tagErotic CouplingsWeekend at the Lake

Weekend at the Lake


Waiting outside your office, excited about the weekend in store for us. It feels as if it has been ages since I last kissed you or even simply held your hand in mine. An entire weekend with you in a cabin by the lake.

I watch as you exit the office, a simple black tee-shirt and jeans, with your bag for the weekend flung over your shoulder and a smile as you notice me in the parking lot. Eyes fixed on you walking closer and closer to my car. I walk around to meet you, taking your bag before opening the door. As you climb in, I kiss you before shutting the door and place your bag in the trunk. Driving off, you take my hand in yours, this is going to be a great weekend.

At the cabin, I unpack the car while you look around. Small but in a cozy way, nestled deep between tall trees. Windows all along the back facing the lake, the view is forever and quit breathtaking. Placing the bags on the floor, I see you standing, looking out over the large body of water through the windows.

"This is going to be a great weekend. I'm so glad you could make it." I speak softly to you. "Let's walk down to the lake before it gets dark."

"Yes, let's."

We walk down the path until we come across a small pier with lounge chairs placed in the dimming sun.

"Wow, perfect access to the lake!" I say as I move a chair over to sit.

"Yeah and no one around for miles" you say with a sly giggle.

Reaching up and taking your hand, I place my legs on either side of the chair.

"Come here baby" as I gently pull you to sit in front of me.

We lay back, your back against me, my arms wrapped tightly around you, as we watch the sun approach the top of the trees. I begin to caress your shirt, feeling your warm skin beneath the fabric. My hands move up, cupping each breast inside them and lightly squeezing as I feel your chest rise from my touch.

"No one around for miles" I whisper in your ear.

You turn over on the chair, lying on your belly, looking up at me.

"Yep, no one" you softly say as your hands move up my jeans.

Gripping at my cock through the denim, squeezing your hands as tight as you can manage, you begin to work on my belt, the metal clanking together loudly in the silence before you unbutton and unzip my jeans. Your warm fingers reach inside, touching my soft cock before pulling it free. Not wanting to waste the moment, you take me into your mouth and instantly feel me begin to harden from the hot moistness. My head drops back against the chair, eyes close as my hand finds your soft hair twisting my fingers into it.

SuckIng on me, I grow bigger and harder within the confines of your mouth. Your head moves up and down, then tilts to the side as you lick my shaft from the base to the tip before swallowing me entirely.

The wind begins to pick up as the trees sway from side to side, howling through the leaves.

"Looks like it's going to rain baby" I tell you.

"Ok" you mumble with your lips pressed firmly against my hard dick.

I pull your lips back to the tip before pushing you head down, feeling you suck on me hard as I'm forced further down your throat.

Small drops of rain begin to hit around us, cold drops of liquid contacting our skin. You stand up in front of me, removing your shoes before undoing your jeans. I kick my boots off, slide my jeans down, tossing them to the deck as I move down the chair just slightly.

I watch as you open your jeans exposing the top of your black panties before pushing them down your legs and stepping out. Approaching the chair, you quickly remove your panties, leaving them where they fall. Reaching down you straddle the lounge chair, grip my cock firm in your hand, stroking it up and down just slightly. Placing me between your moist lips, you slide down, slowly, inch by inch, taking all of me inside you. I grab you and pulling your mouth to mine, kissing you deep and strong.

Grinding down against me, I grab your shirt lifting it up and over your head. The cold drops of rain on your back, tickling their way down your body, sending chills racing through your spine. My fingers unclasp your bra, placing it beside me. Your gorgeous breast inches from my face, my hands squeeze, turning the tender skin white before sucking your nipple into my mouth. Teeth bite down gently, tugging it from your body. Your grinding intensifies, my hands squeeze your tits harder, redness forms under my grasp as I suck one then the other.

The rain falls harder, your hair soaked, dripping from the constant downpour. Bodies slick from water pouring off our bare skin. Your orgasm approaches as my hands move down, leaving a loud smack as it comes down hard across each wet cheek. Taking your ass in each palm, pulling your cheeks apart, helping you to take me deeper.

First a loud groan, nails forcing themselves into my shoulders. Your hips begin to buck back and forth, urging me deeper each time as you cum with me buried inside you.

