tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 01

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 01


Becky sat on the edge of the bed and waited as Larry unhooked her bra and his lips kissing the back of her neck giving her chills down her spine. Becky turned her head to kiss Larry on the lips pushing her tongue deep into his mouth as she reached out and pulled his underwear down his legs exposing his huge cock.

Becky broke the kiss and whispered to Larry and said. "Hurry and get on the bed so I can suck on your cock."

Larry leaned down and cupped one of Becky's large full breasts with his hand and began to gently lick the nipple making it as hard as a rock than kissed her again and said. "It's been two weeks since I've been inside that white pussy. Lay back on the bed because I want to climb right on and ride you."

Larry stepped out of the underwear and kneed onto the bed as he climbed up and laid his head on the pillow as he watched Becky as she straddled his legs and reached down and took hold of his thick cock and guided it to the opening of her tight pussy.

Becky moved the large black head into her pussy slit which was wet from her excitement. She had been fucking Larry for over a year now but when he was away from her for more than a week her excitement always built up like the very first time she fucked him.

Becky pushed her weight down onto Larry's cock as the large head popped into her pussy opening. Larry let out a groan as he felt her pussy clamp around his thick black cock as she began to rock herself down onto his cock.

Larry's eye's were closed as he felt her muscles tighten around his thick shaft as he remembered the very first time he fucked Becky thinking about how tight and snug her pussy felt around his thick shaft.

Becky felt like a virgin to Larry the first few times but she soon stretched out to accommodate his size after the first couple of months. She was still tight for his size but the pain for her was now gone and she only experienced pleasure once Larry was fully embedded inside her now.

Larry arched his ass off the bed sending more of his cock into Becky's pussy as she leaned forward letting her large full breasts dangle in front of his face

Larry took hold of Becky's nice round white ass and squeezed her cheeks in his hands as he lifted his head up and took one of her tits into his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled on her nipple.

This sent shivers down her spin as Becky closed her eyes and moaned as Larry now controlled the movements of her pussy on his large black cock.

Larry moved his mouth onto the other breast and gently sucked that nipple into his mouth. Becky leaned down until Larry moved his head into position to kiss her as she kissed his lips sending her tongue deep into his mouth.

Becky was flexing her pussy muscles and she tightened up on his shaft making him moan into her mouth as he slapped her ass with his hand and said. "Baby. You've become a pro with that tight little white pussy of yours. I'd marry your white ass in a heart beat if you weren't already married."

Becky kept moving her pussy on his cock as she replied. "Don't worry about my husband right now and just fuck the shit out of me."

Becky bounced herself on Larry at a faster pace making her tits bounce around near his face as he tried to take one of them into his mouth. Larry began to bit on one of her large tits until he bit too hard and made her yelp out as she said. "Honey. Be more careful where you bit me. I don't want the kids to see their mother with bit marks all around her tits."

Larry looked into her eyes as she rode his cock and said. "If only they knew what a whore there mother was for black cock. Why don't you show them who you fuck and stop taking your pills?"

Becky firmly shouted out and said. "Larry Stop it! You know we don't want any more kids right now. " She moaned as Larry arched his hips up and rotated his ass hitting places he hadn't touched in more than two weeks.

Larry smiled up at Becky as he responded and said. "Maybe your husband and you don't want any more kids but old Larry here would like to have a little boy someday. Just think. You're two children with red hair and a little brother with kinky black hair for them to play with."

Becky pushed down onto his cock again as she replied. "Stop the joking around Larry and fuck me hard."

Larry held onto Becky's ass as tight as he could and flipped her around until he was now on top of her and began to hammer his cock into her pussy from above as he said. "I wasn't joking about the little boy."

Larry moved his arms around until Becky's legs were supported in front of them as Larry began to hammer into her pussy with fast even strokes. Becky's hands were holding onto his arms as he fucked her with all of his strength knocking the wind from her tummy with each downward thrust.

Becky was gasping for air as she began to orgasm as her legs shook and her ass quivered as she let out a loud scream. "Oh . . . Fuck me. Larry . . . Fuck me . . . "

Becky's orgasm was intense as she dug her nails into his skin as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy from above.

