tagMatureWeek of Delight Ch. 2

Week of Delight Ch. 2


This is a continuance of a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a thirty-year-old male.

After a long afternoon on the boat we three decided to go back to the cabin, freshen up and go to town for dinner and a little dancing. Dee knew of a small hometown restaurant that served Italian food. Seeing it was Saturday evening Dee knew there would be live music.

We asked the host for a table in the back of the restaurant so we could be out of the way of all the locals. We had just ordered drinks when a felt a foot rubbing the inside of my right leg. Barb was on my right and had a smile on her face suggesting we go dance before the drinks arrive. The band was playing a slow dance and she hung on me pressing her massive boobs against my chest. She snuck her hand down to my crotch and started rubbing it for the whole dance. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard Dee say, " May I cut in."

Barb smiled and said, "OK" but I get firsts later. Once Dee pressed her body against mine to dance she said, "I see Barb has started the evening off correctly for US."

Dinner went by very fast and the ladies had almost too much to drink. Upon returning to the car, I was the only one able to drive. The girls said they would sit in the back seat and rest till we got back to the cabin. Well I had no even started the car before I heard moans and sounds of pleasure from the back seat. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw them playing with each other's boobs and kissing. I said can't you wait for me. They both said at the same time, "just drive and we will heat ourselves up for you."

I had not even stopped the car in the driveway before they were crawling over the front seat trying to rape me. I just sat there and enjoyed the fun. It started to get tight in the front seat so I suggested we go in the house where we could have more room to enjoy ourselves. We all ended up naked before getting to the front door. I was thrown into the lazy boy just inside the door and had my erection sucked by Bard while Dee licked my cum filled balls. The next thing I remember was Barb backing her lovely rear end on top of my erection and sliding up and down on it in her ass and Dee licked Barb's tits. They had me so "horny" I shot my load up Barb's ass almost on the first stroke. We all collapsed in a pile on the floor and did not wake up till the warm morning sun bathed us.

Barb and Dee awoke first very late Sunday morning and just giggled at me sleeping, saying I had the biggest smile on my face. We all showered together and that startled another round of mass sex. All of a sudden we all heard a noise down in the front room and froze. Dee yelled out, "who is it." the return was, "It's your daughter, mom."

Dee said, 'OH! My god, I did not know she was coming up this week."

We got out of the shower and got dress in a hurry.

I got down to the lower level of the cabin first and I found the sexiest looking 26-year-old girl that was built and looked just like her mother. I introduced my self and asked her name. She said her mom had told her about me and that her name was Nancy. She said she thought Dee and me would need some help closing the cabin for the winter and came by to assist. I figured she did not know that Barb was there.

When the two ladies came down the steps she got this sheepish look on her face and said, "mother, what is going on here?" Dee just smiled and said, " I think you are old enough to know." With that Dee and Barb gave me a tight hug together and the sweetest kiss on both cheeks at that same time. Barb grabbed my ass and squeezed firmly. I broke the hold before anything else could start and went to make some coffee for all of us.

Nancy asked if she could still stay and help. Dee said only if you assist in "ALL" matters. Nancy responded, " MOST CERTAINLY!" To this I gasped quietly and thought "three big busted ladies at the same time, Oh G-- help me."

Dee turned to me and asked if this was Ok, to which I said, "SURE." At this answer Nancy came over to me and gave me a big juicy kiss and said, I hope you know what you are in for. I said, "The two of them have already been teaching me the sweet things of life." The rest of the day was a pleasure seeing who could keep me the happiest.

The first thing Nancy said, "you two have had him all yesterday, so I get firsts today." She turned to me and with a smile took off the halter-top reveling the perkiest 38 D boob's I had seen. She swung them in my face while I had to look at Dee to see if it was OK to enjoy her daughter. (I did not want to have anything happening to our relationship) She just smiled back and blew me a kiss to say "NO PROBLEM." All this time her and Barb were standing arm in arm smiling. (Come to find out later this was all prearranged and discussed between the three of them)

Nancy proceeded to push me onto the sofa and straddle my erection while she swung here boobs in front of my face. Her nipples must have stuck out an inch from her boobs. I licked them with each swing past and she just about screamed. She raise up and took off her shorts. The other two ripped off my underwear and smeared some type of cream on my erection, just as Nancy lowed her pussy on my upper ward pointing erection. I thought it was just a lubrication, later to fine out it was liquid VIAGARA cream to keep me going for all three of them. Nancy just slide her tight pussy up and down my shaft. All of a sudden I felt a tongue on each of my balls. I peeked around Nancy to see Dee and Barb licking and sucking on them. I do not remember how long I laid there before I lifted Nancy off my erection and turned her over so I was on top of her pushing my erection into the pussy. She pulled on her nipples and moaned and sighed as I unloaded the first of many loads of that day.

After a few minutes rest I got up to pour coffee I had started before for all and asked, "any more surprises on the way?" Dee, Barb and Nancy said all at once, " NO, three is enough." I just agreed and drank my coffee. I had to try to cover the erection I had because of the "cream."

I then notice it was time of the first Sunday football game and went to turn on the TV.

I was please to see it was the BEARS vs. PACKERS. This I thought was going to make the day complete. I did not know that those three horny ladies were planning for me. The first thing they did was to all three of them come between me and the TV naked and start playing with each other. They them asked me if I wanted to join them in the hot tub as I still "had a tent in my pants" or watch the game. What would you have done? I turned off the TV and joined them in the hot tub.

Barb was the first to swing her boobs in front of me and reach under the water to play with my rock hard erection. She said, "my it is still hard and ready." Dee said, " that will last till supper if you work it right." with that Barb order me to sit on the edge of the tub so se could suck my erection. While she did that Nancy produced the largest dildo I think I had ever seen and rubbed it into barbs pussy. Barb went wild and almost bit my erection. Dee said, "careful, not to injury him." They all laughed and proceeded to swarm over me like ants on honey. The next thing was all three of the line up on the edge of the hot tub, there ass's towards me and said, "Start on the left and indulge pussy till we all have cum." This was the most interesting fuck I had ever had. As each one came the others played with each other boobs and my balls.

This was the end of another "PLAYFUL" day at the cottage.

I cannot wait to tell you what happened the rest of the week.

To be continued...

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