tagMatureWeekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 01

Weekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 01


Friday Afternoon

John had thought the idea a bad one to start with, sneaking down to his parent in laws summer house to spring a surprise birthday party for his wife Michelle. Jayne, his mother in law was persuasive enough and in the end he finally cracked and agreed to go down and help with the setting up. John had worried about an excuse for the last month and finally managed to settle on the age old favourite of a business meeting out of town. Michelle had seen through it instantly, and he spilled the beans on the birthday surprise.

He pulled up outside the two storey house, the sun had burnt off all the clouds leaving a deep blue sky and a cooling breeze carried the sound of the sea that lay just over a hill behind the house. John stood in the drive way eyes closed a faint smile on his lips, his nostrils flared as he took a deep breath of the fresh sea air. He walked slowly to the front door a canvas hold all in one hand and rung the bell. "Hello John," his father in law Paul opened the door with a big smile on his face a half empty tumbler of whiskey in one hand, "So glad you could make it, the more the merrier as they say," Paul pulled the door wide and beckoned John in.

The air conditioning was running and the cool air brought goose bumps out on John's bare arms, "No one else here yet?" John asked looking around, he could see the lounge and the dining room were empty as well as the kitchen, the French doors to the back garden were open wide and even there no one moved.

Paul patted John on the back, "Jayne's on the beach at the moment and everyone else is not due till tomorrow now. Some trouble with school or work and Jayne was dealing with it, not my area of expertise." John felt a bit let down he had hoped that both Michelle's Brother and younger sister were going to be there from the get go with their own little families less pressure on the new addition to the family. "So the rest of the afternoon," Paul looked at his watch, "or at least what is left of it is ours to do with as we please." He gave John another beaming smile.

"I guess I best get my bag unpacked," John looked around once more locating the stairs.

"Too right, just head straight up and turn left and it is the room at the end," Paul gave John a slight nudge in the ribs, the ice in his glass clinking as he did so, "Michelle's old bedroom, I guess it is the newlyweds bedroom now." John smiled and gave what he hoped was not too much of a false laugh. He had been married to Michelle for just over six months, yet Paul for reasons only known to him still insisted on calling them the newlyweds. John grabbed the handle on the small canvas bag and headed up stairs while Paul stumbled, inebriated into the lounge.

"Well I'm here," John said dumping the canvas bag onto the double bed his right heel kicking out behind him pushing the door almost shut, "I hope I can keep the lie going for you," he walked the few steps to the outer wall and looked out over the back garden and beyond to the blue of the sea.

Michelle sighed down the other end of the phone, "Just make sure you do a better job than you did on me." She had caught him out the moment he had said business meeting, "don't you worry I will still act surprised when I get there on Sunday." If it was not for the tinny quality of the sound and the garbled tannoy announcement in the background it was hard to believe Michelle was thousands of miles away in North Africa.

John turned away from the window, "Your dad is already drunk," he pulled the drawer open on a tall chest and looked at an assortment of t-shirts, "and your mom is off at the beach." He closed the draw and opened the next one down.

"As long as she doesn't bring back a toy boy everything should be fine," Michelle replied, her voice bouncing along as she walked through the airport.

John paused half way through opening the draw, he had met Jayne not long after he had started dating Michelle and was pleased to find quite a striking woman which meant with any luck Michelle would age just as well. "Well lucky guy if she did." John responded. He finished opening the draw on some neatly folded bikinis.

Michelle laughed, she had known her mom was attractive as every boyfriend she dated always at some point would comment on it, "I best not come down there and find out your my mom's toy boy."

John laughed back, "Guess what I'm holding?" He rested his mobile on his shoulder and pushed his head to one side holding it in place, his hands went into the draw and pulled out a day glow pink bikini top, "A rather fetching bikini top, nice cup size too."

"You want a real treat? Try the draw underneath," John put the bikini top back closed the draw and opened the next one. It was a mess of panties and bras, he reached in and pulled out the first thing he could a pair of cotton knickers red with pink hearts. "Find anything you like?" Michelle asked playfully.

