tagLesbian SexWeekend At The Bach Ch. 3

Weekend At The Bach Ch. 3


Dawn was just breaking when Sherri woke in desperate need of a pee. Carefully, so as not to waken Naomi, she slid out from under her duvet and made her way outside to the dunny. The morning air was cold and damp, and incredibly still. She left the corrugated iron door wide open so that she could watch the sun coming up behind the Cavalli Islands and sat and on the smooth, worn old wooden seat to let her urine flow. 'How many hundred bums have gone here before mine?' she wondered to herself. She could hear the gentle sloughing of the waves on the beach and the sound of gulls squabbling in the distance.

'Probably over those crayfish scraps we left them last night!' she thought.

The newly reborn sun shot brilliant rays over the distant horizon. Sherri felt her nipples crinkle and she shivered, not just with the coolness of the air, but at the beauty of it all. She decided that she had never been more content in her whole life.

Still shivering slightly, she made her way back indoors. Remembering Naomi's instruction that: "First one up perks up the fire!" Sherri opened the damper on the stove and stoked the firebox the way Naomi showed her. Then she made her way back to her side of the bed.

Naomi was still fast asleep, with her lips slightly parted and her black hair in tangled disarray on her pillow. Sherri gazed down at her, amazed that although she was utterly wearied, Naomi had still wanted to make love last night. Now, after a good night's sleep, the dark purple 'Panda Eyes' marks on her cheeks had all but disappeared. And, with her features relaxed, Naomi looked so much younger and vulnerable; her normally tough, competent persona restored to innocence. Sherri felt her heart lurch and mentally questioned herself why she felt so warm inside at the sight of the sleeping woman.

Sherri hesitated at the bedside, unable to make up her mind. Should she show Naomi that she was not afraid to be nude in the same bed as her, or shouldn't she? Naomi stirred in her sleep, rolling onto her back. Her duvet fell away from her chest, revealing a semicircle of dark nipple. Sherri's heart began to race as she reached her decision. Quickly she slipped off her pyjamas and panties, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Trembling with guilt and anxiety, she slipped under her duvet. Her side of the bed was still warm with her body heat, but there was a greater radiation emanating from beside her.

She studied Naomi's sleeping face again, marvelling at the impossibly long, dark eyelashes resting on her smooth cheeks, her straight nose and her full, soft lips. The memory of those warm lips pressing on hers the night before raised goosebumps on Sherri's skin and she shivered once more.

Naomi stirred again, muttering something unintelligible in her sleep. The full, dusky pink round of her nipple came into Sherri's view. Sherri leaned closer to the slumbering woman and watched closely as the teat stiffened in the cool morning air. Tentatively she lifted the edge of Naomi's duvet, giving in to the nerve-screaming desire to see every rounded curve of that small but wonderful breast. She shivered again and wished that she had the courage to take Naomi's nipple in her mouth and warm it for her. She was sure that Naomi would not mind.

Sherri's heart crashed against her rib cage. She had dried herself properly after having a pee, but she felt very moist between her legs. Her hand shook violently as she lifted Naomi's duvet down near her waist.

Anxious thoughts jangled in Sherri's mind, 'What would Naomi say if she caught me perving her like this?'

Peering into the semidarkness, she marvelled at the subtle swoops and planes of Naomi's ribcage, hipbones and stomach, and the dainty depression of her navel. Inevitably, her eyes were drawn to the black-crowned mound at the fork of Naomi's rounded thighs. A deep yearning flooded through her.

Slowly and carefully, so as not to disturb Naomi's slumber, Sherri crept down the bed. She lifted the duvet again, higher this time. Naomi lay with her legs slightly parted. With every nerve in her body screaming with fear at being caught, Sherri took a deep breath and slipped her head under the covers. Naomi's lower belly and her sex were directly beneath her eyes. She stared in wonder at the mysterious cleft starting among the silky, springy hairs on her mound. Sherri's supposition of the previous night was correct; Naomi did not need to trim or shave down there, her hairs were naturally fine and sparse. Sherri's gaze avidly traced the pouting lines of the dark-fringed groove, so much like the cowrie shells they collected on the beach yesterday! She lowered her face until her lips almost touched Naomi's hairs and inhaled gently. Yes, that seashell smell was there, but stronger and spicier.

Very softly, very gently, and with a quaking heart, Sherri let her lips brush the silken tuft. Then as slowly and as carefully as when she had made the journey down, Sherri returned to her own pillow. She looked across at Naomi to make sure that she was still asleep, to find two almond-shaped brown eyes regarding her steadily.

