see her when I came in. Is she in the cottage somewhere?" Jenny asked.

I grimaced at the questions. Rachel had been my most recent girlfriend, but we weren't together anymore. I had only told mom that news after I had arrived, there was always the off-chance she would try to set me up with someone if she had advance warning. Clearly Jenny hadn't yet been informed.

"We're... not seeing each other anymore," I answered.

"Oh, sorry," she apologized.

"It's ok, it wasn't really working."

"Well you'll find someone else soon anyway," she said, brightening up.

She was probably right, I didn't have much trouble finding girls. Maintaining a relationship, however, was a lot more difficult for me. I could be pretty difficult to live with at times. That was one reason I liked spending time with Jenny. I didn't have to worry about being easy to get along with, she knew exactly how irritating I could be and she still put up with me.

"I'm gonna go in the water," she said suddenly as she stood up and pulled off her shirt. She had a blue bikini top on underneath that was way more revealing than anything I remember her wearing to the beach before.

"Jesus Jen I know you're a poor university student and everything, but I'm sure mom would have bought you a suit that fit if you'd asked."

"Shut up, there's nothing wrong with it," she said as she bent over to pull down her shorts. The matching bottom half of her suit wasn't covering much more than her top was.

"Come on, you'd have to be a stripper to think that suit is appropriate." I sat up and looked at her curiously, "you aren't secretly a stripper are you?"

"Dammit, no I'm not," she said, punching me on the shoulder. "I just want to at least wear it once. I bought it a while ago, but I never feel comfortable wearing it around other people."

"So I don't count as people then?" I asked as I rubbed my shoulder. I had forgotten how hard she could hit.

"You're my brother, that's different," she replied as she headed down to the water.

Any other day I would have agreed with her. She was my sister and that did make her different. But as she walked away from me, I found myself watching her the same as I would if she were any other girl.

"Goddamn it" I muttered under my breath. I could feel myself being affected by the sight of her swaying, barely covered ass. The last thing I needed was a hard-on now, with no way to hide it from Jenny.

I sighed and got up to follow my sister into the water. Swimming might help, and if not at least she wouldn't be able see anything.

The water was cool, almost cold as I stepped into it. It felt good after laying out in the sun for a while. Jenny was already out in the deep water, but when she saw me coming in she turned around and started swimming toward me. She reached me just as the water was starting to hit my chest.

"Nice isn't it," she said, pushing her wet hair back.

"Yeah," I replied absently. Her top hadn't magically started covering her breasts any better than it had been, and now it was all wet and clingy. Fantastic.

"I meant the water," she said, smiling at me.

Great, and now she had caught me staring. I jerked my gaze away, feeling the heat rise in my face. This was not going well.

"I told you it was too small," I said defensively.

"Don't worry, it's not a big deal," she tried to reassure me.

She took a step toward me just as a small wave hit her from behind, pushing her closer than she had intended. I felt her leg brush against my semi-erect cock and saw her freeze. Fuck, she definitely felt that.

I turned away from her and started trudging through the water toward shore. I didn't know where I was going to go once I got there, I hadn't even brought a towel with me. I just had to get away from her, I could deal with everything else later.

"Hey come on, wait up," she called as she started after me.

I ignored her, there was no way I could face her right now. I was almost out of the water now, but I still didn't have a clue where I was going.

"Come on, don't be mad," she pleaded, struggling to catch up with me.

I did pause when she said that. Did she think I was angry with her? Angry with myself maybe.

"I'm not mad Jen," I said turning just enough so I could see her. "You should be mad at me, if anything."

She stopped a few feet away from me and looked at me. She was chewing on her lip slightly, trying to decide what to say. I had to force myself to look away from her again, she really did look amazing in that bikini. Seeing my reaction seemed to make up her mind for her.

"I was kinda hoping you'd like the suit actually," she said softly. "I'm not an idiot, it's not like I had no idea... this... would happen," she continued as she glanced briefly toward my shorts, which were still angled away from her enough that she couldn't see anything.

"Then why..." I trailed off, unsure how to phrase the question.

"Because of all the times I had to watch you walk around without a shirt, just like you're doing now. You think I never noticed? That it never... affected me?"

I knew girls tended to find me fairly attractive, that was the main reason I had any success with them at all. I had not, however, realized that my sister might feel the same way.

"I felt like such a freak," she continued, "feeling that way about my own brother. I guess I just wanted to see if I could get a reaction from you. Maybe... maybe if you felt like I did, it might just be a normal thing. It might mean I'm not a complete weirdo."

"Oh Jen..." I said, putting a hand on her shoulder, "of course you're a weirdo."

