tagLesbian SexWeekend At The Bach Ch. 1

Weekend At The Bach Ch. 1


Author's Note: I could not write a story set in my country, New Zealand, without using words from the Maori language, especially as one of my main characters is Maori. I have included a glossary of the words used is at the end of Chapter 3 for those readers who are interested. And no, 'bach' is not a mistake. It is a word New Zealanders use for a holiday home, usually a rough and ready sort of place, most often beside the sea.

* * * * *

'Here, you can take over now, Nurse. He may need one or two more stitches here and here. Otherwise he should be Ok to shift to the recovery room. I have to go over to Cubicle Five and deal to the new one that's just come in."

It had been a very rough week at the Auckland Hospital's Accident and Emergency unit and today was the icing on the cake. Wet roads had caused a five-car pile-up on the Southern Motorway, two fatalities, one of whom had died while being worked on at the hospital, and eleven others with multiple injuries. Plus, there had been the usual parade of sick people or those with minor strains, cuts and abrasions that should really have taken their problems to their General Practitioner. And then this dork of a Black Power bikie, whacked out of his skull on dope, had lost control of his chopper and gone flying through a wooden fence; a large piece of which had pierced his thigh up near his groin. She and Naomi had been working on the guy for over an hour now, picking out splinters and shards of wood. And all the ungrateful shit could think of was to make leery suggestions to the two young women that they should check out what he had inside his filthy underwear!

Sherri nodded encouragingly at the young junior doctor. Her heart went out to the woman. She was only three or four years older than Sherri was, say twenty-five or twenty-six, but right now she would pass for ten years older than that! She was gaunt. Huge purple fatigue marks stained her cheeks above her surgical mask. Her eyes were dull and lifeless. Naomi was just about out on her feet and there were still a couple of hours to go before the end of their twelve-hour shift.

Sherri was 'new' to nursing, a relatively raw trainee. When she was young, she fooled around at school, believing all the snide remarks from her teachers and her peers that she was the atypical dumb blonde and consequently, she left early without any qualifications. She drifted from dead end job to dead end job, but she never had any trouble finding work. Sherri was naturally blonde; blue eyed, big breasted, luscious and curvy, if a tiny bit plump, with a happy, somewhat naive personality. Prospective employers instantly fell in lust with her at interviews, but their lecherous desires always went unsatisfied, because Sherri had Steve. She went out with other boys before Steve, but he was the one who took her virginity a month after her seventeenth birthday and they had been together ever since. It seemed inevitable that someday they would get married.

She became a nurse almost by accident. Yet another go-nowhere job had folded on her and Work and Income persuaded her to go on a training programme as a trial to become a nurse's aide. To her astonishment, Sherri found that she could study! What was more, she loved helping people and the idea of becoming a fully-fledged, registered nurse! Now, two years later, she was in the thick of 'the blood and gore' at Auckland Hospital's A&E Unit, still not yet nearly qualified, but loving every minute of the work.

Sherri found herself constantly rostered on duty with Dr Naomi Panapa, a Maori woman who was only a few years older than she was. Dr Panapa drove herself hard. She had plenty to prove, not only as a woman, but also as a Maori, who are significantly underrepresented in the medical profession in proportion to their numbers in New Zealand society. At first, Sherri was scared witless of the classically beautiful, but severe coldly aloof young doctor. At times, she felt as though she was being stripped to the bone by the hard looks being fired in her direction. Then one day, when they were working together to repair a ten-year-old boy who had been knocked off his push-bike by a car, she heard Dr Panapa saying, "You do good work, Sherri, have you considered going all the way? Becoming a doctor, I mean."

Sherri was so astonished she almost knocked over a tray of surgical instruments. "N-no, I couldn't…" she stuttered.

The doctor looked up from the sutures she was inserting in the boy's arm. "Why on earth not?" Her gaze above her surgical mask, at all previous times frostily professional, was now like a warm bath, and carried an underlying hint of amusement.

Sherri felt her knees trembling. For some reason she couldn't identify, she was now more frightened of Dr Panapa than ever before. "I…I don't have the brains…"

"That's bullshit, girl! You are as bright as anyone else is around here…and you care! Think about it!"

