Weekend Cuckold Ch. 01


Tom thought some more about how turned on they got at the height of there screwing and wondered how much of a fantasy it was for his wife or did she really have a secret desire to be impregnated by a black man.

Tom would have to ask Becky what her thoughts were on the subject and how she really felt. He knew it would only be a fantasy but wanted to know her true feelings on if at any time in her life would she have wanted a black man's baby growing inside her.

Tom reached down and stroked his cock again because he was just as hard as he was when they started to screw tonight. Tom looked over at his wife and saw that she was sound asleep and didn't want to wake her because they had to go get the kids early in the morning.

Tom's mind drifted onto his neighbors Jule and Sam and thought about the idea of seeing that sweet little blonde knocked up with a black kid. He chuckled to himself as he thought that anything might be possible.

Tom began to drift off to sleep as he thought about introducing Sam to his friend Janet and wondered if she could influence Sam in such a way that he would want to see his wife conceive a black child.

Tom knew that Janet was good and couldn't wait to see what kind of power she might have over that wimp husband of Julie's.

The following Friday afternoon Julie was slipping into her new dress as she pulled it over her head and tugged on the material around her hips pulling it into place and walked over to the mirror to have a look.

Julie turned to the side and looked at herself in the mirror admiring what she saw as she gave the material another tug near her ass and took another look at herself. She looked hot but maybe too hot as she turned straight forward and looked into the mirror at her exposed cleavage.

The dress was a bright red and very tight and came down about four inches above her knees but the cleavage was very low exposing most of her thirty-six size breasts almost down to the nipples.

This was Becky's idea when she helped her pick out the dress this week for the date tonight. Julie shook her head wondering how she let Becky talk her into going out with a strange man tonight.

She didn't mind doing her friend a favor because the man had been in Iraq for sixteen months and from what Becky had told her about his girlfriend leaving him while he was away was very terrible and at least she could go out with this man and show him a good time for the night.

Julie just wished her friend hadn't picked out a dress that was so seductive because she didn't want to lead this man into something she couldn't give him. Julie was thin and at 5'6" tall and only weighing 105lbs. she looked tiny except for her breasts which made her look top heavy.

Lucky Sam was already gone with Tom because she wouldn't want her husband to see her going out with Becky to a bar wearing something so revealing.

Both Tom and Sam looked so eager to leave this afternoon that it almost looked as if they were up to something. Whatever it was, Sam was supposed to be away the whole night with Tom so at least she could get back home and out of this dress before Sam saw her wearing it.

Julie sat on the edge of the bed as she strapped on her high heels which matched her red dress and walked over to the mirror again before walking into the bathroom to apply her makeup.

Julie had just finished applying her makeup when she heard Becky's voice at the front screen door. "Is anyone home?"

Julie walked out to the front door to greet her friend and said. "Come on it Becky, I was just finishing up with the lip stick."

Becky walked into the front room and took a look at Julie and said. "Wow. Don't you look like a little slut on her way to a hot date tonight?"

Julie looked at Becky and with an embarrassed expression on her face and replied. "Stop it. Becky. If you wouldn't have picked out such a revealing looking dress for me to wear tonight, I wouldn't be looking this way. I shouldn't have listened to you like I usually do."

Becky replied. "You should be proud of your body and be glad that your so hot wearing something so tight and revealing."

Julie smiled and said. "Let me go and grab my purse out of the bedroom and we can go."

Becky was driving and as they drove to the club where they were supposed to meet Larry and his friend Frank, Julie asked. "Who is that black man that I see going over to your house almost every Friday night? I don't mean to sound nosy but I was curious if you want to tell me."

Becky replied. "Oh. That's Larry. He's a good friend of Tom's and also the man we are going to meet at the club tonight with his friend."

Julie's eyes got big as she asked Becky. "You're not going to tell me his friend that you want me to meet is black as well?"

Becky laughed and replied. "Will you just relax? Yes, as a matter of fact his friend Frank is a black man as well but Larry is a really nice guy and Tom and I have known him for a long time and nothing is going to go wrong. I'm not driving you to the ghetto if that's what you're worried about Julie."

Julie looked nervous as she looked over at Becky and said. "Do you mean to tell me we are going on a date with two black men and we are going to be seen sitting with them in a club and people will be starring at us?"

Becky moved her hand over and grabbed Julie's hand and held her tight and replied. "You don't have anything to worry about tonight because Larry is a very nice man and I'm sure his friend Frank is just as nice. Besides. If something goes wrong we will just leave and that's all there is to it."

Becky wrapped her fingers in between Julie's as she drove to the club and said. "You're not prejudice about meeting black men at the club now are you Julie?"

Julie replied. "No. I'm not prejudice at all. It's just that I worry about having one of Sam's friends seeing me there with a black guy. That's all."

Becky kept her eyes on the road but glanced over at Julie long enough to reply as she said. "I don't think your going to have to worry about meeting one of Sam's friends in this club tonight because it's an all black club we are driving to tonight."

Julie looked over at Becky with her mouth wide open than said. "Oh my God. Becky. What are you getting me into here?"

Becky smiled at her friend and replied. "I'm not getting you into anything tonight so just relax and try to enjoy the evening. I'm sure Larry and Frank will show us a very good time tonight. Besides. Let's just have fun tonight and see how many black men we can bring down to their knees tonight when they see two attractive white housewives walk into the club tonight."

Becky finally let go of Julie's hand as she starred down toward her legs than saw her wedding ring on her finger and played with it with her right hand hoping that Sam never finds out about where they went tonight.

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