Sherri felt the blood rushing to her face, "Ohhhh, I'm so sorry…I couldn't help looking… you are so beautiful…"

Naomi pushed Sherri's duvet back. She made no comment about Sherri not wearing her pyjamas any more. Instead, she looked Sherri's pale naked body up and down, taking in her full, soft-pink-tipped breasts and the golden forest below her smooth rounded tummy and murmured, "You are very beautiful also."

"Th-thank you," Sherri stuttered.

Naomi just smiled warmly. Lifting her own duvet in welcome, she said huskily, "Hey, girl! Come over here…"

Sherri almost swooned when Naomi put her arm around her and pressed her breasts into hers. She trembled at the feel of Naomi's flat belly and her own, meeting and melding together. The silken rasp of Naomi's pubic mound on her thigh as Naomi swung her leg over hers and pulled their lower halves closer together made her heart race. And when she eased her hand around Naomi's waist and found the firm smooth orbs of her bottom cheeks, Sherri fell into a chasm of self-knowledge.

When Naomi kissed her this time, Sherri willingly opened her mouth. She felt Naomi's tongue seek hers; not in a tonsil-grabbing invasion like she usually got with Steve, but a sensual, caressing invitation to respond in kind. Naomi's hand stroked her back, her hips and the backs of her thighs. Sherri felt fingertips run teasingly down from her tailbone via the gash between the cheeks of her bottom to touch her sex from behind. The fingers explored her wetness, setting off tingling feelings like she had never experienced before. She felt uncomfortable, believing that Naomi would think her moisture dirty, but was then reassured when Naomi broke their kiss and breathed, "Oh my, Sherri, you feel so wonderfully wet and ready!"

Sherri trembled so much, she could hardly speak, but managed to force the words out, "Can I touch you too?"

"Of course!"

When Naomi's fingers left her sex, Sherri almost cried out with disappointment. But then she felt their slick dampness take hold of her wrist and lead her hand between their bellies and into the astonishing warm softness between Naomi's thighs. Sherri experimentally fingered the plump, soft lips, felt them parting and then the slippery lubrication springing forth.

Sherri heard Naomi sigh, "Mmmmmm! That feels sooooo good!" And then she felt Naomi's fingers return to her newly discovered pleasure point, this time from the front. A warm swelling feeling began to fill her belly. Naomi's mouth found her nipple. Her gentle, sensual suckling sent further shocks of delight to that special spot between her legs.

Her fingers found the entrance to the goddess's body. Holding her breath, she slipped her index finger into beginning of the silky wet heat. Naomi chuckled throatily, "That is very daring of you, my dear!"

Naomi took hold of Sherri's hand again, pushing her finger deeper into the heat. She held Sherri there, rhythmically rubbing her mound and fat outer sex lips against Sherri's palm and muttering hotly, "That's it my darling! Fuck me! Oh yes! Fuck me! You are so wonderful! Yes, my angel! Fuck me!"

Abruptly, Naomi stopped moving. Sherri could feel a rapid pulse beating through the satin walls clinging to her finger. Naomi looked deeply into her eyes, "Sherri, darling, I want to eat you. Will you do it for me as well?"

A dreadful uncertainty invaded Sherri's mind. This was an enormous step. She had sucked Steve's cock many times before and swallowed his semen. She had even let him have sex with her mouth as if it were her vagina. That was natural. That was 'normal'. Men and women did that all the time. But now she was being asked to put her face between another woman's legs and to put her mouth and tongue on another woman's sex! Steve always refused to do it to her, saying that he couldn't stand the smell of tuna! Would she too be revolted by the smell?

Naomi's voce broke into Sherri's thoughts, "If you don't want to, it's Ok. I'll understand."

Naomi was being so considerate and kind that Sherri's emotions got the better of her. Tears leaked from her eyes and slid down her cheeks, "I have never done it before, I don't know if I can!"

Naomi's lips kissed the salty droplets from her. Then she kissed Sherri's mouth softly again, "Don't be afraid, "she murmured gently, "I won't force you. But, will you still let me kiss you?"

Sherri wanted that more than anything in the world! "Oh yes! Yes Please!" she sighed.

She allowed Naomi to part her thighs and heard her whisper; "Your nono is so beautiful!"

The touch of soft cheeks nestling against her inner skin and heavily cascading hair across her belly and thighs was heavenly. And when Naomi found her pleasure point, the sensuous, lancing sparks started, and Sherri dissolved in a sea of delightful sensations she had never imagined possible. The swelling heat suffused her lower belly as all her earlier inhibitions melted away under the influence of Naomi's flickering tongue. She knew she was panting and moaning in a way she never had before, but she didn't care. She responded to the astounding stimulus, thrusting her pelvis hungrily at her lover and begging for penetration. Naomi's flickering, caressing, oral muscle found the little entrance to her sex and slipped inside. It could not enter her very far, but Sherri cried out with rapture. She reached for her legs behind her knees and pulled herself wide apart and back towards her chest, offering Naomi her entire being in wanton abandon.

