tagAnalWeekend Camping

Weekend Camping

byCliff Hanger 69©

The campground was sparsely populated with small groups taking areas together and large areas where single campers would pull into for the cool evening nights rest. I rather enjoyed being off in the far corner, but still angled in such a way to see all others camping or walking up the trail.

With a large bed that made up the whole front of the camper, and a kitchen, shower and dining area included, I knew this was the perfect get away from it all location that one could find!

And then you arrived, very late in the evening! Not even looking for small talk, it was just a gentle drop of an overnight bag and a jumping hug that soon fell into becoming a deep and intense kiss. This was not much of a time for words, but was a great time to feel the passion burning hotter than the campfire would ever get!

With a gently guided and slow fall onto the bed, the two bodies soon became as one. I do not recall the clothing being removed as the kisses were all that one could concentrate on. You said "no more frustration for me tonight, this is a time that it all gets taken care of!"

You grabbed a bottle of tequila and took a big gulp and said "I want everything you think you can offer me!" I said, "I will make your desires be my goals!"

With that, I finished removing your panties to find them wet with anticipation. I lay you back on the bed and kisses covered your body as I worked my way over your neck and finding your extra sensitive nipples. The moans were soon emanating from deep in your throat and I could feel the passion igniting even more.

My fingers slid their way up your thigh, this time finding you spreading your legs open for me. My mouth desired you and I kissed my way down to find your clit standing hard, lips flowering out and wanting attention. With my lips wrapped around your clit and my tongue flicking at it with the gentleness of a butterfly, you started arching your back.

The rhythms of your grinding hips made me slide my fingers to your pussy to find it was flowing with the sweet nectar that I was craving. I slid my tongue down deep to follow the juices, and you raised your hips to allow me full access. My fingers followed my tongue down and slid deep in your pussy as I again latched onto your clit.

Feeling the two fingers twisting inside of you was what you needed as you suddenly began to convulse on my hand, rocking fast and moaning out loudly. I kept sucking on your clit and felt the warm flow of your cum coating my fingers and I let them slide out.

I knew you were sensitive, so I avoided your clit while I worked my fingers in and out and used them to also coat your ass with it. You moaned as I rubbed you in an area that you had never had any attention before and you liked how it felt. I slid my fingers all over that tight little opening and then slowly slid one in just a little bit, enough to let you get accustomed to it.

You stopped gyrating for a few seconds, and then you started pushing on my finger, trying to get it deeper in you. I had high hopes that it was a sign of things to come, but I also had other plans for you!

I gently removed my finger and slid up to kiss you some more. You were definitely hot to fuck and told me that you wanted my cock in your hands and cum flowing in your throat! I asked if that was the tequila talking, or you, and you said "It's all me!"

With a big smile, I lay down next to you as you rolled on me taking my cock and sliding your lips over the head. You sucked with a ferocious style that told me you wanted to own that cock for the night and you kept plunging down on it taking it to the back of your throat.

You loved feeling it get harder and harder for you and when the head was too big for your throat, your hands were stroking me with alternating sucking and licking taking place. I was loving that feeling and you knew by the taste of the pre-cum that I loved it also! You came back up and deep kissed me, our tongues fighting with each other in a battle that was only to stir up hotter passions to add to the evening!

Your hand kept stroking me, faster with the passion of the kisses and slowing down as we'd soften the kiss. You had that cock at your mercy and decided the best mercy was to slide it deep inside of you and making it fill you! Not one to argue, I rolled you over on your back and lifted your legs over my thighs.

With my cock right at the entrance of your pussy, you tried to make it enter you quickly, and by lifting your legs with my arms, I quickly thrust it in you. It felt so hot inside of you and the creaminess made me slide in your private and silky world. My hips took over and began slamming into you, rocking that camper as I rocked your world.

You loved being taken like that and pulled your knees up to your chest so I could enter you totally. Your eyes were closed and you were biting your bottom lip, stifling the moans but it did not matter. I was moaning just as loud!

I remembered the feeling of hearing you tell me that you wanted my cum in your mouth, and without warning I quickly slid out of your pussy and got over your face so I could lick you as I was cumming. You barely got your lips over the head of my cock when you felt it expand and then the flood rushed down your throat before you even had a chance to think!

I had your legs wrapped tight around my face and was able to lick you totally, finding all the juices and even teasing your ass some more. I could feel you shuddering as you began to cum a little bit more, especially when my fingers rubbed that ass!

Your moans reassured me that you wanted to be adventurous that night! Soon you said, "Lets see if the showers are available and go take a long hot one!" I said, "We have a shower right here in the trailer!" but you said "It's late, no one is around so lets go have some real fun!"

Not one to argue with a woman who just made me cum that hard, I said..."right behind ya!" You were correct, there was no one near the bathrooms that late at night and you said "lets go in the men's shower. If we use the ladies bathroom, we may get visitors. Men will just use a bush instead of coming over here!" I loved your line of thinking! I grabbed the towels, you grabbed the tequila!

