tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Adventure Ch. 01

Weekend Adventure Ch. 01


Well first let me begin by telling everyone that I have enlisted the help of a male friend just in case I get myself in too deep. I explained to him my desire to be naked in public and how I have come to realize that I am more of an exhibitionist then I thought. I alsotold him that I want to continue to push myself to be more daring. Now that I have found that I love the feeling of being naked in public. I told him that my goal is to be naked in many different situations.

I explained that I want situations where I have no access to any clothing and that the further away the clothes are the better (I hope I am brave enough to follow through) and that I want him to make suggestions on what I wear or don't wear and when and where I lose articles of clothing. The last thing I told him was that he is not to give in to me if I plead for my clothes back except to avoid arrest . So now that he understood how this was to work we decided to test things out.

We started by picking out my clothes that I would wear out that night and the next day The weather was cool so I put on a light coat for the ride to our destination. It was Friday night and we had decided to check into a hotel in a nearby town. I knew of a few bars that had great possibilities as well as a few other places. Once we checked in Ed told me we needed ice. I was wearing a short loose skirt and thin small pullover top.

As I was walking out the door he said told me you can't go out for ice like that, leave your clothes here. It sure didn't take him long to get into his role. I felt the excitement begin to build, and I thought what a great choice I made picking Ed as my accomplice. I removed my top and skirt tossed them at Ed took a deep breath and opened the door. I looked both ways and saw no one.. So with ice bucket in hand I set out to get ice. It was then I realized I had no idea where the ice machine was located. I chose a direction and nervously walked down the hall. There I found the ice machine, I filled the bucket and headed back to the room.

All of a sudden I was overcome with fear. I had no key, what if Ed had locked the door. I would be stuck in the hallway of a large hotel naked. Thoughts of my first NIP experience came into my head. I reached the door to the room and when I turned the knob and the door opened. This hotel had not yet gone to the electronic key system so the door did not automatically lock when it closed. I admit I was a bit disappointed, I had seen no one and the door was not locked. I will not pass judgment yet on whether Ed was the right choice for these adventures. We had a drink and then decided to go downstairs for dinner. I put on a short lightweight dress that had buttons down the front to just below my waist. I only buttoned the few bottom buttons so that my dress was open to just above my navel. I put on a pair of 4 inch heels and we were on our way. We were on the 9th floor of the hotel. We waited for the elevator to arrive. When it arrived it was empty. We got inside and Ed told me to take my dress off for the ride down to the lobby.

I was reluctant but he reminded me of what I had told him. I unbuttoned a few more buttons and let the dress fall and I stepped out of it. Ed picked it up and held on to it saying I would get it back before the doors opened to the lobby. As it is an older hotel the elevator had a non-stop button so it would go directly to the lobby.

Ed pushed it and the doors began to close, at the last second Ed ducked out the doors leaving me naked in an elevator going directly to the lobby. I was trapped, nervous but yet very excited. There was nothing I could do but hope that once I reached the lobby level and the doors began to open that I could hit the door close button and the button for the 9th floor as well as the non-stop button.

Well as the elevator descended closer to the lobby I began to panic. I had my finger ready to start pushing buttons as the elevator came to a stop. The doors began to open I stood as far to the side as possible and hurried to push the door close button. It was useless all of a sudden 3men and 2 women began to step into the elevator when I heard a gasp. There I was naked with 5 strangers looking at me. I made a weak attempt to cover myself and began to try and explain but it was no use.

The men were getting a lot of enjoyment out of my situation and the women were giving me disapproving looks. They all got in and I stood there trying to act nonchalant but I was getting so excited. There was no conversation and I could see the men looking me over. After a few stops and no other passengers getting on the elevator reached the 9th floor.

The door opened and there was a couple looking straight at me, the man gave a sly grin and stepped aside as I stepped out and turned toward our room I saw Ed leaning against the wall still holding my dress with a big grin on his face. I put the dress on buttoned a few buttons and of we went to dinner. This was the beginning of a very eventful weekend.