Larry's strokes began to quicken as he gasped for air as his cock swelled up even larger as he too shouted out. "Fuck. Here it comes . . . Sooting it inside you . . . Fuck . . . Baby . . . "

The first wave of hot seed blasted inside Becky's pussy as Larry held his thick cock inside her belly as far as it would go as he shot several more spurts inside her womb.

Becky could feel the hot seed enter her womb and whispered out to Larry and say. "God. It feels so hot inside me."

Larry's cock stopped its jerking as the last of his seed emptied into her pussy as he tried to catch his breath and said. "God. That was fast!"

Larry let go of Becky's legs as he reached over onto the night stand and grabbed a towel and wiped his forehead and laid down next to her on the bed.

Becky was still holding her legs back with her knees' pressed into her tits as she looked down toward the end of the bed and said. "Honey. It's your turn to have fun!"

Becky's husband Tom got up out of his chair and walked over toward the bed and climbed up and took hold of her legs to help steady them as he laid his head down between her legs and began to lick and eat his wife's pussy.

Becky played with Tom's hair as she looked down at her husband as he lapped up Larry's cum from her pussy and said. "That it. You heard what Larry said about getting me pregnant. Make sure you get all of his seed out of my pussy tonight."

Larry wiped his face again with the towel and leaned over and kissed Becky on the lips as he patted her belly with his hand and said. "I still think we would make a beautiful baby together."

Becky looked over at Larry and said. "Just be satisfied you can fuck this married white pussy whenever you want and stop your fantasizing about knocking me up."

Becky continued to play with Tom's hair combing her fingers through it as she watched him clean up her pussy.

Larry jumped out of bed and said. "Baby. I got to get going because I have an early meeting with my buddy Frank in the morning. You are going to fix him up with that little bitch next door aren't you?"

Becky replied. "You tell your friend that I already have a date setup for next Friday and he better control himself until I can work her into my little trap."

Larry pulled his pants up while he continued to speak and said. "How did you get that little bitch to go out next Friday to meet Frank anyway?"

Becky laughed as she replied. "I told her your friend just got back from Iraq and just wanted to go out for a nice time but didn't know anybody in the area so she felt sorry for him and agreed to go out on this double date."

Larry asked. "Does she know he's black? What are you going to do about her husband on Friday?"

Becky replied as she stroked Tom's hair and said. "Tommy here is going to take her old man out that night to one of the strip clubs and introduce him to my friend Janet who will help us plant the little seeds in his head that his little blonde wife would be much more satisfied having her very own black man to fuck with anytime she chooses."

Becky pulled on Tom's hair to get him to look up at her and said. "Isn't that right Tom? You're going to take Sam to meet Janet on Friday."

Tom stopped licking and replied. "Yes Becky. I already told Sam we were going out to a club for a little fun. Besides. I've been giving him a bunch of interracial DVD's to watch for the past two weeks."

Larry laughed as he listened to what Tom said to his wife and said. "Baby. You got your man trained like a little puppy dog here. Let me tell you something about my friend Frank. He's on the kinky side and he isn't going to be satisfied with the arrangement we have. He's going to want to turn that bitch into his personal whore. No telling what he's going to want her old man to do."

Larry was fully dressed as Becky got out of bed and walked Larry to the front door. Larry grabbed Becky around her waist and pulled her close to him as he gave her a passionate kiss on the lips.

Becky gave him another look and pointed her finger at him and said. "Remember what I told you. Make sure your friend Frank doesn't fuck this up on Friday because I'm not going to find him anyone else."

Larry leaned down and kissed one of her large breasts before opening the front door and walked out.

Tom walked up behind his wife and put his arms around her as he cupped her breasts in his hands as she turned and kissed him on the lips

Becky looked into her husband's eyes and said. "Come on into the bedroom and fuck me darling."

Becky took hold of her husband's hand and pulled him into the bedroom and once they were standing next to the bed, Becky put her arms around her husband and looked into his eyes and said. "I've got the best husband in the whole dam world."

