tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Challenge Ch. 03

Weekend Challenge Ch. 03


The next morning we planned on checking out the beach but I wanted breakfast first. I thought we would order room service but Ed said he had gone downstairs while I was in the shower and checked out the restaurant where they served breakfast. I was fine with that but wondered what I would wear. I told Ed that I could not go down there in the barely there bikini he had packed for me. He went over and took the man's white dress shirt that he had packed and handed it to me. I figured I would wear it as a cover-up over my bikini. I went and grabbed my bikini from the drawer and began to step into the bottom of the suit. "What are you doing?" Ed asked and I told him I was getting ready for the beach. It was then that he told me I could put the suit on later. I was just going to wear the shirt down to breakfast. I tried to protest but I soon kept quiet, as I knew the outcome. I pulled the shirt on and saw it must have been for a smaller man. It was not as long as I expected it to be but the tails did fall to a few inches above my knees.

I began to button it from the bottom up and saw that the last button was just below my breasts. Apparently Ed had removed the others. I was showing a good amount of cleavage and a flash of thigh when I put one leg forward but I was certainly not exposing anything that could cause me trouble. I looked in the mirror and you could just barely make out my areola through the shirt but my nipples were quite obvious, as they seemed to poke through the thin fabric. All in all if I walked and sat cautiously all would b fine. I put on my high heel sandals and saw how the shirt seemed to get shorter as my skirt had the night before. Walking down to the elevator we passed a few people here and there. I don't think anyone realized that all I was wearing was the shirt. I was certainly feeling the excitement knowing that under the shirt I was naked. We entered the restaurant and were shown to a table by a nice looking guy probably a college student.

I sat carefully to make sure I was covered and were ordered our breakfast. Each time the waiter came to our table he would make small talk. There was no one that was seated looking in my direction; they were seated so their backs were to me. When the waiter came back with more coffee he asked if we were going to the beach. I said we were and he explained he assumed we were because of what I was wearing. Ed chimed in and said we were indeed going to the beach after we ate and went back to our room. He told the waiter I needed to get my bikini on. The waiter seemed puzzled and Ed told him that I was naked under the shirt. This surprised me because usually Ed prefers people to find these things out by seeing for themselves. Well the waiter did not believe I was only wearing the shirt. I think he believed it but was trying to see for himself.

Ed told me to unbutton the top two buttons on the shirt, which I did. Now the shirt was open and just barely covering my nipples. The waiter said seemed to want more proof so Ed had me undo another button. Now the shirt fell open enough to expose my boobs completely. There were only a couple of buttons keeping the shirt closed below my waist. Then the waiter said " you must be wearing a g-string, you wouldn't come out only wearing that shirt". I knew what was coming as Ed looked at me. I reached down and undid the last of the buttons and let the shirt fall to the sides as I sat there totally exposed from head to toe. "Holy shit" was about all our young waiter could say. After giving him enough time get a good look I began to button the shirt but Ed told me to only button the first three from the bottom.

We paid our bill and as we walked out my shirt managed to stay closed enough to barely cover my nipples. Once on the elevator Ed had me take off the shirt and hand it to him. The doors opened on our floor and there was a couple waiting for the elevator. I looked, smiled and said "good morning", they didn't say a word but I could feel their eyes on me as we walked down the hall to our room. I love seeing the reactions of people when the elevator doors open and they are faced with a naked woman. The guys want to look without being obvious, most of the time. The women look at me with either total disdain or envy. I know lots of females who have a public nudity fantasy but are too afraid to do anything about it. I hope to help as many as I can to get a little naughty, starting with Jenna.

Once back in the room we were getting ready to explore the beach. We had inquired about finding a beach that may be more for adults. We were told our best bet was to go to a beach that had no lifeguard. Most families tend to stay away from unprotected beaches. I pulled on the bottom of my bikini and adjusted the ties on the sides to be sure it was secure. The bottom was very small just a tiny triangle in front that just wide enough to barley cover my mound and keep my lips covered. The strings at the sides were very small and the back really was just a small string that covered nothing. The top pretty much consisted of two small triangles held together by more of the small string as the bottom. It actually just covered my areola and not much else. The bottom of my boobs were hanging out, the sides of my boobs were totally exposed. I really felt more naked than if I had actually been naked. If that makes any sense to anyone but me.

