tagIncest/TabooWeekend at My Brother's

Weekend at My Brother's


Saturday night and there I was: dateless, watching my brother's kids so he and his wife could enjoy a night with friends. Now, mind you, I adore my two nieces. At four and six they're a handful at times, but I love them and they are fond of me as well.

I'd been able to get them to bed at a reasonable time and found myself sitting on the couch, flipping channels and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I sighed and got myself a drink, before flopping back on the couch again to watch a film I'd already seen a million times.

Normally my brother and sister-in-law wouldn't ask me to babysit. Usually they'd ask my parents, but they already had a birthday to go to and since "Anna's got nothing to do anyway," as my brother apparently had put it, they'd asked me. Besides, they'd be back late and would need me to stay the night.

Obviously, my brother and I aren't particularly close. He's the kind of guy that's successful at anything he does. He's got a good job, fancy car, nice house and a family.

I on the other hand, seem to have developed from a bit of a 'troubled' teenager into a 'troubled' twenty-something. Nothing too serious, but I wasn't the one coming home with straight A's and whereas my brother knew exactly what he wanted to be when he'd be all grown up, I still am clueless at times.

I don't mind that he's so successful; I do mind him rubbing that in every time we meet. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly.

I always thought I'd move out at an earlier age than he did. After all, I was so much more mature, right? Right. I was also sure I'd be married before he did. Never mind the fact that he's six years my senior. He and Linda got married well over seven years ago.

As for my love life: it's pretty much non-existent. I blended in quite nicely with the wallpaper all through my high school years. I'd hang out with friends, but was too shy to even try to hook up with boys. I was the kind of girl that would admire a guy from a safe distance. As a matter of fact, I didn't have my first date until I was well into college.


His name's Ben and he's a few years older than me. He'd always ride his bike to college and that's how we met as I would usually do the same. I'd gotten a flat that day and had to walk the rest of the way home. He saw me and slowed down to ask whether I had a flat as if that weren't obvious... He actually offered to fix it, but as I was nearly home, I told him that I would be alright. I remember his sweet smile and he kept me company until I was home: a room in a flat I shared with three other students.

We chatted and laughed and from that day on we regularly cycled together to and from college. After a month or so he asked me out on a date. I was thrilled! I know, I know. Most girls have there first dates when they're sixteen or so, but still, I was thrilled and yes, probably felt like a sixteen-year-old.

Our date took us to a nice little pizza place and to a movie. I don't remember the movie, I do remember Ben's arm around me as we sat in the back row. I'd never been on a date, never had a boyfriend and never been kissed. I was a bit nervous, not sure what he'd expect me to do, but I needn't have worried.

He pulled me close sometime halfway through the movie and he caressed my cheek as my head leaned against his shoulder. He bowed towards me and for the first time in my life I felt someone's lips touching mine. It seemed only natural to open my lips and I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth. It took me by surprise and initially I pulled back, but he'd placed a hand behind my head and gently pulled me closer again. His tongue started roaming my mouth and I started sucking it a bit.

I softly moaned when I felt his arm trying to pull me even closer while his right hand had moved under my blouse and was slowly feeling its way up to my left breast. I think I nearly whimpered when he cupped my breast and started squeezing it through the soft, cotton of my bra.

He started to lean into me, pushing me back into my chair. There weren't many people in the cinema and luckily, the arm rests could be put upwards. I felt Ben moving his weight onto me and his mouth covered mine once more. He slid his thumb under the wire of my bra. Stroking the skin of my breast. I moaned in his mouth and tried to move in a more comfortable position. He stopped kissing me and started to unbutton my blouse.

I quickly looked up to make sure no-one realised what we were up to. There were only a few other people in our row and well, let's say, that they were neither paying attention to us nor to the movie.

Ben unhooked my bra and pushed it upwards. My breasts were now exposed to him and he started to rub a thumb over the nipple of my left breast. I loved it, but I was still uncomfortable: my left knee was jammed against a chair in front of us and Ben had manoeuvred my other leg behind him. My right arm was stuck between me and the chair. With my left hand I reached for Ben and went through his short brown hair.

