tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 05

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 05


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


I turned to John as he sat bound in his chair. "Have you ever fucked Judy in the ass?" I asked him aloud as Judy blushed and wanted to die.

"No." he replied quickly.

"Why not?" I asked. "She has a magnificent ass, why wouldn't you want to fuck it?"

"She won't let me." he confided.

"So?" I taunted him. Walking over to Judy, I reached down to her huge tits filled my hands with her massive mams. Tightening my grip I pulled her to her feet.

Grabbing her by one tit, I led Judy over to the special chair and clipping her elbows in front of her, lifted her arms over the back of the chair. I clipped her elbows in place as her huge tits were mashed against the seatback. One at a time, I lifted her long, tapering legs into the brackets and strapped them in place. Her thighs were split wide apart and her beautiful ass thrust backwards, invitingly. Her massive breasts were mashed against the back of the chair and reaching around her body, I slid them out to the sides so that her chest was tighter to the chair back but her massive tits were visible beside her ribs available to be enjoyed.

"Come here, Joan." I said and the young beauty obeyed. "I want you to suck on John until he's ramrod hard but don't let him cum in your mouth, this load is reserved for a different hole." I instructed her. Joan walked over between John's open legs and sinking to her knees, wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to suck on her sister's boyfriend. John moaned as he felt her tongue caress his shaft. She wasn't the cock-sucker that her sister was, but she was good and she felt him start to grow in her mouth.

I pulled Mindy from the couch and sent her to suck on Steve as he continued to slide his tongue into Leslie's abused pussy and the others sat on the couch watching what was going on around them.

"Here, rub this on his cock." I said to Joan as I handed her a jar of KY jelly. She sat back on her knees as she scooped some of the gel onto her fingers and began to smear it on John's cock. He moaned with pleasure as he felt her fingers massage his cock and he looked over at Judy's spread ass as he was about to finally enjoy what she'd denied him for so long. I pulled the table over in front of where he sat and then untied his wrists from the chair and helped him to stand up. I retied his wrists with a piece of rope so his hands went around her suspended body and so he could grab her hips or reach up to her breasts. He also wouldn't be able to move very far.

"Now put him in." I said to Joan and she reached down between their bodies to his ramrod and he almost came in her hand.

"What about Judy?" Joan asked.

"What about her?" I asked sarcastically.

"Should I put some of this stuff on her?" she asked.

"No," I said as she stepped to the side. I slid the table a bit closer and Joan guided his ramrod between her sister's spread cheeks. Joan rubbed the tip of John's cock between Judy's golden globes and then wedged the tip against her tight sphincter. His cock spasmed with anticipation and popped free of his girlfriend's magnificent ass. Joan again wrapped her fingers around his slippery cock and wedged it back in place. As he pressed forward, Judy clenched her muscles and denied him access to her virgin asshole.

"Come on." I prodded them as John leaned forward and Joan guided his cock. He made little headway as Judy began to plead. I walked up behind John to watch the proceedings. I gave him one strong shove and his cock plowed deep into Judy's virgin ass, filling her to the hilt in one powerful thrust. She screamed as she felt her tender asshole ripped open as it stretched around his invading cock. She thought of all the times she'd denied him this pleasure he had so much wanted. John stood motionless, his cock buried ball's deep in his girlfriend's virgin ass while everyone watched.

Taking Joan by the hand, I led her to stand behind John. I placed her hands on his hips and looked down at her. "Make sure they fuck well." I said and the beautiful, young girl began to push and pull on his hips as her huge breasts pressed against his back and his cock pumped in and out of her sister's virgin ass. He'd often fantasized about enjoying the two sisters together and though this was not exactly what he'd had in mind, he was nevertheless enjoying himself.

It only took a moment for John to find his own rhythm as he ravaged Judy's ass for the first time. His hands slid from her hips up to her massive tits and he squeezed them as he rammed deep into her virgin asshole. John grunted and Judy gasped as his cock pistoned in and out of her tight asshole. His body stiffened and with a loud grunt, he shoved forward, wedging her body to the chair and mashing her huge tits to the seatback as his cock exploded deep in her bowels. Judy could feel the force of his explosion as his cum sprayed into her ravaged ass. He wasn't the only one to cum.