John nodded, his fingers running over the fabric, he dropped them and picked up a pair of black floral lace panties "Oh yes," John said his voice slightly higher in pitch. His fingers walked across the fabric down into the gusset feeling where his wife would have been pushed tight against it.

"Well you just try and control yourself until I get there on Sunday, I love you see you soon." John fumbled with his phone with one hand, the other gripping the panties tightly as if they would fly away the moment they were released. He dropped the phone on the chest of draws and returned to the panties. Michelle had worn the same pair the first night they had slept together, he had not seen them since and guessed she had brought them down here on a trip and left them behind.

John's cock stiffened just at the feel of the material and became solid at the memory of that night. The agonising wait as Michelle had lowered them down her pale thighs, past her knees and finally off her feet. His own knee's shook at the excitement of the memory and he found himself unzipping his jeans and releasing his hard cock. John gripped it firmly and started to stroke his other hand holding the panties close to his face, he imagined he could smell her on them, a hint of perfume and a deeper scent one he had breathed in that night when she had willingly opened her legs for his exploring mouth and tongue.

The gusset of the panties stretched across his cock head smearing his pre cum, he held the panties taunt across his cock the material covering his length as he worked his cock a little faster the softness of the material adding a different feel to his warm hand. The sound that made him stop was like a camera, only more artificial. John turned his head and instantly regretted not checking the door was closed and locked.

Jayne stood in the doorway, black hair tied back in a ponytail, a dark purple swimsuit clung to her ample chest and curvy body a sarong tied to her waist flowed down covering everything from the waist down. She held a Camera phone in one hand and was aiming it directly at John, "And to think I went to the trouble of washing all of them." She glanced at the screen then lowered the camera. John turned to face her, black panties hanging from his still rigid cock. Jayne glanced down and smiled, "Well hello to you too John." John's hands moved quickly in front of his cock and started to pull the panties off as he tried to force his cock back into his jeans at the same time. "Don't stop on my account."

John's hands slowed down and he looked up, his cock hurt from the angle it prodded from his jeans, the panties bunched over his cock head, his heart hammered in his chest and John found breathing had become difficult. "I'm so sorry Jayne, I thought I'd closed the door and..." he shook his head not knowing what else to say his mind had gone blank and black flowers had started to bloom in his vision, passing out had become a very viable option.

Jayne stepped further into the room, pulling the door shut behind her a small smile on her full lips, "You looked to be enjoying yourself, I would hate to see such an erection go to waste." John's mouth hung open, words were forming but they failed to materialise on his tongue and lips. She held the camera phone open and shook it slightly, "I would hate for Paul to see this picture, to see you masturbating into a pair of my knickers."

The room spun, John's ears filled with the sound of rushing blood, "Your knickers?" his voice sounded muffled to his own ears and of a far higher pitch "These are Michelle's."

Jayne shrugged her shoulders, her bikini clad breast wiggling slightly as she did so "Paul would hardly be able to tell the difference." Jayne stepped back leaning against the door. She raised one eye brow and said nothing more.

John moved one hand down it was shaking so much it looked like a blur. He pulled his almost flaccid cock free of his jeans and took a light grip. He looked up at Jayne, hoping she would cry chicken she simply stared back her smile growing the more he worked his cock. Even with his nerves shot and all his blood in his head his cock still managed to harden, to John's surprise it felt harder and even larger than it had done before. He started a steady stroke, the cool material of the panties working over his rigid shaft creating an arousing tingling sensation wherever the material went.

Jayne had become like a statue except for her dark green eyes that flicked from John's face to his cock and back again taking in each facial expression, each flick of his wrist and the glimpse of exposed cock through the panties. John's breath grew quicker as did his hand. His back arching as his hips pushed forward his eyes found Jayne's and held her gaze as his balls spasmed sending his first load into the panties. He worked his cock slower helping each load out until the gusset of the panties hung heavy at the tip of his cock all the while his eyes remained fixed on Jayne's. She gave him a wink and a single nod, down and back up before opening the door and without a word stepped out of the room leaving John standing where he had cum.

