Weekend Ch. 04



Saturday began bright and early, but I was sound asleep. I had gotten in late and was still very tired. I woke up at the crack of noon. The sunshine was annoyingly bright through the window. Emily was sleeping beside me, dead to the world. This time, we were both naked. The naughty little thrill that gave me prevented me from going back to sleep. Gradually, I pulled myself out of bed and into the shower, where I was able to completely wake up and face the day.

Under the warm water, I let myself dissolve into reflection. The night before had been nothing like I'd expected. I had prepared myself to fuck a strange man I'd met only once before. I had anticipated the experience with fear, excitement and lust, but I was determined to be professional and in control. Instead, I found that the events were not in my control at all. I was shocked to find what a rush that was. Every hour of every day of my life, for as long as I could remember, was scheduled, planned and organized. It was unheard of in my parents' household to just let things flow. But now, things were happening to me that I would never have planned for myself or even imagined just days ago. I had licked another girl's pussy. I had been a part of a threesome. I had been paid for sex. For the first time in my life, I'd had an orgasm that didn't come from my own fingers. I had enjoyed myself immensely. My newfound freedom made me feel comfortable and secure in the strange path I was on.

I decided to call my parents and tell them I was not returning to school. I would make my own way in the world from now on. I was a real person and I could make my own decisions, or at least choose the person to make the decisions for me. I was going to give them every detail of my erotic awakening. Out of their shock and horror, I would build myself a new life. Let them disown me. I would never have to face them again.

The water started to get cold, so I shut it off. The fantasy ended with the shower and I knew that whatever happened, I would be returning home on Sunday and be back in Psychology 101 by 9 o'clock Monday morning.

I came out of the bathroom and found Emily up and hurriedly getting dressed. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hopped into the living room on one foot, still pulling on her other shoe. I borrowed her robe again and followed.

Michelle gave me a strange look, full of questions, irritation and even respect. Neither of us said anything. Her eyes held me for a moment, then moved on. There was a tense, hurried feeling in the room. Several pieces of overstuffed luggage were waiting by the door. Michelle and her roommates were zipping around in a last minute frenzy, trying to make sure they'd remembered everything.

"Tonight is our party," she told me. "We will not be home until very late. You'll be on your own. Don't use the kitchen. There's a list of delivery places on the counter. I'm sure you can afford them. Get some rest. You go home tomorrow."

Michelle, Emily and Laura rushed out the door without a backward glance. I felt doubly rejected. She had made it clear that I was not to be invited to the party, and just to add insult to injury, she had to remind me that my lukewarm welcome in this apartment was over. My new life was already over.

I wondered what was gonna happen at this party and whether or not I would ever know. I thought about calling Michelle's cell and telling her that if she didn't let me come to the party, I was gonna tell Mom and Dad everything, but I never seriously considered it. Michelle wouldn't believe me even if I could manage to get the words out. Deep down, we still know each other too well.

I was hurt, but helpless. I was gonna spend another day watching videos. Sunday, I would go back home and the memories would gradually fade. I would mourn for Crimson and go back to being Karen. Feeling a little depressed, I went back to bed.

I was awakened by Michelle. She was sitting on the side of the bed, dripping warm water on my face from her fingers. A quick glance at the clock told me I had been asleep about two hours. I automatically brought the blankets up to my chin to hide my nudity. Inwardly, I was laughing at myself over that. I had shown myself proudly to a complete stranger, two strangers if you counted Emily, but I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my sister. Michelle had noticed, as well.

In a somber voice, she said, "I'm sorry you were brought into this. I never intended to let my life touch yours. I got where I am through pure rage. I am still fighting everything Mom and Dad tried to turn me into. I was hoping your escape would be cleaner. But it's done now and there's no going back. I'm going to give you a choice."

Michelle told me that if I really wanted to try her line of work, she would provide the opportunity. I was still going home to finish high school and I was still going to have to deal with my parents until graduation. When it was over and I was free, she would have a place for me, if I still wanted it. In order to make sure that I knew what I getting myself into, I could go to the party.

