tagGay MaleWeekend at the Cabin Ch. 02

Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02


The next day, Jeremy and Hunter had an awkward breakfast, but then went on as if the previous day's explorations had never happened. The two 18-year-olds spent the day outside, swimming, canoeing and generally enjoying the outdoors. Then, as the boys were having supper outside around a small campfire int he sunset Jeremy brought up the exploration.

"You know how you let me... explore your umm body yesterday?" Jeremy asked.

Hunter took a bite of his hotdog "Hmm. Yeah..." he said, swallowing "About that. Listen, Jeremy. I'm all for you being gay and all... But you can't go telling people you sucked my cock or anything okay."

Jeremy nodded a bit shamefully. "No, no! I would never." Jeremy said, taking the last bite of his hotdog.

There was a short silence caused by Jeremy abandoning his effort to talk about the day before. Hunter finished his hotdog, then grabbed an other from the tray between him and Jeremy on the log bench they were sitting on.

"What were you saying? About you know... Yesterday." Hunter asked.

"Nothing." Jeremy replied.

"No, tell me!" Hunter insisted "It sounded like you wanted to say something."

"Well..." Jeremy said shyly "I was just wondering if... if maybe I could um 'explore' again some time."

"Oh..." Hunter said realizing he should have seen the question coming "I dunno..."

"Oh. Okay, okay." Jeremy said with obvious disappointment.

Hunter felt bad hearing his friend so disappointed. He felt like being gay was probably really isolating, and he felt included by yesterday's 'explorations'.

"Well... I dunno." Hunter said "I guess."

Jeremy looked up at Hunter. "Really?" he asked happily but skeptically.

"Yeah. I mean, I guess." Hunter said.

The boys finished their supper around the time the sky was dark. They stayed outside for a long time, just talking, until their week fire burned out. So they went inside and got ready to go to bed. As Hunter was climbing up the bunk bed ladder to go to bed Jeremy stopped him.

"Hum, Hunter?" he asked

"Yeah?" Hunter answered, turning his head to look down at his friend.

Jeremy gave a good look at Hunter's muscular back and perfect ass that showed in the skin tight boxer-briefs he was wearing as pajamas.

"Umm..." Jeremy said "Do you wanna, maybe... Fool around a bit?"

"Now?" Hunter asked in a neutral voice.

"Uh, yeah." Jeremy said with a small pause after "I mean, like, well... If you want I mean."

"Um, I guess. Sure." Hunter said stepping down a step.

Hunter came down from the ladder and swept his hand over his stomach. "So... Um, what are we doing?" he asked.

"Can I see you naked?" Jeremy asked, trying to work up slowly to his goal.

"Okay." Hunter said as he reached for the waist band of his underwear. He pulled his down, revealing his trimmed pubic hair then, the base of his perfect penis. Finally Hunter pulled them off completely and lifted one leg and stepped out of the boxer-briefs, shacking his sack, which made Jeremy quiver. Hunter kicked the underwear aside and looked at Jeremy. Jeremy was stiff with desire as he looked upon Hunter's body. He didn't normally allow himself to want someone so bad in the locker rooms to avoid erections and such. But now, knowing he had a willing, and such an attractive partner, Jeremy's whole body seemed paralyzed by desire. And right then, Jeremy's penis hardened, making a noticeable bulge in his loose pajama pants. Jeremy bit his lower lip as he gazed enviously on Hunter body. It was perfect with it's beefy structure; broad shoulders, sleek, defines abs, big biceps, nice legs, square pecs that were bulky and erotic, a big strong neck, a handsome, all-american face with clear blue eyes, and of coarse Hunter's soft, but perfect, vascular penis. It was about four inches soft, circumcised with a perfectly rounded head that taped to a slight point, a smooth, pale sack that held an imposing pair of testicles that stretched the sac down creating a sexy sort of draping from the base of Hunter's cock, which emerged from a perfectly kept trim pubis and happy trail that lead to his navel.

"Oh my god." Jeremy said

"What's wrong." Hunter asked a bit nervous.

