tagErotic CouplingsWeekend Commute

Weekend Commute


By Victoria and Jerry

Chapter 1

Charlie pulled his Chevy over to the brightly lit gas station. As the liquid pumped into his car he pulled his phone out of his pocket to call Jayney to tell her he was almost home. His cell phone screen let him know he had a message and that he had missed a call. It was his wife's voice, "I have instructions for you. The kids will be in bed when you get home, so come straight to our room. Take off your clothes at the door, and enter the room naaaaked. I miss you and your sexy body. I want you tonight. I want you to fuck me." Those instructions he could follow easily and willingly. He missed his wife and often at night as he lay alone he would find pleasure in remembering the way she would moan as he found his way into her. He could tell from Jayney's voice message that tonight he would not be alone.

Charlie hated being so far from his Jayney. They used to spend hours together having sex, talking, laughing, arguing, and discussing their girls. Now their time was so short, but they seemed to fill it with petty arguments, and wasted minutes. How long would this continue that he would be working far away during the week and driving home to be with his family only for the occasional weekend? The area where they found their dream home was not the same area where he found his dream job. They were miles apart, and the compromise they had made to have both was hard on all of them.

Last weekend was his first weekend home after three whole weeks away, and it had been months since they started this crazy scheme. He had planned on a romantic evening with his Jayney, but when he'd arrived home she'd already fallen asleep on the bed with their precious Shelia, and Stephie tucked beside her. He didn't have the heart to waken them. The next day though couldn't help be upset that he hadn't been greeted by his wife when he arrived. Even though she apologized he still couldn't forgive her. They had talked about it during the week and of course they both felt badly for how they acted. He had reason to think this weekend would be different.

Jayney turned out most of the house lights after putting the kids to bed. She wore only her house robe with nothing underneath. She missed her husband so hard it hurt like someone had rendered her useless half the time. It was hard handling the kids and school and work all alone. It was not hard imagining her husband beside her, as he had kept her bed warm and held her in his arms every night. Not having him now made her realize what she had started to take for granted. She saw the lights of his car pull into the drive way, and quietly walked to the bedroom, dropped the robe off her shoulders and slipped between the sheets.

Charlie was surprised to see the whole house dark, but let himself in quietly. His cock had grown in size since receiving the message, and he'd paid it some attention on the remaining part of the drive. He found his way through the house, peeking in at the girls finding them asleep. He slipped into the bathroom to freshen up, and drop off his clothes. He couldn't wait any longer, he had no idea where the clothes landed. He walked naked through the hall and opened the door to their room as per Jayney's instructions.

As he stepped into the darkened bedroom the hall light reflected Jayney's face and the outline of Jayney's form under the sheets. Her eyes were closed. Was she really asleep? Now he was disappointed, she'd fallen asleep before his arrival for the second time. He promised himself he'd be more patient with her this weekend, and he meant to keep his promise. They could always enjoy themselves tomorrow night. He quietly slipped into bed, trying not to disturb Jayney, comforting himself with the fact that he would sleep beside his wife and wake up next to her.

Jayney heard her husband open the door, and wondered if he'd received her message. He slipped into bed. She slid slowly towards him, her hand reaching him and she was glad that he seemed to have followed her instructions.

At first when she moved he assumed she was just snuggling into him to sleep better, but then he realized her hand was purposely searching his body. He started laughing, "Have you been awake this whole time?"

She didn't answer right away. She hadn't made it to her goal yet. Her fingers slid across his skin until she reached his cock. Then she answered, "Yes, I was waiting for this to arrive." She started right away rubbing his cock, up and down.

It was so much more enjoyable then anything he could do alone. He just let himself lay there getting lost in the touch of her. They missed each other and both knew they wouldn't last long. She slid the rest of her body towards his now, their skin touching and becoming alive. "I missed you," he said as he wondered how he'd leave her again on Monday morning.

"I missed you more," she said never wanting him to leave her again. He could feel his cock swell under her touch.