Joan stepped to the side and John collapsed back into the chair as his spent cock stuck straight up from between his legs. His body leaned forward and his face came to rest on her magnificent ass. I untied his wrists and he leaned back in the chair. I lifted Judy's legs out of the brackets and helped her to stand up. "Little girls shouldn't refuse their lover's requests." I said as I pressed down on her shoulder and Judy sank to her knees. "Suck him until his cock is clean." I said and the ravaged, young beauty lowered her head and wrapped her soft lips around her boyfriend's sticky cock. He looked down at her head as her long, dark hair cascaded around his crotch and he felt her soft lips wrap around the head of his cock. His fingers slid through her soft curls as he gently held her face to his cock.

It was quite late now and I was getting hungry. I let Annie and Sandy make some dinner and we all ate. I sent the girls into the bathroom one at a time to shower and clean themselves out. As each girl returned clean and groomed I let them suck on my cock until the next girl was ready. I came several times but just enjoyed the pleasure of the moment.

After dinner, I tied everyone back into the chairs and the sofa except for Sandy. I took her aside and turning her back to the group, whispered in her ear.

"I'm not sure how a woman as beautiful as you are has managed to keep her cherry for so long but since you are about to lose your virginity in front of all your friends, I've decided to give you a choice in determining just how you will lose it." I said as I nibbled on the young girl's ear. She was trembling as my hand slid down over her sculptured ass. "You can either seduce me here on the floor, using all the experience that you've gained during the past few hours and then fuck me thoroughly and I will make the experience a gentle and pleasurable one for both of us or you can fight me for you virtue. Of course if you lose, I'll take you by force and I won't be very gentle. You will of course have your pride. Which do you choose?" I asked her as my other hand moved up to her quivering breast.

"Neither." she whispered as she felt my fingers tighten around her taut nipple.

"Yes, but you must choose one or I will just take you by force." I said. Think about it if you like." I said as I left her and added a few logs to the fireplace. The others were trying to figure out what was going on.

"What is goin' on?" Annie asked. "Why isn't she tied up like the rest of us?" she demanded.

"I just gave Sandy a chance to make a choice." I answered. "She's making up her mind." I added. The group looked puzzled. "Believe it or not, Sandy here is a virgin." They all looked at her in astonishment. "I've offered Sandy the chance to lose her cherry by seducing me in front of you all or fighting me for her virtue." I said. They all knew that Sandy was shy to talk about her relationships but the group was astonished that Sandy was still a virgin.

"Well?" I asked as I turned to Sandy.

"Don't hurt me." she whispered, her voice filled with embarrassment.

"The floor or the chair?" I asked. Sandy looked up at the chair where she'd been strapped briefly before.

"I don't like that thing." she confessed. I led her over to the center of the floor and I lay down on the rug in front of the fireplace. I nodded and she sank to her knees. Pulling on her breast, she lay down beside me. I took her hand and wrapped her trembling fingers around my cock. "I'm waiting." I whispered in her ear as I pulled her body on top of mine. I held her face to mine and kissed her deeply as my hands wandered over the firm cheeks of her ass and her creamy breasts pressed against my chest. She kissed me back as I felt her hand grip my cock more firmly. I rolled her over and my tongue probed her mouth as my hand came up to her milky, white breast. I rolled her tender nipple between my fingers and then lowered my mouth to her neck and nibbled my way down to her chest. I began to suck and tease her nipples as her beautiful breasts began to heave gently. I bit her gently as my tongue teased the sensitive tips of her nipples. Sandy moaned softly as I sucked on her tender nipples. Every eye in the room watched as I began to enjoy this luscious, young beauty.