"Nothing, nothing." Jeremy replied "You're just so hot."

"Oh... Um, thanks." Hunter said.

"Can you... blow me?" Jeremy asked.

"Well... I don't know Jeremy." Hunter said as Jeremy bit down on his lower lip "I don't think so... What if... just jacking off."

"Anything..." Jeremy said meekly, happy to get Hunter to touch him.

Hunter stepped forward and came up to Jeremy "Okay." he said as he brought his hands forward and pulled down on Jeremy's waist band. The pajama pants forced Jeremy's cock down as Hunter pull them down. But he did it quickly and Jeremy' penis sprung back up with it's 45 degree angle and its pale head. Jeremy stepped out of the pajama pants and pushed them back a bit. Hunter looked down at the aggressively hard penis and its upwards curve. He reached down and wrapped his hand around it. Jeremy's penis was fairly big too. It wasn't as thick as Hunter's but it was just as long, maybe even a bit longer, it had a curve in it near the base that made it stand up at a 45 degree angle. Jeremy's sack was loose and incredibly low from the summer heat, his cabin didn't have air conditioning, it hung about five inches low, stretched as if the heat was pulling it down. Jeremy had curly, matted unkept pubic hair that was thick near the base of his shaft and thinned out as it spread onto his ball sack and up towards his stomach where it totally disappeared at the end of his pubis. Hunter gave a squeeze to Jeremy's penis. It felt a bit squishy around the hard inner core. Then Hunter let go and put his hand on Jeremy's balls.

"Ohhh..." Jeremy breather heavily "Wait." he said "Can you um... Do you think you can fuck me?" Jeremy asked nervously.

Hunter was still holding Jeremy's sack. "Um... You want me to fuck you. Like 'put my dick in your ass' fuck you?" Hunter asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy said breathing in.

"Uuuhhhhh..." Hunter said letting go of Jeremy's scrotum. He simply looked at his naked friend, unsure of what to answer. He saw Jeremy bite his lower lip, which he only did when he was very nervous or worried about failing something. "Umm..." Hunter said trying to figure out what to do. "Uh... okay..." Hunter said with a slight hint of disappointment that Jeremy didn't catch.

"Okay." Jeremy said as he got on the bed. He got on his back and spread his legs so that Hunter could get between them. Hunter got on the bed, between Jeremy's legs. Hunter looked over his best friend, naked and horny, waiting to be fucked. He couldn't believe it, even though he was going to be the one to fuck him. Hunter stood there on his knees above Jeremy for a while, just looking. He was starting to have second thoughts, but Hunter shook his head and step up to Jeremy.

"Okay." Hunter said awkwardly "Do you have like a pillow or something to go under your ass?"he asked.

"Yeah." Jeremy said taking one of the pillows on his bed and handing it to Hunter who place it underneath Jeremy's ass when he lifted it up. Jeremy put his but back down on the pillow, which kept it at a good hight for Hunter to fuck.

Hunter took his semi-hard cock in hand and jacked it off until it got hard. Then he got closer to Jeremy and held Jeremy's legs up so he maneuver his penis to Jeremy's hole. Jeremy put a hand out and held Hunter's penis, guiding it to his ass hole. Hunter blushed as he felt the head of his penis touch Jeremy's anus.

"Do it." Jeremy said, waiting for Hunter to push his cock in.

Hunter breathed in deeply then pushed his hips toward Jeremy and his penis went onto Jeremy's ass hole. It was a bit tough, Hunter felt the head of his penis squish up a little as he pushed. So he pushed harder, which hurt him a little, as well as Jeremy it seemed, but his effort payed off and soon his cock pierced and the head of his penis went into Jeremy's ass. Jeremy groaned and moaned, red faced and tense. Hunter stopped pushing.

"Do you want to stop?" he asked his friend who looked as though he was in pain.

"No!" Jeremy said "Keep going."

So Hunter put a hand on Jeremy's legs and pushed his penis further into Jeremy's colon. He kept pushing, until finally he was all the way in. Jeremy breathed out in relief. Hunter could feel how tight Jeremy's anus was around the base of his penis.