I dodged backwards quickly, anticipating the punch she threw at me, but I tripped over my own feet and landed on my back in the sand. I started laughing, but she sat down hard on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

"I'm just kidding," I said after I had regained enough breath. "Seriously though, you saw what you did to me. If you're a weirdo, I guess we can both be weird together."

"Has anyone told you that you can be incredibly irritating sometimes?" she asked, giving me a half-smile.

"Not counting you? Only about..." I paused and pretended to count on my fingers. "Every girl ever," I finished.

She rolled her eyes at me and shook her head slightly in exasperation. "I don't know why I put up with you," she told me.

"My dashing good looks and charming disposition?"

"No, that's not it. I'm probably just too stupid to learn any better." She shifted slightly on top of me, drawing my attention once again to how good she looked in that damn bikini.

"You should probably get off soon," I told her in a low voice.

"What, before you have to get off you mean?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

I snorted at that, the joke catching me completely off-guard. She smiled, but she did get off me and even gave me a hand up off the ground.

"Your back's all sandy," she told me.

"There's a hose up by the cottage, I'll wash it off there."

We picked up our clothes and, mercifully, she put her shirt back on as we headed up for lunch.


I woke late the next day, I hadn't slept very well. I kept seeing images of my sister in my head and I had to restrain myself from jerking off to them. Even though I had joked about it yesterday, I still felt kind of weird thinking of her that way.

Jenny was the only one in the kitchen when I finally made it down. She was busy chewing on a piece of toast, but she set it down and smiled when she saw me enter the room.

"Sleep ok?" she asked me.

"Not really," I answered, making my way over to the coffee pot.

"Oh, too busy jerking off?"

I almost dropped my mug on the floor as I whirled around toward her. She had a huge grin on her face and it just got bigger from seeing my reaction.

"Ha ha," I said turning back to coffee. "Not that it's any of your business, but no I wasn't."

We were both silent for a few minutes as I sipped on my coffee and she played with her toast.

"I'm gonna go for a walk along the beach later," she finally said. "You wanna come? I promise I won't wear that suit again."

"Oh," I said, faking disappointment, "I was kinda hoping you would wear it."

I was a little too slow ducking this time, and the half piece of toast she threw caught me on the top of my forehead. She was still grinning though, so I knew she wasn't really mad.


Jenny had decided on a t-shirt and shorts for our walk. They were fairly tight on her, but were still a significant improvement over yesterday's wardrobe. We both went barefoot so we could walk along the edge of the water without getting anything wet except our feet.

We talked idly as we made our way along the shoreline. It had been a while since we had a chance to really talk, so we had no shortage of topics to catch up on. Eventually we hit relationships and Jenny made me tell her about all the girls I had been with since the last time we had seen each other. I skipped over a lot of details, not wanting to get too deep into those memories, but it seemed to satisfy her.

"What about you?" I asked her after I had finished.

She shrugged, "I dunno, there were a couple guys. Nothing really major. Only one lasted more than a few weeks anyway."

"What about girls?"

I expected another punch on the shoulder for that question, but she took me by surprise and shoved me hard enough that I landed in the water. It was only about up to my waist sitting down, but it did get me fairly wet.

"Jerk," she said while smiling.

I smiled back, I had deserved that and we both knew it. I stood up carefully and wrung out the bottom of my shirt where it had landed in the water. Jenny made sure to stay out of reach, knowing I was not above seeking retribution. I took a step toward shallower water then jerked my foot back as though I had stepped on something.

"Ow, fuck!" I swore as I grabbed my foot in my hand.

Jenny took a step toward me, falling for it for just a second before she realized what I was doing. She tried to pull away but I had already reached out and grabbed her arm. She squealed, but instead of trying to pull away like I thought she would, she instead grabbed onto me tightly. Maybe she thought I wouldn't throw her in if it meant throwing myself in at the same time. It wasn't going to work though, I was already half soaked.

I dragged both of us out a little farther, then let myself fall over bringing my sister along with me. We let go of each other when we hit the water and reoriented ourselves. I got myself into a sitting position, the water was just deep enough to hit the bottom of my chest. Jenny was kneeling next to me, busy pushing her now wet hair back out of her face.

I smiled at her and she stuck her tongue out at me. I started to say something to her when she splashed me.

"Hey!" I protested, but she just splashed me again.

I grabbed her wrist in an attempt to stop her so she started splashing me with the other hand. I had more trouble grabbing her other wrist, but I managed to get a hold of it.

"There, now what?" I asked her.

"I guess I'm your prisoner," she replied and settled down on my lap.

She was uncomfortably close to me now and her breasts were pressing against my chest through our shirts. Dammit, I was getting hard again. I wasn't thinking clearly, I could have just let her go. Instead I maintained my hold on her wrists.

