tagMatureWeek of Delights Ch. 4

Week of Delights Ch. 4


This is the fourth chapter in a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

I do not think I was ever awakened before in this manner.

Tuesday morning will never be forgotten. What awoke me was Dee and Barb rubbing their heavy, succulent boobs all over my body. They had some how tied my hands and legs in a spread eagle manner without waking me. They had then applied scented / flavored oil to their boobs and were hanging them over different parts of my body while swinging them to just barely touching me.

I had to just lie there and take it all it. All of a sudden Dee swung her leg over my face and positioned her juicy pussy directly over my mouth. She had a strawberry smelling oil on her pussy that just begged for me to lick it off. She positioned her self just high enough that my tongue just touched her sweet pussy lips. I tried to raise my head to get a better lick and she just rose up ever so slightly to pervert me entering her pussy with my tongue.

While she was doing this Barb had started to jack me off with a "slow hand." She just barely touched my cock while stroking it in a swirling / twisting motion. All of a sudden Barb placed the end of my cock on her hanging nipple and massaged it ever so lightly. I felt like I was going to explode at any minute. Barb just clamped her hand around the base of my cock and held tight till the desire to cum all over her hanging breasts subsided. She just licked the precum off my cock and went about rubbing it on her other nipple.

The two ladies were facing each other and every so often they would kiss and play " tongue tag" with each other. I could do nothing but lie there and endure the passion they were presenting me.

After about three more time of being brought to the edge of exploding all over them huge boobs of Dee's, she positioned her now dripping pussy over my upward pointing cock and impaled herself to my balls. Barb just sat off to the side and fondled Dee's boobs and pinched her nipples. I asked to be have my hands untied so I could fondled those huge boobs swinging in front of my face, but was told, "in due time that will happen. Just lay there and enjoy."

Just about that time I looked over at Barb and saw the biggest pink dildo in her hand. She just smiled and touched her pussy lips with it and then pushed it in about half way. She sighed with pleasure and moaned, "want" at the same time. The look on her face said," I am getting my pussy ready for your hard cock when Dee is done with you. About that time I felt Dee's pussy squeeze my cock and felt her push down to the end of it with her full weight. She exploded all over the bed and me before collapsing on my chest. Still be tied I could not hold her, but only kiss the top of her head. She raised her head and smiled at me and changed places with Barb. I do not know how I keep a stiff cock, but it got so hard that Barb whined when she pushed her sweet lips all they way down the length of it. She then rose up till just the head of my cock was touching her pussy. Again she pushed down and up for what seamed five minutes before I exploded in her. She came at almost the same time and with her being a little taller then Dee pushed her boobs in my face as she collapsed on top of me. We all lay there for a while before they untied me and rushed off to the shower.

After breakfast / lunch at the "greasy spoon" diner in town, (I was to worn out to cook) the ladies wanted to do some shopping. I told them I would be at the bookstore.

They met me about two hours later and I tried to get them to tell me what they had bought on the way back to the cabin. All they would say was, " you will never believe they had this stuff in the backwoods town.

That later fall afternoon was fantastic with the trees in all their radiant colors and the cool air all about. I was sitting on the deck when Barb came out with the sexiest outfit. It was light blue with purple accents. The top was short and her boobs in the sheer mesh bra hung below its bottom. The panties were of a semi thong style that had a slit for the pussy. She sat down in the lounge across from me and semi spread her legs showing off a freshly shaved pussy.

Dee arrived at that moment with a red see thru top and no bra underneath. I could tell from her crotch she too was freshly shaven. I said, "What gives with the "hair cuts." They just smiled and said, " Thought you would like bare pussies for the rest of the week with a smile."

We all just relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon sun. About four o'clock it started to cool off and we all went in and I lit a fire in the fireplace. I went and sat in the lazy-boy and as Dee handed me a drink Barb came up behind me pushed the chair backward and down so I was in a full reclined position and she hung her boobs, still in that sheer mesh bra, in my face and said, "Play time."

I just raised my hand up and with one finger flicked the bra off her left tit. The left nipple got hard so fast I had to pinch it and squeeze it "just because." Dee set my drink on the coffee table and grabbed my cock through my shorts and squeezed it. She pushed he hand up the leg of my shorts and tickled my balls and head of my ever-enlarging cock. She pulled her hand out with my cock in it so the head was sticking out the bottom of the leg of the shorts. Barb said, "That looks tasty." Dee just smiled and proceeded to lick the top of the head of my now stiff cock.

Barb swung the other boob in my face and said "LICK." I being one to obey ALL orders, licked her right nipple through the sheer bra till it was soaking wet and that was when she removed her bra and pushing both boobs together so the nipples were toughing said, "suck both of them now. I took both of them in my mouth at the same time and flicked my tongue over them. She just moaned with delight and placed her hands on my shoulders for support..

We all ended up on the floor for a two hour "SEX SESSION" that was the wildest to date of this week. If I came at least twice in each of those juicy pussy's as far as I can remember. The three of us were so exhausted we fell asleep in front of the fire with it's soothing warmth and did not wake till mid to late the next morning.

The next morning was just --- well that is the next chapter.

to be continued

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