tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 02

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 02


Becky and Julie arrived at the club about thirty minutes early for their date with Larry and Frank and sat in the booth that had been reserved for them at the rear of the club on the second level.

Julie sat nervously next to her friend Becky trying to smile as she pulled the hem of her dress down toward her knees but the only thing she was able to accomplish was to pull the thin material down lower to expose more of her cleavage.

Becky took hold of Julie's hand and felt how sweaty the palm of her hand was as the waiter brought them their drinks.

Becky tilted her head and looked at her friend and said. "Julie. Please relax. Everything is going to be fine tonight. Once you see how nice Larry is your going to wonder why you were so nervous."

Julie nervously replied and said. "You don't even know Larry's friend Frank so what if turns out to be a real jerk? Besides. I'm worried that one of our friends might see us in here and think the worse."

Becky responded and said. "Larry isn't the kind of guy to have friends who are jerks and besides he wouldn't have asked me to bring you along to be treated as a slut. You're only here to show this man a good time for the evening. He also is aware that you're happily married!"

Julie replied in a whisper and said. "Look around this place. There are mostly black people in here!"

Becky put her arm around Julie's shoulder and gave her a hug and said. "See. That's even less for you to worry about because how many black friends do you have? So what is the chance that anyone that you and your husband know will be here tonight. Besides. I did tell you it was an all black club before we arrived tonight. Didn't I?"

Julie was still nervous as she looked down at her exposed boobs and said. "Look. This dress is so low that you can almost see my nipples. What do you think Larry and Frank are going to think of me when they arrive?"

Becky hugged Julie again and smiled as she replied and said. "Don't worry about how you look tonight. I told Larry I was going to pick out something nice for you to wear tonight to help cheer up his friend Frank. Larry told me his friend is very shy and is afraid to approach women on his own and thought if he were able to open up to a married woman that you might be able to build up his confidence and give him some advice."

Becky hugged Julie tight and continued and said. "Frank just got back from hell so please help him forget about where he came from and help me give these men a good evening tonight."

Becky finished her little speech just as Larry walked up to the table and smiled and said. "Hey. Don't you look hot tonight?"

Becky stood up and gave Larry a hug and a peck on the lips and moved her hands forward and held onto Larry's and turned and said. "Larry. This is my friend Julie I told you about and Julie. This is Larry."

Larry extended his hand out and took Julie's and said. "It's really nice to meet you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out here tonight to meet my friend and try and cheer him up a little."

Becky looked around and said. "Where is your friend Frank?"

Larry replied and said. "Frank wanted to hit the men's room before meeting the two of you. He's rather shy meeting anyone new and I think he's just getting himself prepared."

Becky grinned at Larry knowing that they at least got their story together about Frank being shy. Becky sat back down next to Julie while Frank slid into the seat on the other side and ordered a drink from the waiter for himself while they waited for Frank.

Larry started the conversation and said. "Julie. You look wonderful this evening and I bet your husband is really proud of you for coming here tonight to cheer up my friend."

Julie replied. "Well. My husband is very proud of me and he loves me very much and I love him as well."

A few seconds later and a very big black man stood next to the table starring at them as Larry stood up and said. "This is my friend Frank I was telling you about. Frank. I want you to meet these two lovely ladies. This is Becky and that is her friend Julie in the red dress. Isn't she just gorgeous?"

Frank cracked a smile and in a very deep voice responded and said. "It's really nice to meet the two of you."

Frank was six-eight and had very broad shoulders and was dark complected and when he stood at the end of the booth it felt like he was absorbing all of the light in the area with his massive frame.

Julie smiled as she watched the men sit into the booth across from her and Becky and took a sip of her drink and noticed Frank was checking her out.

Larry began the conversation with Becky joining in mostly as Frank sat across from her starring down at her boobs and listening to the couple as they dominated most of the conversation. Frank finally began to speak and talked about his time in the service and how he was looking forward to starting a new life in town living near his good friend Larry.