Charlie reached around and cupped her right breast. Just touching her caused him to moan. He loved everything about her. Her hard, sensitive nipples always reacted to his touch.

Charlie began to tease Jayney's nipples, pulling on them, pinching them lightly. Her hand tightened around his now hard cock. She was as excited as he was. Charlie could tell by the way she pushed her self into his thigh.

The need became too great when some of the moistness from her pussy rubbed onto his naked skin. Charlie turned her over onto her back. With him lying on top of her she helped guide him into her waiting hole. "I love you so much" he whispered as he felt the heat of her pussy encase his manhood.

Her eyes closed as he entered her, a soft moan escaping her lips. "I love you darling. You are my life"

Charlie started their corresponding movements. Hips raising and lowering. Her hard clit was rubbing against him with each thrust inward. They both needed release and needed it soon. Both were on the edge.

The pace quickened. Charlie could feel his balls tighten as they slapped against her. Jayney could feel her pussy spasming with each thrust in. They kissed hard, both moaning as the release came. Uncontrolled lust and love released in unison.

His cock could feel her pussy spasming around him, milking every drop from him. The mutual orgasm seemed to last forever. Spent, Charlie collapsed on top of her. Both breathing hard.

Whispering while he brushed the hair gently off her face, "You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world."

Tears were running down Jayney' face. Tears of joy of what they enjoyed together but also tears anticipating the separation that would be so difficult.

"Are you crying because you missed me or because you're going to miss me?" He ached inside to see her tears. He slid out of her, and held her for a while.

"The week is a long time to wait to be with you like this. I can't handle everything without you. The bed is lonely, the kids are lonely and the whole house is lonely waiting for you to return." The tears increased as she spoke.

"Oh sweetie. I love that you need me but it's so hard to know that you're alone here and I can't help you."

"I'm not trying to make you feel guilty for leaving, I know this is what we have to do for now, but I need you to know that it's hard." "Tomorrow, I'll make sure to let the kids tell me too about any difficulties they've had this week." Thinking about the kids made him want to see them immediately.

"That sounds great. I don't know what we can change but I think we'd all feel better talking about it together," her tears subsided as they held each other and his voice carried reassurances she was longing to hear.

"I want to see the kids."

"As long as we go together," she felt like a clingy wife and didn't want to let go of him for even a moment.

He rolled off the bed grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him. His kiss almost made him pull him back onto the bed on top of her, but she resisted. She pulled the sheet off the bed and they wrapped it around both of them with their arms around each other. Getting through the door was tricky but they figured walking sideways they could stay attached and still make progress.

The soft glow from the street lights barely lit up Shelia's face as she lay sleeping on the bed. Her breathing slow and steady made it clear she was peacefully asleep. Charlie marveled at this precious child he and Jayney had created. Sheila was perfect. He resisted waking her up even though he wanted to see her smile.

In the next room Stephie, a light sleeper turned over at the sound of their shuffling and muffled giggles, but didn't awake. Stephie's hair lay in a mess spread down her back and over her pillow. Her breathing filled the quietness. Stephie was small but had long since stolen a piece of her Daddy's heart. He felt complete with his three beautiful women within close reach.

They shuffled backward through the narrow door away from the girl's doors. Then their minds quickly returned to thoughts of reenacting over and over what they had managed once so far. They both were of the same mind, and later that night they lay exhausted in each others arms.


"Hmmm," she was starting to fall asleep.

"You planned tonight will you let me plan something for the two of us for tomorrow night?"

"That's sound great. I could call for a babysitter in the morning."

"No, I think I need to spend time with the girls. If you're not too tired after they go to sleep, then I've got some thoughts spinning through my head."

"Well, that's sounds quite suspicious but I'm done too much thinking alone this week, so we can do what you want."

"Great, less then 24 hours and we'll be bouncin' the spring on this bed again."

"If we don't go to bed soon we won't be awake when tomorrow comes."

"One more kiss, then I promise to let you sleep even though my thoughts will be filled with making love to you."