Well we continued down to the hotel restaurant for dinner, with me in my dress held closed by only a few buttons. As I walked my dress would open showing off my legs, sometimes exposing my pussy. I could sense that all eyes were on me as we passed through to the far corner of the restaurant. We ordered drinks and I could see the waiters eyes glancing at the my breasts that were nearly out of my dress.

As the waiter walked away Ed told me to undo another button on my dress. I began to protest a bit but he reminded me that I had said I would do whatever he asked, so another button was undone and my breasts were almost completely exposed when the waiter returned with our drinks. He stammered a bit and seemed to have a hard time concentrating as he took our order.

I remained this way as the salads and appetizers were brought out. Now there were only two buttons keeping my dress from falling open all the way. .As we waited for the entrees I was told to undo the last two buttons on my dress and as the last button was undone my dress fell open. When the waiter returned with the main course he leaned over to place the plate on the table in front of me and nearly dumped in in my lap when he saw me totally exposed. Well my dress stayed open during dinner and since I was sitting down only a few other diners were aware of how I was exposed.

I told Ed that I needed to use the powder room and I began to pull my dress closed before standing up but I was told I must leave the dress as is. So I stood up and walked the short distance to the powder room with my dress wide open and flowing behind me ad I walked leaving me totally exposed in the front. Oh how excited I was during that short walk. I had to restrain myself from masturbating when I was in the stall. All eyes were on the powder room door as I walked out and back to the table.

We finished our meal and my dress remained open as we walked out of the restaurant and into the hotel lobby. I was sure we would be stopped and told that I needed to cover up but no one bothered us at all. I began to wonder how far I could go before I was told to either cover up or leave the premises. Apparently Ed had the same idea because he slowed up a bit so he was behind me and he grabbed my dress and slipped it off my shoulders.

I then allowed him to remove the dress completely and there I was once again totally naked except for some jewelry and my four inch heels. He rolled my dress up into a small ball and we got on the elevator back to take us back to our room. A number of other hotel guests got on the elevator and I smiled and said hello as if everything was normal.. We got back to the room and decided we would shower and rest a bit before heading out for the evening.

While I showered Ed prepared my outfit for the rest of the evening. I came out of the shower and saw that Ed had chosen my outfit for the evening and had it out on the bed for me. He has picked out a button down belly shirt that was now a bit small for me and a short thin skirt that was not a favorite of mine but Ed had seemed to like it.

We had gone through my wardrobe before packing for our weekend trip and Ed picked out what clothes I should bring with me I wondered why he had chosen this outfit and it was not till a little later that I found out the reason. I put on the skirt and top which had a v- neck and 5 buttons down the front. The top was low enough to show some cleavage and the bottom was only a few inches below my breasts. The outfit was completed with a gold belly chain, gold hoop earrings, a gold bracelet, a gold chain around my neck and a pair of 4 inch heels.

Once I finished dressing we were ready to head out to the car and drive to a small bar that we had passed while driving to the hotel which had a sign outside advertising a dance floor. I went to get my lightweight coat because it was quite cool outside, but Ed told me that it wasn't necessary. He said the car is in the parking deck and that he would put the heat on in the car to keep me warm. So the coat was left in the room and we headed down to the car.

When we reached the parking deck I could feel the chill in the air and my nipples quickly got hard and were very visible poking through my top. We passed other hotel guests in the parking deck and most gave me a second look as I was not exactly dressed for the cool 40 degree weather. I was just a bit chilly now but wondered how I would be once the temperature dropped later in the night.

I expressed my concern to Ed and he said that it would be fine. So since I had agreed to trust him completely with my well being my thoughts turned to what may happen this evening. I was getting excited but also felt jittery wondering what had been he had planned for me. We arrived at the bar, parked the car and started walking toward the entrance. The temperature had dropped a few degrees since we left the hotel and I was feeling very chilly.