They ordered another round of drinks as the conversation continued and Julie was beginning to feel more comfortable and relaxed talking to these men. Julie took another sip of her drink as Becky said she wanted to go down and dance with Larry and told Julie to get more acquainted with Frank.

Julie got up with Larry and left them alone as Frank scooted toward the center of the seat giving himself more room and said. "You're a very lovely woman and I like the dress your wearing tonight. I hope you don't feel too nervous sitting here with a black man. I promise you I won't bit you."

Julie replied and said. "No. I'm not nervous at all but I was nervous when we first arrived here tonight because I didn't know anyone other than Becky. Becky told me you were very shy and you were afraid to speak to women. I can assure you that I won't bit you either and you don't have to be afraid to talk to me."

Frank said. "I'm always afraid I'll get rejected if I approach a woman and ask her to dance because maybe they won't find me attractive or they might be afraid of my size and my deep voice."

Julie sipped her drink than said. "You should never be afraid to ask a woman to dance and you shouldn't worry about how you look. I think you're a handsome man and I'm not afraid of you so why should any of these women think you're not attractive?"

Frank was thinking to himself that he was doing well so far and was trying to build Julie's trust with him and she already made a statement that she found him attractive and decided to continue further and said. "Would you like to dance with me?"

Julie looked surprised but didn't want to hurt Frank's feelings and replied. "Sure. I'd be happy to dance with you."

Frank stood up and waited for Julie to slide out of the booth and watch as she tugged on her dress trying to cover her thigh's as she got up and lead the way to the dance floor on the first floor.

Frank walked closely behind the beautiful white woman in front of him watching her ass cheeks sway as she walked in the tight red dress. The high pumps she wore only stimulated her features that much more.

Frank was almost drooling as his mind began to wonder how tight her white pussy would feel squeezing his thick black cock. He only wished he could tear off that red dress right now and show her how he could satisfy any sexual desire she might have at the moment.

Julie got out on the dance floor and turned toward Frank and began moving with the music as her hips swayed to the song being played.

Julie was a very good dancer and began to show Frank a few of her moves taking hold of his large hands and began instructing him to follow her moves. After several songs they were beginning to look like a matched couple out on the dance floor.

Frank was also a very good dancer but pretended not to be so good as he followed Julie's moves and enjoyed the way her boobs were bouncing around as she danced. Frank kept his eyes focused on her cleavage and could see her hard nipples poking through the thin red material of the dress as she danced.

They danced a total of ten songs before walking back to their booth and found Larry seated next to Becky so Julie slid into the booth on the other side followed by Frank. Julie thought she could see Larry's hand resting on Becky's thigh when they sat down. They were seated so close that their shoulders were touching.

Larry spoke first and looked over at Julie and Frank and said. "Did you guys have as much fun on the dance floor as we did?"

Larry kissed Becky on the lips just as Julie was about to answer surprising her a bit but she went on to answer his question and said. "We had a nice time out there on the floor and Frank caught on really fast."

Larry replied. "Drink up everyone and I'll order us another round of drinks and Frank and I use the men's room."

Frank said he was going to join Larry in the men's room and he would see them in a few minutes as the waiter brought new drinks to the table. Becky made a comment as well and said. "I think Julie and I will hit the little girl's room while you're gone and meet you back here."

Becky got into the ladies' room with Julie and the first thing Julie said to her was. "Didn't I see Larry touching your thigh under the table when we sat down?"

Becky said. "Honey. Larry and I have been friends for a while and he's only being friendly with me because we know each other. Don't worry, Tom wouldn't mind if Larry kissed me because he does it in front of Tom all the time."

Julie looked surprised when Becky told her that and replied. "You mean Tom doesn't mind Larry kissing you like that?"

Becky applied her makeup as she replied. "Julie. We're all friends and besides Tom and I have a wonderful relationship and he doesn't get jealous when Larry is kissing me. It's perfectly natural for friends to be affectionate."

Julie was touching up her own makeup listening to Julie as she continued on and said. "You're going to have to loosen up a little out there with Frank and make him feel more comfortable."