I was wearing jeans and regretted not choosing my only skirt. I was inexperienced with boys, but I was not unfamiliar with the signals my body started sending me. My heart was thumping and there was a throbbing between my legs.

"Oh Ben," I whispered and stifled another moan as he moved so that he could pay attention to my other breast. I pulled my right arm free and put it around him, pulling up his shirt. I loved the feel of his warm skin under my hand. I tried to move my lower body closer to him as well as I needed to feel him between my legs.

He licked and sucked my breasts before working his way up and plunging his tongue in my mouth again. He moved his hand to my butt, squeezing it. One of my hands was still in his hair, while I'd moved the other under his jeans, eager to feel his naked butt.

His hand moved to the front of my jeans and then between my legs. He groped roughly, knowing I wouldn't really feel a thing through the thick fabric. I bucked, raising my butt to meet his hand. I so wanted to feel him!

He muttered something under his breath and then whispered: "There's not enough room here. You wanna go?"

I was panting, trying to catch my breath. I looked up in his dark eyes and nodded. I quickly put my bra back on and buttoned up my blouse. I felt hot and brushed my hair out of my face. Ben took my hand and we left the cinema in a hurry.

The fresh air outside helped me to cool of a bit, but there was still the undeniable throbbing between my legs. We rushed to the parking lot, where Ben had parked the car he'd borrowed from his best friend. We got in and looked at each other. It was not nearly as dark as the cinema, but still, it was quiet and there weren't any cars parked near us.

"You want to, ehm, you know," Ben smiled, "Or do you prefer to go, you know, someplace else?"

I wasn't sure where else we could go. I shared a flat and so did he. Ben looked at me, then to back seat and back at me again. He raised his eyebrows in a silent question and I nodded. With some effort we climbed in the back seat.

Within seconds we were kissing again and he pushed my back on the seat. I breathed heavily as he pushed my legs apart and moved between them. I loved his weight on top of me and his hands on my body. He undid my blouse and bra and started sucking and massaging my breasts again. I pulled his shirt up and over his head. Oh, my gosh, his naked upper body felt so good against my skin! I put my legs around him and tried to push him downwards. Down to my tummy.

He got to his knees and looked at me as he undid my belt and then undid the button of my jeans and slowly zipped it open. I started wriggling, the throbbing between my legs had continued and I felt my pussy juices trickle down into my panties. I wanted to close my legs to stop the flowing, but Ben was between them. As if he knew this, he grinned at me and pulled off my jeans. Then he lay on top of me again, kissing my stomach and stroking my legs.

I thought I was going crazy! I wanted him to touch me and at the same time I felt a little bit embarrassed. I wanted to cover my pussy, though my panties were still doing that job for me. Ben stopped my hand from going down, putting his face between my legs instead. He smelled my damp panties and stroked my pussy through the cotton material. He worked a finger under the elastic and for the first time I felt another finger but my own touch the tender, wet spot between my legs. He stroked me and I felt my body responding by trying to push itself onto his finger. He teased me a bit like this, before getting back to his knees.

"Let's take those off, shall we?" he said and he took my panties and pulled them off my butt and slid them down my legs. I had to raise my legs in front of him in order for him to be able to do so. He stroked my legs and kissed my feet and the back of my knees.

Then he bent over again and put his face between my legs. I suddenly felt his tongue on my clit and moaned. With his hands he kept my legs firmly apart and he started licking my pussy. Lapping up my juices and poking with his tongue in my tight little hole. I writhed underneath him, pushing my pussy into his face and trying to wrap my legs around him. He rubbed my clit, while his tongue did those heavenly things. When he pushed a finger inside of me, I froze.

"Sorry," I whispered. He said it was OK. I tried to relax, but Ben already took care of that: he'd started to lick and suck again and as soon as my body relaxed he moved his finger out of my pussy. And immediately back in. He fingered me first slowly, but as my body responded by moaning and a sucking noise coming from my pussy he sped things up. I felt my body tremble and I grabbed hold of his hair, bucking and grinding into his face as his finger made me cum. I'm not a screamer. I moaned and begged him to fuck me and when I'd cum on his face he grinned at me, his face wet with my juices.

