tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 07

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 07


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


As usual, I awoke very early but this time my cock was still in Annie's mouth but only barely. She'd sucked me to full erection and as my cock flexed, it kept popping out of her talented mouth. Joan was still asleep, her breasts gently rising and falling below my head. I slid into Joan's open pussy and began to fuck her as her body responded to my fucking before she actually woke up. Stroking my cock in and out of her tight pussy, I felt her inner muscles begin to clamp tightly around my invading shaft. She was still somewhat dazed and asleep as I began to fuck hard into her tight, young pussy. I pumped into her until I was about to cum, my heavy balls bouncing back and forth above Annie's face as she watched my shaft pump into her friend's pussy. Pulling from Joan's body, I thrust my cock back between Annie's lips as my morning load flooded her mouth. She gulped and swallowed as she tried to get it all.

I felt Annie continue to suck on my shaft as I looked up and surveyed the room. Sandy was still asleep, tied in the special chair, with Mindy's head buried in her snatch. Steve was asleep on the sofa, with Judy's mouth wrapped around his cock and John still had his cock buried in Leslie's mouth. Pulling my cock out of Annie's mouth, I untied her and Joan and sent them to prepare breakfast but I kept a close eye on them. Stepping up behind Mindy, I looked down at her body as her legs hung over the back of the chair and her face was buried in Sandy's cunt. My hand came down under her chest and I filled my palm with her meaty tit. I squeezed and rubbed her huge tits as she began to awaken. Reaching down to her ankle, I tied her lower leg to the leg of the chair and then tied her other leg similarly. Her thighs were now spread apart and her magnificent ass, thrust backwards. Everyone else was waking up now and the smell of breakfast filled the lodge.

"Okay, girls. Suck them 'til they're hard, but don't let them cum." I said to Judy and Leslie as they awoke with the guys' cocks still in their mouths. Both girls obeyed as I watched their heads move up and down on the two cocks. I lay the special chair back all the way down as Sandy lay flat on the table with Mindy still sucking on her pussy. I pressed my cock to her lips and she sucked me into her mouth as my hands came down to her beautiful breasts. I moaned as she sucked on me and my fingers teased her tender nipples. I could feel my cock coming back to full attention as the young beauty pleasured my cock.

Once my cock was fully hard, I slipped it from between Sandy's soft lips and walked around to stand behind Mindy. "Your turn." I said as I stepped up between her open thighs. Mindy grunted as I shoved my cock all the way into her tight pussy. She felt her pussy stretch as my cock invaded her to the hilt. Reaching under her body, I filled my hands with her pendulous breasts as I began to ram my cock into her tight quim. Mindy's chest began to heave as I fucked her and her mouth pressed further into Sandy's dripping pussy. I grabbed a handful of Mindy's short hair and lifted her face from Sandy's cunt. She watched as I lay my hand across Sandy's blonde muff and then pressed my thumb into her tight pussy. She wasn't sure why I was finger-fucking her friend but she watched as I did it.

With my finger well coated with Sandy's wet flow, I pulled it free of her cunt and let Mindy's face back down to her twat. As she began to suck on her friend's pussy once again, Mindy felt my sticky thumb slide into the crack of her spread ass. Her body jumped as she felt me press my thumb against her virgin asshole. As I pumped my cock into her tight pussy, I pressed my thumb into the tightness of her asshole. Mindy's body began to thrash about as I prodded her tight sphincter. Her huge breasts bounced wildly below her chest as my cock rammed deep into her bound body and she squirmed, trying to get away from my invading thumb. She screamed into Sandy's open pussy as my thumb teased her tight sphincter. Then I shoved my thumb deep into her bowels as my cock filled her twat to the hilt. Mindy had never had both of the holes filled at the same time and the sensation was overwhelming.

I began to pump my thumb into her virgin asshole as my cock hammered into her tight pussy. Mindy bucked wildly at this double assault on her lush, young body and her tongue pressed deeper into Sandy's tight pussy. Pulling my cock from her pussy and my thumb from her ass, I pressed her globes apart and then guided my cock to her open asshole. Mindy grunted as she felt my cock press into her virgin asshole and then she felt it stretch open as the thickness of my shaft descended deep into her bowels. She was unbelievably tight. Placing my hands on her hips, I began to slowly fuck her beautiful ass. Her cries were muffled in Sandy's creaming pussy as my cock reamed her virgin asshole. Again I reached under her body and filled my hands with her pendulous breasts as I rammed my cock deep into her magnificent ass.

Picking up the lash, I began to whip her body as I fucked her. The lash hit across her back and then I began to hit her on the side as the ends of the lash curled around her body and licked at her dangling titflesh. I wasn't hitting her hard but she howled as the whip beat her heaving breasts and then I began to beat Sandy's breasts as her body writhed on the table. I pumped into Mindy's ass as I continue to lash both girls' breasts until with a loud grunt, I filled Mindy's virgin ass with my cum. I pulled my cock from her ass and walking around the table, pressed my sticky cock to Sandy's soft lips. She opened her mouth and I slid my spent cock between her soft lips.

To be continued...

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