Her stomach muscles spasmed with pleasure cramps. Her bloated nipples tingled with passion and desire. And when Naomi's finger suddenly slid past the tight clinging gateway to her vagina, a tempest of shooting stars and ecstatic waves of hotness rolled throughout Sherri's body and up her spine. She howled her rapture again and again, writhing and trapping Naomi between her legs.

The goddess rode the storm with her, stoking her flanks and murmuring words of comfort and endearment. Slowly, Sherri descended into a warm, enveloping bath of completeness and wellbeing. Little aftershocks sparkled in her belly with Naomi's every touch, making her gasp with surprise and exhilaration.

Naomi came up to lie beside her, face to face, belly to belly. Still gently stroking Sherri's back, bottom and thighs, Naomi kissed her tenderly. "That was your first ever orgasm wasn't it?" It was a statement, not a question.

Still breathless from the power of her climax, all Sherri could do was nod her agreement. Her own smell on Naomi's lips was so intoxicating, Sherri decided that she would not hold back the next time Naomi asked her to go down there; if there ever was a next time. She felt that she had been selfish. She could not leave Naomi 'hanging' with frustration. She slid her hand between their bellies and between Naomi's legs again. Her sex was soaked with her juices, as were the insides of her thighs. Sherri's fingers found the little sucking hole again. She slipped one finger inside and then a second.

Naomi rubbed her breasts against Sherri's and ground her mound against Sherri's palm while the blonde girl's fingers sounded her wet, slushy depths. Her panting breaths got deeper, faster and more ragged. Suddenly Naomi went rigid and let out a sharp, keening wail. Sherri felt inner walls clamping and fluttering around her fingers. And then her goddess-lover collapsed, shuddering against her, mumbling, "Ehhhh, kia ora, my dear! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

They slept entwined in each other's arms for another hour, and then they showered together, soaping and rinsing, and then towelling each other down afterwards. Sherri kissed the springy, fragrant tuft of hairs at the base of Naomi's belly after drying her feet. And she marvelled at how natural it felt, and so satisfying, to share such intimacies with another woman. For the first time in her life, Sherri felt whole.

Still nude, Naomi walked across to her bag, which was sat on the bed. Sherri watched her retreating back, marvelling at the subtle play of muscle beneath her golden skin in the morning sunlight as she moved, and then at the perfect cones of her breasts as Naomi bent over to rummage in her bag.

Naomi returned carrying a small box. "I brought you here in the hope that we would mahi aroha…make love," she murmured shyly. "And I brought you a gift." She opened the box and extracted a pounamu pendant in the shape of a heart. She hung the cord around Sherri's neck and kissed her tenderly. "Mauria tenei tautau i nga wa katoa hai whakaturi…" she whispered, "Wear this pendant always as a love token."

After breakfast, which consisted mainly of deep, loving looks and tidbits fed to each other from their plates, they packed their gear back into the Ford and closed up the bach. The metallic snick as Naomi engaged the padlock on the front door was like a bullet through Sherri's heart.

They walked along the little private beach for one last time. This time, Sherri did not feel self conscious that they were holding hands. In fact, this time, she reached out and took hold of Naomi. It was going to be difficult, but she was going to tell Steve that it was all over between them, even if nothing more came out of this weekend. But, one thing she needed reassurance on was what had happened between her and Naomi was as unique to the Maori woman as it was to her.

"Naomi, have you ever brought anyone else up here like this?" she asked.

Naomi took Sherri in her arms, pressing their fronts together. Sherri felt her nipples harden and the hot moistness start between her legs. "Sherri, my love," she murmured, kissing the blonde girl's eyelids gently. "You are certainly not the first girl I have ever slept with, but you mean so much more to me than all of them put together. And you are definitely the only one that I have made love with in that bed."

A flood of warm relief swept thorough Sherri, "And are you going to say anything about this to Henare?"

"Of course I will!"

"You will! How will he react?"

"Henare will be thrilled to bits!"

Naomi's answer stunned Sherri to the core, "I…I don't understand, what do you mean?" she stuttered.

"Henare is my tungane…my brother."

"B…but, you said that you had seen him naked…and you described his erection!"

Naomi laughed softly, "That is true…Henare and I have shared the bed many times…we both sleep with nothing on, so I have seen all of his body and he all of mine. It is fascinating the way his ure gets hard first thing in the morning while he is still asleep…I have watched it often…

"And before you get any strange ideas about me having sex with my brother, my sweet, Henare is as queer as I am. His boyfriend is staying at our apartment this weekend."

