tagMatureWeek of Delight

Week of Delight


This is a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

I had meet this middle aged (44 at the time) lady named Dee through a work friend of mine and been going out to dinners and shows for about two months when she asked me if I wanted to go on a weeks vacation up to the cottage her late husband (past way nine years ago) and her had in northern Minnesota. Being the outdoors type, I said, "Most certainly I would love to."

The following Saturday we had a nice enjoyable drive up through the northern pine, stopping once to use the pine needles as a "sex cushion" as she called them.

Upon arriving at the cottage, around midnight, we both were "worn out" from driving and retired directly to a "snuggling" nights rest. (we had agreed we were both to tired to enjoy each other)

I awoke early the next morning and went down stairs to make a pot of coffee, I went to sit on the deck over looking the lake to enjoy the mornings cool air and warming sun waiting for the coffee to finish. When I went back in to the "A' frame to get a cup of coffee, I met this younger tall red head that I had never met before. All she had on was a long "T" shirt type top that hugged her large breasts. She gave me a warm sweet juicy kiss and said 'you must be Dee's friend, she has been telling me so about." She said her name was Barb and she would be there all week with "US." She was about 45 years old and around five feet six inches tall with the largest set of "non sagging" boobs with the most prominent nipples I had seen in a long time. (I later found out she was 42 D-32-36) They were not "man made air bags" as most are now. After talking for a short time she got her cup of coffee and went back to the other bedroom to finish dressing.

I went back to the bedroom where I had left Dee and aroused her with a kiss and a lick to her oversized nipples. We kissed very deeply for a while as she stroked my ever enlarging erection. I reached down and rubbed her gorgeous ass as our tongues explored each others mouth. Dee then got down on her knees and looked me in the eyes as she started stroking the length of my cock. As our eyes met she started rubbing my balls and took my head into her mouth. I had my hands on her head as she continued to work her magic on my swollen cock. It felt so good it wasn't very long before I had to explode. She sensed it too because she told me she wanted all of it in her mouth. I tried to hold out as long as I could but it was useless, I felt my cock swell up even more before I exploded inside of her mouth.

Dee kept sucking as my cock twitched in her mouth with each shot of cum. I turned her over so she was on her back and I was on top, my stomach against her pussy as I started to suck on those big sweat glistening breasts of hers. I caressed one breast as I flicked my tongue over the hard nipple of her other breast. Dee's breasts were so firm and large, I couldn't believe that after all the times I jerked off while thinking about her that this was actually happening. I could feel her fingers running through my hair as I made love to her beautiful breasts. (She is 40 DD-30-34) I could also feel her grinding her pussy against my belly as I licked, sucked and nibbled on her chest. I then felt her pushing my head down and I moved from her breasts, to her stomach where I sucked and kissed her before ultimately placing my face between her legs. I placed my lips up against her swollen pussy lips and planted a big wet kiss on them. Dee really had a hold of my hair as my tongue parted her lips and made contact with her already swollen clit. As my big hands reached up to her breasts I ever so gently teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Dee's pussy was so wet and smelled wonderful, I took my tongue and cupped it so that it was shaped in a way that I could use it to suck on her clit. This drove Dee crazy as she squirmed and moaned with pleasure. I continued to suck her clitoris while I inserted a couple of fingers into her dripping wet pussy. Dee went nuts as I slid my long fingers in and out of her while my tongue bathed her clit. She kept calling out my name and was really pulling my hair, I could tell by the way she was grinding her pussy into my face that she was getting close.

Dee's gasps confirmed that as her breathing became very heavy and she was moaning and groaning. I was really working my tongue on her when she started letting out those really high pitched shrieks. I felt her body start to quiver as she pushed her pussy up into my face and began to orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing and I lapped up every drop I could. When she reached her climax she pushed my face away as her body writhed in ecstasy on the bed. I wanted to continue to eat her but she wouldn't let me. After a couple of minutes her climax ended and my cock was again rock hard. She saw this and told me that she wanted me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her "doggie style" and slid the length of my cock back and forth over her wet pussy lips. She reached down and guided it into her swollen pussy. She arched her back to meet my forward thrust, letting my cock slide all the way in to my cum filled balls. We worked are magic stroking in and out for the next few minutes till my ball were ready to explode. She squeezed her swollen pussy tightly around my cock stopping it from exploding and whispered, "You have to hold off till I am ready lover." That did not take more than a few hard strokes and we both exploded in unison. After about an hour of playful cuddling and after-play we decided to get up and enjoy a shower together.

While I was washing her big succulent breasts and sexy body, I asked her who Barb was and why she had not told me about her. She said it was a surprise and did not want to scare me into not coming along. Her and Barb had been "friends" for many years and they wanted to "HAVE" the same man for a week. I told her that I would never pass up a chance to be with two "oversexed" women for a week.

After we got dried off and got dressed we went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Barb had heard us in the shower and had started something. She said, "I heard you two having a good time up there." I was hoping you did not use him all up Dee, I was hoping the three of us can have some "fun" after he get his energy back.

Dee said, I think he can hold his own with both of us. It is going to be us that are going to get worn-out with his "staying power."

After breakfast I suggested that we "ALL" go for a boat ride so we could relax and I could get to know Barb better. Dee and Barb thought this was a great idea, as they would have a chance to sunbath on the water. They said they all get a better tan on the lake then on the deck. We packed some food for a late lunch on the boat and added some beer and wine for good measure and cast off for what was to be a long hot boat ride.

These two ladies sat in the front of the boat socking up the sun topless while we talked and I asked question about their "FRIENDSHIP." I learned that they had gone to college together and used to date some of the same guys to compare notes about them. Dee suggested that I anchor the boat in this little hidden inlet and get some sun myself. I was just getting a beer when I felt one of the two ladies starting to apply lotion to my back. I turned around and Barb was rubbing suntan lotion on my back with her boobs. Her nipples where sticking straight out and her boobs were urging me to fondle them. I wasted no time in licking the lotion off her nipples and foundling her boobs. Dee got up and started to take my trunks off, she was having a hard time as they caught on my rock hard erection bulging in my trunks. Barb lowered her mouth to my cock to taste the precum that was already starting to flow.

She inhaled my whole cock in one slurp and licked it for at least a minute before Dee said it was her turn to have a suck. As Dee started to suck my cock Barb just put her hand in Dee's pussy and start to massage it's swollen clit. Dee moaned and just sucked my cock faster. Barb then turned and started licking my balls while still fingering Dee. I was about to shot my load when Barb said to Dee, " you got his cum this morning it's my turn now." She switched places with Dee just as I exploded all over her face. She chuckled as the cum ran down on to her massive tits. I just started rubbing the cum all over her and Dee licked it from her boobs and stomach. Barb let out a screamed as she climaxed with me playing with her boobs and Dee licking her pussy. We all then jumped in the water to cool and wash off for later fun.

This was all in the morning and early afternoon of the first day of the week. What is going to happen the rest of the week is in the next chapters.

To be continued...

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