Friday Evening

John paced the small bedroom, he had over the course of three hours gone to call Michelle five times each time he had stopped himself. His mind would flash up the image of Jayne holding the camera phone and his fingers would freeze above the call button. But that was not the only thing his mind kept bringing up, though that was clearly the scariest. John could not help but replay those final few seconds, when he stared into Jayne's eyes as he orgasmed. How she had stared right back at him urging him to cum with just her eyes and how much he had enjoyed cumming for her, but he knew that was wrong, they were Michelle's panties, he had cum thinking of her...hadn't he?

"Your dinner is getting cold John." Jayne's voice echoed up the stairs and into the room, she had called him twice already for dinner and he had failed to respond on both occasions. John bit his lip almost drawing blood. He pocketed the phone and opened the bedroom door. He could smell the aroma of spaghetti Bolognese and the sweet scent of Garlic bread. His heart pounded in his chest and his stomach rolled with hunger as well as nerves. He moved on unsteady legs down the hallway, almost fell on his way down the stairs and finally made it into the dining room.

A decidedly drunk Paul sat at the dining table a glass of whiskey next to his bowl of spaghetti, Jayne stood next to him, the swimsuit was gone she was now in grey tracksuit bottoms and a plain white t-shirt that was spattered with Bolognese. Jayne ladled Bolognese from a pot on the table onto the mound of spaghetti, she looked up as John entered timidly into the room, "We got fed up of waiting for you," she said with lightness in her voice, "I thought perhaps you had fallen asleep after your drive." John shook his head and stood still with his hands at his sides unsure what to say or do. Jayne motioned with a nod of her head to a space where another bowl of steaming spaghetti sat congealing.

John pulled out the chair and sat down, Paul looked at him with watery eyes and gave him a big smile raising his whiskey glass and taking a sip. Jayne picked up the pot and moved round to John, she stood so close to John he found himself leaning slightly. The ladle came up from the pot Bolognese red and molten hot. Jayne leaned forward pouring it over the spaghetti, John felt the weight of one breast against his face, felt the warmth of it through the t-shirt and was sure Jayne was braless beneath. John was given proof once Jayne sat down opposite him. Her nipples pushed freely against the white cotton t-shirt, his fork hovered close to his open mouth as he stared at the swelling points and he felt his cock stir slightly beneath the table.

As the meal went on Paul ate less and drank more, his talk had turned to ramblings that both Jayne and John patiently listened to and where possible interjected with their own thoughts that were ignored. John had relaxed more and more as the evening went on, Jayne was acting as if nothing had happened, she barely glanced in his direction and when she spoke to him it had been about the food or her ideas for the surprise party. If only he could stop looking at her breasts the evening would have been normal.

Paul's head lolled forward and he begun snoring soon after, Jayne let out a soft sigh of resignation and looked at her husband with pity. John finished off his ice cream and pushed the bowl away rubbing at his full and rather bloated belly. Jayne turned her gaze to him and smiled, "enjoyed that did you?" She asked. John nodded blowing out a deep breath. "Nothing beats momma's home cooking." Jayne said in a poor Italian accent.

John laughed, "You can say that again."

"Bolognese is so messy though," Jayne said looking down at her t-shirt, she grabbed it either side and pulled it tight against her. "Just look at this t-shirt, I will never get these stains out." John could not see the stains his eyes had fixed on the outline of Jayne's full, heavy breasts that the cotton hugged leaving little to the imagination, her nipples squashed and straining creating little dimples. John swallowed hard his mouth and throat dry all of a sudden, he grabbed his wine glass and drained the last dregs of the red liquid that did little to the desert in his throat. Jayne let go of the t-shirt and it fell away from her frame much to John's relief.