Sherri felt dizzy. She nestled her forehead on Naomi's shoulder and clung to her for support. Her mind raced, 'Then I must be queer!' Gay, lesbian, dyke, call it what you like…I am indeed 'different' and I feel so very good about it!'

"Naomi, how do you say 'I love you' in Maori?"

"E tino aroha ana ahou ki a koe…I adore you!"

"E tino aroha ana ahou ki a koe. Oh yes! I am going to tell Steve about us."

"Are you sure that's wise?"

She looked Naomi full in the face, "I have never been more sure of anything in my life!"

Naomi kissed her lips softly.

"Forgive me for asking," Sherri continued when they finally broke apart. She felt as if she had just wet her pants. "I have some leave owing, and our days off coincide again next time. Can we come up here again, for a longer stay?"

Naomi's answer was another kiss.

Sherri pulled her new-found love by the hand back to the car at a run. In a fever of desire, she dragged her duvet from out of the back seat, where it was rolled up ready for the journey back to Auckland. With trembling fingers she unlocked the front door to the bach, pulled the equally agitated Naomi inside, and threw the duvet across the bed to protect the mattress.

They were stripped in an instant. Lips and tongue found lips and tongue. Fingers and warm mouths aroused breasts and nipples to ripe tumescence. Firm sweeping bellies and swelling pubic crowns were explored with sharp gasps of delight. Silky thighs were parted and caressed by soft cheeks. Tongues ravished plump lower lips and sought out fiery pleasure spots. Fingers enquired at orifices, both vaginal and anal, producing deep throaty moans of pleasure. Each one drowned in her lover's spicy, salty, honey tastes and ozone odours. And the desire to bring her woman to ecstasy consumed her entire being.

Lightning bolts and rolling waves overwhelmed them both, leaving them beached and panting with cheeks resting on inner thighs, with eyes gazing adoringly at the magical, fragrant clefts they had given and taken so much pleasure from.

Sherri paid homage to her lover's sex with her lips and felt Nomi respond in kind. They dressed quickly. They should have left half an hour since and now they would need to drive very fast if Naomi was to make her shift on time. But, before they locked up the bach again, they shared another kiss, tasting themselves on each other's lips and holding each other close.

"I want to smell you on me until we get home," Sherri said softly.

"Me too, and I'm going to, " Naomi replied, "But, just watch the reaction at the gas station when we stop to fill up in Kawkawa though!"

As they were driving along the track beside the sea on the way to the tar seal, Naomi looked at the bright sunlight sparkling on the surf and said wryly. "The weather may not be as good next time. It's pretty unreliable this early in spring…you could be stuck in that one room with me for a whole week."

Sherri stroked the pounamu heart at her throat and looked at her woman lovingly, "Personally, I'm going to be praying for rain!"

Maori-English Glossary

Kia ora (pronounced 'keeoura') A general form of Maori greeting, literally meaning 'be well'. Also used to say 'Thank you'.
Marae Courtyard, plaza, square. Usually contains a wharenui - meeting house - and communal facilities such as a kitchen and eating hall. The wharenui also serves as a dormitory at night.
Mokopuna Grandchild, Grandchildren
Whanau (pronounced 'fahnow') Family. Most New Zealanders pronounce the letters 'wh' as 'f' when saying Maori words. But in the far North the softer, more European style is often used.
Koru The curled, developing frond of the NZ Tree Fern.
Kauri The king of the New Zealand forest. Some examples still standing are over 2000 years old.
Pakeha Once used by Maori as a derogatory term for Europeans (white slug), but in modern parlance now means all non-Maori - apart from other Polynesians/Pacific Islanders who are identified by their islands of origin.
Pohutukawa NZ native tree that thrives in salt-laden environments (also known as the NZ Christmas Tree because it produces masses of brilliant red flowers over December and January).
Hapu A sub-tribe of a main Maori tribe, (Iwi).
Hui Meeting or gathering.
Hangi Maori method of cooking food over hot stones in an earth pit.
Whare House.
Kuia Grandmother.
Waea ke Auntie
Hongi To smell. When Maori meet in peace, especially at a formal gathering on a marae, they press their noses together. If you share another's breath, there can be no animosity between you.
Kaumatua Tribal elder.
Kai moana Food (kai) from the sea (moana).
Nono Vagina.
Pounamu Greenstone or Nephrite Jade – semi-precious stone spiritually revered by Maori. Used for making hand weapons and jewellery.
Ure Penis.

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