I stand while holding you against me, my hands supporting you from under your ass as I lift, still inside your very wet pussy. Laying you down on the chair, I stand to remove my shirt, my arousal standing hard as the rain pounds our naked bodies. We do not care, this is what we have wanted for sometime now.

I toss my shirt to the floor before moving back towards you. I wipe the drops from your eyes and remove the hair stuck to your face so I can see your eyes as I plunge deep inside you. You raise your hips, accepting all of my hard dick in your wet pussy. My hands grip the chair on either side by your face. With my feet planted on the deck, I start fucking you hard and fast, each stroke longer, each thrust stronger than the last. Your fingers dig their nails into my back as they rake down to my side like fire. You can feel my hard dick forcing it's way deeper and deeper with each grunt and thrust. I grow harder, trying to hold it back, needing to fuck you, not wanting this to end. The burn from your lust on my skin is soothed with each drop of rain. Your breast moving up and down your chest as I continue to push myself in and out of your wet pussy.

My moans grow more hollow, you can feel how stiff I have become. Just on the edge of release.

"Cum for baby, Cum inside me!" you manage to say between your breaths.

That was the trigger. Unable to hold back any longer, I push deep inside you one last time before coating your pussy with stream after stream of my hot cum.

I kiss your lips, again wiping the rain from your face, smiling down at you.

"Let's get to the cabin" I say with a laughter.

"Yes, please" you say laughing as well.

Standing up, we know there is no hope in putting on our jeans so I slide my shirt over your head, grab all our cloths, then your hand, and we run back to the cabin.

Inside, I pull you close to me. My hands reaching down and grab your ass, squeeze firmly on it. You look up at me, kiss my lips.

"Hot shower?" I ask as we stand there shivering.

Inside the bathroom, I quickly turn the shower on as the stream almost immediately begins to fill the room. I turn back towards you as your arms are wrapped around your body in an effort to warm yourself. I grab the bottom of my shirt lifting the wet fabric over your head. Small goose bumps crowd your skin as you wrap your arms back around you and smile at me.

"Cold!" you say with a slight giggle.

"I can see that" I say followed by a laugh.

You hit me playfully, before pushing me to the side.

"Move!" you say as you hurry pass me, stepping into the hot water.

Stepping inside the shower, your gorgeous figure just a shadow through the steam. I pause, watching the water cascade down your back as it flows across your beautiful skin. I step behind you, wrapping you in my arms, kissing your right shoulder.

"May I have some water too" I ask jokingly.

"Nope" you say quickly followed by a shake of your head.

I playfully slap your ass before turning to get your shampoo. Squeezing it into my palm, my hands begin to wash your hair. My fingers running through through each strand as if trying to wash each one individually. Strong fingers massaging your scalp as I take more of your hair in my hands, moving them until it's perfectly lathered.

"Ok baby, rinse" I whisper to you.

You turn your back to the water, tilting your head back. Stepping closer to you, my hands replace yours within your hair, rinsing the shampoo from your locks, then kissing you softly on the lips.

I turn back grabbing your conditioner and apply it to my hand.

"Come here baby" taking you by the hand and moving you from the water.

Facing you, I start to apply the conditioner through your hair, as you slowly turn from me so I can get the back of your head easily. I wrap my arms around you from behind, leaning my head on your right shoulder, pressing my body against you as you glance over at me.

"Rinsing my hands" I say with a smile.

"Umm humm" is all you reply.

With your loofah and body wash, I start at your back, the roughness of the loofah followed by my hand as I wash your back, slowly moving down to your ass. As the loofah spreads your cheeks, my hand move between, softly caressing your ass.

"I thinks it clean" you say smiling as you look back at me.

"Just making sure" I say with a laugh before moving down.

You turn around as I stand back up, my eyes taking in your glorious body as I do. I begin at your shoulders, across your chest, then under each breast before my hand finds them, squeezing them gently. The soap causing them to slip from my grasp as my fingers pinch your slippery nipples. I continue with your body, washing and rubbing your stomach.

