tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 03

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 03


Julie and Becky drove into the driveway and noticed that the lights were still on at Julie's house. Julie was worried that her husband was going to see her wearing the skimpy dress. She knew that he was aware that she and Becky were out on a date with two black men and didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

It was almost two in the morning and Julie thought her husband would have been asleep because she had planned on taking the dress off and changing really quickly before entering the bedroom.

They got out of the car and Becky walked around the car toward her neighbor and took her arm and said. "Honey. Don't worry about the dress, your husband knows you were out with a lonely man tonight and you were just doing me a favor."

Julie was very upset and Becky hugged her friend and quickly said. "Would you like me to come into the house with you and explain everything to Sam?"

Julie wiped her eyes and replied. "Sam is a very jealous man and I'm worried that he will through a fit when I get in the house."

Becky padded Julie's back and said. "You have my number if anything goes wrong so just give me a call. Oh. You might want to wait until the morning to tell him we have another date for tomorrow night with the guys."

Becky gave Julie a kiss on her cheek before walking up to the front door of her house and glanced next door and seen Julie going into the house. Becky opened the door and Tom was waiting for her in the front room and said. "Well. How did it go with Frank and Larry tonight?"

Tom stood and held his wife and they kissed as Becky tossed her purse on the couch and replied. "Julie was too nervous but I could see potential with her and Frank if he doesn't screw it up tomorrow night."

Tom had his arms around his wife and was resting his hands on her ass cheeks and said. "Did you get laid tonight?"

Becky shook her head and replied. "No. I almost took Larry out to the car to fuck but I didn't want to blow it so soon and stayed with Julie the whole time we were at the club."

Tom was kissing his wife's bare shoulders as he listened to the details of their date. Tom and Becky always screwed after she came home from a date with Frank and was always excited to screw his wife after she had been out on a date.

Tom took Becky's hand and was going to take her in the bedroom when Becky said. "Darling. I told Julie I'd stay here next to the phone if she had any problems tonight."

They kissed as Tom slipped his hand under his wife's short skirt and massaged her ass and said. "I don't think Sam will give her any problems, he got so excited watching the show tonight and listening to Janet that he'll be asking Julie all about her date tonight."

Becky kissed her husband and rubbed the palm of her hand of his crotch and replied. "I hope he does because when Julie walks into the house wearing that dress he will know something is going on."

Julie nervously walked through the front door hoping that maybe Sam had just left the light on for her in the front room and was asleep. Julie turned to quietly shut the front door than turned back around and seen Sam standing directly in front of her.

Julie nervously smiled at her husband who was starring at her bright red revealing dress and said. "Sam. You didn't have to wait up for me tonight."

Sam was starring at his wife's dress for the first time and said. "I don't remember you having that dress before."

Julie swallowed hard as she tried to play down the dress and replied. "Oh. Becky picked it out for me this week when we went shopping. I didn't know it was going to leave so much exposed otherwise I wouldn't have worn it out tonight but I didn't have time to find something else to wear."

Sam put his hands on his wife's shoulders and smiled as he said. "Baby. You look really hot in that dress."

Julie was surprised at her husband's reaction to the dress as he gave her a kiss and slipped his hands down to take her hands in his own and replied. "Thank you. I thought you would be mad when you saw me wearing it tonight."

Sam immediately mentioned her date and said. "I bet that black man you were out with tonight thought you were hot?"

Julie had forgot that Becky said that Tom was going to tell Sam about the date but hoped that he wouldn't tell him he was black. Julie gave a short response to her husband and said. "He really didn't say anything to me."

Sam had been sexually stimulated watching that woman screwing that black guy while the husband watched at the club and was aroused at the thought of a black man out with his wife while she wore the tight revealing dress.

Sam wanted to know everything that went on and said. "Tom told me this guy was over in Iraq and hadn't been out on a date with anyone for a long time. Did you dance with him or did he kiss you?"

Julie didn't want to answer her husband's questions but gave another short reply and said. "Yes. I danced with him tonight."

