Weekend at Varun's Ch. 02


I decided to take this to another level now. I started sliding my mouth downwards, kissing his abs, and finally reaching very close to his now near-full erect dick. The top couple of inches of his dick were above the water level, now that it was standing straight up. I kissed the tip once, twice, three times in succession, still holding it with one hand, and another hand fondling his balls. I then very quickly gathered my wet hair together, and tied them in a bun so that they don't come in the way. That done, I dove in! In one straight swoop, I engulfed 2-3 inches of his dick in my warm mouth. A very loud "Aaaah" escaped Varun's lips, and he brought both his hands to hold my head. I grazed my teeth on his dick on the way back up, and he moaned again. I then started bobbing my head up and down on the top couple of inches of his dick, my nose and face splashing into the water every time I went down. He started raising his hips so as to raise as much of his dick above water as he could. And, I kept taking in as much as he'd raise. Now, he was going "Ummm", "Aaah", "Mmmm" every time I came up. After a few minutes, I was getting a bit out of breath, what with all the shallow water dives my nose was taking.

So, I sat up and said "Baby, move up to the edge of the tub, will you?"

He: Oh sure. But, I was really enjoying this.

Me: I was too, but, I had water getting into my nose, Jaan. I don't want any disturbances when I blow you.

He: Alright. As you wish, my sexpot!

Me: Good boy!

Now, he lifted himself, and sat down on the edge of the tub, legs spread wide, water dripping, particularly from his ball sack and his dick. I slid between his legs, my bottom still at the floor of the tub. Just as I got into position between his legs, by sheer coincidence, one water jet was perfectly aligned to my pussy. A big "Oooohhh" escaped me at first contact, as it felt absolutely wonderful. The water jet was hitting my pussy lips directly, and I made the minor adjustment in my position such that it started hitting right between them. Oh God! What a feeling! Varun was wondering what was happening to me, and he was looking quizzically at me. I gestured to him with my eyes to look down, and he said "Wow!" when he saw what it was that was giving me so much pleasure.

I then put my hands on both his thighs to set them apart, and with my mouth, gripped his cock-head, which was blood engorged and wet. I gripped it in my lips, and started swirling my tongue around it, paying particular attention to the cock slit. Varun started moaning softly again, and became very still. Meanwhile, the water jet was almost fucking my pussy, down below in the tub, and I was starting to get very aroused. I gripped his cock at its base, and started taking it in deeper in my mouth. I would hold it in my mouth for a few seconds, twirling my tongue around, and then, graze my teeth on my way up. I started increasing my pace gradually, and Varun's moaning was getting louder. He had put his hand behind my head and was increasingly applying more and more pressure on it. I now took my hand off his base, and started taking him all the way in, his dick entering my throat every time. Varun was going crazy by now. "Yesss baby ... deep throat me ... come on, suck it ... Aaaaah ... Yes Yes Yes ... deeper, deeper". The water jet was driving me crazy too, and I was moaning with his dick in my mouth.

That's when I dipped one hand into the water and spread my pussy lips apart, for the water jet to hit in the deeper recesses of my treasure trove. With a huge "Ooooooohhh" I let Varun's dick plop out of my mouth. I took me a few seconds to get used the added pleasure I was getting, and continued my blow job. Now, I started sensing an orgasm building inside me, while I could feel Varun also nearing the edge, given that his breathing was getting erratic, and his dick was throbbing. I decided to slow down to prolong the pleasure the both of us were getting. I again held his dick at its base, and started licking his throbbing head, lavishing it with my wet tongue. He gave a seemingly disappointed grunt, but, was soon moaning and groaning at what I was doing to him. The water jet was doing wonders to my pussy, and my whole body was trembling as if a mild current was passing through the whole of me. I then adjusted myself such that the water jet was now directly hitting my clit, which I had expertly held open with my fingers. The first time it hit me there, I jerked hard, landing up biting Varun's dick in the excitement. I again adjusted myself and let the water jet hit my clit, and my orgasm hit me! I screamed out load and then went completely quiet, my grip on his dick becoming very tight, and my teeth digging into his glans. I came hard, trembling like an aspen. I made eye contact with Varun, and he was smiling at me, as if saying "Go ahead and enjoy your orgasm first".

It took me a while to regain composure, and I couldn't take the water jets anymore -- particularly the one that gave me my orgasm. I had to get up, and I did, still holding his dick in one hand, and taking the support of his knee with the other. I got on my feet, and gave him a sloppy kiss. Then, in a very swift movement, I straddled him - both my legs dangling behind him outside of the tub, my breasts mashing against his chest. And, before Varun could react, I snaked one hand between us, and aimed his dick towards my pussy lips, before impaling him completely. I landed hard on his lap, with his entire length buried deep inside my velvety folds, our pelvises hitting each other. Both of us let out load moans. I held his face in both my hands and kissed him hard, darting my tongue right into his mouth. And, I started raising my pelvis up and down slowly, gripping his dick tight inside me. We continued to kiss while I rode him, my rock hard nipples rubbing against his chest. He was holding me tight with one hand around my torso, and was holding onto the edge of the tub with his other hand for balance. We kept at it for a while, before he broke the kiss and said "Niki, I wanna cum inside you ... Fuck me harder baby". I then gripped him on his shoulders, and he put both his hands on either side, getting ready for a hard ride. I started bouncing up and down at a very fast pace, and he was thrusting his pelvis up in return. We soon got into a rhythm, our pelvises slapping against each other, and his dick making a squishy sound moving inside my pussy. Both of us were now almost screaming out uncontrollably as we were fucking at a frantic pace. Varun's thrusting became much harder and each time his dick jabbed my cervix, I would scream. I noticed his eyes closing and his facial muscles tightening, a sign of his oncoming climax.