Over your right hip and down your right front thigh, down to your feet, I move back up the other leg, standing as I go. Feeling the loofah move between your legs, pushing them open until it touches your soft lips.

You grab the loofah, removing it from my hand so there is nothing now between you and my touch. My fingers slide easily between your lips, partly from the soap and partly from the remaining cum from moments ago. My fingers moves back and forth through your wet slit as I feel you begin to wash my body with the loofah. You reach what you can of my body not wanting to loose my hand from your wetness. As your hand moves across my chest, down my stomach then over my rising cock, the loofah falls to my feet before your hand takes my growing cock firm in its grasp.

I harden almost immediately from your grip as you start to stroke me. The harder you feel me get, the harder you stroke. I pull my fingers up to your clit and begin rubbing it in a circular motion. The faster you stroke me, the faster my fingers move over your clit. Grabbing your hair in my hand, pulling your head back just far enough so our mouth can meet. I kiss your neck from one side to the other.

The increasing speed from your hand over the length of my cock drives me insane with desire. Faster and faster you pull and stroke before I push two fingers inside your pussy. Matching their movement with the speed of your hand, I hear your breath quicken and deepen. I move my fingers in and out, faster and faster until your legs begin to weaken. My arm wraps around you, pulling you against me tight in an effort to support you, as loud groans leave your throat and you start cumming on my fingers.

Jerking my hard cock faster, the feel and sound of your orgasm drives me over the edge. I pull you tighter against me, my hand gripping your ass, fingers digging into your soft flesh. My fingers still fucking your pussy as I bite down on the tender skin of your shoulder before releasing my cum across your body.

Stream after stream of hot cum landing on your stomach and hip as I finger you to orgasm yet again.

Pulling my fingers from inside you, placing them inside my mouth, tasting and sucking you before kissing you deeply.

We quickly finish our shower. Reaching out, I grab a towel for you and wrap your body in it before grabbing one for myself.

"Now I'm hungry. Let's get dressed and see what we can find to eat in town." I suggest.

"Yes, cause I'm starving!" you reply quickly.

Sitting at the foot of the bed sliding my boots on, I look through the open door of the bathroom to see you in front of the mirror blow drying your hair. You are wearing a black bra with black and white panties and looking gorgeous as you move your head back and forth. I sit quietly and just admire, wanting to remember this site for a long time.

"Let's eat!" you say as you grab your purse and turn around.

I take your hand, pull you close, kiss you ever so lightly on the lips as to not disturb your lipstick.

"Fuck you are beautiful" I say looking into your eyes.

Leaving this small bar we had found, food was good as was the music and drinks, we head back to the cabin. Darkness had settled in at last but the rain had yet to subside. Pulling up to the front, I turn and look to you.

"Had a great time baby" as I lean over and kiss your tender lips.

Grabbing the umbrella from the back seat, I exit the car and walk around to your side opening the door. I hold the umbrella over the entrance and help you out of the car. You move close to me, wrap your arm around my waist and kiss me. I shut the door and put my arm around you as we walk to the front door.

The storm is heavy with thunder and rain. Walking in the cabin I switch the light to on but nothing happens.

"Powers out it appears" I say.

Place the umbrella against the wall, we remember seeing candles on the counter and make our way to retrieve them. I light a candle, handing it to you as I light another. Looking through the cabinets we find a few more.

Once in the room, candles placed all around to give us some light. I sit on the edge of the bed and start undressing for the night. As I place my boots beside the bed, I catch a small glimpse of you standing in front of me in the dim, flickering glow. Looking up, you stand before me in nothing more than your bra and panties, staring down at my face.

I place my hands on your legs and slowly move them up your thighs to your ass, pulling your body close to my face and gently taking in the light scent of you into my mind. I feel your hands on my shoulder as you slowly push me back, kneeling down in front of me.

Unbuttoning my shirt, pulling it free of my jeans, as your fingers start on my belt. You open my belt, then the button and zipper before grabbing them at the waist. I lift myself to aide you in pulling them down slightly. Moving back and grabbing the legs of my jeans, you pull them from my body and toss them across the room. I reach forward and unclasp your bra, adding it to the pile.