Sam wanted to hear more as he held his wife and listened to her response knowing she wasn't telling him everything and said. "Did he kiss you or try and touch you tonight because it would have been all right if you let him?"

Julie gasped as she heard what her husband had just said and moved her hands away as she replied. "Sam. What do you think I'm, a whore?"

Sam quickly replied as he reached out and put his hands on her shoulders and said. "Honey. I just meant that it would have been fine if he kissed you or you let him have a little feel of your ass or something."

Julie was starting to cry as Sam kissed her cheek and said to her. "I didn't mean to get upset, I'm just saying that I wouldn't have got mad if you were nice to him tonight."

Julie was crying as she replied. "Sam. Don't you love me?"

Sam said. "Yes. Honey. I love you very much and I'm very proud of you tonight because you were trying to comfort someone who had been away at war for a year. I just meant that it would have been fine if you had kissed him tonight."

Julie wiped her eyes keeping her head tilted down starring at Sam's shirt and replied. "Frank wanted to kiss me tonight but I didn't allow it to happen because I kept thinking about you tonight."

Sam took his hands and held his wife's face and kissed her gently on the lips and said. "I would have been fine with it because I know you love me and I love you very much. Did he sit next to you at this club or try and touch you?"

Julie looked into her husband's eyes and replied. "Frank sat in the booth next to me and he did put his arm around me and sat really close until he was touching me with his leg."

Sam continued to gently place little kisses on his wife's lips than replied. "You're such a beautiful woman and he was probably fantasizing about screwing you tonight."

Julie shook her head in agreement as she placed her arms around Sam's shoulders and gave him a passionate kiss and said. "Becky told them we would go out again tomorrow night and I'm not going to wear anything revealing to give him any idea's that he can lay me."

Sam was surprised that she had another date with him and immediately got excited as his dick got hard and replied. "Becky wants you to go out on another date with this guy tomorrow? Where are they planning on going?"

Julie replied. "I'm not really sure, they didn't tell me anything other than he had a nice time with me and asked if he could see me again. That's when Becky spoke up and suggested that we could go out again tonight."

Sam slipped his hands down onto Julie's hips and looked at her half naked tits and said. "Why don't you just wear the same dress tomorrow night?"

Julie replied. "Sam. I don't want to give this man any idea's. He already saw me wearing it and his eyes were practically telling me everything he wanted to do with me."

Sam held Julie's hips tight and gave her a puppy dog look and replied. "Julie. Wear the dress for me tomorrow night and let him get another look at how nice you look wearing it. I 'm not mad at you at all and in fact it turns me on knowing that another man finds you attractive."

Julie looked deeply into her husband's eyes and replied. "I don't understand why a husband would want another man starring at his wife's half naked body."

Sam said. "Julie. I'm proud that you're my wife and look so sexy and to be very honest, there are many husbands' that fantasize seeing their wife with another man. The idea that Frank is black and he was touching you tonight makes me very aroused."

Julie just starred into her husband's eyes for a moment than said. "Where did Tom take you tonight anyway?"

Sam replied. "I wasn't going to tell you but since your being so honestly with me, we went to this club and watched a live sex show tonight."

Julie's mouth was gasped open as she looked at her husband and replied. "You saw people having sex at a club?"

Sam was embarrassed but replied and said. "I didn't know where we were going tonight but when we got there I found out it was an interracial club where people met and had sex. I saw a white woman and a black man having sex on a stage while the husband watched tonight."

Julie kept starring in her husband's eyes waiting for him to explain everything as he continued saying. "This woman named Janet was there that knew Tom and she was seated with us during the show and I got so excited watched the couple having sex that this woman played with my dick."

Julie started to cry again as she listened to what her husband had just told her and said. "Why did you let some tramp touch you for?"

Julie's body began to shake as she got upset and started to cry much harder and said to Sam. "I can't believe you would go out and do something like that behind my back."

Sam was still holding his wife as he tried to calm her down and said. "Honey. I didn't touch that woman, she grabbed me while I was watching the show with Tom and tried to stimulate me."