He rose from the table, feeling hot, flustered and also a little self-conscious about the erection that was starting to form in his jeans. "I think I will be off to bed now, that journey has really caught up with me." He said, looking anywhere but at Jayne.

"Need any company?" She asked looking up at John a lopsided smile on her face and eyes showing the first hints of drunkenness. John's mouth fell open, he felt his cheeks burning and for the second time that day he was at a loss for words, Jayne winked at him, "just kidding stud." She looked over at her snoring husband and sighed, "I guess my battery operated friend will be keeping me company tonight."

The sound of the waves came through the bedroom's open window, John lay in the bed eyes closed listening to their soothing tones the breeze chilled his warm skin. His right hand worked at his rigid cock slowly. A slow upward stroke followed by a slower downward stroke that pulled his foreskin back from his pre cum gleaming tip, he had been working his cock slowly for the last hour.

His mind flitting onto Michelle for a moment then Jayne would fill his mind, he tried to shake the thoughts but found pleasure in them. He had fantasised about Jayne soon after they had first met, Michelle was out with friends and he had the house to himself, the internet fuelled his dirty thoughts and soon he found himself imagining Jayne in all those filthy poses. He had tried to edge but found it impossible. He had exploded with her name on his lips. Every now and then the urge would come again and John would find himself opening the hidden file on his laptop, images of Jayne and naked shots of older women from the internet opening for his pleasure.

Tonight felt different, he was ashamed of getting caught and also a sense of guilt was there. He had no intention of doing anything other than wank and think of Michelle until she turned up on Sunday but even that had turned into a wank thinking of Jayne. Thinking of that mature woman's tits, how the weight and warmth had felt on his cheek and the way they looked across the table. He also found himself imagining what was beneath her tracksuit pants what wonders awaited any man that got that far. He stopped his hand for a moment and opened his eyes he had heard something other than the waves. He waited a little longer then dismissed it but as he closed his eyes the sound came again an unmistakable moan.

He had his boxer shorts on and the bedroom door open before he had decided what to do. He stood in the open doorway, the house was dark and still, the odd creak here and there as the house settled. Another moan, louder and longer broke the silence. John moved on tip toes down the corridor, he passed the stairs and round to the other rooms. One door stood ajar the unmistakable flickering orange glow of a candle seeped through the crack. His heart thumped in his chest and loud in his ears and he was certain that the noise was audible to all.

He stepped close to the door, his nose inches from the wooden frame. From there he could hear soft gasps and moans and a long monotonous buzzing a small smile crept onto John's face 'I guess she was not kidding.' John thought. He moved a foot forward, feeling the grain of the wooden door on his toe and pushed ever so gently. The door moved an inch silently on its hinges, John leaned forward one eye clearing the door itself. He could see a foot, red nail polish on the toes that curled up and released, curled up and released. The buzzing sound became muffled and a louder moan escaped the room surprising John enough that he took a step back.

Hesitantly he moved forward again, letting out a long breath when he realised he had been holding it in. The buzzing was more rhythmic now, he knew what Jayne was doing could imagine what her hand was gripping and where the slick plastic toy was penetrating. His hand found his cock, eager for action and he gripped the shaft and worked it slowly. He dared to lean in further, catching sight of a bare leg the other out of view, clearly spread wide.

Nothing had made John loose an erection quicker than the cough from the bottom of the stairs John gave out an unexpected gasp and slapped his hand across his mouth. The buzzing stopped and he heard the springs from the bed shifting as Jayne moved off it. John moved quickly, his ninja like stealth forgotten in blind panic. As he passed the stairs he caught a glimpse of a very wobbly Paul moving slowly up one hand gripping the banister for support then John was past the stairs moving quickly to the welcome sight of his own bedroom door. He jumped in grabbing the door handle and closing it as quickly and as quietly as possible, as the door and frame met he caught the briefest glimpse of a full figure in the opposite bedroom doorway, and then the door clicked shut.

End of Part One.

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