The water was flowing hot and we got in and resumed our hot kisses. My hands were lathering up your body and rubbing the soap all over you. You re-aimed the water spray away from us, and without the water hitting your body directly, it left you totally lathered up and I embraced you and you felt my body sliding all over your soapy body.

My cock grew fast, and you ensured it was sliding between your legs as you used your hands skillfully on me! Then you turned around, rubbing my cock along your ass and teasing the head of it as you leaned forward. I felt you pushing back on it, perhaps to see how it would feel...and then you moved it around some more, gathering up more soap!

I loved the skillful use of the hands there because you were rubbing it on your pussy and ass, moving the soap around and teasing me to no end! I wanted so much to be in you, but you were loving being in charge of your own special teasing routine!

You looked back smiling and said, "You want that ass, don't you!" I said, "You know I do!" You said, "It will be yours, if we go slowly and stop if it hurts!" I said, "that's a deal!" I held myself still as you slowly pushed back on it, the head just barely entering your ass. It was so tight and I told you "relax..get used to the feeling and you control the motion!"

You took my advice and soon you began pushing back on me even further. I felt the head of my cock suddenly slip deeply in, and soon saw that my cock was already halfway in you! Once it got past the entrance, it was easily able to slide in. You began to rock a little on it and then you said "push it in all the way!"

With that I grabbed your hips and my cock slowly entered you as far as it could. You leaned forward more, grabbing at the bench where the towels were and looked back telling me to slowly fuck you as you stood like that! I was in heaven with the feeling and your hand was attacking your clit.

I could feel your fingers entering your pussy though the thin wall separating us and I knew that you were close to taking me. You rubbed your clit faster and when I realized that you were cumming, the tight convulsions took my cock and I exploded deep in your ass.

You pushed back on me...as I wrapped my arms around you tightly. My cock softening and slick from all that cum soon was slipping out of you and we stepped over to really shower. Eventually we did make it back to the camper, but that's the beginning of this evening!

We were nearing the camper when I saw you gulping down another large hit of that tequila, and I said..."Damn girl you must not be feeling any pain!" You smiled and said..."A little pain never hurt anyone!" It was then I noticed the motorcycle of a friends parked near the trailer, so I knew he must of made it inside.

I looked in and saw Mac was sleeping on the couch, boxer shorts and socks, the only things on his body! As we went in, I quietly told you, "tonight you are going to have all the cock a woman could possibly want." You said, "I would love to see how you can prove that!"...but then you saw we had a guest!

You kissed me long and hard and told me that you want two cocks in you at the same time and you wanted them hard and thrusting! I said, let me wake him up, and you will get that and more! Well, I didn't have to do anything. You leaned forward and slid your hand in his boxer shorts, pulling out his cock and started sucking him hard as he woke up.

No guy is going to back down from the suction you were giving, so he just moaned in appreciation! Your towel dropped to the floor and I ran my fingers in the folds of your pussy, feeling the wetness flow heavy and creamy! My cock was springing to life, but I decided I would eat you as you bent over giving him head!

It had to be an awesome scene, my face buried in your ass, sucking on your clit and lapping up the juices while you were deep throating a guy you barely knew! I could feel your body bobbing hard on him and the slurping noises we both were making were pretty loud...but suddenly I felt you lifting your head up higher, as you then turned around facing me!

You had a mischievous look in your eyes as you grabbed his cock and slid it over your pussy, sliding the juices everywhere. He was already soaked from your mouth, and you were soaked from me, but you used all the juices to get his cock slick, and then you raised up on him and started sliding his cock in your ass!

I couldn't believe I was watching this in front of me! I loved it! I watched how you slowly slid down on him, taking his cock all the way in you, and then you leaned back on him! I then realized what this did for me. With your legs spread out over his, there was a perfect spot for me to stand in between and have full access to your pussy!

I walked right up, looking down at you and could see your eyes begging me to slide my cock in you! Your nicely shaven pussy was waiting, so I slid my cock on it and started to enter you. It was so tight, especially because you had that cock buried deep in you already! I slowly slid deeper into you, watching you close your eyes and roll your head from side to side. My cock could feel every ridge inside your sweet walls and could feel his cock through the thin and stretched membrane.

You started moving on him and he started to fuck your ass, nice and slow. I stayed still for a few seconds, enjoying your movements and the feelings going on inside of you. I knew it was a good time to make your wish come through, so as his cock started to slide deep in you, mine would be pulling out.

Eventually we got a perfect motion where one was slamming in you as the other one was withdrawing! My lips found your nipples and I was sucking hard on them, listening to your loud moans and groans for harder and faster. We soon were slamming into you at a feverous pitch and your body started quivering the first of several rapid fire climaxes. As you did, you clamped down hard on his cock and he shot a full load of cum deep in your ass.