They kissed again as Tom pushed his wife's long red hair back over her shoulders and leaned down and began to lick one of her nipples. Becky was a beautiful woman and at thirty and after having to kids she still retained her figure almost to the size she had been straight out of college.

Tom felt he was very lucky to have a wife like Becky who loved to play out their fantasy's every Friday night as she fucked her black lover Larry. They loved the roll playing which Tom loved being the cuckold husband for at least one night a week.

They were both lucky and had been open about everything since the beginning of their marriage which was going on eight years. Their children were going on seven and five and spent most Friday nights over at their grand parent's house while they played with Larry.

They sat on the edge of the bed as Tom leaned down again and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it. Becky had very large tits, actually they were 38DDD and with her tiny waist and the way her hips flared out with her long slim legs she would get men's attention very easily when they were out.

Becky was also a natural redhead but between her legs you couldn't really tell if she were a natural or not because she would always shave her pussy bald for her husband because that's what he loved. She did everything for her husband Tom including getting fucked by Larry every Friday night.

Becky and Tom made an agreement that if she were going to fuck another man than she would have a steady boyfriend that would only fuck her and not any other women. Becky wanted Larry to stay clean and disease free.

Becky always gave Larry reminders that if she ever found out he was fucking around with other women that they were through. Becky made a promise to Larry that he would get as much pussy as he wanted from her as long as he stayed faithful to her.

Becky slid her fingers through her husband's hair and said. "Honey. Do you have everything set for next Friday with Sam like you told me?"

Tom began kissing his wife's face as he replied. "I spent the last two months talking about interracial sex with Sam and when I take him down to our club, I'm sure they will convince him that his wife Julie should have a black lover of her own."

Becky shook her head as she thought about her next door neighbor, Julie and said. "I'd like to see Julie with a huge black cock in her pussy. That little bitch needs a good fucking by a black stud."

Becky laughed as she thought about taking a sweet white housewife down the road of no return and seeing her enjoying a black cock for the very first time. Becky looked at her husband and said. "I'm getting just as bad as you with these perverted idea's."

Becky got onto the bed motioning for Tom to join her and laid her head on the pillow as she waited for him to lie down. Becky turned to face her husband and wrapped her leg over his hips and pulled his head closer and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Becky reached out and began to stroke his cock which was already hard as she kissed his chest and worked her way down his stomach until she reached his cock and began to kiss around its base before planting a small kiss on the head.

Tom put his hand on his wife's breasts and tweaked her nipples with his fingers as she took his cock inside her mouth. Becky began to slowly lick and suck Tom's cock as she put her free hand on his balls and started to massage the little sack making him jerk each time she gave it a little squeeze.

Becky moved her body over on top of her husband until her ass was directly over his head and straddled her legs on each side of his shoulders than slowly wiggled her ass around until she felt her husband's tongue on her pussy lips.

Becky moaned as she said. "Baby. You're so talented with your tongue. Lick me and get me wet and I'll set on you."

Tom dipped his tongue between his wife's pussy lips and began to slowly lick and nibble his way around as Becky slowly moved her ass around above his face as he touched her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

She was working her mouth on Tom's cock as she sucked on the head making loud slurping sounds moving her head up and down her husband's shaft. Becky loved sucking cock and tonight Larry was in such a dam hurry that she didn't even get a chance to taste him tonight so she was giving her husband the extra attention.

Becky body went stiff as her husband concentrated on her clitoris causing her to moan out loud again as she pushed her pussy more firmly down onto his face. Larry didn't have anything over her husband Tom when it came to licking her pussy but Larry's cock was much longer and thicker and she enjoyed the contrast of his jet black skin against her pale white complection.

Becky remembered the first time she fucked Larry while he mounted her from the top and she watched his cock sliding inside her pussy for the very first time. She remembered having an orgasm the very instint he had entered her that night.

She couldn't remember if it was she or Tom that mentioned the idea of swinging with a black man first but she did remember how much she has enjoyed having Larry around to fuck her.