I felt great, though I was a bit embarrassed with my cum flowing out of me just like that. I'd love to say, that we made love after that, but we didn't. Though inexperienced I knew something wasn't right.

Ben got up and was pleased that he'd made me cum, but also seemed quite happy to leave it at that. We kissed some more and I stroked the front of his jeans and realised he wasn't hard. Now, this was my first time, so, maybe it had all been very hot for me and not at all for him, but that seemed odd, even to me.

I offered to try and give him a hand job, not that I'd done that before, but hey, my inexperience could be considered arousing to some, right? Ben just smiled and said that maybe it was time to go home. So we just sat quietly together for a little while before we called it a night.

I felt confused about our date. On the one hand it had been really, very good. On the other: I hadn't been able to turn him on. He assured me it was OK, that I shouldn't feel bad about it. That it was him, not me.

We'd still cycle to and from college together, but we didn't go on another date. It wasn't until half a year later, that Ben confessed that he was gay. He'd been trying to deny it for a long time. He'd loved to make me cum as I was a good friend and he wanted to make me feel good, but in order to feel that good himself, he really needed a man's touch. That man being his best friend. They've been together ever since.

I know this sounds cheesy, but we've become better friends, now that that's cleared up. Though there are still times that I wish he would've really been my first.


The movie on TV had ended. I hadn't seen much of it. Recalling my date with Ben, I had worked a hand inside my jeans and had made myself cum. I could smell and taste it on my fingers. I decided to go to bed. Leaving a light on for my brother and sister-in-law, I made my way upstairs and checked in on the girls who were still sound asleep.

I took a quick shower, put on clean panties and my nightie and then headed up the second flight of stairs to the top floor of the house where my brother has made a study and a spare bedroom. I'd made sure that both set of stairs had the low child safety gate in front of them, just in case either one of them woke up and decided to go for a wander.

I lay in bed and grabbed the book that I'd brought with me, but I just couldn't concentrate. My mind kept travelling back to my short time with Ben. I think I can honestly say that I love him. We've grown very close and he knows me better than anyone.

I turned on my back and stared at the ceiling. I sighed and put an arm over my face. It was just my luck to meet this amazing guy, get this amazing first experience just to find out that the guy is gay. And it's not like men are queuing up for a date with me.

My father's always more than happy to point out that my brother could have his pick. For some reason he was never without a date. My father also liked to point out that I was the exact opposite and that having a gay male friend wasn't exactly a boyfriend. Right. Like I didn't know that.

Of course, my dad figured I was still a virgin. I turned to my stomach and rested my head on my arms. I never bothered to tell my parents otherwise, after all, I consider those things quite private.

Truth is I lost my virginity shortly after Ben told me about him being gay and assuring me, there was nothing wrong with me, but telling you that story now, would take too long. Just let me know if you'd like to hear it...

I kept tossing and turning for some time. It was long after midnight before I fell asleep and my brother and Linda had not come home yet. I don't know at what time I woke up. It was quite dark in my room and the only light came in through the open bedroom door. I'd left the light on the first floor landing on, in case the girls woke up.

I sighed contently, still half asleep and clinging on to the very hot dream I'd had.

So hot, that I could feel my pussy tingle. I smiled and turned onto my stomach and put a hand between my legs. I snuggled deeper under the blankets and drifted off again, until I felt something.

I drowsily opened my eyes and lay very still. I didn't hear a thing, except for my own heartbeat thumping in my ears. It was quiet in the house. I closed my eyes again, but before I could drift off, I felt it again. Something warm was barely perceptible touching my butt. I wanted to jump up and scream, but somehow I just lay there very still as if I were frozen. My butt got very gently rubbed and squeezed by a large hand. I lay there, trying to control my breathing, my eyes wide open.

The hand moved down my butt to my legs. It caressed the back of my left upper leg. My heart thumped loudly and I was amazed he couldn't hear it, as the large hand could only belong to my brother.

His hand moved up again and he nudged it between my legs. He suddenly withdrew as his fingers brushed mine as my hand was still between my legs as well.