Finally I was dressed, sort of and ready to head to the beach. It seems Ed did bring a blanket for us to sit on because he would not let me take a towel. I was going to wear the men's shirt as a cover-up but Ed told me I was to wear nothing but the bikini. Well I certainly drew lots of attention once the elevator stopped and we walked into the lobby. I certainly had the attention of everyone and it wasn't until I stopped by a mirrored wall and looked that I saw why. This bikini was almost transparent. My areolas were clearly visible through the thin fabric and you could make out the outline of my lips and mound. If I had any hair at all down there it would have been visible to anyone who looked. Well not much I could do about it and I was really enjoying the attention. I was trying my best to keep my composure to avoid creating a wet spot on my tiny triangle of cloth.

I love the attention, I crave the attention and I would walk through the lobby naked, any day and any time, except for that fear of being arrested. I was afraid there would be complaints (from a jealous wife or girlfriend) about my attire but apparently not. I had everyone's attention but no one attempted to stop us. We made our way through the lobby and out the exit by the pool to the walkway going down to the beach. The beach was busy but not overly crowded like the beaches in New Jersey, especially Sandy Hook (Gateway National Recreation Area). We walked down a bit to a less populated area and laid out the blanket.

I lay on my stomach and had Ed rub sunscreen on my back. Since the string on my top was so thin there was really no need to open it although Ed asked. After getting some sun on my back I turned over and did the same in the front. My boobs are somewhat tan and not glaring white. So I left my top on for now and enjoyed the sun. Soon I flipped over again and this time I undid the string on my top. At that point Ed suggested I take the bottoms off also since no one was sitting really close to us. So I raised my hips just enough to slide the bottoms down to my knees and Ed took them off the rest of the way. After awhile I turned over and got a bit more on my front. It felt great laying out letting the sun touch very part of my body. It was getting warm and I wanted to test the water. I figured it was warm since I saw many people down the beach enjoying themselves in the ocean.

As I began to get my suit back on Ed suggested I not bother and just go in naked. I looked around and it seemed I could do so with no problem but I just wasn't sure. We had been on the beach for a few hours now and I was getting hungry. I would be wanting lunch soon and wanted to go in the water before we went back to have lunch. I put my suit on and made my way to the water, I got a bit of a chill at first, as it was warm but not as warm as I would like it. I slowly walked in until I was into the water up past my waist and then I dove under a wave. I immediately felt for the top and bottom of my suit and was relieved and a bit disappointed that they were intact. I enjoyed the water for a while longer and then I saw Ed was motioning for me to come out.

He walked down to the edge of the water ( he is not a water person) and suggested we go back in to have lunch. We only had a short walk back to the hotel and when I stepped out of the water and began to adjust my suit I realized it was almost as if I was naked. The material had become totally see-through once it got wet. There was nothing at all being hidden by the small cloth triangles anymore. I wanted the blanket but Ed would not allow me to use it to cover myself. We walked the short distance up the beach and up the walk passed the pool. When we reached the lobby all hell seemed to break loose as one person noticed me and drew attention to me. I was at the point very happy the suit was already wet because I was so turned on that the bottom would have been soaked by my juices that were beginning to flow.

I love creating a scene especially if I am naked or nearly naked and do not end up in a police car. I was loving this as we made our way to the elevator and back to the room. We didn't have anyone on the elevator with us but we did pass a few people as we walked down the hall to our room and they certainly noticed me as my bikini was still wet enough to hide nothing. Once in the room I stripped off my suit as Ed asked how I enjoyed the day. I told him I had a thrilling day and badly needed some relief. I was going to get my pocket rocket but I could see the bulge growing in Ed's swim trunks. I walked over and pulled them down and watched his hard shaft pop up and point at me.

I was already so wet I walked over to the large sliding glass door overlooking the water and pressed myself against it as Ed came up behind me. Soon I was impaled on Ed as I was pressed firmly against the window and felt him push deeper into my soaking wet pussy. Before long I was in the first waves of a wonderful orgasm. Once I regained my composure after Ed withdrew I turned around, knelt down and took him in my mouth. Pulling him out just in time for him to splay his cum over my boobs. Once we both recovered we took a shower to get cleaned up before lunch. We ordered lunch in and I answered the door naked for the room service waiter. As we ate we began discussing our plans for the evening.

To be continued...


Thank you to all that have voted and posted comments. I also would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to send an email. I really love reading the emails and try to answer as many as possible. I hope to get to answer all of those who give a return email address.

Love to all


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