"Keep going." Jeremy said.

Hunter listened and pulled back, then pushed his cock back in, making Jeremy moan.

"Don't stop." Jeremy urged on.

Hunter started going a bit faster, and he felt the pressure on his cock lessen a bit as he thrusted his hips, loosening Jeremy's anus. Jeremy was still red faced and didn't look to be enjoying the experience. But then he breathed out, and Hunter felt the pressure go down dramatically around his cock, and Jeremy seemed much more comfortable. Hunter was still going fairly slow, but with the release in pressure from Jeremy squeezing his anus, Hunter started thrusting his hips a bit faster. Jeremy started moaning again, but out of pleasure this time. He put a hand out on Hunter's beefy stomach, feeling it, rubbing and squeezing it.

"Oohhh..." Jeremy said, almost relaxing "You're my first."

Hunter didn't know what to say, so he just kept fucking Jeremy. Jeremy didn't seem to mind, he just moaned and tilted his head back and pushed against the wall with an arm, as if he was trying to make himself sexy for Hunter. Hunter thrusted his hips with indifference. It did feel good, but he didn't really want to give any indication of it, or seem overly gay, even if he was fucking a guy. So he simply thrusted hips, pushing his cock in and out of Jeremy, with slight resistance, but no real response. Jeremy on the other hand seemed to feel it very much, moaning continuously.

"Aaawww... You're gonna make me cum." Jeremy said, as Hunter's cock hit his prostate, stimulating it with every gentle hit. "Aw! Go harder Hunter."

Hunter put his other hand on Jeremy's other thigh and started fucking the 18-year-old harder.

"Oh yes." Jeremy said then moaned.

Hunter kept fucking Jeremy like he was and soon he was feeling the effects too. But before he could concentrate on himself, Jeremy started moaning loud.

"Awwwwaaw!" I'm gonna cum!" Jeremy said "Quick, fuck me harder!"

Hunter did, he sped up his thrust and now made a slapping sound every time his pelvis hit Jeremy's ass. Then, Jeremy yelled out as his penis throbbed and shook before spitting out a few jets of cum that flew onto his stomach. Hunter slowed down as he saw Jeremy ejaculate

"No, don't stop." Jeremy said sounding out of breath.

So Hunter kept on going, thrusting his hips against Jeremy with a slap, shaking Jeremy's body with every hit. Jeremy was still moaning gently as he had Hunter fuck him. Jeremy put his hand back on Hunter's hard abs, feeling them stress and release as he pounded his pelvis against Jeremy. Now Hunter was feeling some pleasure. He made a frown to try and cast the feeling away, but he couldn't help it. He could feel an orgasm coming in the distance. Hunter moaned a bit, still fucking Jeremy.

"Are you going to cum?" Jeremy asked "Fuck me until you do..." he said.

Hunter gave a soft moan, biting his lips as he kept fucking his friend. He moaned again, feeling the orgasm coming even more. Hunter leaned down and put a hand on Jeremy's shoulder and used it to help him pound harder. Jeremy gave a slight "ah" of shock as Hunter really began to fuck him hard. All of Hunter's muscles tensed and twanged as he pounded almost furiously. He was moaning continuously now and breathing heavily.

"Aaaahhhh" Hunter said as he fucked Jeremy, nearing his climax.

Then Hunter felt his cock stiffen and a wave of relief swept through his body. "AH! Aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!" He groaned loudly as he felt himself cum inside Jeremy, unable to pull out earlier. "Aaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaaa!" Hunter groaned as his muscled tensed more. Then his whole body loosed and he gave a final animalistic groan before falling over beside Jeremy with one of his legs over Jeremy's and his body lazily splayed on the bed, intertwining with Jeremy's. Hunter was panting and out of breath when he fell beside Jeremy, his muscular body sweaty and gleaming. "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa...." Hunter let out in a final relief as Jeremy put his head against Hunter's beefy pectoral and a hand on his stomach. Hunter didn't resist, he was too exhausted, and soon he'd fallen asleep.

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