"This party is very important," she warned me. "If you are going to be there, you are going to work. Emily and Laura will be there. We have fifteen guys coming and a few part-time girls who I use from time to time. If you're going to be there, you had better be ready to fuck each and every one of them. I've hired a few bouncers and nothing will happen without condoms, so you'll be safe. You don't have to take it in the ass if you don't want to. However, these guys are coming to have a good time and if you tell me you want to be there, you are going to give them a good time. I need that commitment from you. Otherwise, you stay here."

I thought about it for a few minutes. In the end, that commitment was the deciding factor. I had been insulted when they didn't invite me, but this party scared me silly. What would they want to do to me? But by giving all my decisions to Michelle, I was ensuring my own safety and giving myself the freedom to do anything.

"If you decide to do this, I need you to be ready at 9 o'clock sharp. Don't worry about your outfit and don't take a shower. We'll get you ready over there. Do some stretching and exercises to get yourself limber and relaxed. Make sure you eat something, but don't wait too long. I don't want to hear your stomach growling during the party, but there won't be any bathroom breaks once we start."

Michelle stood up and looked at the clock. "You'll need some time to think about it. I'll call you at five to get your decision."

She looked at the clock again and then she was gone. I was left confused but exhilarated. I had already made up my mind, but I hadn't mentioned it. I did want to think about it some more.

The rest of the day was nerve-wracking. I was so excited, I couldn't sit still. The minutes dragged and limped along like sick animals, except during a few spots of terrified panic, when they flew like Olympic sprinters.

At 5 o'clock, the phone rang and my heart nearly stopped. Without even a greeting, Michelle's voice asked, "In or out?"

I could barely hear my own whisper as I said, "In."

Michelle hesitated for a moment, and then asked if I was sure. She was genuinely concerned and it gave me a boost in courage. I managed to give her a more confident answer.

"9 o'clock," she said gently and the line went dead.

The next few hours were even worse than the ones that had gone before. I couldn't even take a shower or choose a hot outfit to fill the time. Michelle had made it clear that all decisions about my activities for the night were not to be made by me. While that was somewhat liberating, since I didn't have a thing to worry about, it also made the waiting unbearable.

Finally, the clock reached 8:45. I was almost convinced that it had been moving backward every time I glanced away, but it was finally almost time. I was so worked up, I nearly screamed when I finally heard a key turn in the lock.

Laura came in and looked at me impatiently. "Hurry up," was all she said. I followed her from the apartment and out to her car.

I was fervently wishing it had been Emily instead. Laura didn't like me very much. I couldn't really blame her. I had taken her place in the bed she shared with Emily. She'd been sleeping with Michelle instead and Michelle was even bitchier than usual because of my presence and my activities. We didn't say much during the drive.

We wound our way through some very nice neighborhoods before pulling into the driveway of a large house. You couldn't really call it a mansion, but if you had the money to live in a mansion, this might be the kind of place you would go to 'rough it' for a few days.

We followed the driveway up past the garage and around to the back of the house where a second garage was located. Michelle's car was there already, and Emily's, plus a few others I didn't know. We parked the car and I hopped out and ran after Laura. She was walking very quickly, determined not to wait for me.

I followed her inside and through the house. It was a long and intimidating journey. There was a lot of money here. Paintings, old books and elegant furniture filled nearly every room we passed. There was a library that managed to be neat and clean and extensive, but with a level of comfort never found in municipal libraries. The game room had two pool tables, dart boards, a chess table, shelves and shelves of boardgames and what looked like every video game system known to man. The living room, when we reached it, was not at all what I expected. There were comfortable chairs situated all around the edges and a big empty space in the middle. There were two enormous televisions dominating one wall and it looked like a comfy home theatre. The dining room had a very long table that could seat twenty in a pinch. It didn't match the rest of the furniture in the house. It was of a newer, more modern design, but it was more beat up than the older, well cared for pieces. The dining room also had heavy black draperies hanging inexplicably from the ceiling, falling heavily onto the table, cutting off the end. The back of the room was completely concealed. Laura scooted behind the heavy black cloth, sliding her back against the wall, and went through a door on the other side.