She looked surprised at me when she felt my growing erection against her leg, but then she smiled. She started rocking against me slightly turning me on even more. I finally released her arms and shifted my hands down to her legs. She sighed in disappointment, assuming I was going to lift her off me. Instead I adjusted our positions so I was more comfortable and let her continue straddling my lap.

She looked at me curiously and I returned her gaze as we communicated silently. She resumed her back and forth movements against me as I placed my hands on her back, helping to hold her in place against the push of the occasional wave. Her crotch rubbing against my now fully hard cock felt really good, partly because I had been horny since yesterday and had refused to masturbate.

I could feel her moving more urgently against me as she started letting out small whimpers. I placed my hands on her ass and helped her thrust against me as she made a sound almost like a sob and slowed down her movements. I let her come down from her orgasm before I started thrusting back against her, desperate for my own release. She took the hint and resumed her earlier pace.

Horny as I was it wasn't long before I felt my own orgasm start. I pulled my sister to me more firmly as I spurted cum inside my shorts. I would have to change later, but at least for now my shorts were wet anyway and nobody would notice.

Jenny allowed me to hold her in place until I finished, then settled back slightly as I let go of her. We sat staring at each other as we regained our breath, trying to see how the other would react to what we had just done.

"We should probably head back," I said eventually.

"Yeah," she agreed, standing up.

I pulled myself up after her and we started walking back in silence. After a few minutes I felt her hand brush against mine. I ignored it, but then it happened again. I looked down her hand, confused, before I got it. I slipped my hand into hers, letting our fingers intertwine. I looked over at her face and she smiled back at me. I returned her smile then turned my head forward again. I felt incredibly content as we made our way back, in no particular hurry, holding her hand in mine.


I had an even harder time falling asleep that night. I was plagued by even more images of my sister, as well as the memory of... whatever it was we had done underwater. It hadn't been masturbation exactly, or sex.

It didn't help that it was too warm for my taste and there was no air conditioning or even a fan. I had almost gone to bed naked, but had decided on a pair of shorts just in case someone decided to come in before I was up. I had long ago thrown my sheet to the end of the bed, not that it had helped much.

I turned over for about the hundredth time trying to find a position that would let me fall asleep. I could see my watch on the table by my bed in the moonlight. The moon was bright enough that by holding my watch at the right angle to the window I could make out the time. I sighed, it was almost two and I had precious little hope of falling asleep any time soon. I may as well not even bother at this rate.

I wondered if Jenny would still be up. It was worth a shot anyway, I wasn't accomplishing anything here.

I got out of bed, still clad only in my shorts, and made my way to her room. It wasn't much of a walk, her door was only a couple feet from mine. I hesitated at the door for a minute trying to decide whether I should knock. Eventually I just tried the knob and found it unlocked.

"Jenny," I called softly as I opened the door. "Jenny, you awake?"

There was no response from her. The same moonlight from my room was pouring through her window as well, allowing me to see fairly well even without any lights. She was lying on her side facing away from me, her sheet pushed down to her waist. All I could see of her was her dark hair pooled on her pillow and the back of her shirt.

"Jenny?" I whispered, creeping closer.

She remained totally unresponsive to me and I decided she must be asleep. I don't know why I had expected otherwise, it had been hours since she had gone to bed.

I stood at the edge of her bed for many long minutes just watching her as she slept. I knew I should just go back to my own bed, that standing here like this was somehow wrong. On the other hand if I returned to my bed I would just continue obsessing over her. I really wished she had been awake, at least I could have talked to her or something.

Eventually I lay down beside her on the bed. Just lying there wouldn't be so bad, certainly not any worse than what we had already done. I shifted my position until I was mimicking my sister's, settling down on my side a few inches from her. I draped my arm across her side and over her stomach, preparing for several more hours of insomnia but hoping maybe her proximity would help me sleep somehow.

"I was hoping for at least a little groping," she mumbled, nearly giving me a heart attack.

"Dammit Jen, were you awake that whole time?"

"Yeah, I wanted to see what you'd do if you thought I was asleep. Nothing interesting apparently."

"Oh come on, I wouldn't do anything while you were asleep."

"And how 'bout now that you know I'm awake?" she asked.

A very good question, I still didn't know why I had come to her room to begin with. I felt Jenny take my hand and guide it up to her breast, giving me a very clear invitation.

"There, guilt-free now right?"

"Well... kinda, I guess," I answered hesitantly, even as I began stroking her breast through her shirt.

"Aside from me being your sister you mean?"

"Well yeah, I'm still having some trouble with that one," I told her as I traced circles around her nipple with my finger.

She went quiet for a moment, then I felt her hand take mine once again guiding it downward this time. She kicked the sheet off her legs and brought my hand under the bottom of her shirt and up to her crotch. I was expecting to feel the material of her panties, but instead found only the bare flesh of her pussy.

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