I rolled the beautiful blonde over onto her back and straddled her chest. I pressed my cock between her breasts and then began to rub the tip of my cock across her taut nipples. Sandy's eyes were riveted to the tip of my cock as it moved just inches from her face. I wrapped her tits around my cock and began to gently fuck her magnificent breasts. They were firm and full but not really big enough for a good tit-fucking.

Lifting my body, I turned around and straddled her chest. I felt Sandy's warm breath on my ass as I gazed down at her lithe body. I leaned forward and began to stroke the tops of her thighs. Sandy's body began to shake as I teased the insides of her long legs. My hand came up to her soft, blonde muff and my fingers stroked through her fine curls. Sandy's body began to shake as my finger slipped between her puffy labia and entered her seething pussy. No one had ever touched her there before except for me when she had been in the chair earlier. I heard her moan softly and I leaned forward and lowered my mouth to her oozing quim. The others watched as I buried my face between her open thighs. Licking her pussy for the first time, I slid my knees apart and lowered my cock to her lips. My tongue probed the soft folds of her oozing quim and then slid deep between her engorged labia as I felt her mouth begin to suck on my cock.

Sandy opened her legs even wider as my tongue continued to lick the sweet nectar that oozed out of her quim. I heard her moan as she rolled her hips gently. My lips closed around her erect clit and my tongue went to work on her most sensitive nub.

"Aaaghh!" she screamed softly as the young beauty was enveloped in a powerful orgasm. I licked her juices and then went back after her clit. Again she convulsed in a powerful orgasm as her young body began to buck. I kept nibbling and she kept cumming. Her sucking became feverish until she finally pushed up on my hips and forced my cock out of her mouth.

"Stop! I can't take any more." she gasped as she tried to close her legs. I held her open and went after her clit with even greater zeal. Cum just oozed out of her quim as I licked and probed deeper and deeper into her seething pussy.

Turning around, I lay my body across hers as my cock slid down between her open thighs. I began to suck on her taut nipples as my cock brushed against the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs. As I slid up her body to her neck, my cock wedged between the moist lips at the entrance of her cum-filled twat.

"Please, don't do this to me." she pleaded as I prodded her labia with my ramrod.

"This is what you were meant for. Just look at the way your body is responding." I taunted her.

"I can't. I can't do this." she cried as she tried to push me off of her body. She fought hard and by kicking and clawing was able to force me off of her body. She got to her feet and began to run. I caught her ankle and she went tumbling onto the girls sitting on the couch. She got up and lunged at me. She was strong and fought hard. I grabbed her arm and sent her sailing into an empty armchair. She tried to kick me as I approached her. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her out of the chair and she hit the floor with a thud. I twisted her foot and her body flipped over onto her chest. I pulled on her leg and as her body slid towards me, I wedged my foot between her creamy asscheeks. I reached for an arm and twisted it and pulled until her body twisted onto her side. I kicked her in the chest and then kicked her again. She gasped for air as I flipped her over onto her back. Sitting down on her chest, I pinned her arms under my legs. I started to maul her breasts, pinching and pulling on her tender nipples. Sandy couldn't believe how the pleasure she'd felt in her nipples just moments ago had turned to sheer pain as I abused her aching nubbins.

"Guess where you're going?" I taunted her as I pulled up hard on her tortured nipples.

"The chair?" she asked softly.

"You got it." I said as I grabbed her full tits and pulled her up to her feet. Still holding her breasts, I pulled her over in front of the chair. She started to struggle. "Don't make me have to hurt you," I warned as I pressed her body against the chair once again. I tied her wrists to the brackets and then lifted her young body into the special chair. I strapped her thighs open and then teased her open pussy with the head of my cock. She froze. I slipped the tip between the wet folds of her drenched quim and then slowly slid forward as her body froze. I watched the terror in her face as my cock slid deeper into her tight pussy until it touched her taut maidenhead. I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was – and how wet.

"Beg me to fuck you." I said as my cock jabbed gently at her virginal barrier. Sandy shook her head and said nothing. I pinched her nipples and shook her tits violently. She still said nothing. I turned my thumbs slightly and pressed the sharp edges of my thumbnails against her tender nipples and increased the pressure as my nails gouged her abused nubbins.