She giggled and gladly delivered one more kiss before falling asleep in the arms of her husband.

Chapter Two

The next day Charlie got the perfect wake up. Stephie and Shelia ran into their room, and jumped on the bed and squeezed between him and Jayney. His girls loved him and wanted him the moment they awoke. How many times had he hated it when the girls had awoken him in the past? Not any more. They talked about his trip and his week. He gave them clues as to where he had left their gifts - which was pretty close to the front door where he dropped all his stuff the night before thinking only of naked Jayney. The girls rushed off and Charlie enjoyed a bad-breath kiss from Jayney. Jayney arose and started getting ready, heading off to the kitchen for breakfast. Charlie waited for the girls to return and sat with them while they talked about their week and exclaimed their presents.

The day went too quickly and too slowly at the same time. It was too slow because he couldn't stop thinking about his plans for his evening with Jayney, but also too fast because each minute passing brought them closer to his inevitable departure. The family looked at old photo albums and talked about missing their Dad during the week. They went to the park, they ate hotdogs. While the kids napped they had bills to take care of, and Jayney let Charlie know about the repairs on the house.

They played Candy Land for the third time before Jayney announced it was time for bed. Charlie noticed it was early but was glad the girls didn't pay attention.

"If you bathe the kids I'll get things set up in the bedroom," Charlie whispered in Jayney's ear. "Are you just trying to get out of getting wet?" She was laughing but knew it wasn't his favorite chore.

"If you shower them I'll tuck them into bed, while you get your own shower." That sounded like a fair trade.

Charlie headed to the room and could hear the laughter and splashes coming from the bathroom. He set up the tri-pod in the corner of the bedroom. The digital camera fit easily on the top. He tore open the wrap of a new tape and slid it inside, getting the power on. He often filmed his family, but now he wanted something to take with him to watch and remember his sexy wife. A recording was not as good as having his wife close but it would make the week go faster. He hoped Jayney wouldn't be too shy.

He slipped his favorite piece of Jayney's lingerie from his favorite drawer in their room, running his fingers over each peace imagining her in each one. He placed it and his favorite perfume by the door to their room. He lay on the bed letting his mind rush with thoughts of all the poses he wanted to see his wife in on the camera, and he didn't notice that things had quieted in the bathroom.

Her voice called to him, "The girls are ready for bed Charlie."

He would have preferred to skip to being naked with his wife but instead arose from the bed. As he met Jayney in the hall he whispered, "Don't go in the room just yet. I left something for you to wear by the door. Enjoy a bath and I'll get you from the bathroom when I'm done and when you're ready." She tried to hide her smile but he knew she was as eager as he.

He tucked Stephie and Shelia into their beds. Each of course wanted a story, a song and 'another' glass of water. With kisses and prayers he was finally able to leave them.

Jayney had slipped into the bath but had wanted to be ready in her negligee, and so didn't soak too long. She had taken time to feel her own skin, and remember last night's pleasure. She slipped on her negligee noting that it was the same one he'd bought for her a year ago. It must be his favorite. She dabbed on perfume, brushed her hair, and smoothed her lips with lip gloss. With an extra bottle of lubricant in her hand she sat and waited. The sound of his voice singing started her fixing her hair in front of the mirror again. She so badly wanted to look beautiful for him. She pulled in her stomach, and worried over her figure.

The soft knock at the door was what she was waiting for. He stood and stared at her. Last night they'd make love in the dark, which was great. But now he could see again the beauty of her. She rolled her eyes at him but of course loved his reaction. He wanted to take her right there and then but instead just took her hand and guided her towards the bedroom.

"Wait here, count to 10 slowly and then come in." He slipped into the room after his words, and stood behind the camera ready to capture her entrance.

She walked in thinking he would be naked on the bed but was surprised when he wasn't there. She didn't know what to think of the camera aimed at her.

"What are you doing? Turn that off." She was flustered and started backing out of the room.

"Do you really want me to?" He would have done as she asked but he really hoped she could get used to the idea and enjoy herself in front of it.