On the bus home at the end of that shift, Sherri felt as if she was floating on air. It was impractical. She would never be able to put together the tens of thousands of dollars in course fees, but Dr Panapa actually thought she would make a good physician! Thereafter, she found herself working often with the Maori doctor. They developed an instinctive rapport, a symbiosis in which their combined skills became more effective than the sum of the individual parts. Professional decorum was maintained in front of the 'clients', but in more relaxed moments, they became 'Sherri' and 'Naomi'.

At last the horror shift was finished. Their hand-overs warned them to be careful when leaving the hospital saying, "It's blowing a cyclone out here!" The two women left together via the staff entrance. When a hefty blast of wind hit them, they huddled close and linked arms for support against the gale. Sherri was instantly aware of Naomi's soft breast at her elbow, and the other woman's arm rubbing against her own bosom as they walked. She tried to pull away to minimise the contact, but all her concerns were literally blown away by a tempestuous, swirling gust that caught the skirt of her uniform dress and lifted it high above her hips, showing off her legs and knickers for the entire world to see.

The mortified Sherri fought unsuccessfully to subdue the madly flapping cloth, drawing appreciative yahoos and tooting horns from a group of ambulance drivers standing by for their next callout. Laughing like a madwoman, Naomi dragged her beetroot faced companion around a corner into the relative calm of the enclosed walkway that led to the bus stop.

"Well, that was their cheap thrill for the night," she grinned, helping Sherri to restore herself to decency. "You looked a bit like that famous Marilyn Monroe scene just then!"

"Ohhhh! That was so awful! I'll never be able to speak to those guys again without blushing. Maybe I should start wearing trousers like you!"

Naomi looked at her sternly, "No, don't do that. You have nice legs. I only wear these pants because mine are terrible…they wouldn't have reacted the same way if that had been me!"

"But you have a nice…"

Just then, there came a piercing whistle and the sound of a man's voice shouting from the far end of the walkway, "Hey! Naomi! Kia ora, sweetheart!"

Naomi turned and yelled, "Henare…Oh, Henare! Is that you?" Then in an instant, with arms outstretched, she was running towards the large male shape standing at the end of the alleyway.

Sherri followed slowly behind, feeling short-changed by the interruption to the compliment she was about to pay Naomi. As she approached the hugging couple, she saw that the man was massive, probably only 6 feet tall, but he looked about 6 feet broad. He had Naomi clasped to his chest, cuddled in his arms like a little child, and she had her arms around his neck and was showering him with kisses.

Eventually, Naomi remembered that Sherri was with her and told the man to put her back down. "Sherri, this is Henare…" her eyes were glowing with love and happiness, and there were spots of high colour on her cheeks. "Henare's the only real man in my life…aren't you my love!" She hugged him again.

Henare was Maori, like Naomi, with typically broad features and a strong jaw line. He extended his huge paw to shake hands. "Kia ora, Sherri," he smiled, looking deep into her eyes. "Pleased to meet you."

Sherri's hand disappeared in his firm but gentle grip. Henare's palm was warm and dry. 'Wow!' she thought, drinking in Henare's liquid, dark brown eyes and full sensuous lips, 'He is so handsome…and sexy! No wonder Naomi is so in love with him!'

"Henare has been working down in Wellington," Naomi explained. "I haven't seen him for two weeks…nearly three." She squeezed the big man's arm to her chest, "Oooooh! I am so glad to see you!" she bubbled cheerily.

Sherri believed she surely must be in the way. "Lovely to have met you, Henare," she smiled; hoping it looked to the big man as if she meant it. She knew that Naomi often went out on dates with guys, but now she felt somehow bereft at learning that Naomi had a steady boyfriend in the background. To Naomi, she said, "I'd better head off, or I'll miss my bus."

"No, girl!" Naomi said brightly. "Henare has our car here, we'll give you a ride."

Sherri turned away, "Thanks…but it's Ok…you two haven't seen each other in ages…I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hey Sherri!" Naomi called after her. "I was going to ask you something. Have you got plans for lunchtime?"

Sherri's heart lightened. She smiled over her shoulder, "Looks like I have now! See you in the morning!"

She looked back when she reached the bus stop as saw Naomi and Henare, with their arms around each other, arriving beside a large, shiny-black, Ford Falcon. 'Hmmmm,' she thought, 'That's a lot flasher than Steve's old Subaru,' Sherri sighed as she watched Henare open the car door and hand Naomi in, 'And he's much more of a gentleman than my Steve is too!'