We found Michelle sitting on the floor, unpacking a box in the biggest kitchen I've ever seen. The place was huge. We could have played two on two volleyball over the island stove and not broken a single dish. Four other girls were helping Michelle to unpack boxes. I didn't know them. CDs, erotic videos, and body lotions were arranged on the counters. A box of sex toys were sitting in a box by the fridge. A colourful selection of underwear was piled on the dry dishrack next to the sink. On the island's countertop were three decorated baskets, each with an attractively arranged assortment of condoms.

Michelle looked up at us as we entered, brushed off her hands and rose to her feet. She looked around at all the preparations and at the people. I knew that look on her face. She was about to deliver a lecture. I had seen that look so many times in her last year at home. I think she had worn it continuously for a couple of months after graduation.

"Girls," she began, "We're gonna make some money tonight. Hopefully, we'll make a lot of money. But I do not want you thinking about the money. At all times, I want you to be thinking about the client or clients you are with at that moment. I want you doing everything in your power to make sure that client is having the best time of his or her life. Don't forget that one of the men is bringing his wife. I do not want you to ignore her."

"Tonight is about tomorrow. In the morning, I expect to have gained several wealthy new clients. To earn their loyalty and future business, we need to put them in a state of bliss and keep the hassles and the haggling to a minimum. I will be setting the prices tonight and I will accept the money. Amber and Katrina will be helping me with that. If I find that a girl has been hustling the guys for more money, she will not work for me again and I will spread the word about her. I might even make up some shit. She'll be standing on street corners by next week."

"From time to time, I might be offering a guy a free rubdown or free blowjob or even a free fuck and I may tell one of you to deliver it. I do not want to hear any bitching. At the end of the party, all the money will be divided equally and I do not want to hear any bitching. Your clothes and purses will be left with me and you will wear only the garments I will provide you and I do not want to hear any bitching."

"This is an important night, and these are very important clients, but try to be relaxed. Stay loose and have some fun. It will make everything easier."

Michelle gestured for me to come join her in the center of the kitchen. "This is my sister. Tonight is her initiation. Take her upstairs and get her ready. You know what I want. Get yourselves ready as well. Come back here to get dressed. You might as well take your clothes off now and leave them with me."

The girls didn't look happy, but they weren't going to cross Michelle. One by one, they stood up and did as they'd been told.

I should have been prepared for it. I should have gotten used to it, but when these four girls I had never met started stripping off their clothes, I was embarrassed. Michelle had taken one of the now-empty boxes and placed it in front of her. The girls dropped their clothes into it. Laura took their purses and found another box for those.

Michelle looked up at me, both impatient and amused. "That means you too," she said. "If you're gonna do this, you're gonna do this right. That means you follow directions. You do what they tell you."

The girls started up a staircase at the back of the kitchen. One or two of them seemed to know the way. The girl in front was carrying a bag of toiletries. Quickly, I stripped out of my clothes and followed them. It was a disconcerting climb. I was looking directly at the backside of the girl in front of me. I felt rude, staring at her ass like that, but I couldn't look away. This was not a view I was accustomed to. It made me feel better to know that she was probably accustomed to being stared at.

At the top of the stairs, we entered a bathroom that could have comfortably housed a family of six. It had a two line telephone and a television with VCR and DVD. In the magazine rack next to the toilet was a laptop computer. The bathtub had a deep end. The shower had three showerheads and a bench and could have accomodated my mother's car.

One of them turned the shower on and we all got in. It was surreal. I was showering with four strange girls. Even in gym class, everyone had separate shower stalls. The other girls seemed to be thinking the same thing, but they were more professional than I was and much more afraid of Michelle.