"I'm not a stripper. I don't know what to do."

He left the camera running but walked towards her, holding her hand, "Remember we said we needed something to make this easier, us being apart. I think if we have a video of us, then we can both watch it during the week. You'll feel that much closer to me and I'll feel like you're with me."

She giggled and he was relieved she didn't say no right away.

"You should have warned me."

"You probably would have said no right away if I had," he knew her beauty but also her discomfort in new situations.

"I'm embarrassed now!" The words came out in a nervous giggle.

"Don't be embarrassed! Please, can you do it for me?" He kissed her softly and pulled her close, making her think more of their love than the video camera.

"I don't think it's a good idea," her words didn't tell that she was nervous about how she'd look for the camera. She didn't consider herself beautiful and wondered if Charlie saw her on the tape if he would also discover what she lacked. "What if I go first, and if you still don't want to go any farther you can decide then," he reassured her.

She loved that idea of watching him and having it for remembrance. "That's easy to agree to."

She walked behind the camera now leaving Charlie a bit unsure of himself. She aimed it at him and he grinned foolishly now being on the receiving end.

"What do I do?"

"Take off your clothes, all of them slowly." That's all it took. He slid his shirt off first, and then his pants, and then his boxrers, growing redder in face and cock as he went.

"Your turn," he called towards the camera. She was already feeling her own moisture and couldn't take her eyes off his cock. He pulled her out from behind the camera, and forced her to switch places.

"Just watch me, don't look at the camera. Show me what you want me to remember you by this week."

She untied the robe covering her negligee with a giggle. She had had a few fantasies in college about being watched and loved to have her husband watch her. She always ate up his attentions, but this was different. Her husband stood naked before her with the camera rolling. She wondered if she was dreaming, but her wet pussy reminded her that fantasies do come true.

She started to come alive, but it wasn't her husbands eyes that she watched it was his cock. She wanted to see if she could make it grow right there in front of her. The negligee slid off her shoulders revealed her tanned skin. She turned and let down her hair and he watched it fall down her back. He wanted to step in and touch her, he could hardly resist. She didn't want to take off the lingerie yet, she wanted Charlie to do that for her. Instead she traced lines over her body, cupping her own breast, licking her lips, shaking her hair, sitting on the bed pouting with her legs wide open. The last gesture Charlie couldn't refuse. He put the camera on wide angle to not miss anything, and rushed towards her. His cock rose under her gaze, telling her everything she needed to know. Each touch of their skin together was heightened by the camera in the corner. It made it more awkward, but more intense at the same time. They wanted to go slowly to watch for later. But they were ready to tear at each others bodies from heightened desire.

He didn't want to block the camera so instead of kneeling in front of her as he had done to please her times before, he sat with his legs wide open on the bed and asked her to slide back into him. He leaned against the wall, and she slid into his embrace. From this angle he could touch her where he wanted but leave the view for the camera open. His own view was delicious too.

She rubbed her ass against his naked already hard cock. He started rubbing his hand over her lingerie, and their groaning started. His hand not satisfied outside her lingerie anymore was finding trails underneath. Under the lingerie onto her ready to burst breasts. She was lost in the pleasure and he was couldn't get enough of her soft flesh. One hand on her breasts, the other slipped down lower. He wanted her naked. As he undid the ties she seemed to tense, and worry about the camera again.

"Jayney you are so beautiful, please let me replay it this week. I don't have you and I want to see you in the movie when we're not together. Please." His voice was longing and aching. He couldn't handle it if she asked him to turn it off now.

"How beautiful am I?"

"You're so beautiful that every day I'm apart from you I wither a little inside. You're so beautiful that you put the flowers to shame. So beautiful that I want no woman except for you." It was what she needed to hear. They kissed each other then, finding each others lips. His fingers sought the strings to loosen the lingerie. She felt anxious about what she thought was a less then perfect body.

They wriggled getting her body out of the once sexy lingerie. Now it just lay crumpled on the floor without form. Now he was touching the form.

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