Julie quickly wiped her eyes as she moved away from her husband and said. "Is that why you're so turned on here tonight listening to me tell you how a black man touched me tonight? Your own wife is telling you whom a black man touched her and you're excited and now I know why."

Sam put his hands out to her wanting Julie to come closer but she was mad and pointed her finger at him and said. "Don't touch me right now, and I don't want you to touch me at all tonight."

Julie quickly walked into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her and Sam heard the door lock and knew he had to sleep in the guest room that night. Sam wished he hadn't told Julie the truth about going to the sex club but it was too late now and he would have to wait for her to cool down so they could talk.

Sam had slept in the guests' bedroom that night and when he got up the next morning and walked into the kitchen, he saw Julie talking on the phone and wondered whom it might be. Sam poured himself a cup of coffee as Julie walked away to the other side of the kitchen speaking in a low tone so he couldn't hear what she was saying.

Sam was carefully listening to his wife's conversation trying to figure something out when he heard Julie mention a time than she mentioned the name. "Frank."

Julie hung up the phone a few minutes later and Sam approached Julie and said. "I'm really sorry for what happened last night and won't ever do anything to hurt you again."

Julie looked at her husband as she walked past him not saying a word when there was a nook at the back door. Julie said. "Come on in Becky, the door is open."

Sam figured she was expecting Becky and sat on a stool while Becky came in and said. "Hi Sam. Are you tired from your little trip with Tom last night?"

Sam glanced at Julie who gave him a dirty look and made a short reply and said. "Yeah. I'm still tired."

Becky replied. "I think it's wonderful that your allowing Julie to back out with Frank tonight and suggested that she wear the same dress. Doesn't that dress look terrific on your little Julie?"

Sam was surprised that Julie had told her those things over the phone and just shook his head in agreement. Julie excused herself and said. "Becky, I'll be right back, I have to use the little girl's room for a minute."

Becky sat in the stool next to Sam and said. "Tom told me everything that happened at the club last night and Julie said that you told her the same thing."

Sam was really feeling down in the dumps as he replied. "Yeah. I wish now that I hadn't told Julie the truth about what happened last night."

Becky put her hand on Sam's back and rubbed him and said. "Sam. Don't worry about it, I'll have a long talk with Julie and see what I can do to help."

Becky added. "Julie loves you and she told me she felt better that you told her the truth about what happened last night after she slept on it. Julie told me it made her not feel so guilty about going out with Frank tonight and that you seemed to be encouraging her not to be such a prude."

Sam began to open up to Becky and said. "I was still aroused after watching the couple on the stage last night and can't explain it but I felt excited listening to what she had to say about her date."

Becky got up and poured herself a cup of coffee and sat back down and replied. "I don't know if I should tell you this but Tom and are much more open at our house and he allows me to go out on dates with Larry whenever I want and he doesn't get mad."

Sam listened as Becky continued to say. "As a matter of fact, Tom enjoys hearing about my little dates with Larry and wants to know every little details that go on."

Sam sat listening to Becky and said. "Really. Tom allows you to go on dates with Larry and he doesn't mind at all?"

Becky was just about to reply when Julie walked back into the room and said. "Becky. Why don't you come with me into the bedroom so I can show you something?"

Becky smiled and winked at Sam and said. "We'll talk later about this."

Becky followed Julie into the bedroom and they shut the door and Becky waited for her friend to tell her what was on her mind.

Julie sat on the edge of the bed and said. "Becky. Sam was getting turned on listening to me telling him about my date with Frank last night, what I'm I going to do?"

Becky sat on the bed nest to Julie and said. "I have a really good suggestion for you to do this afternoon with Sam. Would you like to hear what I have in mind?"

Julie looked over at her neighbor and shook her head that she was interested to hear what she had to say.

Becky smiled and said. "Good. I want Sam to really see that your going out of your way to look hot tonight for your date with Frank. I suggest that when you're ready for your shower that you somehow get Sam into the bedroom and ask his opinion about everything you do."

Julie said. "Do you mean I should ask his opinion about my dress and perfume and makeup and maybe involve him and have Sam help me?"

