tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 02

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 02


This is the second in a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


"Let's get started." I said as I looked out over my captives. "What's your name?" I asked the other guy.

"Steve." he replied as he gazed down at Joan's beaten breasts.

"Okay, Steve. Pick one." I said as he looked at me with surprise.

"Who me?" he asked.

"Yes, you. You're going to get to fuck the girl of your choice." I said as he looked at the naked girls who sat bound before him.

"Leslie." he said softly. He'd always been fond of her and she knew it. He was taking advantage of the situation to fulfill a fantasy or two.

"Good choice." I said as I looked at the slender girl. "Come here." I instructed and she slid her ass off of the couch. She was a bit surprised that he'd picked her, since compared to most of the other girls her body was not as spectacular. She walked towards me as I stood up. I placed my arm around her slender waist and bending over, sucked her pert nipple into my mouth. She gasped as she felt my warm lips on her tender nubbin and my other hand slide down over her tight abs and down between her thighs. I reclipped her cuffs in front of her body and then walked her over to stand in front of Steve.

"On your knees." I said and the young beauty sank to her knees between his knees. "Now suck him off." I instructed. The young girl looked up at me and I pushed her face towards his crotch. She reached up and rubbed the front of his briefs but made no move to remove them or to obey me.

"If you're not sucking on him by the time I get over to Joan...." I started to threaten but as I turned to move, she quickly pulled down the front of his briefs and lowered her mouth to his ramrod. I heard him moan as the young beauty wrapped her soft lips around his rigid cock. It's not like she'd never sucked a cock before but now she knelt in front of a man she'd never even kissed seriously and was sucking his cock in front of all of her friends. We all watched for a moment as Leslie knelt in front of Steve and her head moved up and down on his cock. It was hard for him to look upset or angry at the situation he found himself enjoying. He'd fantasized about this moment ever since he'd met her.

"Okay, John. Your turn." I said. "Who do you want?"

"Judy." he answered quickly, partly to keep her happy and partly to protect her sister's beaten chest.

"No, I have other things in mind for her and besides, you've already had her." I said as I looked at Judy. She stared at me with cold hatred in her eyes.

"Then I don't want anyone." he responded.

"Wrong answer." I said as I hit Joan across her aching tits once again with the leather lash. She screamed in pain as her tits were covered with angry, red welts.

"Sandy, I'll take Sandy." he quickly answered. Sandy turned white.

"You cock-sucking, son of a bitch!" Judy shouted at him.

"No, cock sucking is what you're going to be doing shortly." I taunted her as I interrupted her tirade. "But first, we have to get Sandy into action." I said. Sandy saw me reach for the whip and quickly lifted her beautiful, young body out of the chair, afraid of what she was going to have to do, but equally afraid of what I would do to her friend's chest if she hesitated. She walked towards me, her beautiful breasts bouncing gently with every step. John watched her also as his cock got ramrod hard.

I wrapped my arm around Sandy's slender waist and then bent forward and sucked her hard, red nipple into my mouth. I felt her body squirm as I sucked on her breast. I bit her nubbin and she screamed softly. "I could suck on these for hours and I will." I said to her. "But first you are going to suck on him." I said as I turned her body in John's direction. She'd gone out with him a few times before he met Judy. She liked him but hadn't let him do much with her beautiful body. When he lost interest, he'd moved on to others and then to Judy but that was a long time ago.

Now she stood naked before him and knew that in a moment she was going to be forced to suck on his cock. She'd never done that before but was too embarrassed to admit it in front of all of her friends. When Leslie started sucking on Steve, she'd watched intently, trying to learn what to do.

"You know what to do." I said as if she really did. Sandy sank to her knees and then reaching up with her bound hands, pulled the front of John's briefs down. She grasped his cock with both hands and rubbed it. She had never touched a man's penis in the flesh before. She was amazed at how soft the skin was and how hard his cock was. She looked up at him and he smiled. She heard me moving behind her and fearing for Joan's beaten tits, lowered her face to his crotch and kissed the tip of his cock. John moaned loudly as she lowered her face over his ramrod and he felt her lips close around his cock. The others watched as Sandy knelt between his legs and moved her head up and down his shaft as his face was a mask of lust and pleasure. He wanted to thank me but knew he couldn't.

Both men would now be no problem as they were having their cocks pleasured by naked women that they had both fantasized about but neither had been able to enjoy until now.


To be continued...

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