Julie stopped working the little brush around her eyes and glanced over at Becky and said. "What do you mean I should loosen up out there?"

Becky looked over at Julie and said. "Your doing really good with Frank tonight but show him a little affection and if he touches you than be calm and let it happen. You might even want to let him kiss you if he makes a pass at you."

Julie looked shocked and said. "Becky. I'm a married woman!"

Becky laughed and said. "Relax. I didn't say, fuck him. I only thought it would be nice to show some affection to this man if you like him well enough to try and build up his confidence with women."

Julie stood starring at her friend before continuing with her makeup thinking about what Becky had said to her and replied. "What if a simple kiss isn't enough for this man. What if he wants to go further with me and what should I do because he is so big and I'm afraid he might try and rape me."

Becky smiled and took hold of Julie's arm and said. "Honey. Nobody is going to rape you tonight, all I was asking you to do was be nice to that man. He's seen so many nasty things while he was in Iraq and it would be nice if you gave him something to forget about it. Even if it's just a kiss or maybe letting him touch a little flesh."

Julie went back to touching up her makeup thinking about what Becky had just said than made a short reply and said. "I know if Sam were to find out about any of this he would divorce me."

Becky stopped what she was doing and closed her makeup case and replied. "Honey. Tom is telling your husband everything we are doing tonight so you don't have to worry about him finding out. Do you think I'd take you somewhere that would jeopardize your marriage?"

Julie looked startled and said. "Do you mean Tom is telling my husband we are out with two men tonight?"

Becky replied. "Yes. Tom is telling him everything."

Julie looked even more surprised and continued on and said. "Is Tom telling him we are out with two black guys as well?"

Becky replied. "Yes. Tom is supposed to tell Sam everything we are doing tonight so you won't have to worry about him finding out and you getting in trouble."

Julie didn't know what to say as she stood in front of the mirror holding her eye liner brush as Becky went on to say. "Honey. Don't worry about a thing. Tom is telling your husband all about his friend Larry and how we are here to cheer up Larry's friend Frank."

Becky than said. "Julie. That's why Tom is taking Sam out on a night on the town and they are meeting with another friend of ours named Janet and they are going to a strip club together for a little fun."

Julie looked even more shocked as she heard what Becky had just said and replied. "Do you mean my husband is out at a strip club with another woman right now?"

Becky replied quickly and said. "Relax. Janet is a very good friend of mine and they are just out having a good time tonight. It's healthy when married couple's spend an evening with other friends sometimes and have a nice time. Now let's go and pee and get back to our dates."

They ladies had gone pee and came out to wash their hands together as Julie said. "Sam is going to see me when I come back home wearing this skimpy dress and know I was out with another man tonight. What on earth I'm I going to do now?"

Becky laughed and said. "Don't worry. Sam is fully aware you're with me and I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you tonight. Now. Let's get back out there and show these men a good evening together."

The women got back to the booth at the same time Frank and Larry returned and slid inside first followed by the two black men. When Frank slid in he pushed himself against Julie in the seat and was touching her thigh with his huge body.

Julie just smiled looking over at Becky and saw her wink as Julie picked up her drink and drank half the contents in the glass.

Julie than felt Frank move his arm around her back and rested it along the cushioned seat as Larry began to tell jokes and the waiter brought them another drink.

Across town Julie's husband was seated in a special club along with Tom and a woman that he had just met named Janet. It was a special club for members and their guests only and Janet was the owner of the club.

Sam thought this woman was very attractive with short blonde hair and seemed to be around thirty-five. She had told them her husband traveled on business and she had to find other things to occupy her time and started this club which hosted live sex shows for its members every Saturday night.

Janet had a dominating personality and controlled most of the conversations they had that evening. Janet had asked Sam if was interested in interracial sex because if he were than he would be in for a special treat tonight.

Janet looked over at Sam and bluntly said. "I understand your wife is out on a date tonight with a black man, is that correct?"