Becky giggled like a little school girl hiding things on their parents and replied. "Yeah. I think you should even shave your pussy and make sure that Sam will notice it! Maybe you can tell him your not wearing any panties under your dress tonight because the panty line was showing last night and it looks much better without it."

Julie said. "It sounds very mean to play games with him like this, I don't want to hurt him, just make him think about what he did last night."

Becky put her hand on Julie's and said. "Honey. Tom gets excited when he watches me get ready for my dates with Larry. Why do you think Sam was asking you so many questions about your date with Frank last night?"

Julie sat and smiled as she listened to Becky continues. "Sam was turned on listening to you talk about being out with a black man just like Tom. I can't explain it but I think it's just the idea for them that their wife is allowing a man of a different color to touch their wife and than the imagination kicks in and they think of all kinds of things."

Becky added. "It keeps our marriage exciting and Tom treats me with more respect and love than he has in years."

Julie turned and looked directly into Becky's eyes and said. "Have you and Larry ever actually made love?"

Becky was surprised by her friends question but quickly gave a response and said. "If you mean that you want to know if I screwed Larry than the answer is, yes I have. Many times."

Julie looked shocked at her friend's answer and replied. "Becky. How could you do that to your husband?"

Becky quickly replied. "Julie. It's not the question of doing it to him but doing it for him."

Julie sat starring at Becky with a very confused expression of her face as Becky continued. "That's right. Tom encourages me to screw Larry and in fact, they are good friends and Tom likes to watch Larry when he is screwing me."

Julie said. "What about your morals, doesn't the idea of cheating on your husband bother you at all?"

Becky replied. "Honey. Don't talk morals with me with the divorce rate so high in this country. Look at the statistics of the women and men that cheat on their spouses and tell me what's so bad about what we do?"

Becky continued. "Larry is the only man I sleep with besides my husband and Larry only sleeps with me so I never have to worry about catching something from a strange man. Besides. Tom and I love each other more and we are able to satisfy each others sexual desires without any complications."

Julie said. "Haven't you developed some feelings for Larry since you're so intimate with him?"

Becky replied. "Yes. I love Larry but not the same way I love my husband and Larry will never come between my husband and me and he realizes it."

Julie replied. "I'm not interested in having sex with anyone except my husband, I only wanted to let Sam know that I can go out and have as much fun as he did last night."

Becky said. "Julie. Nobody is going to force you to do something you don't want to do. Just go out tonight and have some fun and do a little flirting tonight. Watch and see what I'm telling you about your husband loving you even more for taking control of the situation."

Becky hugged Julie and added. "Some husbands are very jealous when their wives' dress the way you did when you went out and others feel more secure with themselves and are proud of their wives looking so attractive."

Julie sat taking everything in that Becky was telling her than replied and said. "I guess I'll call you around six this evening?"

Becky got up off the bed and kissed Julie on the cheek and patted her leg and said. "Good luck. I'll see you later tonight."

Later that afternoon, Julie had laid her red dress out across the bed and placed her high heels along the bed and picked out a pair of panties to match and was thinking about what Becky had said and opened the bedroom door and called her husband. "Sam . . . Could you come in here for a minute and help me?"

Sam rushed into the bedroom because it was the first thing Julie had said to him all day long and said. "Honey. Did you call me?"

Julie gave her husband a little kiss on the lips and said. "I didn't mean to get so mad at you last night, I know you didn't know where Tom was taking you and at least you were honest and didn't lie about it. Thank you."

They hugged and Sam gave his wife another kiss and said. "Are you still going out with that guy Frank tonight?"

Julie played it up and said. "Yes Honey I'm. Do you really think I should wear the same dress tonight?"

Sam looked nervous as he watched Julie walk over to the bed and picked up the tiny pair of panties and asked Sam. "My panty line was showing through the thin material of the dress last night so I think I'll just put these away and go naked under the dress."

Sam finally replied to Julie's question and said. "It's a pretty dress and you looked very sexy last night but do you think you should wear panties so nobody can see anything?"

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