I thought about how cold it will be later when we are heading back to the hotel and I felt the excitement start to build inside me. I have found that the cold adds to my excitement. During the walk to the door of the bar my nipples once again stood out against my top mostly due to the very cool air but also due to the anticipation of what Ed had planned for me.

As we entered the bar I saw that there were tables to the left along with a small dance floor and what appeared to be a DJ booth and the bar was on the right. The bar was pretty well full so we decided to get a table up close to the dance floor. There were only a few tables that were already taken so we had no problem getting the spot we wanted. I checked to see the location of the ladies room and saw it was on the other side of the bar.

Not a problem now but it could be an adventure later when I am a bit tipsy and quite possibly partially exposed. The waitress service at the tables had not started yet so Ed sent me to the bar to get drinks. I expected him to tell me to tell me to undo some buttons on my blouse but he said nothing. I was already showing a fair amount of cleavage and my nipples were still erect and poking through my top.

The bartender was a good looking guy in his early 30's. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was checking me out, which made me tingle and knowing that at some point later he may be seeing much more of me really made my nipples stand out.. I got myself a Malibu Bay breeze and Ed stayed with his usual beer. I walked back to our table with the drinks and I knew that the bartender was checking out my ass as I maneuvered around the tables and back to Ed.

We sat and enjoyed our drinks and watched as the tables began to fill up with couples out to enjoy a night out of drinks and perhaps some dancing. There had been music playing from the jukebox but now the DJ was getting ready to take over. Just before he began Ed told me to go and get us one more round, just as I was ready to stand up he reached over and undid the top button on my shirt which parted to show more cleavage. The bartender obviously approved of what he was seeing by the smile I saw on his face as I approached the bar.

I got our drinks and went back to the table. We sat and enjoyed the music and checked out the crowd. It seemed to be mostly couples and some groups of women at the tables and it seemed the bar was where the single guys and women sat to watch the goings on around the bar. It seemed it was too early for people to get up and dance so we just watched the crowd had another round of drinks brought by a very cute young waitress and waited for things to heat up.

The drinks were making me feel very good and I told Ed I needed to make a trip to the ladies room. He reached over and the next button on my shirt. Now the last two buttons were straining to keep the too small shirt closed. I was showing a lot of cleavage as I walked across the bar to the ladies room. I could feel the eyes of the bartender and others at the bar looking at me as I passed to go to the ladies room. While I was at the mirror checking my makeup a very pretty woman in her late 20's came in and began checking her own makeup in the mirror. She said hello and we made small talk .

I told her we were just visiting and asked what a Friday night was like here in the bar. She said that it usually got a good crowd and that everyone always had a good time dancing. I told her that my friend did not dance so she said that I should not let that stop me from getting out there and joining the fun. I said another drink or two and I would be ready to have some fun. She said here name was Lisa and I introduced myself saying i'm Nikki and my friend is Ed.

We walked out of the ladies room and I went back to the table and saw that Lisa had a seat at the bar. I told Ed about my conversation with Lisa and he said he would love watching me out there on the dance floor in my small little top and short skirt. The music was louder now and there were some people now on the dance floor. I still did not have the nerve to go out there so I sat and watched and sipped my drink. I glanced over at Lisa every now and then and a few times I saw her looking my way. We were due for another round and Ed suggested I go get it at the bar and while there I should ask Lisa to join us as it seemed she was alone.

As expected Ed reached over and undid the bottom button on my shirt so now only one small button was straining to keep my breasts from popping out into the open. Everyone noticed as I approached the bar. I think they were all waiting for that last button to let go and leave me exposed. I ordered our drinks and also told the bartender to give Lisa one of whatever she was drinking. I asked Lisa if she was alone and she said she was to meet a friend here but it seemed that thy were late. I asked her to join us at our table and she happily agreed. The bartender said the round was on him, I smiled and thanked him and he said it was his pleasure. We got to the table and I introduced Ed and Lisa to each other.