"Anna?" I heard a soft whisper and I decided not to respond. He whispered my name again and when I still did not respond, he pulled the blanket away and I felt cool air on my back and butt. I didn't stir and just wished for my heart to stop making so much noise. I felt him sit down at the edge of the bed and then my nightie was pulled up above my waist. I bit my lip. This was so wrong. My brother feeling me up. I should scream at him, hit him and yet, I couldn't move.

He seemed to be moving closer, as if leaning over me. I felt his hand move back on my butt again. Stroking and squeezing gently. Stroking my legs and coming back up between them. He carefully moved my legs a bit further apart, so that my hand wasn't stuck between them and he had room to put his hand against my panty covered pussy. He touched me there, stroking me and then very carefully he tried to move my panties aside. I moaned. The moan was very soft as it was stifled in the mattress, but my brother withdrew his hand from my pussy, but left it on my butt.

It was so wrong, I knew it was, but pretending to be half asleep I turned onto my back. I kept my arms beside my body and stretched my left leg. I bent my other leg a bit and moved it sideways, knowing that this would expose my pussy to my brother's probing fingers. If he wanted to.

And he wanted to.

I'd turned my face towards him and the open door. He sat there very quietly, until he'd convinced himself that I was asleep. Then he stroked my leg again. More boldly now. I felt his hand on my thigh slowly rubbing it and moving upwards. His hand reached my pussy again and he started poking and rubbing. With one hand he lifted my panties from my pussy, with the other he started stroking my throbbing slit. I couldn't help it; the moan escaped me before I could control myself. He didn't withdraw this time. I kept my eyes closed and started rubbing my wet pussy against his fingers.

I could hear his breathing and I opened my eyes. It was hard to read the expression on his face as the light was mostly coming from behind him.

"Josh?" I whispered.

"Hi Anna," he whispered back.

"Whatcha doin'? " I mumbled, pretending to be clueless.

He was quiet. I couldn't tell whether he was embarrassed. Caught in the act. I moved my right hand to his legs.

"You just got home?"

"Mmm, yeah."

"Good," I murmured and pretended like nothing was going on. "Had a good time?"

He seemed to smile. "Could've been better."




"Had a bit too much to drink. She's out cold." He shifted his weight.

"OK," I murmured.

"You had a good night?"

I smiled: "Could've been better."

I heard him chuckle. "It feels like you had some fun..."

He pushed his finger up my slit again. I wriggled.

"Hmm, yes...."

"Looks like you could use a hand..."

"Can't. You're my brother." But my body told him another story. My pussy got wetter by the second.

"Don't worry, sis. No-one needs to know."


"They're asleep. Their doors are closed. We just need to be very quiet. Can you be very quiet?"


"Yeah, thought so." His voice was deeper than usual, he was aroused. He moved a bit away from me, hooking his fingers under my panties and pulling them down. He held them to his face. He groaned and I just got wetter. He bent over me and helped me out of my nightie. I lay there naked in front of him. I heard his heavy breathing. He pulled of his shirt. I noticed he was wearing jeans and there was a large bulge in the front of them.

He lay down next to me. I wanted to close my legs, but he put his own leg between mine.

"You're so fucking hot, sis." And he bent over me, turning my face towards him. I could smell alcohol on his breath and next I felt his strong, demanding lips on mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and while one hand made sure I couldn't turn my face away, the other worked its way down my body.

A part of me kept telling me how wrong this was and told me to fight, the other part of me told me how incredibly hot this was and how wet my pussy became. He leaned into me, putting most of his weight on top of me. Both hands were holding my head now, where his tongue was still plunging in and out of my mouth. He'd brought up his right knee which was now firmly pressed against my cunt.

I was so hot, that I started grinding into it. I put my arms around him, wanting to feel his body even more on top of me. His hand travelled south to my wet, slopping slit. I bucked against his hand as it cupped me down there. I put a fist into my mouth, as his tongue had left it, to stifle my moaning. I heard my brother moan in my ear.

"Hot little bitch," he whispered. He forced my legs further apart and put his tongue where his fingers had just been. He pushed my pussy lips aside and started sucking my clit, while working two fingers inside of me. I now bit my hand. I raised my butt to give him easier access. He licked, bit, teased. I was nearly crying. My body jumping and bucking, longing, needing my brother's touch.

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