Becky gave her husband's cock a few more licks until she raised herself off him and turned around until his hard cock rubbed against her belly as she leaned forward to kiss him on the lips and again and whispered to him and said. "I love you very much darling."

She than reach down and took hold of Tom's cock with her hand as she raised her ass off him and guided it toward the opening of her pussy and slipped the head in between her pussy lips and began to push her weight down onto her husband.

Tom's cock slid into his wife with ease because of the wetness and the fact that her pussy had been stretched over the past year from the regular fucking that Larry gave her almost every weekend.

Once she had pushed herself all the way down onto his cock she began to slowly tighten her pussy muscles around his cock making Tom moan as he said. "You still got a talented and tight pussy after all the fucking Larry has given you."

Becky smiled as she continued to work her pussy muscles around his cock and placed her hands on her husband's chest for support as she moved her ass around above him.

Tom looked into his wife's eyes as he placed the palms of his hands on her large tits and said. "You know that Larry would like to get you pregnant don't you?"

Becky smiled down at her husband as she placed her own hands above his as he squeezed her tits in his hands and replied. "Yes. I think it's a fantasy with all black men to knock-up a white woman with a black baby."

Tom's cock seemed to get harder and he began to arch his hips making himself penetrate her pussy even deeper as Becky continued to clamp her pussy onto his cock and added. "Talking about Larry getting me pregnant turns you on doesn't it?"

Tom raised his head and took one of her large tits into his mouth as she placed the palm of her hand on his head and waited for him to answer her question as she repeated herself and said. "You're turned on thinking about my belly swelled with a black baby inside it aren't you? Tell me what your thinking?"

Tom continued to suck on her nipple as he moaned in agreement as Becky tightened her grip on his cock with her pussy.

Becky was getting turned on herself talking about the idea and continued to tease her husband and said. "I could stop taking my birth control pills tomorrow and let Larry fuck me with his huge black cock. Wouldn't you like to see my belly growing with his black baby? Tell me what you want?"

Tom finally looked up into his wife's eyes and said. "Yes. I want to see you pregnant with his baby. I want Larry to fuck you and plant his black baby seed inside your belly."

Becky leaned down and furiously kissed her husband on the lips sending her tongue deep inside his mouth as her ass wiggled around his cock.

Becky bounced up and down her husband's cock faster as she caught her breath and said. "You want me to do it don't you? You want me to stop taking my pills and let Larry plant his black seed inside me. Don't you?"

Tom was arching his cock up inside his wife faster as their talk turned him on as much as it did for her and answered. "Yes Baby. I want Larry to put a black baby inside you."

Becky was there and screamed out so loud that her voice carried around the entire house as she said. "Oh Yeah . . . Fuck Me . . . God . . . Tom . . . I'm . . . cumin . . . Fuck . . . Me . . . "

Becky's ass shook above her husband as he too let out a deep moan and said. "Oh . . . God . . . Here it comes . . . I'm shooting it . . . Baby . . . "

Tom shot his thick load of cum deep inside his wife's belly as she finished her orgasm and stroked his chest with the palms of her hands than lightly scraping the skin with her long red nails.

As they relaxed after coming down from their erotic fantasy Becky was the first person to speak as she leaned down and kissed her husband and said. "Did you cum good darling?"

Tom replied. "Oh God Yes. That was the best I think I came since you first started fucking Larry."

Becky gave her husband another kiss on the lips before lifting herself off him feeling the hot sperm drip out of her pussy and onto her husband's legs making her laugh as she saw the mess and said. "Gosh. You really did shoot a big load in me tonight didn't you?"

Becky got out of bed and ran into the bathroom and returned with a wet wash cloth and wiped her husband's legs than tossed the wet cloth back toward the bathroom door and got back into bed and cuddled next to Tom and gave him a little kiss near his neck before falling off to sleep.

Tom laid their looking up at the ceiling still thinking about the idea of Becky becoming pregnant with Larry's baby. He thought to himself. "Wouldn't that be something if for some reason the birth control pills didn't work and Becky really got pregnant with a black baby? What a mess that would make with the family, doing all the explaining to Becky's Mother and what would they tell the kids?"

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