"Okay, okay!" she screamed as the pressure became unbearable.

"Those aren't the magic words." I taunted her as I pulled up hard on her nipples and lifted her breasts away from her chest.

"Fuck me, fuck me. Please, fuck me." she cried. I let go of her nipples and then lifting her knees in the brackets, her ass dropped down lower as I rammed my shaft up through her virgin barrier and filled her tight pussy to the hilt. Sandy screamed as she felt her cherry ripped away and her tight pussy stretched to accommodate the size of my ramrod. I don't ever think I'd been in a pussy this tight before.

Looking down at her panting chest, I began to thrust my cock deep into her open pussy. My hands came down to her hips and I began to ram my cock into her seething quim with wild abandon. I felt the tightness of her pussy encase my cock as it pistoned in and out of her gushing quim. As I rammed deep into her body, I could feel my climax building. Grabbing her heaving tits, I pulled on them as I rammed my cock all the way into her quivering pussy and then I exploded deep in her virginity. As my cock emptied deep in her body, her own climax overwhelmed her as she gasped aloud. Fucking young girls is always enjoyable, but tight, young virgins are exceptional – especially when they are as beautiful as this one.

I looked over at John and could see that his ramrod was sticking straight up from between his legs. I called him over and as I slid my cock from her open pussy, moved him between Sandy's open thighs. In an instant, he'd managed to maneuver his cock to the entrance of her open pussy and then he shoved his cock deep into her still panting body. As he fucked into her oozing pussy, I stepped to the side and released the clasp on the back of the chair. I lowered the back and Sandy found herself lying on her back with her legs slightly raised and spread wide as John rammed his cock deep into her cum-filled pussy.

Sandy's head dangled back over the far edge of the table as I walked around to her face and began to tease her lips with my cum-covered cock. She tried to move her head away as her nose was filled with the powerful scents of our combined cum.

"Open up," I ordered and Sandy swallowed hard as she parted her lips and accepted my cock into her mouth. I toyed with her taut nipples as John fucked deep into her drenched pussy. I felt her tongue caress my cock and then she screamed as John grunted and shoving his body all the way forward, his cock exploded deep in her pussy as she too let go with a powerful orgasm.

As I slid my cock from between her lips, I motioned John to come around the table and he brushed his spent cock across her soft cheeks before pressing it into her sweet mouth. I nodded to Steve and he pulled himself out of the chair and stepped between Sandy's open thighs. As her mouth was filled with John's cock, she felt Steve's ramrod enter her body. Everyone watched in fascination as the two young men skewered her beautiful, young body from both ends. Her breasts bounced and heaved as the two cocks invaded her beautiful body. Suddenly, Steve rammed forward and with a loud grunt, filled her body with his hot load.

John slid his cock from between her lips and I nodded to Steve to come around the table and he slid his cock into Sandy's mouth. She licked his cock until she'd removed all of the cum and then he too went to sit down as everyone gazed at the young beauty, bound and spread on the table. The girls all thought back to the times that they'd lost their cherries and then realized that Sandy had just taken three men in her pussy and mouth in the course of only a few minutes as a first time experience. They'd each been with different guys over the years but three at once and for a first experience. That was too much.

Walking over to Mindy, I pulled her out of the chair and walked her over between Sandy's open thighs. She looked down at the cum that covered the beautiful blonde's thighs and oozed out of her pussy. She was sure she'd be asked to lick it all up. Pulling over a kitchen chair, I stood the short beauty behind the chair and then pressed her body over the back of it. As she leaned forward, her feet came off of the floor and her face sank down between Sandy's open thighs. I pulled her arms under Sandy's open thighs and then clipped her wrists below friend's slender waist. I pressed her head forward and she smelled the powerful scent of sex emanating from her friend's pussy. I pushed her head forward and she began to lick the sweet cum that oozed out of Sandy's violated pussy. She wasn't happy but she licked and sucked all of our cum from Sandy's oozing quim.

To be continued....

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