I encouraged him "Yes Jaan ... fuck me harder, deeper ... Fuck me ... Cum inside me ... OOOOOHHHH Yes!!!!", and he was now saying something from between his gnashed teeth which sounded like "I'm gonna cum ... I'm gonna cum" ... and he suddenly gripped me hard at my waist with both hands, holding me down, and I felt the first spurt of his hot cum hit my cervix. He let out an animal roar with that. That triggered a mini-orgasm in me as well, and I screamed out. And, then, a few more spurts, and his cum started oozing out of my convulsing pussy. We were both panting hard, completely out of breath. Both of us rested our heads on each others' shoulders and just lay still, waiting for our breathing to return to normal. A while later, I started kissing him on his shoulder, moving to his ears, and then to his face before licking his lips and sliding my tongue into his mouth. He was totally spent, and was very passive in the kissing. I could feel his dick shrinking inside me slowly, and the entire area around my pussy lips was sticky with both our ejaculations.

I was feeling a bit cramped in my thighs, due the awkward position in which we were sitting, so, I started getting up. His dick eased out of my fuck hole, bringing with it a lot of his cum mixed with my juices, that spread on his thighs.

Me : What a mess, huh?

He : Mess? I loved it! I'm wondering how much I came.

Me : Me too!

He : Fuck babe ... that was something!

I was standing in front of him, and he reached one hand up to fondle my boob.

Me : Shower time, darling. Come on.

He : Oh God, No! Wait! Let me recover first. My bums are hurting.

Me : Ohho! I thought your dick must be hurting.

He : Very funny!! Seriously, my bums are hurting. You don't know how hard you were riding me.

Me : And, who was telling me to go harder?!

He : (Squeezing my boob very hard) You ... You ... Not me!!!

Me : Ouch!!! Jaan ... that's my boob, not a squeezie ball! (slapping him on his hand a few times)

He : Hey! That hurts!

Me : Everything hurts you! Such a softie!

He : But, it does!

Me : Oh come on, old man. Get up!!!

He : Old man, eh? Who just fucked you out of your wits?!!

Me : (laughing) You fucked me, or I fucked you?

He : Whatever! You're right, okay?

Me : I'm always right!!!

With that, I moved out of the tub, tugging on his arm on my way out. He got up and followed me into the shower cubicle. I put on the rain shower and stood under it, with my eyes closed, enjoying the cold water running down my body. I felt Varun's breath behind me, and then, his embrace. He also must have been enjoying the shower, as he didn't move at all, holding on to me from behind. After a couple of minutes, I felt one of Varun's hands leave my waist. When I opened my eyes, he'd picked up the shampoo bottle and was handing it to me. I understood what he wanted, and turned around. Taking some shampoo in my palm, I started massaging it into his scalp, him lowering his head for my benefit. I then shampooed my own hair, while he was applying body wash on my shoulders and arms. I took the body wash from him and started doing the same to him, while he started soaping my breasts. We both took turns applying the body wash to each other all over our bodies, paying special attention to the others' sex organs.

When I was soaping his dick and balls, I noticed that his pubic hair had grown out since last month, when he had shaved them on our weekend trip to Lonavala. I've always preferred a hairless dick and scrotum -- it's so much better when giving a blow job!

Me : Jaan, how come you haven't shaved?

He : No time, baby! You know how busy I've been.

Me : Hmmm. So, will you do it today? For me?

He : Of course, darling! Anything for you!

Me : I promise you a full tongue bath then.

He : Whoa! I'd loooove it.

Me : I'd love it too!!!

He : You'll help me shave?

Me : I could. But, I'd rather go cook while you do it.

He : Yeah baby, that's a better idea. I'm famished.

Me : Same here! Let me quickly finish my shower, and get into the kitchen.

He : I want the Nikita special pasta!

Me : Aye Aye Sir!

He : Yay!!!

I stepped out of the shower cubicle, having rinsed myself thoroughly with help from Varun -- his help being squeezing my boobs and ass cheeks and groping me all over. I handed him his razor and shaving foam, and said "I want you to shave your chest as well". He nodded, and turned away to face the full length mirror on the shower cubicle wall. While he began applying shave foam to his chest, I towelled myself and put on my bathrobe. I noticed he was staring at me from the mirror. I gave him a broad smile, and blew him a kiss, before leaving the bathroom.

Being alone for the first time today, I had this blissful elated feeling. Great sex! Relaxing jacuzzi and shower! I must have been smiling ear to ear! I walked to the music system and inserted a Phil Collins CD in, setting the volume loud enough to reach the kitchen. I opened the fridge and started picking out the veggies I needed for the pasta, and also picked out a Heineken. I started preparing for the pasta lunch, humming along with Uncle Phil ... "A groovy kind of love"!

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