Sherri still lived with her parents. Steve called on her later that evening. Sherri was dog-tired after her hectic day in A&E and only wanted to go to bed and sleep. But, from past experience, Steve knew that her mother and father would be playing in the league at the bowling alley until at least eleven o'clock; and Steve was feeling horny.

As she lay on her back with Steve huffing in her ear and humping his manhood deep and fast in her, Sherri pictured Naomi and Henare in bed doing the same. In her imagination, their golden-brown bodies entwined in the dim light of a bedside lamp. They whispered soft words of love and joy at being together. Henare's powerful back and buttocks muscles flexed as he drove his hard shaft in her love-box smoothly like a piston. The liquid sounds and smells of their lovemaking pervaded their room. And Naomi moaned, and writhed and rubbed her belly and breasts against her man in ecstasy.

Sherri felt a hotter than usual tide rising in her abdomen and prayed that tonight something extra-special might happen: that she and Naomi would somehow share a rapturous moment. But Steve spoiled it all with his noisy grunting and then spurting his jism in her. He had her twice more in quick succession and then left before Sherri's parents arrived home.

Sherri was a zombie in the morning. She just could not get her body moving. She almost threw in the towel and called in sick, but then remembered that she had a 'date' with Naomi at lunchtime. 'I wonder what she wants to ask me?' she mused. She just had to go in to find out!

They were in the hospital staff cafeteria. "We, my whanau that is, have a bach up at Wainui, north of Kerikeri. My Mum and Dad were the family's 'caretakers' for years. And since I was the only one available when they moved over to Sydney to be near my sister and their mokopuna three years ago, the responsibility fell on my shoulders. The thing is, every so often, usually once a month; I go up and air the place and make sure everything is Ok. I was thinking of going up tomorrow. The weather forecast is good… Ummm, would you like to come with me?"

Sherri could not believe her ears. A weekend away in Northland with Naomi, and away from Steve, sounded like heaven! 'He will be really pissed off,' she thought with delight, 'but the greedy sod has had his nooky ration for this week. Perhaps he'll be a bit more considerate if I make myself 'unavailable' for a few days!'

She could hardly get the words out fast enough, "Oooh yes, Naomi! Yes please!"

The beam of sheer delight on Naomi's face made Sherri's nipples tingle.

"Will you really? Oh wow! I never thought you would say 'Yes'! One small problem though: I said I'd do an extra shift starting at six o'clock on Sunday afternoon. I can't get out of it now, so we'll only be able to stay one night…is that Ok?"

Sherri was so over the moon at being asked away, she would not have minded if the trip up to Wainui and back were on the same day. "No, of course not!" she smiled, impulsively taking hold of Naomi's hand and squeezing it.

For an instant, Naomi returned her grip, then withdrew her hand. She suddenly appeared hot and flustered, and Sherri could not figure out why. But, Naomi smiled brightly and said, "We'll have to leave early…5.30am Ok for you?"


"Great! Oh, you'll need to bring a duvet and a towel. We don't leave that kind of stuff up there in case it gets flogged…it'd get damp anyway with the bach being so close to the sea and shut up all the time."

Sherri called Steve at work and told him not to come and visit that evening, "Because, I am going away early in the morning, to the beach with a girl from the hospital for the weekend." Steve was angry and rude about it, but Sherri just shut him out of her mind. After all, even if he was her only real boyfriend and they had been going out with each other forever, that didn't mean Steve had a mortgage on her, did it!

"Ooooo, This is nice!" Sherri smiled delightedly and wriggled her bottom on the soft cow-leather seat. She looked across the car at Naomi. The Maori girl looked lovely. She was wearing slacks as usual, but had on an amazing red and black shirt with stylised Koru motifs, that set off her olive complexion to perfection. But she still looked worn out though. Sherri wondered if a wild night of lovemaking with Henare was the cause.

"And your shirt is fabulous!"

"Thank you…and am I allowed tell you that you look gorgeous? But I hope you don't get cold…it may not be all that warm once we get to the beach."

Sherri was dressed in her favourite, bright pink cut-off tank top and black hipster jeans that left nothing to the imagination about the fullness of her breasts and the sexy curves of her waist, hips and bum, and slightly rounded belly. She knew she looked scrumptious in the outfit; it always got Steve so randy he could hardly wait to get it off her! And this was the first time Naomi had seen her in anything but her hospital uniform.

