tagMatureWeek of Delights Ch. 3

Week of Delights Ch. 3


I do not think any of us awoke before noon on Monday. What awoke us was the man delivering the propane fuel for the cottage. We all stayed very quite and still as the tank was right below the bedroom window and we did not want him to have a chance of seeing all four of us in the king sized bed together. Dee reached down and covered us up with the blanket. She them whispered to the others, "HIS pole is limp."

Barb looked me and said, " I can fix that." Nancy said, "Let him be for while so we don't wear him out as he will get sore and be no good for any of us later." Dee and Barb said in unison, " I guess you are correct Nancy, us older ladies are to horny to realize the damage hot mature pussy's can do." I just smiled to myself thinking the young broads are the one that want to go forever not the way it is working out here, and went back to sleep.

When I awoke it was to the sounds of the three ladies moaning and sighing with pleasure. I looked over the railing to the living room below and saw one the sexiest sights I had ever seen. All three of the ladies playing with their own dildos in unison and see who could cum first. I spoke up and said, "Why did you not wait for me?" They all said they wanted to warm up for the day ahead.

After a filling lunch of steak and accompanying food we retired to the deck to enjoy the late summer sun. I was kind of hard to see the sun with three sets of massive boob's hanging in front of me wanting to be attended too all at once. I told them they would have to draw straws to see who got what first, they said, "NO WAY," and each started attacking a different part of my body. One took my nipples while another one took my up coming erection in her mouth. The last one just started foundling my balls and kissing me. I was in seventh heaven to say the least. It was at this time I notice the "CREAM" being applied to my erection again and just pushed my head back and said, " It is going to be a long hard afternoon to myself."

I have never thought of myself as a three woman man, BUT this was something too die for. These three women wanted to suck, lick, tickle, fondle and fuck me all at the same time. If I did not know better, I would have thought they were having a contest to see who could get me the most times. (I was told on the drive home Saturday, they were just wanting to all keep me happy and satisfied, pleasing their wants and desires at the same time with no type of contest involved.)

Once they had my erection rock hard and the precum oozing Nancy got a video camera out on a stand and started taking video of Dee and Barb all over me. I just keep playing with those massive boobs and nipples. At one point Nancy started playing with her clit and I heard her tell her mother to hurry up so they could trade places. Dee told her to just wait and take her turn. Barb just kept on rubbing her clit up and down my shaft. She all of a sudden rose up and with one hand guiding my erection slid my erection all the way into her pussy up to my balls. She moaned and screamed while stroking still clit till she came with such force I thought she was going to break my erection from my body. She them collapsed on my chest and sighed with satisfaction.

Dee then told her to move over, as she needed to "ride the pony." At that time Dee and took over the "reigns" and was having a fun time. I told her to turn over so I could enter her from the rear and fill that pussy with hot meat and fondle her boobs as the swung in the air. She just turned over and we never missed a stroke until she collapsed with such a forceful organism she almost fainted with pleasure.

I was so spent that I had all but forgot about Nancy being there. She came up behind me as I was kissing her mothers boobs and slowly fondled my balls and tickled my ass. This is what must have made my erection so much longer and harder that Dee almost passed out when I came. After cumming in Dee juicy pussy I turned around to see what Nancy was doing when se took my erection in her mouth and started licking and sucking my and her mothers cum off it. I just stood there for a minute to take it all in. When I did come around Nancy was foundling my balls and kissing me. She pushed me back on the sofa and just hoped on my erection and rode it forever it felt like.

All of a sudden she let out this moan and pushed her body completely downward on my shaft till she was crushing my balls with her juicy pussy lips. She then screamed and shock as her orgasm fill her body with pleasure. Dee and Barb just sat there and said they wished there bodies could work like the young ones do. I told them they were just as good, but in a much sexier way. I told them the young like to play hard and go-fast while the older like to make it last longer and enjoy it more. (Like the old story of the old bull and the young bull looking over the fence at the herd of cows. The young bull says, " Lets run down there and get a few." The old bull just shook his head and said, "lets walk down there and get them all." moral go slow and enjoy)

After a minute or two Nancy got off my erection and sat down between Dee and Barb still shacking with pleasure. She just laid he head on her mothers shoulder while Barb caressed Nancy's boobs. They all had a sweet smile on their faces as well as I did. We all decided to retire to the hot tub to relax and unwind for a while and have some wine.

While sitting in the tub Nancy got out and put the videotape she had just taken of the four us in the player so we could watch. While she was up adjusting the tape her cell phone rang. She came back and said she that was her boss and she had to leave ASAP to go to the Far East for business. We all got out of the hot tub and hugged her and said, "If you have to go take the tape to enjoy."

With just the three of us left at the cabin and it being late, we all snuggled together in the king size bed with a sensual fire going and fell asleep.

I will start Tuesday morning off in the next chapter. You will not believe what happens how the unexpected one wakes the other two in the morning.

to be continued....

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