Sam looked surprised that Tom had told her and replied. "Yes. Tom told me she was out with his wife tonight with this guy that just returned from Iraq a couple weeks ago and they were just showing them a good time."

Janet said. "I see. Do you trust your wife enough to allow her to go on dates with other men? Especially even with a black man whom you don't even know regardless if it's with your friend's wife?"

Sam replied. "I trust Tom's wife Becky enough that she wouldn't let any harm come to my wife and I was told that one of the men was a close friend of Tom and Becky's."

Janet didn't respond but just sat there trying to size Sam up as the lights lowered in the club and an announcer could be heard saying. "Ladies and gentlemen. We are about to begin with tonight's show with our first performers named Jill and Stan."

There was a spot light on the small stage in front of them as two figures walked out of the dark and into the light. Sam saw it was a tall slim black man and a skinny dark-haired woman maybe in her early thirties. Everyone clapped as the faced the audience in the middle of the spot light holding hands while two men brought out a full size mattress and laid it on the floor behind the couple.

The announcer said. "I want you to meet Henry who is six foot five inches tall and has a nine-inch thick cock as you can see and this is his second time performing for us at the club. Next. We have Carla who is five feet tall and has been married to her husband Bill for nine years and they have two children. We are going to fulfill Carla's fantasy tonight by letting her perform with Henry tonight. Now let's let the show begin."

Sam sat in his seat watching as the black man embraced the white woman on stage and they began kissing. Suddenly there was a large plasma screen that went of above the stage which sowed closeup shots of the man's tongue probing around inside the woman's mouth.

Sam saw a middle-aged man walk onto the stage and sat on the edge of the mattress looking at the interracial couple kissing. The black man was moving his hands over the woman's ass and touching her everywhere as they continued to kiss.

Janet leaned next to Sam and whispered to him and said. "That man you see is her husband and he has a fantasy to watch his wife breed with a black bull."

Tom leaned over toward Sam and said. "This is going to be better than watching those videos' I gave you to watch."

A few moments later and the couple were now on the mattress kissing as the black bull massaged her pussy making her his squirm to his touch. The woman's husband could be seen watching every move the black bull made with his wife.

Janet leaned forward again and whispered to Sam and said. "Many men fantasize about watching their wife's fuck another man and many would like to see them with a black man such as your watching right now. Too many men are afraid to seek out their feelings with their spouse and never fulfill this unique fantasy you are about to watch."

Janet continued and said. "Sam. You would be surprised to find out how many women fantasize about having sex with another man. Rather than have your wife cheat on you, it's best to discuss things with her and bring it all out in the open and let her enjoy what only comes natural to us humans."

They continued to watch the couple as the woman began to suck on the huge black cock while the husband kept a close eye on his wife. His voice could be heard in the silent room encouraging his wife to suck the bull's cock.

Janet moved into the seat next to Sam and put her hand on his crotch and felt his hard cock and said. "This is really getting you excited isn't it?"

Sam simply replied. "Yes."

Janet kept moving her hand around Sam's hard cock and whispered in his ear. "Sam. I want you to fantasize that the woman up there on the stage is your wife and your about to watch her mate with a black bull. Pretend that you are sitting up there and you're the one encouraging your wife to please her man."

The husband was now licking his wife's pussy getting her sexually turned on while making her pussy wet for her black bull as Janet continued to narrate to sam and said. "You see how the husband is preparing his wife for her lover? I want you to pretend it's you up their preparing your wife Julie for a black bull as well."

They watched as the woman reached down and put her hand in her husband's hair pulling him closer to her pussy while she sucked on the black cock.

Janet said. "Do you see how the woman is involving her husband into the scene? She loves her husband and her only wishes are to sexually fulfill their fantasy together. She is making sure he is getting as much enjoyment from this as she."

Janet began to unzip Sam's pants and inserted her hand inside his pants to play with Sam's cock which was leaking and extremely hard.

They watched as the woman lay on her back and the black bull climbed on top and positioned himself to fuck her. The husband was massaging his wife's thigh as the black bull guided the head of his cock to the wet entrance of her white pussy.

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