"Oh, I have a fleecy jacket with me, but I hope I won't need it… This is a lovely car! I know it's a Ford, but what model is it?"

"Yes, it is a nice car. It's our only real extravagance. Neither Henare or I could afford a decent one on our own, so we clubbed together and bought this…it's a Tickford XR-8…goes like stink!"

Being so early in the morning, there was hardly any other traffic on the road. The motorway to Albany was over quickly. There were none of the usual hold-ups at Orewa and before Sherri knew it, Naomi was pulling into the roadhouse at the top of the Brynderwyn Hill for a cup of coffee and a comfort stop. They didn't talk much on the way. Sherri just sat and looked at the passing scenery, and admired the competent, economical way Naomi handled the big powerful car on the narrow, twisty road; in just the same way as she dealt with the mangled bodies that arrived in endless streams at the hospital emergency department.

They bypassed Whangarei and set off toward Kawakawa. Sherri could not hold back her curiosity any longer. She just had to find out more about Henare and Naomi!

"Henare is very handsome, isn't he? And very well built!"

Naomi flicked the Falcon around a tight bend, "Oh yes…he works out every day! You should see him naked! Henare has such a beautiful body. And when he is hard, his cock stands up like a Kauri tree sticking up out of the forest!"

Sherri flushed with embarrassment at Naomi's frank description of her boyfriend's sexual equipment. Steve felt big and he stretched Sherri painfully, but Henare sounded enormous! She wondered how Naomi coped with having such a huge thing pushed inside her.

Ever since she met him, Sherri had been wondering what Henare was like as a lover, and the thoughts invaded her mind again. Does he take his time and really satisfy Naomi? Does he kiss her breasts, and 'down there', and stroke her tummy and thighs with his big, warm hands? Does Henare know all of Naomi's erogenous zones to get her aroused to a fever pitch, like she read about in her women's magazines? And what about Naomi? Does she kiss Henare all over and take his penis in her mouth? And…and…

Sherri shivered. She felt hot between her legs. She would have to stop thinking of things like that!

Naomi's voice cut into her thoughts, "Are you cold? Do you want the heater on?"

"No…thank you…just somebody 'stepping on my grave'"

Naomi laughed, "You Pakeha say some strange things!"

Sherri smiled and lapsed back into her reverie. All Steve cared about was penetration. After a perfunctory fumble around her private parts to make sure she was wet, he would get on top of her and thrust his penis inside. He never could take 'No' for an answer either, especially on a Saturday night after a few beers at the rugby club. Once he even pulled her tampon out of her and took her when she was on her period! But Steve was good at 'it'. He could make it last a long time and Sherri often got nice warm feelings in her tummy and a tingling between her legs. And he could do 'it' five or six times a night!

But, she would only let Steve have her in the 'missionary position', ever since he tried to push his penis into her bottom one night when they both had had too much to drink. She was upset with him for trying that because it was a dirty, nasty thing to do; and it hurt her like anything as well! Which was a pity really, because she had liked doing sex doggie style most of all. Of course, Steve was so macho and had to be 'in charge', he never let her get on top of him ever; he pushed her away the only time she tried! But, at least Steve didn't just roll off her and go to sleep like so many men did; at least the men Sherri read about in her magazines. He would hold her for a while and talk to her if she wanted, which usually ended up in him into wanting to do it again.

Sherri broke out of her daydream, "What sort of work does Henare do? He looks as though he should be an actor or something."

"He's a cop…a detective. I used to worry about him a lot, when he was 'undercover' in the drug squad, but thankfully he's out of that now…the gangs got to know him too well and he got past his 'use by date'."

"Wow! That's pretty dangerous work…!"

"And he had to be seen to take drugs too…but thank goodness he managed to keep it to things like Grass and Speed…the softer stuff…and to avoid needles…"

"You must have been really scared for him…!"

"There were times when I thought I'd never see Henare again. He used to disappear for months on end."

"Still, you've got him at home now…"

Sherri could not fathom the reason for the odd, half-amused, half-sardonic look that Naomi shot at her along with the question, "So, what about Steve? What does he do for a living?"

"Oh, he's a warehouse supervisor for a company that sells used Japanese car parts. It's not much of a job, but it's steady and he likes it."

"And what did he say about you coming away with me on the weekend?"

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