I take each of your breast in my hands as I slowly caress them before you take my arms and move them back to the bed. Kissing my stomach, your soft lips and warm hands moving down until my semi erect cock is in your soft grip. The feel of the heat from your mouth engulfing me inside as I begin to harden instantly from your warm moist touch. My eyes close, head falling back as you begin to work what can only be described as magic from the floor between my legs.

Alternating your mouth with long strokes of your hand up and down the length of my shaft. The slippery feel of your saliva coating my hardness, the firm grip of your hand as it passes over the the tip before pushing it back down. Entangling your hair in my grip, reluctantly pulling you from my cock to my waiting mouth as I kiss you deeply.

Moving you to the bed, I now move to the floor, my mouth on your neck tracing down to your breast. I take each nipple into my mouth, sucking hungrily on each one. Without a word, I place my hand on your chest, pushing you back to the bed. My mouth continues to move down your body, kissing, licking every beautiful inch as I do. Reaching the waist of your black and white panties, I pull the elastic down in front, not to far, just far enough to kiss your smooth, soft, freshly shaven mons above your lips. my lips. I slowly part your legs as and begin kissing your inner thigh, moving upward over your smooth skin.

Reaching your panties, my mouth moves over the fabric, your scent is intoxicating as my teeth rack across then bite down on your covered pussy. My hands grab the top of your thighs, spreading your legs further. Your heat fueling my desire further as my mouth moves up and down the barrier that is your panties. Kissing, sucking and biting at the material, I then run a finger under your panty leg, feeling your hot wetness as it grasp the fabric and tugs it to the side.

My mouth finds your exposed bare lips as I suck them them between my lips. My tongue runs up the length of your wet slit till it finds your hard clit and take it into my mouth. So stiff but delicate as I suck it between my lips, tongue rubbing across the tip as my teeth press down on it. I pull your panty further to the side as my hand moves across your bare pussy, spreading your lips. I slide a finger inside you and hear you breath in deeply as your back arches up. With you wrapped tightly around my invading finger, I begin to slide it in and out of you slowly at first, gradually increase the speed and tempo. I release your clit from my mouth as my tongue begins to apply speed and pressure against on it, matching my finger as it moves in and out of you. You grab my head and pull my face hard against your pussy, forcing me tight against your clit, but I do not stop, I want to feel you cum from my mouth and finger.

Your hips begin to grind your pussy against my face, you pull me tighter against until you cum hard. As you lay back, catching your breath, I lick and suck your juices from your pussy, desperately wanting to taste all your cum.

I sit back, your panties still in my grasp as I pull them. You hear the fabric strain as it begins to lose the battle with my hand. They begin to rip as my fingers dig deep within, forcing them through the material until they surrender and tear, exposing your bare wet pussy.

I climb up your body till our mouths meet, you begin to lick and taste your juices on my beard, holding my head in your hands. Suddenly my hard cock push inside you, deeper and deeper as you take it inch by inch. The feel of your hot, wet, cum covering my dick as I slide inside you is amazing. I take your hands and move them above your head and start stroking in and out your very wet pussy.

Pausing ever so often to push myself deeper inside you, craving to feel as much of you as I possibly can. The speed and force of my thrust increase, as do the sounds of our pleasure. You pull your arms from my grip, you want to be on top.

I roll to my right, taking you with me, all the while staying inside you. With your hands on my chest, you push yourself up as you begin to grind down on my dick hard and fast. Doesn't take long before I can feel your orgasm approaching. You push down one last time, grinding hard as you start to cum. I reach up, taking your tits in my hand, squeezing firmly as my orgasm takes hold and I begin to cum deep inside you.

With my hand on the back of your neck, pulling you down to my mouth, I kiss you as our bodies feel the pleasure we just shared.

You lay atop my chest, wrapped in my arms tight. I move your hair from your face so I kiss your head as we begin to drift off, as I slowly softening inside you.

My eyes open as the sun peeking through the window. My hands explore the covers, searching for you, but you're not to be found. Raising my head to look around the room, I find you standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, freshly showered. I pause admiring your beauty there in your panties.

I climb out of bed and catch your gaze in the mirror as I smile back at you.

"Baby hand me my lotion from my bag" you ask.

I walk to your bag and begin to look.

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