You kept grinding on him as his cock stayed in and I bit onto your nipple, making your thrash about, exploding on my cock with your cum rushing out along my shaft! I looked up and asked you if you had any special requests for my cum, because it was all yours to have! You told me to cum between your tits and you started to squeeze them together for me and you slid over more onto the bed.

You knew I always loved staring at that cleavage and I quickly got my cum soaked cock between your tits as you rubbed them all over it for me. It didn't take long before the cum was shooting up against your chin and all in between your tits. You had a great big smile as some sprayed onto your lips and you licked them very seductively. With that we half heartedly cleaned up and got partially dressed before just laying on the bed.

We all fell asleep for awhile, mostly from exhaustion. Your head was gently resting on my chest and with the sounds of the early morning birds, I awoke to find you moaning as your other new best friend had gently latched onto your clit and had you grinding quickly on his tongue.

He licked you all over, cleaning up all the juices on your ass and pussy and going back for more. You realized that through all that excitement, you still had two cocks at your disposal. I looked at you licking your lips some more and said... "All you have to do is take what you want!" You reached out for my hardening cock as you rolled over and slid it in your mouth with eyes that begged for me to always stay ready for you!

Mac kept you moaning as his tongue was sliding all over your clit and circling your ass. Each time he would circle you, he'd try poking his tongue in that tight hole and you'd in turn suck harder on my cock while moaning! You certainly loved the attention he was giving you and I was loving my benefits too!

Your hips were swaying back and forth, inviting him to continue his expertly done rear assault on you. He soon reached up, slowly peeling your thong over your hips and then tossing them aside. You knew then clothing would probably not be needed this morning either!

I was looking over your back, watching him eat you from behind as you were on your hands and knees devouring my cock. I pulled away from you, much to your dismay, but you quickly learned why, as my lips came to yours kissing you ever so passionately. Mack stopped for a second and I got you to lay on your back, while I kneeled next to you, continuing our deep kisses. As you felt my lips softly touching yours, you felt my probing tongue darting out to meet yours.

The kisses ignited your passion and you arched your back screaming with pleasure as we kissed. Your pussy was being probed by fingers that was alternated in attention by Mac's talented tongue. He saw how the juices were flowing heavily from you and you were right at the edge of the bed providing a perfect angle to let him taste all of you!

Soon though, I saw Mac as he brought his cock up to your hand and I slowly slid down your body, letting the head of my cock touch your velvet lined opening. You scooted up on the bed and had him stand at the edge so you could hang your head over the edge and take him deep in your throat.

Just before engulfing him, you looked at me and told me..."You have your choice, anything you want...I want you to take!" I looked at how you pulled your knees up and spread them apart showing me everything. Your lips were so wet, opening like a fresh rose petal and begging for entry. I slid my cock in you, guiding it with my hand and then back out all the way. I kept teasing you with quick stabs and kept coming all the way out.

I loved watching your pussy lips contracting as i withdrew, but then again, I also loved the feeling of plunging deep inside of you. I let my cock slam fully into you as I grabbed at your shoulders pulling your body on to me.

You were as airtight as we could get you and I know he was experiencing the best blowjob a man could get! You had him so deep in your throat that he suddenly began shaking and thrusting as you grabbed his ass, keeping him deep while he convulsed and you sucked him dry!

Your eyes were glazed over as your head relaxed from sucking him so wonderfully and I was feeling you wrapping your legs around me. I reached down to your rock hard nipples and played roughly with them. You were loving it and they were growing to my touch! You were staring at my eyes, watching me.

I felt you quivering, knowing that you were close, so i slid down and did something else i love. You loved it also, because as soon as my lips sucked hard on your clit, your legs wrapped tight around my head. Mac started sucking on your nipples and my slick fingers started twisting in your pussy. They were so wet and I felt the convulsions starting....so I quickly slid them from your pussy and slid my wet middle finger deep in your ass as I latched onto your clit, flicking it wildly with my tongue.

Mack sucked on one nipple and pulled on the other as your body began to thrash about. My other hand was stroking my cock while you exploded on me and the gyrations almost knocked us all over. As i felt you starting to release from your orgasm, i stood up just about to cum. You knew I was close and pulled your legs back up giving me full access to your ready and willing ass.

As soon as the head started to slide into your well lubricated back door, you felt me convulsing. You pulled me deeper to you with your heels, feeling the cum shooting deep into you. In less than a minute, I had released a torrential flood of cum that was now starting to run out with my throbbing cock. Your fingers went right to your clit, rubbing you quickly to another mind blowing orgasm as you convulsed on my cock's last few thrusts in orgasm.

We relaxed for awhile on the bed, all three of us. Eventually we all took showers, but never getting wanting to get dressed was on my mind. Mac had errands to do, so he left us for awhile. I held your towel clad body from behind and kissed along the nape of your neck. I asked you if you think you will make it through a weekend of this.

You dropped the towel...and turned to me. I could see your answer in your eyes!

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