The shower has always been my place to relax and be myself. It is where I do my deepest soul-searching and my fantasizing. It is where I would make my preparations for whatever the world was planning to throw at me. This shower was a little different.

An assembly line began. One girl had taken a fresh bottle of shampoo from the bag. She opened it, squeezed some into her hand and passed it to the next girl. Soon, we were all lathering, rinsing and repeating.

After the shampoo came the conditioner. As we stood around, staring at each other in the steam, waiting for it to set into our hair, we started to laugh. I don't know who giggled first, or what we were laughing about, but we ended up in near hysterics. We started splashing and shouting and squeezing out streams of bath products at each other.

It was like the slumber parties I used to go to when I was a kid. I didn't have a pillow to fight with, but I knew the next best thing. I started tickling. Then we were all tickling. I got attacked with bath sponges and washcloths. We picked up the soaps and started lathering each other up. I was very free with my fingers. I know they went into very private places at least three times, but I'm not sure if they belonged to three different girls or not. I felt one finger slide up inside me and wiggle before exiting. It happened too fast to react, but I enjoyed it.

When we'd turned off the water and gotten out of the shower, we were all a lot less nervous. We got out the towels and helped each other dry off. We were clean and fresh and ready to go back downstairs, or so I thought.

The other girls grabbed me and hoisted me up onto the bathroom counter. An enormous mirror ran the length of the countertop behind me. The water was running in the sink and a hot, wet washcloth was pressed against my pussy. One of the girls, a cute dark-haired chick with Asian features smiled at me and held up a razor.

"We've got to get you into uniform," she said.

I looked down and realized that all four of the girls' pussies were almost completely hairless. I had been trying to avoid looking at their crotches and had not noticed. Each of them had a single vertical stripe of hair extending an inch or two upward from the top of the seam of their pussy. This was the 'uniform' I was to wear.

I was resolved to let the evening's events carry me, so I leaned back against the mirror and opened my legs. I even closed my eyes. They could do whatever they wanted to me. One of the girls lifted my feet to the countertop, tilting my pussy further up and out and giving her better access.

The playful mood from the shower had turned to something more serious. The girl between my legs was quickly rubbing shaving cream onto my pussy. The other girls were fixing their hair, putting on makeup and trimming their own body hair. Time was starting to run out.

The hand between my legs felt nice, but it was soon replaced by a cold razor blade. I held myself absolutely still. The girl was going much too fast for my comfort. When I shave my legs, I am very slow and careful, terrified of nicks and cuts and disfiguring scars and bleeding to death in the bathtub. The rapid scrape, scrape, scrape on my privates was unnerving. A shiver went through me as she worked.

The ordeal did not last long. Soon I was smooth and bare with my own little stripe. The girl who had just shaved me hurriedly rubbed some ointment onto my newly exposed skin, then rushed to get ready herself. The other girls were almost finished.

I grabbed a brush and dragged it through my hair a few times until it looked somewhat under control, but as I admired the effect in the mirror, the brush was grabbed away from me. I was roughly spun around to face the shorter of the two blonde girls.

"You look like hell," she said, and went to work on my hairdo herself. She was not nearly as gentle as the Asian chick. The hairbrush had become a weapon, pulling and tugging and ripping my hair. She sprayed things on my head and splashed me with perfume. She grabbed the make-up and painted my face.

When she was done, I examined myself in the mirror. I was expecting to look like a whore, harsh and dirty and sexual. I was even looking forward to it. But instead, I looked like a centerfold. I was beautiful. I was soft and erotic and alluring. I was ready.

We went back down to the kitchen. Michelle had some clothes ready. She had whole outfits put together, from lingerie to shorts and skirts and tops. She quickly dressed each girl. Michelle, Emily and Laura were already dressed, in matching black half shirts and butt-hugging shorts.

Michelle was finishing with the fourth girl when the doorbell rang. She sent Emily out to let people in. Laura and the other girls went to wait in the dark end of the dining room. Michelle looked around the kitchen and then followed them. As she slipped into the dining room, she told me to wait where I was.

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