The three of us sat for a while talking and drinking, watching those that had gotten on the dance floor. I could feel the effects of the alcohol as I realized I was sitting in my chair moving to the music. It seems that both Ed & Lisa also noticed. Ed suggested Lisa and I go have some fun on the dance floor. I was ready and Lisa said she would love to dance. I remembered that I had only one small button straining to keep my shirt closed started buttoning a few others when Ed reached over grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my shirt.

He said I should leave things as they are. So Lisa and I hit the dance floor with me wondering if that one little button would hold my shirt closed. I was relieved and I must admit a bit disappointed that the button held through a few songs. The DJ went to take a short break and Lisa and I returned to the table where Ed was looking at his empty beer.

The waitress seemed to be very busy as all the tables were occupied now, so Ed said I should go to the bar for our drinks. Just before I stood up to go to the bar Ed reached over and undid the last button on my top. Surprisingly the top stayed closed enough to barely cover my nipples but much of my breasts were exposed. As I went to move so did the top falling to the sides and exposing my breasts totally to anyone looking my way.

My automatic response was to grab both sides of the top and pull it closed over my breasts. However when I let it go there I was totally bare breasted again. Ed told me to relax and go get our drinks. All eyes were on me as I walked slowly to the bar my tits bouncing freely . There were a few disapproving looks from a few women who were probably with their husbands or boyfriends and didn't approve of my exposed breasts.

The bartender got our drinks and of course would take no money as he openly stared at my bare tits, nipples so very hard and erect from the excitement of being exposed like this. I made my way back to the table, tits bouncing . I could see a big grin on Ed's face as I neared our table. He was enjoying this. It appeared to me that Lisa was also enjoying it but I could not be sure.

It was not long before the DJ returned and Lisa suggested we go dance some more. I said I would love to but wondered if I had the nerve to go out on the dance floor and not close at least on button on my top. I said ok let's get out there. I told Ed that I would leave my top open but that I couldn't be sure I could leave it open while dancing.

I noticed Ed and Lisa sort of smile at each other but thought nothing of it. Ed told me to relax another minute and have a few more sips of my drink before going to dance. He then began leaning toward me and it was only then I saw something shiny in his hand. He had small pair of scissors in his hand and he quickly snipped all the buttons off of my top.

Now I had no way of keeping my shirt closed. Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the dance floor. We began to dance with my tits bouncing wildly. The DJ was in a booth that was raised a bit above the dance floor so he had a great view of my bare tits bouncing as we danced. As the song ended a new one started and this one was much faster. I glanced up at the booth and he gave me a big grin and a wink.

We danced to a few more songs and I was feeling pretty comfortable even with my breasts bared and bouncing for all to see. I must admit I was feeling very excited being exposed as I was out in a public bar. We decided to take a short rest from dancing and sit for a few minutes and sip our drinks. I no longer thought about how my tits were hanging out and hardly noticed the other customers watching me.

It was about time for another trip to the ladies room. As Lisa and I got up to go Ed stopped me, pulled me closer and grabbed the hem of my skirt on my right side. He then cut a slit up the side of my skirt almost to my hip . He then told me to turn around and he did the same on the other side. Now when I walked my legs were exposed almost to my hip and if I leaned forward my skirt would fall away from my body exposing my pussy. Now I knew why Ed had chosen this outfit. He knew I would not be upset if he cut it up some.

Lisa and I walked to the ladies room my tits bare and bouncing , the slit in my skirt opening and flashing much of my legs. I was feeling flushed from the excitement of being exposed like this in front of so many strangers. Lisa asked me in the ladies room what was going on and I explained about my desire to be naked in public and that Ed was helping me fulfill my fantasies. Lisa said that she could never do it herself but that she was enjoying watching me.

I looked and could not believe what I saw in the mirror, me standing there with my tits hanging out. We went back to the table and had a few sips of our drinks before we headed back to dance some more. Ed decided to do a bit more trimming and grabbed the front of my skirt and cut across from one side to the other only about 6 inches below my pussy. Now not only was it slit almost to my hips on both sides the front was only inches below my pussy. Now for sure if we danced to a fast song my skirt would be bouncing enough to give people glances of my pussy.

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