tagMatureWeek of Delights Ch. 7

Week of Delights Ch. 7


This is the last chapter in a true story that happened to me about five years ago. I was 49 years old at the time going on the urges of a 30 old male. My wife had died in a car crash about eighteen months previous to this story. (Names have been changed to prevent any problems with the real life people)

* * * * *

Friday was the last day that we were to be at the cabin. I turned out to be on of those fall days that were over cast with on and off drizzle. I went out and got in the hot tub before anyone else got up. I was stretched out enjoying the warm water when I heard the sliding door open and all three of the ladies come out to the hot tub. They just all climbed in and moaned as the hot water engulfed their bodies. They looked like they were in seventh heaven and I know I was.

Dee asked me if "Herman" (her nickname for my cock) was OK! this morning or if it was sore from all the use the last twenty-four hours.

I had to say it was tender, but with all the tender loving care and caressing they had showed it made it worth all it had taken on.

Barb slid over next to me and kissed my check. Jean slid over on the other side of me and rubbed my belly. I asked if she going to be missed and she said, " she had went home last night after we had gone to sleep with her mother." She said her mother wanted to thank me for teaching Jean the right way to please a man.

Later Jean, Barb and Dee caught me in the shower and all hell started to break loose again.

Dee grabbed the soap and lathered up her hand and then grabbed my cock. Barb said to rub her nipples with my soapy hands. With this going on power went off and we just stood there in the dark. We rinsed off quickly and got out of the shower. Dee got out some oil lamps and at least we had some light on this dark and rainy day.

I lit a fire and went to get some more wood. When I got back to the cabin you could feel the heat from the fireplace.

From out of the shadows, all three of them suddenly appeared. Dee, Barb and Jean. They were all wearing the sexiest outfits they could have found, and standing together arms linked, smiling at me.

"Well? You just going to stand there? Or are you going to come over here and unwrap your presents?" I was stunned. For a moment I didn't know what to do. Apart of me said "flee" the other part wanted to rush over and hug them all at once. I decided on the later rather than on the former.

"What's going on?" I did ask them then somewhat bewilderedly.

"We decided to give you something special for your birthday." Dee replied then. Something that will never happen again, just so you know that. Like I said, the three of us had a long talk, a very long talk. And one that we'll need to have with you too. But not now, later, much later. And then we'll talk about the future."

Dee walked over to me then and kissed me. "I love you." She told me. "And you and I need to have a long talk too. About a lot of things. But right now, we're here for you...all of us...together."

Dee and Jean joined her side then and began undressing me. I felt lips, hands and bodies pressing against me then as clothes disappeared. I didn't know from one moment to the next who was kissing me or who was touching me where. It seemed like a never- ending series of touches and hot warm lips burned into my aroused flesh. And then I slowly unwrapped each and everyone of my "presents" and soon after joined them all upon the enormous oversized bed.

I found myself laying slightly on my side then, softly licking and playing with Dee's beautiful pink petaled pussy. Jean was lying on her side between my legs along side Barb. The two of them sucked, licked and devoured my lust hungry cock with lips that felt like velvet soft gloves caressing me. My fingers were busily stroking in and out of Dee's wet dripping slit at the same time. I fingered her in rhythm to the same lovingly soft stroking that tongues and lips were dancing upon the surface of my incredibly hard swollen shaft. My tongue licked, flicked and slithered inside Barb's cunt to the same lustful tune that was being played on the organ that was so wonderfully being stroked and strummed as passion took over and the room became a blur of erotic emotions, sounds and an intensity that became almost surreal here inside "The Room."

Barb's cunt exploded in a volumous eruption of pussy juice that I lapped at and struggled to devour hungrily. My own cock was leaking cum juice like a dripping faucet, and Jean was enjoying making naughty erotic little sounds with the slippery, gushy pearl-drop lubricant that she was happily making and playing with.

"Don't fight it." Barb said then. "We want you to come. Just like this, we have all night...and after all...it "is" one of your Birthday presents!"

Dee forced me onto my back then, and Jean and Barb once again went back to licking my cock, sucking and tonguing my balls. But now Dee included herself in the activity by laying down on top of me in such a way, that I was once again presented with a perfect view of her lovely juice covered split. Once again my own tongue stabbed into her, as I felt her tongue and lips now being added to the triple cock-sucking, tongue licking, ball kissing pleasures that were being given me.

My own cock blossomed in a fine misty spray of flying cock cream that showered all of us. My orgasm was more intense than any I had ever had, my prick ballooned to enormous proportions, the head of my cock expanding as Jean jerked it rapidly with her hand, milking it, forcing every drop of cum to ejaculate into someone's mouth, I knew not which as each of them took a turn drinking my essence, my soul.

And later...as we rested recovering, the passions would build once again. Simultaneously we responded, and the dance of ecstasy and pleasure was renewed. At one point, they all lay side-by-side, holding hands, legs spread and nearly overlapping one another. At the foot of the bed, I moved from one to the other, fucking each in turn momentarily, and then going back down the line of three beautifully proportioned, but distinctly differently feeling cunts. Fucking them...I rejoiced in the pleasure of each, and they in turn felt me, fucked me, and drew me into them fighting against my withdrawal, awaiting the next turn when my cock would again slip into them, sliding in and bathe itself within the soft sheathed tunnels of their woman hood.

Barb was the first to close the gap to orgasm, and then I remained with her, fucking her slowly and lovingly, taking my time, kissing her breasts, her lips, my prick gliding easily yet firmly inside her. Arms, hands, breasts caressed my back, my thighs, my face. And then she too came in glorious rapture.

Jean mounted me; I felt her own pussy fit me perfectly, for we had come to know the dance better between us, though I knew in my heart that would soon change. My cock filled her, explored her as though for the first time, yet it was familiar, comfortable, and exciting beyond words.

One again lips licked, touched and caressed my balls while we fucked together. Dee stood beside me as I suckled her pert hard firm breasts. My hand cupped her femininity, and I fingered her aroused swollen clitoris, circled it with my fingers, tapped it and caressed it while continuing to fuck inside the pussy that had taught me all of it, had given to me my manhood, and had taught me much more than that in the process as well.

The hours passed, we fucked, sucked, played and caressed one another into all hours of the morning. Making love to the three of them together like this might have been a first as well as a last experience for me. But it would forever remain one I would never forget, nor very damn likely ever forget.

When morning came, with the streaks of sunlight filtering in through the windows, it signaled a new day, a new beginning for all of us.

Jean lay beside me, Dee and Bard were still sound asleep, worn out and exhausted from the frantic lovemaking the night before. She was softly and lovingly toying with my very limp cock, but even that sensation was pleasurable, loving. "You mean...this isn't our last time together?"

"Are you kidding me?" Dee said rising up on her elbow to look directly in the face at me. "Whatever in the world gave you that idea?" She asked me.

"But I thought...after last night, after all this...we were headed home today to...too be just the two of us again."

"True...I did say "this" would never happen again with the three of us. We had something planned all along that you need to know about.

Sure... Barb will most likely fall in love with another man someday and get remarried. But for now, the last thing she's looking for is a permanent commitment from anyone. And you already know how I feel. As for Jean, she's too young to worry about getting married right now, and after we reminded her of that, and told her it was ok to be in love with you too, and let time dictate the possibilities, she accepted what was...as well as...what is."

"So this really isn't over then is it?"

Us three "girls" are all going to move into the house I have and live together. "You are welcome to move in also if you so wish." stated Dee.

"Oh...so...this is only the beginning!"

More of the live together to follow some day... soon...

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